"My Life's a Prism"

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Me is i am, Just a Solid Figure with no organs or glands.
With Truth lies under all the sides, with reflection peering threw Parallelograms.
Im a transparent figure, with no clashing no fights, no emotions, no rights.
Tho you dont grasp that, light passes threw my Spectrum with hot barrows of beaming lights.
im a desert plattio, with no water or grief, with death defying my moves and candles near.
im a cut-glass object, hanging by chains and cords like pendants of a Chandelier.
im a Crystal, burnt in 3 similar ashes, with held Flesh in my eyes a Parallel Axis.
Me, Addverb has ben Cut and Cut again, now when i blush im blue.
A medium in life, People Glance at my Passion but misspresent whats seen threw.
My mind is a blank space, soon to be free and brake all the locks.
Im a knowledge hungry person, who needs to learn how to think out side the box.
Yes, Addverb is me, Im the Sum or Range that has minds being perceived.
Addverbilouz my name, im no longer a Prism cluster of me.
im a discovery, a carnal of education, now im forever relieved

T-pain: Thr33 Ringz Album {whew]

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The business. Indeed.

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So.. we have Ms. Vernacular. Slinder, sexy, tatted. Nice. So she asks If i consider her to be a possibility... Umm.. Yeah. So we're messaging each other. Convo as such. Granted, she's coming out of a relationship, so she warns me that she already has baggage:

Her: like baggage...i guess....Im kind of in the mix of a break up...not too sure whats goin on in my relationship..so its not fair for u to have to deal with that..and im not a fan of jumpin into things right after another.
  • Granted, she also tells me "if you find someone, I'll be content".
Okay... Least she's honest. I like her. Really do.. Just umm.. Wondering...

Then... Twin. Told her straight up the situation. She says we're compatible, yadda yadda, yet she has man issues with the baby father, and it'll take a while. Needless to say... Fuck that have to do with me? Minimum. I care less about him, and even lesser about them. Sure they had a child together.. but its not my place to give a shit about that situation. I'm vying for her. All that baggage I can deal with, but I will have little say in the matter ANYWAY. So.. Pretty much, she's making reasons and excuses. Cool. Backburn. Maybe me avoiding it in a whole, she can get over the situation and try again.. Until then.. Whatever. Check..and mate.

Cedes admitted she wanted me.. meanwhile... faking. She'll be in New York for a year. What extent can I go with that. I'm here for the moment. I cant live for months away. She better step her shit up... Immediately. Competition is getting hected.

Got a text from Kushi few minutes ago:

"Of course you can freak me back babi"!!! Lmao"
[In retaliation to her sending the "freak with you" request thing on Facebook... whatever that is]

I told her I was trying to penetrate. She says she'll see when she gets back. Hopefully the spot is vacant.... Im still single, right? So I'm not wrong for my sexual prowless. I strap. Sue me.

Seems like I do have my poor luck with women, but hey... It's getting better. Laya [My sister] told me it would. I believe her. And "Lipz" [Toyota....] will be ready in a week... We'll see how that rocks...

I want to start balling again. Cant wait until it gets warm outside. I need to get a new pair of basketball shoes so I can get on the court. I would go indoors, but coming outside after full court basketball is dangerous with asthma. I opt out on that. Sorry. I'll wait for streetball.

Christmas is tomorrow. Cant wait. If I dont get that digital camera.. I'm going to be upset... Highly. Very Highly. Wonder what Netta is up to. Shes always my entertainment for boredom. Going to bug her while she's out of town. Vacation doesnt mean you cant bug your buddies, right? Hope not. I never followed laws and rules anyway.

Pops called me asking where his gift for his girlfriend was. I'm not home.. dont know dont care. Christmas is tomorrow, wont be my concern until then. Aint like he said he was leaving my gifts on my doorstep. So... guess she'll be waiting. Sorry toots. I'm with family. Give her a kiss, it'll last longer. Promise you.

Its pretty much time to eat.. I'm done for the moment. Thinking about Ms. Vernacular. Maybe she'll ditch that clown,and get back to the basics. She deserves better.

I'm sure there will be more... later.

Jamie Foxx- Intuition CD [whew]


Jamie Foxx - Intuition (Last Playlist of 2008)

Trey Songz- I gotta Make It



WHEW.. Man..... What else can I SAY bout this cd?

Drake- Comeback Season Playlist

Yes. Still bump this..

Drake : Comeback Season Mixtape ; ( http://myspace.com/thisisdrake )

Lets the spectators spectate...

See, this is why I advice some people to stray from reading things I write. So... My ex has an "informant" lol. Conversation went as so.

Ex 05: Hello Mr. [Last Name] . I been hearing some raves about a particular blog of yours and I wanted to set some things straight... 1. They guy that took me to school Erik, came from facebook, not myspace. 2nd. I didn't stay over my current boyfriend's house, he went on vacation with me, not that it should matter because I was single... and then I hear u apologized to exs that mattered...wow, guess I didn't make the list granted I put up wit u the longest. All I'm saying is, if u r going to clear air and get things off of ur chest, let them be the right things. Thanks.
Yours Truly: Sweety. Story wasn't all about you
Ex 05: I was never told that it was.
Yours Truly: You made the list. But no reason to apologize to you.
Ex 05: And why was that?
Yours Truly: You've been apologized to before
Ex 05: Isn't that sweet of you
Yours Truly: If this is your form of sarcasm I like it.
Ex 05: Nope. No reason rto be sarcastic
Ex 05: Its christmas time....and I have every reason in the world to be happy :-)
Yours Truly: Needless to say...tell your informant there will be another blog. Run tell that
Yous Truly: And you'll be key
EX 05: Touche
Ex 05: I could care less about the blogs... didn't kno u were writing.... information breezed my way...I clarrified false information
Ex 05: I don't like being lied on
Yours Truly: Nice use of my word. Needless to say your happy. I smile because you are. Hope dude is good to you. I wasnt
Yours Truly: Especially by people who spent so much time in my life....even when they didn't wanna be
Yours Truly: I never left your life if your friends toss you red flags sweety. You should check your circle

More was said, but thats the gist of it. I'll say this once... and one time only. Whomever you are [has to be a mutual]. I have an idea who you are. I wont search for you. But lets do her and me a favor. Instead of trying to run between both sides and tell the story to the other party.. I'll do you the favor of just letting you know. We aint together. She got a man. We've spoken about it. When she need an ear, she got it. Vice versa. End of the day.. your in the mix. Causing controversy. And the shit is not a good look on your behalf. Thats that bitch shit. I can picture it now.

"[Faux name here], Greg wrote a blog, talking about you, and him, and him."

You feel better now? Like you've accomplished it. We've spoken. Is that truly what you wanted from jump? For her and I to speak? Ugh. Like I hope you get a lump of coal for Christmas. Fuck you and your yesterday. Yeah I said it.

Ex 05- Since you feel I DIDNT apologize to you.. I pretty much did. I apologize for fucking that other broad. I apologize for whatever the dumb shit was. Meanwhile... your friend that know me arent shit. Tell them I said that. I'm pretty much cool with all of them. Naked ass included. But this one person with all the rapping... No. Thats clearly why I cut off the ones that I did. Like that one in particular that was hitting me up, her telling me about how you went on that trip with dude. I honestly wasnt phased by it. The note you wrote "airing" me out, took it in stride. [Chest poking out, being bold] "what dont kill me...etc etc", right, Kanye?

You know where you stand with me, and vice versa. Any day I can come to you and ask for something and get it, and vice versa. When I was in a rut, you had it. Just happened I felt like I was dogging you, so I broke it off. Nver really SAID why I ended it with you, so I shall now. I wasnt shit. I was with you a real long time. Long enoguh that I started taking your traits instead of making my own. And I hated it. Wasnt my own person. Everywhere I was, you were therre. And it didnt help that everytime we argued, we'd rent a hotel, and fuck the entire night to makeup. [I actually enjoyed that... dont think I didnt]

But shit gets dry after awhile. I wasnt going to cheat on you again, but forever wasnt going to happen. I complain plenty NOW about not being in a relationship, it'll happen when it wants. But frankly.. you werent it. And I wasnt for you. Dude is. When I seen that you two were together, I wanted to HUG this man for doing what I couldnt. I can admit to not being the "man" in that aspect. I lose, I lose... 808's......

Moral of this... I'm better. Your happy. I'm better. I repeat that twice because I am. When we talk, I dont speak on all the BAD things because I have a reputation to uphold. Plus... who really tells their exes that they have bad days? Everyone I know usually acts as if their life has gotten 20, 30 times better. In some cases, it has. But thats just me being real with you. Xuan told me one thing before she passed. "Your one person that many wish they could be around".

Guess thats why your friends stick around, right?

Lets the spectators spectate. They want a performance, and I'm trying to win an Oscar.

The Process of a "Weekend lover" part 1

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2009 approaching. I'm single. Whoopie, right? Shit should intrigue the normal male, but thats not me. 2008 was a great year. I had sex, cool. But.. time to settle. Jamie put the shit in a song and made it sound fucking fantastic. I dont know WHY this man creates wonderful music.. ALL the time though.

But I've actually been a whole lot nicer the past week. My blogs havent aired people out, or called them on their shit.

I've said it once before, but I guess I'll reitterate it. Women have reversed the roles, and tend to dictate when the emotions will flow. Usually a guy is the last to show any of that. Nowadays, they are. Like Netta said.. I've had a sex drought. Head doesnt count. Last two times I remember having sex, a dog was clawing at my leg, and the other time, "A Christmas Story" was playing in the background. I digress. I'm diversifying my shit, and opting to make a closer knit of options. Sure... it sounds wrong saying things about the sex aspect. But ultimately, that factor is about 35% of the reason relationships start. If the sex drive dont match mine, we wont go far. lets just say, hopefully Happy New Year ends better than it did last year, you know?

So.. Ms.Understood comes back into the picture. First time you've probably heard of her. She knows who she is, so I guess that accounts for something. Reason she holds that claim, is because not even she knows what she wants out of the situation. I'm sure some dudehas hurt her in the past. So shes been real timid in her motivation for talking to me. I cant resist from NOT calling and texting her for hours and days at a time just to see how far it can go. If she wants it as bad as I do, then she'll come forward. So far she takes ignitiative when others dont. Even though she doesnt come around often. Its winter break, so I'm sure I'll see more of her before I hear the excuses of her hanging out with friends, or hitting the books. Cool.

Then Stunt Double. Dont know exactly what the situation is with her persay. She has a way of making herself real noticable around the masses. Prime example: Facebook statuses. She dont comment on many, but the ones that intrigue her the most she replies to. And she has a thing for real hip hop. Im waiting for the day we're sitting there talking with Reasonable Doubt playing in the background... But I digress.

Calendar Girl knows shes bad. The long hair gets me everytime. Body is decent as well. Shes not overcompensated with ass and titties, but what she has carries off well. Two thumbs for that, right? Riiight.

Anyway.. So I get a text from Kushi [she smokes... and has a phat ass. Where they coilate, I dont know...]

Hi :)

I reply asking what shes up to, she says at work getting pissed off because the customers are pissing her off. I tell her it'll be cool. She says Oww. The convo picks up.

I ask her if she's going to have her friends spot when she comes back in town. [of course she will]. So I told her to call me. She says she'll call after midnight. [I'll update this section later]

Needless to say.. if you know your nickname, and you read these blogs, I discourage you from catching feelings over whats said. Its my truths.

"My blog is cathartic. It is about keeping it real with myself and others. It's about saying what I need to, even it bruises others because, Shit... sometimes I get bruised and this is where I let that out."

Explains it to a T. and I've been practicing this "telling the truth" thing to balance my equilebrium. So far it seems to be working as its supposed to. You dont like it? Probably because either you can relate, or you wish you could put it the same way i could.

Trey Songz cd "I Gotta Make It" Pretty much describes my every mood. When a female gets on my nerves... "Cheat on You" instantly becomes the topic of choice. Even if I'm not dating her. Not in the sake of me "cheating". but I'm the type of man that goes head on with my issues versus running from them. Trey basically personified the song by TELLING her.. "Look... the boulders you put in front of me are forming a mountain I cant climb. So i'mma work my way around it". Sometime females put too much emphasis on a relationship, friendship, or situation to the point the mans only two choices are to break her heart, or surrender his. And I'm still trying to keep the little bit of mine that I have left. So it will be your heart. I'm sorry. If you take the word "relationship", there are more I's than U's. And If my vowel game is correct.. thats just the way it goes. Me before you. Hence why my options fluxuate so much. I deal with so many women, I'm sure plenty cant take me serious because of the persona they see on facebook and whatnot. I promise you.. Its not the same way. Its funny.. I was telling a female a couple days ago... older than me of course. That I was interested in her. She has a daughter [can manage that]... So i didnt put it to her like I was diving head first, but I showed interest. I wouldnt say she got "scared". but either one or more things..

- Shes concerned about "Internet Greg".
- She sees the female comments on the blogs, and feels like she cant take me seriously
- She's possibly like "oh.. I hear this all the time.. yada yada... dudes always tell me this"

So if you hearing the same stuff from more than one person... the shit has to be the truth. I have no patience for pick up lines. I tell it the first time. If I'm horny and want to fuck.. I'm going to make a status about it. That and or hit on you. Its how it works.

Swear this Trey Songz cd talking to me right now. Vibe with me if you got youtube or an Ipod. Just listen to it. Now Playing: Role Play.

Got me over here feeling all cassanova like. Ugh. Wake up Greg! Your slipping! We need the old mean you back!

Back to the topic though.. In my quest to write all my wrongs, I've done some things that will HOPEFULLY change things with particular individuals, and clear my conscious. You know how people try to do that "good deed for the day"? I've been doing them ALL day long. It HAS to pay off. Maybe making others happy will take me out the slump. Granted, you read in the blogs, you laugh, you have fun, comment wit the "keep it up Greg". If you only knew.

- I kind of get sick of seeing people in relationships, and complaining about them every other day. Being single is great.. but in some cases.. hearing that one voice before you go to sleep.. pretty damn decent.
- I dont speak on A LOT of shit that I see. As much as I talk about sex and fucking... my test are negative. Ask about me. I had to have one girl on three way with my provider so she could hear it first hand. And I still didnt fuck her. Makes me wonder... do you get tested?
-I dispise people who make words longer or shorter than they should be. Theres no need to add multiples of the same letter to complete the word. Youu=you? Come on.

Sigh... Its midnight. I've ranted and rampaged for a few. Dont really care who sees this. Probably wont even tag anyone. I wont.

Okay Karma, I am done with you officially.....

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Okay. So I'm reading my brothers status note off Facebook or whatever the case may be. Topic was as so. If you in a relationship and your man or woman aint giving you NONE, is okay to stray away?

Now... Didnt really care for female opinions because I know for a fact women have it in their natures to go weeks without intercourse with the opposite sex. But this is a tad bit different Granted, I dont know what flaws would happen in a relationship that would result in neglect of sexual interaction with your partner. Infidelity? Probably would happen as a result. Keep your partner happy. As a man, I could pretty much be honest and say.... Yeah.. I've cheated. And honestly, the chemistry between me and the girl was not the same as me and my partner at the time. My partner wasnt neglecting me sex. meanwhile, I had that period in the relationship every man has. Where we try to see if we compete still in the singles market. Obviously I did if she gave up the ass. Sound wrong, but its how I felt. Fuck it. I didnt have regrets about it until I looked beneath me and realize the person under me wasnt the same woman.

She incouraged me to keep going... couldnt do it. Now.. this is just in a relationship. I've been single a while since that happen. She forgave me for that shit, blah blah blah... But months down the line... Shit would come up in arguments about absolutely nothing. One time we had an argument about who would order the Dominos...and it ended up being about the negatives I've done in the relationship. Granted...
  • I never mentioned how she went and had a dude she met off myspace drop her off at school.
  • Never mentioned her staying over random dude house. [now her boyfriend. Cool. My lost. I'm fine. No tears.]
  • Amungst other things. I'm bigger than that.
What I'm trying to say is... some shit just has no point in even happening. And the things we men do kind of become product of the breakup process. I couldnt argue her down about the shit because quite frankly... I fucked another female. And actually went on a couple dates while I was with her. My fault, sue me. Things were shaky enough already, figured I'd make an outlet by making an option out of someone else. And had plenty of reasons and excuses for it.

  • Im at moms house
  • Left phone at the house rushing out.
  • My boy needed to hang out and spend time. <---used three times. Remember..vividly
I'm not perfect by far... But the shit I've done allowed me to reflect since March to realize the dumb shit. So... I'll apologize to the past exes that mattered.

Ex 2004- Sorry for dating you and taking your virginity. You probably were safer giving it to me versus someone else. Thought we had something. We didnt. Oh well.

Ex 2003- I cant even say sorry to you... I'm older... so I'll say I forgive you....yes...forgive you. Why you ask.
  • Lying to your mother telling her that I got you pregnant when you were too scared to tell her you just lost your virginity. You were young.....didnt know the difference. Cool.
  • Putting the condom in a hidden part in my backpack. Couldnt smell it because I never nutted. Luckily that was the only evidence that proved you didnt have me hemmed up for 18 years.
  • 8 months. But I did learn how to use the metro as a result of you. High five.
Summer 2008- Umm I apologize. Shouldve knew you had a thing for your baby father still. He approached me asking, so I told him. We fucked, so what. I hate when baby fathers nut and run, and still think they run a females life. I couldve been nicer in telling him that I gave you your first orgasm, yet y'all had a child and couldnt make you cum. Tell him I apologize. Oh well Fuck it.

Sumer 2008 #2- I wanted you. You wanted sex. That reverse of roles isnt cool. I felt used. So Ive since distanced myself from you. Every now and again I picture fucking you again. It was great. Shouldve taped it that way I could remember key elements. Still love the company you keep. [She knows that scenario.]

Umm.. okay... Dont know who else is worthy of an apology... But fuck it. That sums it for now. I can only go up from here. Hopefully Karma slows down on her punches to my gut.

I'm done.

I GOTTA get a pair of these... SERIOUSLY.


Kanye [Good Morning]


Dynasty Series Casting- Featuring Miss July [oww]


Make Me... Over? [The 2009 "Pay it Forward" method]

Disclaimer [courtesy of Netta]: If you know me, you will probably end up in my blog. I will do you this one courtesy: You can pick your own Psuedonym. I will honor what you pick, so long as it makes sense and isn't anything extreme like "baby mama". Lauren holds that claim.

Came to the conclusion I'm a bastard. Yes, my father was there, still is. But I'm a bastard I'm pretty much a mean person. I promise its a defense mechanism to ween out the negatives out of my arms reach. So far its worked within reason. Then I started to think about all the good people I've possibly lost as a result. They say shit happens for a reason, but fuck type logic is that? Thats like telling me "you want your cake and eat it to." Would you grab a plate and not eat it? Who comes up with these metaphors? Dont know...

Erin hit me up. Said I need to start being nicer and I should consider the "pay it forward" method.
  • Im an optimist.
  • With a low tolerance for buffoonery.
  • Short attention span.
Needless to say trying this hopefully is "supposed" to work. This "nice" Greg should pay off.. because I'm personally tired of that bitch Karma staring me in the face. My conscious is telling me if I ever have a daughter, that should be her name. If a rapper named Ludacris can do it, why cant I. Used to think it was for the bullshit I put the "exes" through. Because I was a bastard. I fucked another female before. I did. I'm guilty. It wasnt great, by far. But thats beyond the point. I still dont even know what I cheated for. So... I had a conversation with my dick. Yes. A conversation. Went something like this:

Me: Why the fuck do you get me in trouble so much?
Dick: [inaudible]
Me: So you have nothing to say? Cool. We gotta do better. We're starting to settle. And your 50% of the problem. You have to stop jumping up at every opportunity.
Dick: [inaudible]
Me: This how its gon go. I'm going to start neglecting you favors in 2009. I'm the brains of this operation.

Okay.. that was the gist of the conversation, being as though it was one sided. The moral of that story is.. I have to stop going at the inparticulars that arent worthy of nothing but a nut. And I've been guilty of telling some that they are beyond bedroom material. And its a curse. Because it's given some women the luxury of hearing it from so many men, it went from being a compliment.. to second nature things they "deserve". Its not the case. So in my quest of honesty. I'm going to start saying "I'm sexually attracted to you". Cut the middle man out. It may hurt some feelings. But I rather have less women going out in public with dirty drawls thinking their shit dont stink. So the buck stops there.

Secondly. Shit about me. I hate facial hair. Gets in the way. In more ways than one. And my fucking hair grows back to quick. I got a haircut last friday. Its coming back already. I've learned tonot shave because I refuse to have bumps. But I know Tony gets tired of me walking in on him in the Barbershop like "trim my beard". Because I refuse to do it myself. Thats what they are there for.

Next... The club on Friday. lol. Lord. Interesting. I'll get into details in a minute. Cliffnotes for some.

  • Nice seeing all my high school alum there. Purdy ladies. And my compadres, cool cool. Latoya, Erica, Jasmine, Shana [Miss M.I.A].. Deon I owe you a drink. Remind me. John too. Dave.. you werent drunk. I promise you. Erica & Toya.. whoever the blonde girl that was with y'all.. tell her I apologize for grazing up on her ass. I wasnt paying attention. I have no control of my elbows.
  • For dc to be beefing with Baltimore so hard... Its interesting how many niggers [yes.. niggers] party to Bmore Club Music in Love. [Oh yes... wait a minute mister post man.]
  • A nigga thought he was balling in the club. Tossed money in the air. You thought I wasnt going to pick it up? Got me fucked up like sex on the ceiling. I've been eating dollar menu on dudes expense since Saturday morning. Whoever you are... thank you guy. Your great. Fucking dummy.
  • I bought a female drinks. So not me. Why did I do it? She was beside me talking. Plus two is better than one. Only if she knew the drink was free because the bartender knows me through facebook as well. You lose...you lose.
  • They tried to get me to party to Beyonce. Picture that.
  • No seriously... They tried to get me to party to Beyonce.... picture that.
But wait... theres more.....

Hoops...bad bitch. My whole body got hard...no bullshit. Lauren got comp. Whole time though. I would slit a hole in a rubber and reproduce with her. Twice. Met Nikki [hoopz], stamp. I hate calling celebrities their pet names and shit. Think it kind of got her attention I called her by her first name. Which bumped me up to see her. Granted...other dudes were timid. Just staring. Fuck that. I came for a reason. So yeah. Fuck that. Ask Morgan. I glided to the front of the crowd.. with my determined look in my eye. Seen her on stage. Goddess. I pointed at her, winked, and waved. They can vouch for me. She did it back. BAM! We got action. I made my move.

I moved closer. I told the bodyguard.. "im going to snap some with her". He told me "you can try if you like". In the words of Beyonce... "you must not know bout me.." Now at first... the task was hard. The Blackberry wanted to bullshit on taking photos. So I had to be forced to get Mica to give me Morgans' camera. [A gift I need for Christmas by the way]. I went back... and this little frail ass dark skinned chick tried to cockblock by standing in front of Hoopz. Ut oh bitch... you tried it. I aint no sucker. I tapped her little dark skinned ass, she tried to igg me. NOT going to fly round these parts. So i kindly grabbed at Hoopz hand.. and asked for the imagry. She obliged. BAM... in there. She comes down again mind you [first time was with the blackberry] and commist to start taking photos for me. Yes! But then... the goons out lurking. Out the woodworks.. dudes are looking like "THIS nigga got a photo with Hoopz.. watch me getem. So I end up snapping photos FOR people. One dude on his iphone, couple dudes from High School, a chick, and one other guy... dont know who the fuck he was, but aye..

Got a few photos in. Beautiful woman. Minus the demeanor. Granted...she's known for flava of love. So she has fans for being 'the quiet shy girl on flava flavs show'. Cool. Whatever. But after a while she got this little arrogance after taking photos and shit. I saw her picking and choosing dudes to tale photos with. Sheisty. They are your fans. Aint like you are Beyonce. Nor are you an actress. Your claim to fame was vh1...the retirement home for once important celebs. Moving RIGHT.... along.

Then..."black". Candice Cabriela. She was the more humble out of the two. I apologize Candace for getting your attention by grabbing your thigh. Its the only thing I could reach from where I was standing. But I believe I told you that. Bare with me. Now...usually I'm a sucer for a beautiful woman...but you struck me as nice. You nicely got down on the floor and took the photo with me. I truly respect you for that. You didn't have to. You didn't look as scared as Hoopz did when she saw all the other people getting attention. Deelishious...I saw you baby. Gorgeous. And whoever did your hair.. Needs to help some of these scallies out. Seriously. I couldn't get a picture because nigga in the red was cuffin you all night. Ugh mo. Raven Symone. I'm sad I didn't see you....but at least I was in your presence. I've loved your rotund self since you did that cd that never sold when you were like 14. And your worth 93 million dollars. Ghesh.

But fuck that.. Some things I HAVE to speak on..

--Random niggas throwing money In the air at clubs...no. Yes...I took advantage of your mediocracy and picked it up. Money don't fall off trees...but it damn sure landed in my pockets. Gained 14 dollars. Felt great. Thanks in advance for my lunch. Guess april 1st is everyday for some fools...

--Female Club attire. You are getting hit on for a reason. You going to Howard dont matter when you have to pull down your skirt everytime you raise your arm. "You may not be a skeezer.. but you damn sure are a teaser". <---I'm copywritting that quote.

--Plus sized women. I love you. Love you dearly. Swear I do. Your just so healthy. But like be conscious of people like me. I have a camera phone. And I will take a photo. Not to embarass you. But to let you know we are watching. I honestly thought this girl had a BEAUTIFUL face.. her attire just killed it. She wouldve done great with some tight jeans and a nice shirt and some heels. Somethings you see your petite friends do... you cannot. They bought their skirt at Forever 21. Thats the name for the store sweety. Not the sizes of the clothes. They have specialty stores for that. Big N Tall. Thanks.

--Dudes. Its LOVE. On a Friday. Church aint for another 48 hours. Three Piece suits? Better let... 35-40 year old men buying VIP booths and "hauling" young phat ass girls to come drink with them to look cool? Fuck it.... Nevermind. Do you. I'm trying to be nice. Maybe later.

Taking a note from Connie's book..but fuck it. Had to elaborate on it myself... Facebook is social networking. Yes. Females. Every guy doesn't want you for your profile photo. Its 33 degrees outside. Why do you still have that club photo up from Memorial Day weekend? Thirsty. Then get mad when your not taking seriously? Its December...and your still trying to bait dudes. Then when you hook the line you don't reel in. Fuck is your malfunction? Random - where the correct underwear in the club too. Aint nothing worse than black spandex and them big ass underwear with the thick ass elastic waistline. Ugh girl...your underwear got dick holes in em.

Dudes. As well...its cold outside. V necks? Seriously? Sad the measures yall taking to be cute for these individuals with the slit in the middle. Seen a dude standing at the bus stop today near Howard...cold as shit. Insisted on wearing a members only jacket. Its hard to spit game when you have the flu homie. -

Tpain..T.I..Kanye...best three cds I've heard in 2008.

Wanna know a song that I bet you didn't know was on my ipod? -------> New Edition - Hit Me Off


Okay...I'm done.

Songs You'd be surprised to find on my ipod # 1

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Okay.. I must admit. This song is actually decent. R.I.P. K-swift. But this song actually cranks. Reminds me of how they party to joints down in Lauderdale

Jackson Heights OWN.. RANDY WATSON! [That boy is GOOD]


lmao. Sorry. I was forced to post these. Shit is hilarious and classic

Charlie Brown out there getting it. Humor.


Talk about comedy. lol

2009 is the "Year of the Yes"..and my 08 Regrets.

Okay. Figured I'd get it out of the way now, to avoid the flood of people "making drastic changes for 2009". I've had time to reflect on the shit that I've done, and the things that I consider to be regrets. Welp... Here goes.

-I regret being sexually active with a particular young lady. First off. Yes she was clean, but the emotion wasnt there. Felt like I forced myself to an orgasm more than actually enjoying it. Reason being she probably did the same. Touche'.
- I regret the single life a little bit. Sometimes it can be a hassle trying to test the market.. Real talk.
- I regret...meeting some faces I've met. Cool people, and even though they say "they are in your life for a reason"... does that mean they can pick and choose inopportune moments to intervene in it? I dont like that idea at all.
- I regret liking the Boston Celtics. I was on the bandwagonlast season. So what.. Nobody else was winning. And Green's my favorite color. Sue me.
- I regret not seeing Lauren London. Sad.. I seen hoopz & Black before you. Its cool though. One day. I've sad everything I've needed to say to you. You get the picture by now.
- I regret that one night at H&D where I drunk so much I ended up at Shady Grove... Knowing damn well I was supposed to be going in the opposite direction.
- I regret knowing about her personal issues, and dealing with them. But shes gone now. Great.
- I regret taking so long to write this blog.... Should do this weekly.
- I regret... the lack of individuality in the city. Seems like theres no standouts. Nobody that wants to drive in the third lane. Have cars with one passenger trying to cruise in the HOV lane.
-I regret not speaking to all my "facebook" friends more often. I shall do so.. eventually. But it's got to be reciprocal.
-I regret going on so many dates. Shit... Movies prices getting high. Bout to start taking women to libraries and reading the book versus the on screen version. Shits rediculous.

For now those are the only regrets that I can think off.. Not too many more. Karma had her way with me this year for the dumb shit I've done in the past. Crazy how she catches up with you slowly, right? Used to think I would get away with the shit I did with no consequences. 2008 definetely proved that shit to be feign.

Oh.. Also. I've come to the conclusion that even I have dealt with sublimation. Since being single for majority of this year, I've found myself being more open to meeting people, and the desire of being culturally and socially accepted by my peers. First year this has ever happened. In high school.. I frankly couldnt give a shit about them. I used to be the dude that could walk the hallways and speak to the handful of people I spoke to on the regular. I wasnt a football player, or a jock or whatnot. But for some reason, since the implication of facebook, I've spoken to more people I went to school with than ever. Some that I've given the "nigga.. we aint spoke since you asked could you use my change in the lunch line in 10th grade". But I guess its practically made me the individual you see on your minifeed with the notes and the statuses. You'll remember me one day. Promise you.

So.. with this new year coming up... I have officially ten days to clean my act... quote on quote "the fuck up". Bethiel and I discussed 2009, and how it will be the "Year of the Yes". Conversation went as so.

Me: 2009 definitely is the year of the yes. Sounds like a blog I should make. Care to elaborate on the reason you chose 2009 to be the year of the yes?
Her: Well, basically my friends say I'm too picky in choosing men. So, one of my friends gave me this book called "The Year of the Yes" in which this picky woman decides to lessen her criteria, and be more open in dating a variety of men...I'm contemplating applying a milder version of what she does.

So I took a spin off of it, and decided to make it my moniker for the year as well. Instead of making a whole bunch of resolutions that I probably wont even consider next year.. I vowed to go ahead and do this. I wont be saying "No" this coming year. Within reason of course. But I've been used to telling people no, and opting out of a lot of situations, that I'm going to just take the chance, and say yes. Instead of NOT going to Love with my compadres that night.. I'm getting dressed and stepping out. That girl wants to go here instead of there... yes. [Reminds me of that Jim Carrey "Yes Man" movie in a sense.] But yes...2009 is going to be a drastic change from what you see of me. Instead of being the asshole I normally am.. I'm going to attempt to be nicer. Granted, some things cannot be changed, and people will deal with that. They have no choice.

I think I've pretty much written enough already. For the moment. Enjoy your sunday. Watch the games, root for Arizona to beat NE please. We need to keep that #4 seed in the playoffs. Monday I'll talk about my weekend and the "situation with Hoopz & Black"

Domo, Morgan, Mica and all them know what I'm gon say before I say it..

Creative way to "Blow out a cake".. lmao.

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Fucks wrong with these women nowdays man? lmao.

Chivalry's not dead. Its in Hawaii with Tupac.

So.. I'm on the forums early this morning at work... and I see this.. Miss July. Possibly the cutest female that I've seen so far on a calendar... Ever. Minus if Lauren was placed on there. Wholetime though.. All of the women from the 2009 calendar are cute. Its nice to see the white women accepted on there. Guess SOMEONE doesnt see a problem with diversity [like in my previous note yesterday]. Three white women, an asian chick, and the rest were black. Found it to be a rather sexy thing. But if you know Miss July.. tell her... Fireworks dont only come on the fourth of July. Yenno?

Tattoos kind of cute too. I'm trying my hardest not to gas her TOO much.. But umm.. Sheit. Hope she aint got a boyfriend. If she does... sorry dude, but your girlfriend has made small forward on the roster.

PG- Lauren London

SG- [Open Slot]

SF- Miss July

PF- Rihanna

C- Joe Budden's Girlfriend Tahiti. [Oww]

Speaking of Joe Buddens girlfriend [again].. I've spoken on her before.. But... Lord.... Never had more of an urge to full fledged go and reroduce until looking at this. I know i'm going to sound like a dog for it.. Honestly dont even give a fuck though. Aint like I really know her name. Plus she's taken. I'm just lusting. She cant have "whatever she like".. But she can have the greatest backshot session of her life though. No mouf kissing though. uh uh. Could'nt "pump pump pump me up" lmao.

<--Sheit. On another topic...I have a particular individual always trying to stand out and be different via my Facebook statuses and notes. Now at first.. the shit was rather cute. Got a laugh out of it because seemed like she was just as bored as I was. Then.. she started reaching. She knows exactly what I'm going to say.. so yeah. Basically the topic about the interractial relationships. Granted I say what the fuck I want ANYWAY..But when she made her comment.. went totally left field. I wouldve been the bigger person to let it slide and ignore it. But I needed to nip that bud immediately. Reason? She input information she knew not a damn about. So we're going along in the topic, people are speaking on how they feel about black vs. white, as well as other races... And this female in particular comes out of the woodwork with.. "But if you don't, no offense but maybe you need to step your dick up (not literally).Imean shit, where do you meet these chicks??". Immediately at 5am waking up to take a piss.. I see this on my blackberry. Had the "fuck is this broad talking about face". I looked at my bed and contemplated going back to bed.. but my conscience said "Greg... set it straight." So I indulged. You cant argue with yourself. So.. I made a comment in the note.. SHe may get offended by it.. But oh well. Thats why I'll clarify now. Dear female.
  • Not only do you know virtually nothing about my dick.. but you didnt stay on topic. So Greg's dick, shouldnt even come off the tip of your tongue. Unless I'm finished using it. No disrespect.. but its the way it is.
  • Your statement.. "It just feels like every note I've read is some kind of attempt at a wakeup call, and that's all good, but show the ladies some love too...". I show women more love than hate. I pick and choose the ones that are deserving. It must be hard to cope with the fact that a man calls you out on your shit, isnt it? We get complaints about us not speaking, and when one does, its an issue? Hard pill to swallow? I'm assuming it is for you.. Oh well. You'll live.
  • Not to throw you under the bus, but when you and I did speak..You know what we discussed about your ex. You pretty much summed up your hate for the male race thanks to him. And got rather peturbed at the fact I flat out told you I didnt give a fuck, and put part of the blame on you. "Its not the way it has to go... its just what I prefer". Remember that.

With that said... I've come to the conclusion you and I will not agree.. with a lot of things. And I can cope with that. Meanwhile.. the last thing I do is fire shots at the fairer sex. Of all men in America, I give more of my heart to the masses than I have. Others can vouch. Sometimes I do whisper to myself "fuck this bitch, I hate that bitch". Its nature. Last time I checked a bitch is a dog, and thats man's best friend. [not referring to females as dogs.. just heard it in a song and thought it would be cool to say. Savvy?]. Needless to say.. When you see my comments and notes.. feel free to state how you feel.. long as you can relate to the subject. My dick though.. no. Lauren London puns? No. I know shes not the only woman I can respect. Theres plenty women I respect. Question is what are you willing to do to get that. You want a man with respect, I want a woman with common sense and respects herself. If it walks like a duck.. talks like a duck..

Enough about you though. More about me. I like me. I'm a great me. Are you a great you? 2008 is coming to a close, what you have to show for it. Not moneywise, but personality wise. Have you become smarter? Have you learned from your mistakes, or continuing to make them? Has your relationship with your family gotten better? Reading my "notes", have you gotten a taste of a man's mindframe on particular things? Whats some things you are willing to do BETTER in 2009?

Let me know.

Didnt want to put this on here.. but okay. So. I think I started to care for one. Like umm...care along side of it feeling mutual. I'm used to driving on one way streets, so its different to see a driver coming in my direction. Almost scary in a sense to b completely honest with you. Thought about her when we left last night and when I woke up at 5am. Why I woke up at 5pm is beyond me...but the shit happened. Something a tad bit different bout this one...let's see how sunday goes. Hopefully shes not as selfish as she leads on..

  • Absolut Raspberri & Pineapple blend= No diggity, no doubt. Shit is ideal. Two cups last week and I felt cloudy. Funtastic. Netta.. you have plans? If Morgan doesnt contact me regarding celebrating her graduating today.. I'll have to drink. Need a co-pilot to get roof gone. Down?
  • Speaking of Morgans graduation.. CONGRATULATIONS. Its funny.. She's possibly the first "family" member I claim that I've cared about their graduation. Angie is up next as well, but Morgan, I'm so proud of you [Big little brother syndrome]. Now we have to work on drinking.. officially. Hopefully i'm drafted to go out tonight.. Keep me posted.
  • Victoria Allure is possibly the baddest porno bitches I've ever seen. I almost broke down in tears when dude nutted in her face. Ruined all valid points for her being bunned by me. I actually considered her because she has a phat ass and a Master's degree. And could fuck me out of my shoelaces. And who said chivalry is dead, right?
  • Pinky... the worse porn bitch.. lately. Prior to her.. That Mrs. Cleo broad. Pinky done got huge... For no reason. I didnt know they made clothes that wide for someone who stands 4'9". Seriously. And all the moaning and groans.. Have to cease. I tried to watch a girl on girl flick with her... Sexy. But watched a joint with her and a dude... UGH.


Okay.. Last night watched a porno. Dont know none of the nigga names.. nor will I google them. So.. I'm watching this joint called Burrado Butts with Victoria Allure, Ice La Fox, and a couple other hispanic/black chicks. Victoria's scene comes on. I love this broad. Ass like wham. Face is 96% perfection. Light skinned. Official.

Scenario: They get to fucking.. somewhat decent. Cameraman was decent, didnt have them weird ass "under the nuts" angles and shit either.

So Midway through having her ride him... dude comes out his mouth like..

"Get your ass up. Bout to stick it in your ass. Bout to poke that shitter".


What... THE.. Fuck... Like I had to call it quits after that ...

Worst Mixtape of 2008. Wayne & Gucci Mayne

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Like come on now man...

"Black men have just managed to accept less."

Okay. I've pretty much come to the conclusion that I chase too much "whispering eye" to save my life. Too much out here at a surplus rate. Like I have a short attention span, and if you dont keep it, pretty much.. you lose, you lose. And it doesnt make it much better that majority of the females I go for and am attracted to have the same mindframe, so when they are complimented too many times, they tend to grow distant. Which as a result.. has caused me not to compliment the fairer sex. Not my fault. You can have someone else pleasure your mental with overhyped innuendoes. If your cute enough just to sleep with, so be it. I'll state it as that. I've been guilty too many times of giving a female too much for her plate.Sad right? I'd like to think so as well. So.. ANother page out of nef's book..

Iceberg Slim's book "Pimp"
"A good pimp is always alone. You gotta always be a puzzle, a mystery to them.
That's how you hold a whore."

Sounds really logical when it comes to terms of putting some in their places.

Random... but I had a conversationw ith an ex today. Its strange when you realize you've officially stopped caring for them. You stop jumping through hoops to make conversation. It was very minimal. I had a christmas party at work, and saw a chocolate fountain. Reminded me of her because I know how much she adores them. So I go to take a photo of it on my phone and send to her. Needless to say the conversation lasted 5 emails back and forward. Basically a semi-catch up, her telling me all of the great wonderful things shes done since I've been gone, and me doing the same. Ever found it funny that whenever placed in this situation, you never tell them the BAD shit thats been going on? Not once did I mention about me seeing her out and not speaking, or about me having strep throat. Guess it didnt cross my mind. But then again, none of their business anyways, I have a reputation to uphold. Mary said it best. "Doing just fine".

Anyway.. I wrote a status the other day regarding how white women are catching up to black women bodywise. Granted, the methods may be going under the knife, or possibly falsified body attire. But wholetime.. I'm prety much sick of the slick shit that black women say when they see interracial couples. Its completely fine when a black man breaks your heart to the point you go and get you a white or asian man, but when a black man goes and steps across the barrier, its instantly an issue. I've seen black men hold their heads down for years when they walk their white woman around a crowd of black women. I had to break it down to a female like this before. Your light skinned right? You think one of your ancestors aint have a one nighter with a white person before? Aint no way you came out yellow. Pretty much summed up the rest of her argument about it. Until she started to bitch and moan about practically nothing.. which ended up with the oh so typical comparisons to exes, and what black men do. Only for her to speak on doing the same thing.

"You black men dont apprechiate a sister. At all. We do everything you want, but you go out and get yourself a cracker. What does she have that we dont?"

  • Colorblindness

She doesnt let the texture of her skin dictate who she dates. Yet your knocking her for being able to match the men that you date. I'd respect a white man for dating and taking care of a sister. Not only can he keep up, but hes' proud of a challenge. He will show up to the family reunion linked up with her, meet her whole family, listen to all of the questions like "are you a republican", or "why do whites smell like dogs", and smile. When its all said and done.. he hopes in his car, and drives her home to his nice condo and probably fucks her brains out. So you tell me why a black man cant have the same options? I mean shit.. Joan from girlfriend was getting dicked down for like two seasons from the slick haired white dude.. right?

Pretty much to sum up.. Miss me with the topic of dicussion about "black men have just managed to accept less." I kind of got offended when my friend replied to my status with that. [Joliesha].

-Less bitching, less hate, less drama.

Shit... Give me THAT option anyday. I dont give a damn if the woman is green with six eyes and four breasts. I'll take that over a female that feels she dictates not only her relationships, but her friends and others as well. Because its oh so common that black women have a way of speaking on their friends situations without reflecting the mirror to highlight their own. So moral of that story is.. Sisters.. if you want to speak facts... Have more than three reliable sources. [me, myself & I.] You dig?

Suddenly have a thing for females in spandex and heels

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As random as it sounds... but its straight facts though. I just thought the asses were phat at first... Until I started seeing how it really accentuated a females curves. Like.. Damn. Shit. But see.. there are some exceptions to that rule... Some women are naturally built to look good in everything. Even if the shit don't match.. it can be passed off. But some woman cant.. at all. Noway around it. Big women in spandex is 'acceptable' in moderation. If you have a little something back there.. and you just so happen to be on the border of thick and have a hump back there....you get a pass. But if you are top heavy with NO ass at all... Don't attempt. Because objects in mirrors definitely are closer than they appear.

But enough bout that.. I do commend some women for being gorgeous in everything they wear. Like my friend here. [moreso, facebook friend, we dont talk often..] But asked her could I post her photo to show that she pulled off the spandex tastefully. More than once at that.

Take notes ladies.

I can tell that she wants me.

Not really good with introductions. If you know how I am, I blog. Often. Write what I feel because some ears aren't concerned on listening. Hard to dispute what you put in writing, correct? Right. Jumping right into it...

  • Officially have a low tolerance for women who cant keep calendar. I've said it before, but I've officially started minimizing there stay in my circle. Startign to throw off my equilebrium a tad bit. Starting to think I chose the wrong women. Then again.. fuck.. Im probably just the wrong dude.

  • Thought about my ex today. Hope her new man is treating her right. I wasnt the right dude for her no damn way. So me breaking up with her may have possibly saved her years of 808's and heartbreaks. [no Kanye].

Most of this shit I'll type on my phone and possibly send in after the fact. Grammaticals will be made, not my fault. A man's allowed to make mistakes. Anyway.. I have a distinct sex drive.. and it's been semi a while since I've gotten action. Needs to happen. I wonder if women feel bad about just being fuck partners. Seems like all the ones I know have them anyway.. but when a man has one, he instantly is treating women wrong. Would you rather a man string you along and preach a sermon about him trying to fuck the horseshit out of you.

While I'm on topic.. lets talk bout Bojangles. I'll call her and other females nicknames to avoid the hassle of drama later. Its my blog and I should say what I want.. but fuck it, I'll be different and try using the Zane method of not disclosing governments. But basically I've known Bojangles a nice long little while. Never really did anythign besides hung out once. Met via internet... so you know that situation [then again..who dont meet people using the keyboard nowadays]. So.. She vouches for trying to spend time now that shes out of school for the winter break. Cool. So yesterday I'm supposed to hang with her. Excuse. Had to go do something. Cool.. understand. I'm used to dealing with busy people so I said cool. So today she hits me up like "well when can we hang?". I tell her the days I'm available.. they all get shot down. So I'm about to reply to her facebook message.. and see her wall conversation she has with a dude. Basically he asks what she doing today.. didnt see her reply, but basically they set something up that quick. I wonder if those plans will get shot out of the air as fast as mine did. :ducktales.

But besides that.. "Hazel".. Another chick. My undercover lover. lol. Probably the sexiest set of eyes I've ever seen. On a brown skinned chick at that. Now.. I'm usually going for the light skinned ones, but I'm making changes. More on her later. Dont want to say too much on her and shes not around for a while....But yeah.. She's.. making effort.

Currently have my ipod on shuffle [like always].. and I've come to the conclusion there were a LOT of songs that were GARBAGE that have come out... But theres one song that I HATED when it was hot.. that now I'm actually jamming to now. Isnt it crazy that I'm over here GROOVING to The Dream cd though? Like.. Me.. of all people... The Dream? Nivea baby father though? lol. Had a dream that the broke up too. lol.

  1. Fuck ever happened to Niveas career anyway. Her last cd cranked like shit... And that slowed up remix to "Okay" was.. fire.

  2. R. Kelly siced the fuck out of that Laundromat song too. Never thought I'd admit to liking an R. Kelly song outside of "If I Could turn back the hands of time".

Also... Like one album I need to listen to more.. Cam'ron's "Come Home With Me". Like this cd is probably one of the most slept on. I cant personally remember it word for word.. But thinking bout it.. the tracks I've listened to are GREAT. Welcome to New York City With Jay? Crankage.

I dont even know what I was thinking about when I downloaded that Ace Hood cd though. Why are people so caught up in proving how hood they are though. Like come on....How can Ace Hood say "i keep it gutta, never cuddle when we in the sheets".. Yet Trey Songz on the hook talking bout "if you ride.. or die... we gon make it out..." I'm kind of confused. I respect a mans hussle.. But this that Plies shit here.. No bullshit. Supposed to be thugged out, but got a cd full of rnb grooves. Guess if the bitches use the songs as ringtones, it'll move units. I wonder how many albums he's sold....

Anyway.. This track is how I'm going to end this blog for the moment. Hopefully this is sufficient for the first blog. Bare with me. They will get better.

Ginuwine- Stingy


How you going to talk about my lover Lauren London though? Part 1

Thursday, November 6, 2008 3 comments

Honesty Box: "How you like that ugly ass bitch Lauren London? Bitch look like a baby giraffe. You can do way better. She got no body, her weave's fake as shit. You need to step your girly game up Greg."

Bitch.. First off you look like the outcome of Gucci Mane reproducing with a German Shepard. (Yeahhhhh). You going to quit talking about my lover. I know your my friend on this jaint too.. So heres the attention you been craving. Baby giraffe? My lord.. Is you serrrrious? Stevie Wonder told her shes the baddest bitch walking, and that nigga cant see the future. So how you going on her though? Dont gimme that "it was just a joke" shit either. I'm serious bout mine. You can talk about my Cardinals all day in the paint.. (5-3)... But You crossed the line talking bout my main squeeze. I know you have to wake up in the morning.. look in the mirror and hate yourself. Your equilibrium is all fucked up. Your body is miserable. I feel for anyone that would stick a dick inside you. You do realize that I found out who you were too right?

Moooooooooooooo... ugh young. *flashbacks.. cold shivers* You got this shit as your main profile photo too? Broad.. is...you...serious? Lauren London DOO...DOOS on you. How the fuck your thong look like a pussy ace bandage though?

It IS tricking if you gotta wine and dine them...Part ONE.

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Okay... My Status is this:

'Why do females get offended when you tell them you just wanna bust a nut? I'm not going to send you flowers & wine and dine you. You wanna nut just like me slim'

Let me elaborate without offending females, or making it seem like that's all I care about. (Fellas, sit back before y'all eem comment).

First off.. Its not putting down any female. Any female that's content with herself, or her character (if she's single..I'll elaborate on that later)... Shouldn't be offended if a dude comes outright and says 'look... I like you.. Your cool, but I'm digging you sexually, and I want to make a connection with you on that level'. Reason why she shouldn't be offended (in my opinion).. Is because... (Talking to you females)....

How many of you women have gone on dates with a bunch of lame ass niggas that will take you to Chic Fil A, to a movie THEY wanna see... Then give you vibes all night, trying to kiss up on you. Only catch is...your feeling this dude too...but nobody making the first move? Fuck that. I done added this shit up.

Since May 19th 2008...I've spent 841.92 on dates, dinners, and courting. Some of them were potential girlfriends, some were honestly just females that were cute and wanted to be outside seen, then there's some that I was just like 'I want to fuck, and see where it goes from there'.

Offensive as that sounds. I'm a grown ass man. I used to do that cupid's arrow writing love letters, calling women telling them I adore them shit. But nah. I'm single, and you can only do one of four things for me.

-Be my woman
- Befriend me
- Be fucking me
-Be in the fucking way.

I'm just pulling the weeds out around the roses. But why keep 40 women around that won't amount to shit? I sent and receive 307 text messages on AVERAGE a day. Not one has been platonic, off some 'Greg, let's be friends, or Greg let's get together' tip. Its always about sex... Seeing them..or something of that nature.

So I figure fuck... Why lie to the masses. My mans texts these chicks on a regular just like I do... And we came to the conclusion of one thing... If your not worthy of a phone call at least twice a week...there's a problem. Either you wack as shit... Or your irrelevant. That goes for me too. I KNOW who fucks with me and who don't. And to be blatently honest...half the people I know and associate with wouldn't eem fuck with me if I wasn't entertaining their work day.

...So back to it. Ladies... Agre or disagree. If I'm feeling you..impursuing you. If uou get mad cause a dude comes flat out and tells you he's trying to fuck you... There's a problem. I'll let these fugazi ass dudes go and preach to your choir. As the voice for many... Especially if your on facebook. If your out here half naked showing all your tattoos, and assets... What in the fuck makes you think I'm going to invite you into my mama household. Would you take me to your father knowing I was out online with my dick posted as my profile photo? Exactly.

So before everybody gets in their feelings...(Females...) talking about they rather be wined and dined..I need to know. You rather get your pussy PAID for (him taking you out in order to get the poosie)...or letting chemistry take hold, you two like each other, digging in other, and you take it from there?

I know the people that DO respond in a negative 'Beyonce-ish' manner are the ones that probably fell for a dude.. Slipped up and fucked him and ended up falling in love when it was nothing but a meer booty call. Don't be on your 'Deliver Us from Eva' shit sweetheart. Even I have been used sexually. It's life. Meanwhile don't let the 'sex' aspect cloud your conscious and have you saying redundant statements like...

'U best believe a nigga is gonna wine and dine me and i aint talkin no one nite shit im talkin a whole lot of times n before u can ever think about even sniffin it!!'

Translation: 'You can't have it cause I WANT you to have it...but you can buy it'

I just want to see who is going to reach out from the same branch. That's all....

I'm wating for a response. Dont jump down my throat. If you dont like the opinion.. Come civilized. Dont reach out one sided opinions... preaching about how you were mistreated in the past. We dont care.

*gospel music* "We fall downnn.. but we get UPPPPP"

Mama We Made it! Jesse & Nader= Two he-bitches

If I untagged you. I'm sorry.. I had to make space for Lauren. Sorry.

Republicans... Mccain... KKK Members...Haters, bullshitters..How your face feel?

(Tell him Illigetimate Child #2)

Man....first off....let me tell you how good I look this morning though. You ever woke up from the best dream/sleep of your life....got dressed for work in the morning, and just looked in the mirror like 'oh fuck nah....you look gewd! Obviously Obama won last night, so I'm on a mission to go into work looking 52 times better than anybody I see today. Did I wear Republican Red? Nope. I'm decked out in blue like a trendy city crip. Ye dig? Feeling good like I just got some wake up sex, and nutted back to back. (What's up Lauren baby? Oww oww oww oww).

Peep my steelo though. Black slacks, blue shirt topped off with the black vest? My lord. Feeling tighter than virgin pussy on first Sunday out this thang. Obama got me stepping it up out here.

Speaking of Obama. I haven't received so many emails, text, picture messages, calls, and voicemails in my life. Thanks to everybody I talk to on the regular, and the ones I hardly hear from for including me in your Obama campaign. I never seen so many black people come together in the streets of the city to celebrate in my life. They don't even come outside to celebrate a Redskins win. (Like they had something to celebrate on Monday... Ouch..dagger).

Jesse Jackson....

I had to speak on this nigger first. Crying... Yeah man, you should cry. He went at Obamas NECK... But yesterday this man was hysterical. Doing victory dances like A Dallas Cowgirl (the cheerleaders...I aint bashing y'all Cowboy fans). You'd think that he's be happy for Obama the whole time, seeing as though he witnessed Martin be killed, he'd be eager to watch another man of the same stature running things. But you always have that bad seed ass clown that can aim in the wrong direction and ruin a piss party.

Off Nuttsacks nigger.


Then Nader...my lord. This character. If ignorance is bliss....this guy must blush year round. Never heard any derogatory statements out of anyone until I heard 'Obama will either work to pay Uncle Sam...or turn his back on us all and become an Uncle Tom. DAMN! Tell em why you mad son! Now I'm no politician... But I will say this. I hope this man gets on NO more Ballots. Old Mr. Skinner from the Simpsons looking ass dude. Ugh... If I had a cold, I'd hawk up some flem and spit right between dudes eyeballs. Nasty, but that nigga deserves it.

Ol Dandruff on the dick ass nigga

Oww Oww Oww Owwwww

Fuck that... Let's move on..

...the 5th of November...the gunpowder treason and plot. I know of no reason why the gunpowder treason should ever be forgot. Funny thing is November 5th was a day of revolution in England in real life (Guy Fawkes) and in V for Vendetta (based on the idea of Guy Fawkes).....but now in the US, its a real revolution on November the 5th as well.

So in conclusion.. I may have ancestors that were slaves, but today they are dancing out of their graves, happy for the change. Marin and Malcolm watching our passions. Hariett and Rose enjoying who we chose up. You don't eem have to be black to know that we broke our backs building this land... Now we're taking it back.

The biggest congratulations go out to Obamas DAUGHTERS. Not one.. but TWO black little girls in the White House. What a life they will live.

What a reparation right? Damn skippy. Oww oww oww owwwwwwwww.

Hey Mccain....!



Swear I love this woman. *pelvis thrust*

Back to the scheduled program.

Owwr Time to Vote. Siced. 11-4-08 Check for updates on note too..

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Good Morning. *Sigh*.. What a sight..(Originally Written at 5:47am.. 11-4-08)

Not you Lauren (even though your the baddest bitch in this Hemisphere.. Oww).. But ..Im talking about the line to VOTE today. WOW.

Where I was at:

Wrapped around the school twice, all the way down the main hallway, and to the ROTC room.. Oww. Look like a free Honey Baked Ham givaway in that thang.

So.....I'm at the polls. Lord forgive me...I've lived 21 years, and this is my first time voting. And honestly...the shit feels pretty good. Remember when Bush WAS the President? When that plane hit the Towers? Or when that air missle hit the Pentagon? Yeah I do too. What about when that spike in the gas prices started? Shit...I don't even have a car and I seen more people debating on whether of not hey were going to eat.....or if they would drive to work. Recession we're in is fucking rediculous. But today is the day finally for change. I actually sat behind a white woman today in the line. (I brought my travel seat from home). I was going to offer her a seat... But all the shit that I read in all my African American Lit classes started to kick in. When Rosa rufused to stand. When I looked at the line of people behind me....felt a little like Hariett Tubman. Leading the pack of followers all in believe there's a light at the end of the tunnel.

The suns coming up now...and its 6:40. I'm still sitting here thinking to myself... Obama may be the next President...but maybe this will wake blacks up and say 'look... We gotta get our shit right'. Instead of going out...spending frivulous money popping bottles for the bitches, save up that money and donate some of it to buy books for these kids. (Sounding like a Politician). Preach! 'I heard somebody said Church, I'mma need a suit.

Ahhhh...the sweet taste of victory... I know Bush sitting there with his thumb in his ass wondering what's the deal. Why are so many BLACK people outside so early in the morning. What... Beeeeeeeeytch you aint know that we owned Alarm clocks? Matter fact...fuck it... Its been eight years....let me say what I been wanting to say now that I'm safegaurded by the First Ammendment, and the chance of a new president.

It's okay Kimmy.. If you dont get it.. you dont get it..

Bush...you made my life a living hell for eight years. You raised the price of gas...invented new stds (I have none...but I'm sure people do)... Fucked up the economy, helped kill hip hop, knocked down two things taller than your Daddy's money hill, amungst other things. I wanna give you a royal fuck you. I hope January 12th...when you officially are done with your term.. You realize...you are a human he-bitch. When the sniper came through and was plucking people off one by one... Your bitch ass did nathan. You old Lil Wayne.. Stuntin like my daddy ass nigga. I would call you ever white diction I know...but there are plenty of whites that don't fuck with you. Everything about you is wrong. You wake up in the morning everyday having to cope with the fact you killed everybody in those towers...in that pentagon section...in those planes. In conclusion, if I ever see you, I'm spitting on the ground you walk on, and the suit your dressed in. 11-4-08, you don't eem matter, far as I'm concerned.

Needless to say, people sayin we as a black community are tryin to advertise
on tv to vote because a black man is runnin... but what they fail 2 realize is when bush ran, there was a white democrat we were still doin the rock the vote campaign adds... so wats the damn difference now... aint shit changed... we still tryin 2 get the republican outta the damn office.

Damn...line wrapped aroung the inside AND outside of the school now. I'm in the first 100 people in line to vote...and I still probably won't get out of here until 930. Life is grand. I get to go into work late, and not have to have an excuse. Feels good to be like 'bitch, I voted, fuck I need to come into work early for?'. Malcolm X would be proud of me.

*Pause* just seen a girl that look like Lauren London walk past. Oww Oww Oww Oww. *SLAP* Back to the note Greg...

But I wonder what the Republicans have up their sleeves this time around. Are they going to attempt to say we cheated? (As if we had THAT much political pull).. What if they go and burn them Confederate flags, and cry and whine about it.

Oh well fuck it.

Wait...Mccain was the Senator of Arizona? And I'm a Cardinals fan? Nooooo. Shows that I didn't look too far into it.

Anyway...I've voted now...Republicans...I know you maddddddddddddddddddd

Gotta live with it forever.. forever.. BEYYYYTCH


LAUREL, Md (WUSA) - Prince Georges County Police are investigating a shooting of one of their own officers this morning.

Corporal Stephen Pacheco, spokesperson for Prince Georges County Police tells 9 NEWS NOW police received an alarm call at Oaklands Elementary School in the 13700 block of Laurel Bowie Rd. in Laurel around 2:14 A.M. Officers responded to the school to conduct a search. At some point, one of the officers was approached by a black male wearing a red hoodie and was shot.

The officer was transported to a nearby hospital. Pacheco says he received a non-life-threatening wound to the head.

Police are K-9 units and a helicopter to conduct a search of the area. They have also set up a perimeter around the school.

Oaklands Elementary School is a polling location for precinct 10-09 in Prince Georges County and police say there will be some disruption to voting this morning. Officials say they are going to do their best to separate the crime scene from where voters will need to be in the school. Apparently poll workers tried to bring machines into the school this morning and because of the investigation they are having to hold off. Officials say the polling location is not closed and voting will begin on time at 7 A.M.

Stay tuned to 9 NEWS NOW for further updates.

--Its not even 9am and VA and NJ are already reporting inoperable machines and no paper ballots to back up the failed machines.... One spot in richmond has 300 people in line and 1 working machine....that's fukked up...as we all know VA is a key state.....

Trick Or Treating.. Getting me some coochie for the weekend.. OWW

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Okay... Its Halloween...the tricks are treating. Wearing the tight body outfits for tonight.. and I'm so amped for it. The one time out of the year all the ugly women can dress up as they normally do, and still get a pass. Also.. the one day out of the year for men like me to say vulgar comments to all the naughty nurses and maids. Someone is getting the goods this weekend.. I promise you this. Fuck this celibacy shit.. Friend sent me a photo of her halloween costume.. And my lord my Jesus.. if we hadnt been friends for years.. I'd definetely put work to her abdomin. Oww Oww Owwwwww

Want to see my attire for the evening?

Bada BING! (my new shit.. dont steal my shit either). Stepping out getting blown tonight.. regardless. YE DIGGGGGG?

Anyway... Big girls... Word to the wise... Costumes that WONT fly for y'all tonight... French Maids... Cops... Strippers... or anything showing stretch marks in places there shouldnt be. If you have to apply three coats of cocoa butter to the back of your knees... Please... dont show them tonight... Understood? I love me a big girl... But please wear the attire made for you.. okay? When you seen a 260 pound French Maid in Paris? Dont worry.. I'll wait. But I will say what MAY look cute on a thick one tonight though...

Owww... Yes. Show that titty meat baby! Look like you just faught Manny from Ice Age in that costume big girl. Work it. Oww Oww Oww.

(this is a NO NO)

Niggas.. Especially if your going to be at Adams Morgan tonight... Please... The Scream, Jason, Texas Chainsaw mask are like real... 2002. Six years ago. You will NOT.. I repeat.. will NOT pull any bitches looking like you really just went to CVS thirty minutes before and bought a mask. A little more effort is needed. Besides... when did Michael Myers start wearing High Top Jordans and blue jeans? Egg-act-lee.

I actually want to go as T-Pain... but its not the same without the Vocalizer. I'm trying to walk around talking shit like "Yayaaaaaaheee Yayyyyyy." Now that I think about it... All I need is the Dreads, top hat, the vest, and the colorful shoes. Jaint would be tough... But I would burn these clothes the next day though. lol. Real talk.

(Click the link.. Its funny)

Anyway.. I gotta post the video of the dudes that be going around the city dressed like Jerome from Martin. COMEDY. Anybody DONT have plans for the night? Let me know.. We're making it a party for the night. Me and my compadres. (Angel... GET EM..). Cant wait to see Jasmine's outfit..Bada Bing! I gotta be drunk for this event. lol. I'm liable to pull me a white girl tonight. Bout to be baby Westley for the night. lol. White girls with trunks in the back, not the front... beware.. because I'm coming at you like facials in a porno.

I never told y'all how my week was did I? I really didnt do much.. But I spent some time with a friend of mine last night at one of the best movies I've seen in a LONG time. (Independent jaint).. Yes. Laughed the WHOLE time. lol. Hopefully they had as much fun as I did. *Fuego*

Oh.. I have the new T-Pain cd if anybody wants it... BEST cd I hear in a while. Y'all going to stop sleeping on that man too..

http://www.mediafire.com/?tvqmnjf20mm (enjoy)

So.. what is everybody else going to be for tonight? I'm curious as to see/hear. If you need approval of mine.. Feel free to email me your attire.. MrBanau@vzw.blackberry.net

I will evaluate accordingly.. Possitive feedback. All my plus sized ladies.. feel free to send too. Shake that jellayyyyyy!

Oh... Forgot to mention this too.. Lauren London may have a replacement... Yes.. I said it. I fell in love with Joe Buddens girlfriend after watching a video of her on worldstar... ass sitting right chere... make me wanna bite chere...Dominican jaint too.. Owww. Bout to start hanging out in Silver Spring & Wheaton more often. Get me one of her. So if your Dominican and your reading this... Tell your friends.. I'm on the hunt..

Caution: bad Bitch Alert:

Anyway.. I'm done.. Had my fun... I'll be back soon.

All I stuff I DIDNT get to on Monday... I guess..

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I know people have been paying attention to politics and the videos I've posted the past couple days. Let me first say this. And its going to sound farfetched, and borderline racist. White people need to cut this hating ass shit out. Now granted...I'm still kind of mad some black peoples only reason for wanting Obama in office is because he's black. Meanwhile....what are five reasons to possibly want Mccain? Everything this man campaigns about is stated as a lie. People fail to realize one thing...He's a communist, a fasist, as well as an advocate for bisbanding religious and ethnical believes. I haven't been real vocal about this shit because its not my place to dictate who YOU will vote for. So let me tell you MY reasons to why I'm voting for Obama. First off..to get it out of the way. When I look down my family history in 20, 30 years, when my grandkids are asking me about voting, and if I voted for the first black president, I will not be letting down not only them, but the legacy that I proceed now. Secondly, Obama has had the most closesly watched, and fully structured campaign since I can actually remember Presidential campaigns. Regardless of the dirt trying to be placed in the path, he drives ove it without smugging his own tires. Even though as a senator for his state...I can say this. He looked out for other ones, and made allies with them. Something major as a Senator. Which shows he can communicae efficiently with allies in different country. becayse you see how Bush goes about his shit. Blow em up, or shoot em down. Tactics? Not much. So these are just a FEW reasonw why I say so. Everyday this week, and until the 4th, I'll give you particular reasons, good and bad..and you can set your bar higher or lower.

But...on another note...my weekend. Fantastic. Friday I went out with my twin (same bday), and a host of her friends (now mine). Who said you can't have fun at Hawk, right? Party all night. Drinks were nice (I promise you...I drunk Sprite all night...). I got a couple text messages during it, so if I said anything nasty or borderline offensive...apologies. Thanks Kiera for taking 48 hours to post the rest of the photos too....

I didn't get to see Saw V...but I heard the shit was horrible. How far can you take that movie though? Like Jigsaw died...The crazy white chick...dead. Meanwhile in all these new movies...Jigsaw knew all the new peoples names and all. Maybe I'm reading into it too much...but fuck that.Guess I need to call my bootleg man.

White people...its 51 degrees. A peacoat, flared dress pants and old navy flip flops...and a visor? WHERES THE FUCKING sun at? I thought I came out the house in some wacky shit...but damn. And the crazy thing is....we get a lot of out fashions from y'all and call it our own. So I have a question. Just need someone to answer it. Why don't my favorite white people ever get sick? Shit...if I leave the fan oscelating too close to me in the summer, I end up sneezing and coughing. But y'all... Man. Can were wifebeaters and shorts to shovel snow...sure you turn pig pussy pink...but no symptoms of illness at all. I'm kind of jealous about that. So feel free to elaborate on that please.

Black people...its OFFICALLY scarf season. Thank God. I didn't want to break out all my skarfs like everyone else was doing...rocking theirs with t shirts, no jackets. High five!

Anyway...Saturday...I went back out to the lounge....and I have to say this...I'm still disturbed at the thing I talked about in my status. Never in my days have I seen anyone pass and share a patron shot. Funniest part...they sipped it through a stirrer. Moral of this story: if you poor...drink water, or just stay in the house. Or get a drink in your budget. If malibu & pineapple is all you can afford...stop there. Don't ask for straight Henny. Hate that shit. I know people who go to Open Bar at these nightclubs and think spending 50,100 dollars to be TIPSY is cool. Then you have the people I hang around. Angel, Dee, Jaren, Jose (still a bitch ass nigga, but he categorizes), and whoever else...drinking prior to the club. I personally don't like tipping some bartenders. Unless I'm having a conversation with them, and make friends with them... Tip is minimum. What I need to tip you for when I could just come back there and make my own shit?

Random thought....Seen a pair of clit huggers (lesbians) kissing in route to work this morning. Man. Before I die...I'm going to have intercourse with a female who is a sworn box lover. Then again...I just may have had that in my life... Shhh.

Oh.. Sunday...Vs Steelers. IN there. Next game Vs. Dallas... IN there. Dee...pops said he gotem (Dallas)...how you going to act? Upper Suite Level...All you can eat. Owwwww

Oh yeah... I'm 4-3 in pool also. (Told you I'd tax that ass, came back won three games straight though. Oww. Rematch needs to happen soon.. Drinks on me. (They know who they are). Dont blame it on the beer this time... "you cant rewind THIS dvd" lmao.