Beneficial Friendship

Friday, June 6, 2008 0 comments
So around a week os so ago (before I started up blogging).. I get approached by a she, stating how she feels for me. Mind you, im single now, and I was feeling her then, and still am. But couldnt act on it, because, well.. I was involved. But shes still with her man. So she approaches me off of some "i want to be with you without a label. So me.. being the confused one out of the conversation, im asking her to elaborate. Shes talking about being sexual and such things. Its crazy, because lately a lot of people have been opening up about trying to get with me, blah blah blah, whoo whoo whoo. But shes the only one I can say has always been cool and respectful of my previous situations. lol.

I would elaborate, but most of the stuff im willing to type is strictly because I'm trying to remember certain things for later. Thats all. Photobucket