How you going to talk about my lover Lauren London though? Part 1

Thursday, November 6, 2008 3 comments

Honesty Box: "How you like that ugly ass bitch Lauren London? Bitch look like a baby giraffe. You can do way better. She got no body, her weave's fake as shit. You need to step your girly game up Greg."

Bitch.. First off you look like the outcome of Gucci Mane reproducing with a German Shepard. (Yeahhhhh). You going to quit talking about my lover. I know your my friend on this jaint too.. So heres the attention you been craving. Baby giraffe? My lord.. Is you serrrrious? Stevie Wonder told her shes the baddest bitch walking, and that nigga cant see the future. So how you going on her though? Dont gimme that "it was just a joke" shit either. I'm serious bout mine. You can talk about my Cardinals all day in the paint.. (5-3)... But You crossed the line talking bout my main squeeze. I know you have to wake up in the morning.. look in the mirror and hate yourself. Your equilibrium is all fucked up. Your body is miserable. I feel for anyone that would stick a dick inside you. You do realize that I found out who you were too right?

Moooooooooooooo... ugh young. *flashbacks.. cold shivers* You got this shit as your main profile photo too? Broad.. Lauren London DOO...DOOS on you. How the fuck your thong look like a pussy ace bandage though?

It IS tricking if you gotta wine and dine them...Part ONE.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008 0 comments
Okay... My Status is this:

'Why do females get offended when you tell them you just wanna bust a nut? I'm not going to send you flowers & wine and dine you. You wanna nut just like me slim'

Let me elaborate without offending females, or making it seem like that's all I care about. (Fellas, sit back before y'all eem comment).

First off.. Its not putting down any female. Any female that's content with herself, or her character (if she's single..I'll elaborate on that later)... Shouldn't be offended if a dude comes outright and says 'look... I like you.. Your cool, but I'm digging you sexually, and I want to make a connection with you on that level'. Reason why she shouldn't be offended (in my opinion).. Is because... (Talking to you females)....

How many of you women have gone on dates with a bunch of lame ass niggas that will take you to Chic Fil A, to a movie THEY wanna see... Then give you vibes all night, trying to kiss up on you. Only catch is...your feeling this dude too...but nobody making the first move? Fuck that. I done added this shit up.

Since May 19th 2008...I've spent 841.92 on dates, dinners, and courting. Some of them were potential girlfriends, some were honestly just females that were cute and wanted to be outside seen, then there's some that I was just like 'I want to fuck, and see where it goes from there'.

Offensive as that sounds. I'm a grown ass man. I used to do that cupid's arrow writing love letters, calling women telling them I adore them shit. But nah. I'm single, and you can only do one of four things for me.

-Be my woman
- Befriend me
- Be fucking me
-Be in the fucking way.

I'm just pulling the weeds out around the roses. But why keep 40 women around that won't amount to shit? I sent and receive 307 text messages on AVERAGE a day. Not one has been platonic, off some 'Greg, let's be friends, or Greg let's get together' tip. Its always about sex... Seeing them..or something of that nature.

So I figure fuck... Why lie to the masses. My mans texts these chicks on a regular just like I do... And we came to the conclusion of one thing... If your not worthy of a phone call at least twice a week...there's a problem. Either you wack as shit... Or your irrelevant. That goes for me too. I KNOW who fucks with me and who don't. And to be blatently honest...half the people I know and associate with wouldn't eem fuck with me if I wasn't entertaining their work day.

...So back to it. Ladies... Agre or disagree. If I'm feeling you..impursuing you. If uou get mad cause a dude comes flat out and tells you he's trying to fuck you... There's a problem. I'll let these fugazi ass dudes go and preach to your choir. As the voice for many... Especially if your on facebook. If your out here half naked showing all your tattoos, and assets... What in the fuck makes you think I'm going to invite you into my mama household. Would you take me to your father knowing I was out online with my dick posted as my profile photo? Exactly.

So before everybody gets in their feelings...(Females...) talking about they rather be wined and dined..I need to know. You rather get your pussy PAID for (him taking you out in order to get the poosie)...or letting chemistry take hold, you two like each other, digging in other, and you take it from there?

I know the people that DO respond in a negative 'Beyonce-ish' manner are the ones that probably fell for a dude.. Slipped up and fucked him and ended up falling in love when it was nothing but a meer booty call. Don't be on your 'Deliver Us from Eva' shit sweetheart. Even I have been used sexually. It's life. Meanwhile don't let the 'sex' aspect cloud your conscious and have you saying redundant statements like...

'U best believe a nigga is gonna wine and dine me and i aint talkin no one nite shit im talkin a whole lot of times n before u can ever think about even sniffin it!!'

Translation: 'You can't have it cause I WANT you to have it...but you can buy it'

I just want to see who is going to reach out from the same branch. That's all....

I'm wating for a response. Dont jump down my throat. If you dont like the opinion.. Come civilized. Dont reach out one sided opinions... preaching about how you were mistreated in the past. We dont care.

*gospel music* "We fall downnn.. but we get UPPPPP"

Mama We Made it! Jesse & Nader= Two he-bitches

If I untagged you. I'm sorry.. I had to make space for Lauren. Sorry.

Republicans... Mccain... KKK Members...Haters, bullshitters..How your face feel?

(Tell him Illigetimate Child #2)

Man....first off....let me tell you how good I look this morning though. You ever woke up from the best dream/sleep of your dressed for work in the morning, and just looked in the mirror like 'oh fuck look gewd! Obviously Obama won last night, so I'm on a mission to go into work looking 52 times better than anybody I see today. Did I wear Republican Red? Nope. I'm decked out in blue like a trendy city crip. Ye dig? Feeling good like I just got some wake up sex, and nutted back to back. (What's up Lauren baby? Oww oww oww oww).

Peep my steelo though. Black slacks, blue shirt topped off with the black vest? My lord. Feeling tighter than virgin pussy on first Sunday out this thang. Obama got me stepping it up out here.

Speaking of Obama. I haven't received so many emails, text, picture messages, calls, and voicemails in my life. Thanks to everybody I talk to on the regular, and the ones I hardly hear from for including me in your Obama campaign. I never seen so many black people come together in the streets of the city to celebrate in my life. They don't even come outside to celebrate a Redskins win. (Like they had something to celebrate on Monday... Ouch..dagger).

Jesse Jackson....

I had to speak on this nigger first. Crying... Yeah man, you should cry. He went at Obamas NECK... But yesterday this man was hysterical. Doing victory dances like A Dallas Cowgirl (the cheerleaders...I aint bashing y'all Cowboy fans). You'd think that he's be happy for Obama the whole time, seeing as though he witnessed Martin be killed, he'd be eager to watch another man of the same stature running things. But you always have that bad seed ass clown that can aim in the wrong direction and ruin a piss party.

Off Nuttsacks nigger.


Then lord. This character. If ignorance is bliss....this guy must blush year round. Never heard any derogatory statements out of anyone until I heard 'Obama will either work to pay Uncle Sam...or turn his back on us all and become an Uncle Tom. DAMN! Tell em why you mad son! Now I'm no politician... But I will say this. I hope this man gets on NO more Ballots. Old Mr. Skinner from the Simpsons looking ass dude. Ugh... If I had a cold, I'd hawk up some flem and spit right between dudes eyeballs. Nasty, but that nigga deserves it.

Ol Dandruff on the dick ass nigga

Oww Oww Oww Owwwww

Fuck that... Let's move on..

...the 5th of November...the gunpowder treason and plot. I know of no reason why the gunpowder treason should ever be forgot. Funny thing is November 5th was a day of revolution in England in real life (Guy Fawkes) and in V for Vendetta (based on the idea of Guy Fawkes).....but now in the US, its a real revolution on November the 5th as well.

So in conclusion.. I may have ancestors that were slaves, but today they are dancing out of their graves, happy for the change. Marin and Malcolm watching our passions. Hariett and Rose enjoying who we chose up. You don't eem have to be black to know that we broke our backs building this land... Now we're taking it back.

The biggest congratulations go out to Obamas DAUGHTERS. Not one.. but TWO black little girls in the White House. What a life they will live.

What a reparation right? Damn skippy. Oww oww oww owwwwwwwww.

Hey Mccain....!



Swear I love this woman. *pelvis thrust*

Back to the scheduled program.

Owwr Time to Vote. Siced. 11-4-08 Check for updates on note too..

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Good Morning. *Sigh*.. What a sight..(Originally Written at 5:47am.. 11-4-08)

Not you Lauren (even though your the baddest bitch in this Hemisphere.. Oww).. But ..Im talking about the line to VOTE today. WOW.

Where I was at:

Wrapped around the school twice, all the way down the main hallway, and to the ROTC room.. Oww. Look like a free Honey Baked Ham givaway in that thang.

So.....I'm at the polls. Lord forgive me...I've lived 21 years, and this is my first time voting. And honestly...the shit feels pretty good. Remember when Bush WAS the President? When that plane hit the Towers? Or when that air missle hit the Pentagon? Yeah I do too. What about when that spike in the gas prices started? Shit...I don't even have a car and I seen more people debating on whether of not hey were going to eat.....or if they would drive to work. Recession we're in is fucking rediculous. But today is the day finally for change. I actually sat behind a white woman today in the line. (I brought my travel seat from home). I was going to offer her a seat... But all the shit that I read in all my African American Lit classes started to kick in. When Rosa rufused to stand. When I looked at the line of people behind me....felt a little like Hariett Tubman. Leading the pack of followers all in believe there's a light at the end of the tunnel.

The suns coming up now...and its 6:40. I'm still sitting here thinking to myself... Obama may be the next President...but maybe this will wake blacks up and say 'look... We gotta get our shit right'. Instead of going out...spending frivulous money popping bottles for the bitches, save up that money and donate some of it to buy books for these kids. (Sounding like a Politician). Preach! 'I heard somebody said Church, I'mma need a suit.

Ahhhh...the sweet taste of victory... I know Bush sitting there with his thumb in his ass wondering what's the deal. Why are so many BLACK people outside so early in the morning. What... Beeeeeeeeytch you aint know that we owned Alarm clocks? Matter fact...fuck it... Its been eight years....let me say what I been wanting to say now that I'm safegaurded by the First Ammendment, and the chance of a new president.

It's okay Kimmy.. If you dont get it.. you dont get it.. made my life a living hell for eight years. You raised the price of gas...invented new stds (I have none...but I'm sure people do)... Fucked up the economy, helped kill hip hop, knocked down two things taller than your Daddy's money hill, amungst other things. I wanna give you a royal fuck you. I hope January 12th...when you officially are done with your term.. You are a human he-bitch. When the sniper came through and was plucking people off one by one... Your bitch ass did nathan. You old Lil Wayne.. Stuntin like my daddy ass nigga. I would call you ever white diction I know...but there are plenty of whites that don't fuck with you. Everything about you is wrong. You wake up in the morning everyday having to cope with the fact you killed everybody in those that pentagon those planes. In conclusion, if I ever see you, I'm spitting on the ground you walk on, and the suit your dressed in. 11-4-08, you don't eem matter, far as I'm concerned.

Needless to say, people sayin we as a black community are tryin to advertise
on tv to vote because a black man is runnin... but what they fail 2 realize is when bush ran, there was a white democrat we were still doin the rock the vote campaign adds... so wats the damn difference now... aint shit changed... we still tryin 2 get the republican outta the damn office.

Damn...line wrapped aroung the inside AND outside of the school now. I'm in the first 100 people in line to vote...and I still probably won't get out of here until 930. Life is grand. I get to go into work late, and not have to have an excuse. Feels good to be like 'bitch, I voted, fuck I need to come into work early for?'. Malcolm X would be proud of me.

*Pause* just seen a girl that look like Lauren London walk past. Oww Oww Oww Oww. *SLAP* Back to the note Greg...

But I wonder what the Republicans have up their sleeves this time around. Are they going to attempt to say we cheated? (As if we had THAT much political pull).. What if they go and burn them Confederate flags, and cry and whine about it.

Oh well fuck it.

Wait...Mccain was the Senator of Arizona? And I'm a Cardinals fan? Nooooo. Shows that I didn't look too far into it.

Anyway...I've voted now...Republicans...I know you maddddddddddddddddddd

Gotta live with it forever.. forever.. BEYYYYTCH


LAUREL, Md (WUSA) - Prince Georges County Police are investigating a shooting of one of their own officers this morning.

Corporal Stephen Pacheco, spokesperson for Prince Georges County Police tells 9 NEWS NOW police received an alarm call at Oaklands Elementary School in the 13700 block of Laurel Bowie Rd. in Laurel around 2:14 A.M. Officers responded to the school to conduct a search. At some point, one of the officers was approached by a black male wearing a red hoodie and was shot.

The officer was transported to a nearby hospital. Pacheco says he received a non-life-threatening wound to the head.

Police are K-9 units and a helicopter to conduct a search of the area. They have also set up a perimeter around the school.

Oaklands Elementary School is a polling location for precinct 10-09 in Prince Georges County and police say there will be some disruption to voting this morning. Officials say they are going to do their best to separate the crime scene from where voters will need to be in the school. Apparently poll workers tried to bring machines into the school this morning and because of the investigation they are having to hold off. Officials say the polling location is not closed and voting will begin on time at 7 A.M.

Stay tuned to 9 NEWS NOW for further updates.

--Its not even 9am and VA and NJ are already reporting inoperable machines and no paper ballots to back up the failed machines.... One spot in richmond has 300 people in line and 1 working machine....that's fukked we all know VA is a key state.....