Justified as a woman

Friday, July 25, 2008 1 comments
She needs a watch to keep the times
cuz' of the tears she cried
caused her dry eyes
how many times,
should she reply
to your doggish ways
and stupid lies
see, she was born to be a Black Queen
the Black Princess
You saw was true
the Black King
she thought was you
was just a joke,a fluke-untrue!
when she came to you for support
when she needed a helping hand
You didn't help her out of her hole
to busy chillin' with-
Joe and Sam
when her aunt made her
monthly arrival
like a revival
her dependency grew
in church they call for the Lord
but she called for you-no word
as she lays in agitation
suffering from mental constipation
cause she couldn't get ya'
outta her mind,
she just couldn't get rid of
Ya kind!
she told me you put the
in German Shepherd
You're such a dog
and dirty like hogs
and she knew
that you were cheating
trying your best to be
discreet and...
she knew that you were skeeting
that's why her love
You saw fleeing
so deceiving,
she has cried her last tear
she could over you
tore the last picture of you
You're now
and it's true
she told me
"One day he will miss me
have dreams
he'll wanna kiss me
and I know,
that he will wish me
into his arms
without the proof of his charm''
out of arm reach
out of memory
her memories
will never let her get played
like spades
never outsmarted
her brain
she's on focus
to maintain...
so she wishes you
the best of whatever,
and she hopes u wishes
the same too,
she said she betta call Tyrone
tell him that she and you
are through!

"The Watcher...I watched her"

Thursday, July 24, 2008 0 comments
She allows me to view her evening ritual..

She wrestles a sweater over her head.. After it catches her earrings
Next.. Gravity forces her denim skirt to parachute downward
Finally, violet panties drop unto the laundry pile.. A dark contrast
To the cream color emporium
Her garments fall quietly.. It seems losts against
the rumble of old plumbing and pings of porcelin
she stretches to toss the day behind her
The computer problems.. At the line of the pharmacy
The constant pull of caffeine on her psyche
She surrenders to the therapeutic echo
Bathwater running languid from a faucet
humidity coating her bare skin
She sinks into the coffin-length tub
breasts drowning underneath warm waves

The miniature tide lapping against her collarbone
After awhile, my eyes have recorded too much footage
or the sounds of blood rushing to my penis
becomes way too audible
so she rises
tracking moisture across the room
and shuts her curtains decisively
until tomorrow nights episode begins

Part Two...After The Intermission (finally)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008 0 comments
I want to feed you. Better yet.... you feed me. Be my entree. Be my dinner,
and then in the morning be my breakfast. Let me feast on you. I know that's
something you'll like. Let me put whip crème on your navel, cherry on
top and lick from the bottom to the top of your...Yeah. I know you
understand. They say words paint a picture, but you can't have words
without a tongue so let my verbalize in-between your thighs.

Let me please you tonight. Lay you down somewhere cool, middle of the
winter, let’s do it on a park bench while behind a bush. Joggers and
strollers walking past under the street lights, while you mumble words
as I devour your love box. Tasting the left, right, back and inside of
you. That's what I like to do. Blow kisses on your pussy lips gently
take you in my mouth as I lick you where if the sun shined, it be
covered by the wetness between your legs.

They glisten as I kiss them, sucking on your inner thigh, spreading your
legs east and west. So I maneuver my tongue to California, your left leg,
already spread, as I kiss up from the top of your leg to your ankle,
while fondling you with my right hand. Obviously you’re enjoying this by
you totally forgetting the people that have now noticed us doing this
act. You don't give a shit, grabbing on my head, rubbing fingers against
my waves. Only motion in this ocean is the way I curl my tongue back,
and change its width so you can enjoy the whole experience.

Moving back down, I take my hands in a "Va", place them at the center of
your pussy and dive in. Licking it faster, working my tongue in circles,
and not lifting my head. Just going for what I know. You moan a little bit,
trying to hold it in. So I take one hand down, and push your hand off
you rubbing your chest. Let me do it for you. So between me sucking on
your pussy, you cum about three times, before you finally orgasm. Didn't
think you could orgasm from getting licked now did you?

The phone Died

Man I froze up, somebody shoulda woke me up
Nigga like me was so infactuated by the butt
I was eager to look, but contemplated saying what's up
Didn't wanna come off as a slut....But
I decided to let it ride, but my shyness aside
and speak so I had to swallow my pride
"Hello what's your name, your beautiful"
"And maybe if I can, I wanna go and get at you"
"Because not only did you catch my eye, but I wonder why
I'm in front of you instead of being right by your side
As your man...so here's a plan I hope you take this number
Call me tonight so we can make plans for the summer
And instead she wrote hers and said "boy I wonder...
If you'll call me for me, or my features and thighs of thunder
So I concided and said "sweets I'm a man, but I'm a human being
I done seen enough trash to know You need the finer things
So you giving your number to me, is a treasure to me
So I walk her to the car gave her a hug, and hopped in my ride
Soon as I got to the car, I realized before I could save te number..
The fucking phone done died.

Out of The Rain, Into the Shower (Intermission Until Part 2)

Monday, July 21, 2008 0 comments
You should let me lay you down in the bathtub that I just ran for you.
Warm water with massage salt and vanilla sugar aroma to make your body
smell good. Then I can wash your body starting with your feet. Me
kissing your feet, sucking on each toe. Then after that, I kiss between
your thighs, blow air slowly into your the back of your kneecaps.

Then I want to bite you gently on the asscheeks while I lick around your
lower back and kissing it as well. Rubbing your pussy from the front,
your cremin on my fingers, I can feel the thickness of your juices on my
fingers. I pick you up out of the bathtub like a newborn baby. Wrap you
in a warm towel, and carry you in my arms to the bedroom.

Still wet and dripping from the bathtub, I rip the bedsheets off the bed
and lay you down on them. Kissing your body up and down while you lay on
the satin shets covered with white and pink roses that I layed out. With
some Slow music playing on the playlist in the background...I lay you
flat on your stomach.

Pull out the warm sensation body oils and begin to rub down your
neck....then I progress to your upper back. I climb on top of you from
the back...and start kissing on your neck. You feel my dick pulsating
through my "I love you" boxers that I wore specially for this evening.
My dick gradually sliding up and around your ass, your fiending for me
to just take you. So I pull them down, and slide it in your pussy while
you lie on your stomach.

Then I slide it halfway in. You instantly creme for it. Slowly moaning,
I ask you if you enjoy the pre show that I am giving you. You say
yes...but this is the beginning of a very long night.

I push deeper inside of you. My dick greets your belly button is. That's
how far I'm inside of you. Sucking on your ears and kissing behind them
as I work my dick in 180 degree circles, full
circles....in....out....left and right or your pusy walls.

You like that? Trust me...there's more.