...Using the Internet To Find S/O's.

Friday, June 18, 2010 0 comments
....I've had flings, fucks, friendships, and relationships all from the internet. Shit is what it is. I'm not out running the streets, not a hustler, and not a heavy clubber. I dont pride ymself off beign a club groupie, in there every thursday, knowing the bouncers and whatnot. However I do. How? The internet. The same people I'll end up meeting at a club...have Facebook, twitter, etc. What would be the difference in me saying:

1.) I met my wife at the club. She added me on Facebook, we talked for a while, started dating.
2.) I met my wife on Facebook. we knew each other for a while, followed each other, spontaneously met at a club, and started dating.

Its all the same. In the age and era we live in. The internet is not only a source of security, but of information. If you think the only thing the internet personas can offer you are "conversation", then you are one step closer. Whats going to happen when you have a conversation with a guy whos so savvy with his words, that woos you? "Oh I met you online, I dont do that" is what you're going to say? C'mon.. Be realistic.

The internet is a pre-requiste to the real world. If you can't make it on here, you have no business living in the real world. Period.

Glad I'm Grown.

Thursday, June 17, 2010 0 comments
A lot of women have come in and out my life. Not many I cared for, some that were strictly sexual, and then, theres "those bitches". Now granted, I aint talked or blogged about many in the past two months, just because, I was evaluating... these bitches. I only call them "these bitches" because theres so many of them, its quite easy to take the pricetag of a woman off of them, and label them this. Lately theres been a few. Mainly because they see me happy. Which is cool. I've come to terms that you "get what you pay for".

Now since August, I've blogged less mainly because I been content with my own shit. I've fucked less, talked shit less, and as a result, less drama has ensued. I told myself by December 1st, all drama would cease. It's June 15th, and only one issue remained. Bitches. I say this laughing because I used to be a bad guy. I think Summer of 2009 was my worst year ever living. I fucked just for the sake of fucking. Flirted with the idea of never getting caught. And most times, I didn't. But that shit gets old. Time to settle down have my own.

All my boys have their girlfriends. And all my female friends have they dudes. They lined them up perfectly, right before Black Friday. Unique. I'm proud of them. Cool.

My inspiration to blog again came from many places I guess. People have been like "Greg, why you been slacking". Well quite frankly my life aitn for the pen and pad anymore. Trying to settle down, get shit correct. Trying to have one woman I sleep with on the regular. Maybe create a kid or something as much as I be speaking of how I'm tired of being a bachelor and shit.

But then things dawn on me:

  1. I know a lot of women who lie. I've had a woman lie to me about dreaming of fucking another man. Then lied about hanging with a dude she used to fuck. Like come on. I can lie a WHOLE lot better and more consistently than you sweetheart. Would you LIKE to play this game of Tit-for-tat? Or just be real about yours? Exactly.
  2. I know a lot of friends should be associates. Simply, many of yall aint shit. And real recgonize real. You're looking real unfamiliar right now.
  3. My Phone's silent feature is great: Fuck your message. Ill get to it when life bores me and I pull my phone out my pocket.

But forreal though. Let me stop slandering women. I know y'all read my blogs like "damn hes always going through it". I do be. Regardless of the age. 30 year old. 26 year old. 19 year old. 24 year old. Women are the same. Men are too but I dont swing that way. So focus on the sex with the vaginal region.

Sometimes that "Its not the way it has to go, its just what I prefer" hits close to home. Some things simply go better my way. You dont have to agree. I lead a simple life but people seems to be prone to drama and controversy. Must be nice. Not my twist.

....Thank Me Right Now, Please. Dont Wait.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010 0 comments

Welcome back.

Whew.. Where has time gone? Well since the last you've heard of me I've been through plenty. Like really, I been through shit most would find impossible. Not like flying off a building and landing standing up, but forreal. So I've been attempting to pump out 30 in 30. Feel like I can do it. I owe y'all. Where can I start? The women who've been in and out of my life? Nah....thats too easy. Lets focus on me. I've found out a LOT about myself in the past 8-9 months. I reflected, I asked others, shit...I even READ BOOKS. Yes. Me. Read books. I'm already smart as shit, but Kindles! KINDLES!

A friend of mine (yes, they are still a friend) told me I was selfish. Insecure. Rude. Self-Obsorbed. Amongst other things.

They aint wrong. I'm an asshole. Personally I prefer ME, over you. If they had to off you or me...It'd be you. I am a firm believer of the "Dont Snitch" movement. Regardleof the tattle tales on First 48 I watch ever so much. However. My self pleasure is much more than what you can give me. Kanye said it best. "I dont need your pussy bitch I'm on my own dick".

And I am. I promise. I learned plenty. Women like men that they cant have. Bitches like to control situations they really cant. Married individuals lie. Single individuals lie. The truth hurts. And exes are just that. Exes.

In retrospect of Drakes' album coming out...I felt it was only proper for me to start it off on his release date. Now mind you....my blog has been the same since Room For Improvement was hot. It just so happened my theories of his album coming out AFTER another Birdman & TQ album was wrong. Congrats. But this my blog. I downloaded your shit.

Tomorrow I'll go in. 29 to go.