10.10.10: 101 Things; 1001 Days.

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Came to the conclusion I have to live more. And do things for the now. People around me always say "maybe", or always have an excuse for why things can't get done now, or expediently. Even I'm guilty. So I've come up with 101 things I'm trying to have done in the next 1001. Now you'd think they were easy, some are, some aren't. It's going to take perseverance. So where will I be? Everywhere. Why will I be busy? Below.

The Mission
Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria
Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on my part).

Why 1001 Days?
Many people have created lists in the past – frequently simple goals such as New Year’s resolutions. The key to beating procrastination is to set a deadline that is realistic. 1001 Days (about 2.75 years) is a better period of time than a year, because it allows you several seasons to complete the tasks, which is better for organizing and timing some tasks such as overseas trips or outdoor activities.

My List
Start date : October 10th, 2010
End date : July 8th, 2013

Not yet started
In progress

1. Learn to Write Right-Handed
2. Cook a Meal using a recipe from a different Country.
3. Go caffeine-free for one week.
4. Celebrate for no reason (101). This means drinking included.
5. No alcohol for 31 straight days. Energy drinks included.
6. Conversely, learn to accept compliments.
7. Write an letter to my last three exes, explaining how things went wrong.
8. Save up $2,500 in my savings account.
9. Learn an instrument. Piano preferably. Two class minimum.
10. Write ten happy notes and/or blogs.
11. Try a new form of dancing that I haven't tried before.
12. Take a homeless person to lunch, or offer them a meal.
13. Try to keep my mood stable for one continuous week.
14. Try at least three foods I've never tried before.
15. Read a 'classic' novel.
16. Go to church 6 times in one year. Including one holiday.
17. Maintain healthy nails, i.e. not biting them any more.
18. Explore a new city.
19. Buy a suit. And wear it.
20. Do something adventurous. Like run on a beach naked a night. Or Some variation.
21. Get a really fancy hotel suite, or some form of presidential suite, and sex in it.
22. Go to a gun range.
23. Learn the Basics of Sign Language.
24. Learn the Basics of an eclectic foreign language, other than Spanish.
25. Ski in three new Ski Resorts.
26. Write a letter to myself, to be opened by my wife on our wedding day.
27. Identify 100 things that make me unique.
28. Sleep Under the stars.
29. Fall In Love.
30. Tie a note to a balloon and let it go.
31. Go Horseback riding.
32. Watch 50 movies in IMDB's top 250
33. Complete A Coloring Book.
34. Eat at 10 New Restaurants that I've never been to before.
35. Find out My Blood Type.
36. Go to Vegas.
37. Expand my Vocabulary by 101 words.
38. Put change in some one's expired parking meter
39. Visit The Grand Canyon
40. Make a wish at 11:11 on November 11, 2011
41. Watch the sunrise and sunset in the same day
42. Don't complain about anything for a week
43. Go to a concert in a different city.
44. Make a new friend
45. Go On A Picnic
46. Find a personally inspirational quote and work it into a piece of art or home decor
47. Fly a Kite.
48. See a Drive-In Movie.
49. Get a Car.
50. Answer the "50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind"
51. Become, and stay debt free for 365 days.
52. Give a 100% tip.
53. Take a weekend trip. Alone.
54. Write a handwritten letter to someone who has inspired me.
55. Get a professional massage.
56. Eat NO fast food for a month. [Mcdonalds, Wendys.] [Chipotle doesn't count]
57. Memorize Five good jokes.
58. Learn to play Poker And/Or Spades.
59. Take a pottery class.
60. Get all friends together to play a sport together.
61. Get, and Master Grandma's Mac & Cheese.
62. Attend a Comedy Show.
63. Go to the Eye Doctor & Dermatologist.
64. Sing in the Shower.
65. Donate five dollars for every task I do not complete.
66. Visit three art galleries.
67. Collect 10 Hotel room pens or room keys.
68. Collect 10 Bar Menus from different bars.
69. Try Two Drinks At Starbucks.
70. Watch Every Tyler Perry Movie in less than 30 days. Shrugs.
71. Catch up, or at least leave a comment to say hi to, at least 100 of my facebook or twitter, or IM friends, preferably people I have fallen out of touch with.
72. Go three straight months with no overdrafts on my bank account.
73. Spent an entire day without the Internet. Including Mobile Web.
74. Cross off 10 of these items within one month.
75. Spend time at the pool at least 10 times.
76. Buy some sort of lottery ticket, either the drawing or scratch-off.
77. Watch every episode of "The Sopranos".
78. Take at least 101 photos of my 101 Adventures.
79. Make Jello Shots.
80. Attend the Midnight Premiere of at least three movies.
81. Ask someone "what's shakin', bacon?"
82. Sit in a department store and watch a complete movie on the big tvs
83. Have or attend a house party while "House Party" is playing
84. Have a "status" relationship wise.
85. Get a keyboard and learn at least one song all the way through - then perform it for someone
86. Go play Bingo or go to Casino with grandma.
87. Don't log into Twitter And Face book for a week.
88. Read the Declaration of Independence.
89. Dance in an Elevator to the highest floor. Even if people get on.
90. Learn 10 constellations.
91. Cook a three course meal.
92. Send anonymous flowers to someone who is having a tough day.
93. Turn off my phone for 24 hours.
94. Buy a Magic 8 Ball and base all my decisions on it for a whole day.
95. Go Laser tagging.
96. Pay for someone random behind you.
97. Put away $5 for every goal completed.
98. Renew My Passport.
99. Get tooth pulled.
100. Contact mom & grandma daily.
101. Complete by 07/08/2013

Wish me well.

People Do It Everyday, I Can Change Too...

It's like a constant cycle trying to blog. To live and write about it. Sometimess we try to live these extraordinary lifestyles in order to understand exactly what there is to life. I've done it. Now before you start, none of my blogs are trumped up. Nothing has been fabricated. I just feel the pressure that comes with taking my actions and putting them into words. I'm trying to become a better man, a better person, and in essence...just better at writing my own name in the sand. Sometimes I feel I'm too close to shore than when I write, I have to continue to write over and over, because it's been washed away by the oncoming waves. I have to move back slightly in order to not get wet in a sense.

As I sit here, listening to my Lupe cd. I try to understand..where life went. And honestly, it's been liven vicariously through the interweb. The social networks have given me plenty of people to consider friends and associates. Things to do, and people who even read my life. But its time for me to live it. Now sure...I'll write. I have to be able to actually REMEMBER the things that will happen, but I want to make it to 25 completely different from the way I reached 21. Without the use of http:// in front of everything else. If that makes sense. I read so many blogs, so many stories and columns by people who are older than myself and I dont want to "live in the past", persay, but I want to be able to say "I did that", and not "I'm going to do that". Can't learn from a life lesson by repeating the cycle in a sense.

That being said, for a while a lot of my blogs are going to be drafts, just like my mind frame. I'm always changing my views, my minds, my clothes. So I have to get things right, get my life into perspective. Put the pieces together in order to have the puzzle layed out for you all. I'm hoping the majority of you keep contact, because I'll try. I'm doing better with consistency. [trying..]. Feels good to say that I've matured. And still growing. When you see me, I'll be a new man [lord willing]. Just pray for me, and I'll do the same for you. Keep your heart, lose the hate, and like Wayne said: Love,Live,Life. Proceed. Progress.

I'll see you soon. ;-)

You Think You Know, but Have No Idea.

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  1. I have zero tattoo’s, nada, not a zip and don’t want any either.
  2. My longest relationship: I tell people she did nothing wrong, even though she technically cheated. I'm not bitter. I did my dirt.
  3. I'm a writer, I blog almost daily, but I rarely ever post them. I honestly have a notepad stuck on my homescreen of my phone just for note jotting.
  4. I have the worst reputation of being a flirt. Publically. Sad part is I don't really care. I'm just a man.
  5. I have a bad habit of texting yet never calling. However when I do, I've taken a liking to you. So enjoy it.
  6. I only had 6 “girl friend’s” my whole life. I don’t know what to call the rest of them.
  7. Growing up I always thought my mother and father would be together forever, only to find out I was terribly mistaken.
  8. My great grandmother was buried two days before I was born, so pretty much I am looked at in her spirit.
  9. I used to be a regular ass person. I still am, but honestly: Many of the people I used to really rock with in grade school I dont speak to, and the ones I didn't speak to speak more. Chivalry, right?
  10. I would sell my soul to have a incredible singing voice
  11. I quote songs and movies in real life conversations and 9 out of 10 people never catch on
  12. I’ve had insomnia on and off my whole life. I refuse to take the medicine because there is a fine line of ingredients of what can put you to sleep, can put you to death but a person’s company and a ice cold room has always helped knock me right out
  13. I don’t like having strings attached to many things in life but when I commit myself to something. I’m in it to win it… but if I lose then I’m depressed as shit.
  14. I haven't cried in years. I'm not heartless, I just never had much to really "feel" about.
  15. After typing all of these 14 “interesting facts” about me. You still don’t know a third of the man.

Effort is all I ask.

"Look, I just want to make you better
I think I could save you
But I think I'm bipolar. I love you then I hate you.
Grew with this dame though I hate whoever ain't you
Hate when I cant date you but I also need my space too
I made room for this love. How foolish of me
And every woman looking at you knew that you was lucky
So check the verse miss. I ain't say I'm perfect.
But you was low on love, what I do; reimbursed it
And now it hurts to be around or converse with ya
And what's worse is before this I had worse with ya
Now war missiles hand guns and grenades
The walls I couldn't break em or take em apart with a tank
Now momma told me be careful who you love
G said just rap it up, these bitches actin up
And as for us, we was different though.
Things have gotten difficult
Try to be Mr. perfect intercontinental, hold up
You spend your time with your friends all the time
And all that time with your friends put my momentum on decline
My minds gone evil. You changed with the season
You had a new clear heart. Guess I was Hiroshim"

See I wasn't going to do this, but I figured I'd mark this down as an L, close the chapter and never speak on it again. I let you do what you did. I tried to be a decent dude and keep my mouth shut out of respect for you and the situation. But they were right, you don't even do relationships, so I guess situation is a perfect word for it. I saw something in you. A lot in you. Enough in you. But now: You're just another girl lost. Now I've lost a lot of good women in my life, so it's about time I get the blunt of it finally. Truth be told: I just wanted to make you better. It wasnt the sex that had me caught up. I left other broads alone for you, put up walls and even stopped being who I was for you. That's gone.

Don't even know where you are with life right now. But I apologize. What happened was fucked up and I'll never be able to take that back. Ever. We don't even speak, for good reason. You were perfect, and even though it wasn't anything typical, it's what nobody else had that made me keep what I had. You. And I've accepted that. So accept my apology.

..Y'all, I'm just a man. At the end of the day to the point I put my jeans on one leg at a time. I'm trying to make things right now before it's too late. At 5:30, all I can think of are my faults. So: I'm establishing this here. If you feel some way, I apologize, this could be about you, it might not be. But heres my effort to start new. Fresh. Again. Each day gets better right?

We'll see. Miss me when I'm gone.

It Aint Nothing But A #; Dont Call Me On It.

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Now everyone who knows me understands that I typically have a "fetish" of sorts with older women. I have my reasons, and I'll elaborate on them so people understand. Most men will think having a cougar means they've accomplished something. I like older women not for the fact they know more than a woman my age. Or even the fact they have their quote-on-quote "shit" together. I simply like older women because there are some, typically the ones I like, that through caution out of the window and instead of being a peer mediator to a man who's younger than them, they simply let live. They don't see birth dates and numerals. They see compatibility. Of course you'd ask "so why not date someone your age". My mother told me act my age, not my shoe size.

I had a conversation with a woman that I think is very secure in herself, however uses her age at every whim. It is actually frustrating always having to defend the fact that you don't get the option of the day you come out of the womb to someone who's your elder in a sense. But we try. At least I do. So the conversation went as such. Lets call her "Special K".

Special K: Some Women are not into mentoring a man...you gotta come already packaged to be open and used as is.
Me: However: Things fall apart.
Special K: Not Saying we all don't have growing to do, it just depends on how much growing.
Me: That's what you deal with when you talk to younger men. You ain't got to mentor us. Contrary to what you believe: It's now all about y'all.

[At this point in the conversation I was expecting it to go one or two ways: her to dictate a young man worth or explain to me about out previous conversation about dating an older woman; and it not working. She chose Option B. Wise Card to pull]

Special K: Unfortunately...things did fall apart b/c you guys man not have been equally yolked.
Me: Thanks [Female name]
Special K: Why you thanking me?
Me: Because you're stating the obvious.
Special K: Ohh shut up Greg.
Me: Like sometimes we just might know the same things. Your age ain't really shit. I'm just saying. Age typically only matters to the older party. Especially since majority puts enough emphasis on it.
Special K: I met a dude that was way younger than me and I felt the most like myself around him...than any other dude.
Me: Good. So why are you over here speaking on age like it dictates anything.

[Now I feel as if nobody won this argument. Valid points were made on both parts. However I hate to see a woman, or man, in that matter try to substitute age with logic and then go and tangle them together.]

This is what I said to myself because I hate to have debates with women. A woman chooses what she wants wisely. You all aren't like us men who act on impulse and figure it's "okay" to just "float" through life. However, everything regarding ages and everything we've discussed just seems so..planned. Like me for me, not the fact that you were born first and know more. I've lost count how many times I've trumped a woman mentally, and her defense mechanism just so happened to be "you're just young". Thanks. Don't let the big words, and my lack of poor diction and vernacular. I'm a smart dude. I feel inclined to talk to a woman of the same stature. Be it younger or older. And she better not have an issue with my age.

Granted at 23 I should be focused on my career, not the lack thereof a woman. And I promise..I have my salary straight. So to speak. However I've had so much history in my young years, dealing with women of different races, ages, colors, locations...that sometimes I'm acting my age. I have much to learn that I simply couldn't learn from a woman that's doing the same, or living the same lifestyle as me. What do I bring to the table to a woman that's older: Dependability. The leading factor in why she's single. Some older women I've met simply have lacked a man, of any age that's dependable. I have my vices, but I would like to think I never just "not do" for people. Including my significant other. Lets be honest, I FedEx a care package to an Ex because she was sick. Sure we broke up a couple weeks after that. [Wont go there], But I digress.

Bottom line is: I like to be happy. And if you can't be happy completely because as a woman you feel like "a younger man has a lot of life to live and will be hard to tame, think about it like this: Cubs stay in the den, growing to become maned enough to venture on their own. Yes, they need guidance, and care, and even attention. Meanwhile, its typically the cougars that are on the prowl, out scouring for prey.

It's just life. Live it. At 23..or 32.

You Put The Dick In Her: I Put The Dick On Her. And Her.

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...So I've had dreams about it. Dreams in plural, like five of them. All in the span of weeks rather. Like they never have an ending point, and the attire always changed. The sheets always change, yes the sheets. I've been having this dream about intercourse with twins. It gets explicit, so much so, I was going to try to make it into a Moist Satin Sheets themed blog, but couldn't. It has me stumped, because...I know twins. A couple of sets. The men that you hear wanting twins probably still do want variety like a threesome with two different women. Its just an intriguing notion to have sex with two other women with the same features. All of them are beautiful and I'm friends with both of the twins. But this dream was..different. Like it started out just a sex thing and escalated to something far..far different so I'll get into it.

It started with a whole lot of texts, and calls. Pretty much between the both of them, just harmless friends flirting. Always had the notion in the back of my head they knew I was flirting with the other. But we know how I am, so the dream goes on as such. One night I just decide to go over there. And hang. We're all cool, so why not bring alcohol. So I do. We chilling, drinking, playing Uno..and things get shifty. Like I'm looking at them with every intention of taking them both down, but you know how it goes. "what if one isn't down?" because you know you have to pick and shit. Twins don't really enjoy the idea of...seeing the other twin fucking. At least that's what I'm lead to believe. The whole seeing double thing is just sexy. Now typically if one twin is cute, the other is fine, and vice verse. But I'm dragging..

So one of the twins apparently is tired and decides to lay down. Lets call this twins Erica and Patrice. I just think the names fit. So Patrice decides she's tire, the drinks flows heavy, the shot challenges commenced and she got restless. Off to bed she goes. So I'm left there..With Erica on a couch. At this point she's already not trying to drink anymore for reasons that are obvious. She's in the mood thanks to the mood juice though. I play my cool. Watching TV, doing little dumb things that might grab her attention. Hitting her with the pillow, looking at her, and when she realizes it look away, kiddie shit. Can't be too forward and say "You Wanna fuck"Esq.

Needless to say I try my hand anyway, she pushes off. I don't try again because I don't want BOTH twins sleep so I simply play it cool. Somehow someway, after another episode of Martin, she feels like "damn, he's not going to try to fuck me again", and I play the "I don't want to really fuck her, I'll beat my dick when I get home" role. Knowing good and damned well..I'm trying to knock all the wind out of her chest like an asthmatic with the inhaler on the opposite side of the room.

Lost in translation, we end up in her room because she wants to be comfortable. Comfortable with me, in her bed, watching TV. I always liked when a woman doesn't have a TV in her room and invites you in there, however a TV in the room means one thing: 10am sportscenter. And Greg likes that. So..we're in the room, and we're talking. She rolls over with her back to me. Now typically I'm not the cuddler, but after a few drinks, and a woman who meets regulatory standards..I'm all for it. And you know how women sleep...in their best "he better not try to fuck me" wear, with their asses arched symmetrically on my lower chest, and lower. Just to see if I'll try my hand. Which...if I weren't sober..I'd probably do. One thing leads to another..

I'm on top of her. Her t-shirt is knotted at her elbows as she's lifting it over her head. I'm working on the buttons on her jeans. Now I don't know if this is typically what women do when they know they are around men, but they wear the most complicated jeans ever. It had like three buttons, a zipper, and a belt. Felt like I was playing pictionary with mimes. But I made it work. And lets just say..her underwear screamed "fuck me rough so my sister can hear it". I swear to you..I did.

Imagine having a thin, beautiful woman riding you reverse cowgirl with her hair flowing down her back, she turns back to you asking if you're enjoying it. Then she tells YOU to keep it down because her sister is in the room. That shit right there just made me hard while typing. So we're going for it, she's grabbing her breasts as she rides on top of me, pussy foaming at the lips as I'm hoping she's not looking back while mouthing to myself "I swear I want to just cum inside of her". Verbatim. You fellas know how it goes.

Just when its feeling good I hear footsteps and the door opens to reveal her sister. She stands there as Erica grabs her breasts. Stunned to walk in on her sister doing this..she seems to be pleased about it. Like she wanted a piece. So I mention to her of my fantasies, and not trying to make the situation weird, meanwhile assuring Erica that she's adequate enough to be my current sex spouse, but I had never done it. Sure it's every mans fantasy, but I want it to go down a little differently. I don't want them to kiss. I don't even want them to touch. I want her to watch me do Erica. Then I want to do do Patrice. And if the sex Gods want, maybe they will join in. In positions they never thought off. One riding me while one rides my face, the thought of it alone has Erica trying to convince her sibling it's enough to try once, we only live once. So lets do it and never talk about it.

...Then Patrice closes the door...

"You Have A Way With Words, I'll Give You That"

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Preface: Now granted, I'm not the best blogger. And sometimes...I just might not state public opinion. But this is where I go to get out my dreams. My thoughts. I haven't done so consistently because in a nutshell..people watch. We call them people watchers. But honestly, I could care less anymore. I'm sure an ex or two, be it they remember the link, will come here from time to time and actually read the blog. So...I'm going to say what I want to say. In this post.

My past is just that. I've slept with a lot of women I don't speak to anymore. Used to put my pride in front of me and think "maybe they found better dick". I'm sure they did. I'm happy for them. I've had better bed partners myself. I wont down talk them, I'm no God to anyone. I have friends with some, associate with others. Not on the type of "Oh I'm still cool with them because they just might put my shit out there". I'm sure someone has talked about me in some bad way, that told a friend that told a friend. I can live with that. Cause honestly..I never cared. In the words of Michelangelo (lies) "I fucked though". A lot of things have racked my brain currently. Can you JUST be friends with someone you used to sleep with? What's really the job title of a friendship? Are your friends who they are for a reason? I say this because I've never put a woman before my friends. Then again I don't have many of those, and the ones I do know me better than I know myself. So if I dropped off the face of planet Earth today, at least at my funeral they could say "you know...Greg ain't never NOT been there for me." Granted..I'm a selfish individual. I like to get my way, and usually will duel to the death to make it that way. Its pretty much a curse because I'm usually put in the position to argue with the person on the opposite side of me. We know I hate arguments. I throw temper tantrums..Silently. I had to add that because I don't storm out of rooms and shit. I simply keep to myself. My Verizon bill should be changed the way I ignore phone calls thanks to me turning off the mobile. Shit..as we speak, I have everything off. Twitter, Face book, cell phone, text, everything. I'm trying to get a lot of things in perspective. Why you ask? [And this is where the blog really starts]

As of Thursday, there will only be 100 days left in the year. Let's make the most of it Greg.

Shit, you're telling me. What was my New Years resolution? Get over that "commitment-phobia" that Netta speaks of semi-annually. I've fucked up a lot in the past...10, 11 months. In December, would make one year since I fucked up with probably the coolest woman I've ever met. And she was great. I'm talking about everywhere, across all the boards. And I can honestly say...I fucked that up. She probably doesn't forgive me til' this day, I hope she does if she reads this, I'm sorry. Before I get off track..What were my resolutions, really.
  • To be a better man: Sounds easy right? I promise you that shit is hard.
  • To save money: Well...see what happened was..
  • To write a blog daily: Trying, but my life at 23 don't have that many stories. If I were Tucker Max, 30 and writing about all the things of my past..it'd be different. I'm thinking about trying that out, by the way. That's why you really haven't heard much...
Now: My plan for 2011 is and was to quit drinking. But its necessary. I'm grown. I don't smoke, do coke, or pay for sex. I think I win at life, and should be granted a pass to try anything less than 100 proof. Even though on occasion it's okay to indulge in Rumple Minze. The last time I was "Q" drunk...Wait...let me backspace some so you know. "Q Drunk" is a different type of drunk. I'm speaking on being so drunk that you are driving on the side of the road with oncoming traffic drunk. Drunk that you try to talk down a price for a lap dance from a stripper. Drunk to the point you steal a street sign just to hang over your bed as a trophy. As to HOW that was done..is beyond me, but it's happened, twice. There's nothing like it. Thus me saying..the last time that happened...

Was last week. We went to the Caucus and didn't like it. Apparently I was thinking so much about "her" [yes, a woman, evidently], and her reluctance to actually entertain me as much as I entertain her [which has started to bore me. Not enough to explore my options, yet enough to keep my phone silent. I'm done with my old ways] that I started to drink. Heavily. It all started with a shot. Then a battle of shots. Then beers. Then a shot that tasted like coffee. Now when we drink we [my entourage] have a saying that goes: "if it taste like it has sugar in it, it's not a shot" and we're true to these words. Lemondrops aren't shit. We give those to women so they will in turn find a reason to smile at us as we drink the big boy shots. Back to the topic:

Apparently three beers and three shots in: We're pretty fucked up. Q is looking at his phone, manic-depressive like, talking to his lady. I looked at my phone long enough to notice I had 1200 Emails, a google talk message from a girl that I don't want to hear from, and no texts from her. So..I order another round. Pissed. "I'll be back, I'm going to the bathroom". Xavier, the "good shoulder" was talking to the bartender about what else...road trips and fornicating. Oh joy. As I go to the bathroom, I get a call. It's from one of my other boys: "Greg, we're you at, we're trying to buy drinks".

This usually sounds good...But typically when I get those texts...There's usually a CHANCE a bill is split SOMEWHERE...and there's a person who doesn't have cash [sometimes it's Q, but that's my boy, I can't fault him, I've been broke plenty of times]. So I told him I was already drunk and about to leave. I didn't lie..I was reaching drunk. That happy medium when you start walking around paying attention to everything. Have you ever been drunk to the point you look down at a woman's toes and realize they are chipped..Yeah, that type of drunk. Moving forward. We go to another bar: And drink. Now I walk out of this bar because it smelled like wet dog, and the bathroom had a condom machine that said "Look Ma, No Hands". I laughed for a second, until I dropped my drink in the urinal. Not cool. I got another.

[Who CLEANS urinals? Piss is gross. And Urinals are just as bad. Let me explain how a urinal works. You piss in them. And it splashes. Imagine some guy just pissing, and you're next in line. Nine times out of ten he didn't flush it...and even if there is a "splash pad", it will splash on YOU when you piss. The co-mingling of piss is never a good deal. Ever. ugh.]

So...We go outside. Q says "Greg, lets hit a black". Now...only time I've smoked is around her. But she's pissed me off, so I said fuck it, and com mist to light one. But I did take her words and think about them. "Baby, Blacks only RAISE your drunkenness.". And that it did. I felt like Lafayette on True Blood seeing witchcraft after getting midway through it. I had consumed about 9 shots, 4 beers, and a long island. And it was only 12:10. I didn't come straight from work to stop now. Needless to say I drunk more. At the hookah spot. Clouds of smoke, alcohol, water bottles, and a fully charged cell phone. What's a man to do..? Enjoy. So I did. Lets just say I woke up Saturday morning feeling like I had been stomped out by Little League kids with all their gear on. Shits not a good feeling. Like that night I drunk wine, smoked blacks, and drunk Four Lokos with her. That night ended funny. Well no it didn't but still.

I have 100 days to try to make 2010 better than the other 260 that were iffy. How? By reflecting. I already know people aren't wearing white again until next May, so I don't have to worry about that being any one's true colors. But at least their hues better glow. I'm sick and tired of the bullshit. I want consistency. The last time I had that was shit...when was that? What better time to start than now. Lets go. 2011, you're in my vision. I'm going to make you better.



The Interlude; But Not Bria's.

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It's funny. We're always looking for Mr & Mrs. Right be it they might be "right for the moment", or "right then", but you never know what it could be. I've been fortunate to have a lot of good women in my life. Friends, exes, enemies, yes even them. I've been blessed. Even my poor decisions had a good result (most of the time, I tried to be optimistic). But one thing I looked at from Ms. Upscale was...the shit finds you. I used to be pressed to be in a situation, mainly because I felt I had something to prove. Always had couples surrounding me, and being on these social networks, it kind of gives you insight of what to expect from others when it's your turn to be happy.

I've been an asshole to the point where I've thought shit had to go my way in order to strategically work better. Dee has called me out numerous times saying "you can't be alone, but you can't be single", so I've kept a woman, just because. But recently things have just been..different. I wont speak much but I know I have someone who cares and is down for me, that's a pretty damn high claim. Now.. queue from "Until I Get Married". just because I'm content now, doesn't dictate that changing in the future. Things and situations happen. And I don't get to decide, but rather make it work.

Relationships work. They don't have decisions. Arguments happen, and you can't do nothing but make shit work. You gotta feel me on this one. You know those cliche ass Taye Diggs movies, or shit, any Black Cinema, where typically either Sanaa Lathan, Vivica A. Fox, or Gabrielle Union plays the lead black woman where theres love, hurt, turmoil, the turning point, and then ultimately the climax that ends good? I'm trying to have one of those moments. One of those "Love Joneses" moments. One of those ""play for your heart" type moments. Sound corny as hell right? That's the truth though.

You never know the things you have until you don't have them in your possession, and sometimes you have to give up plenty in order to get them. I love seeing my friends and associates happy, but its bout time I can say the same things. Shit wont be easy..at all. Need work. As I sit here...drinking my Lipton Brisk, trying to check for grammatical errors in efforts to make myself "look like I type perfect" (I don't), you got to understand one thing...this my life, I'm no gossip blogger. This is my life. And you should be in it. For good.

Enjoy what's to come, Expect less of what's behind you.

Are you ready?


The Soundtrack For Arched Backs.

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If you're Like me....You like to have sex. I hope you do. It's human nature. Safely though. Practice it. However: These are a list, unrevised, of songs, Old and new, that I've compiled for you to make a playlist on your Ipod or whatever for the extended weekend, you and your lady, to get it in to. This one's for the lovers:::

Usher- That's What It's Made For
Drake- Find Your Love
T-pain - put it down
2pac - temptations
R. kelly - the greatest sex
R. kelly - strip for you
Avant - read your mind
Common - come close
Ginuwine - differences
Tamia - so into you
R. kelly - seems like ya ready
Janet jackson - anytime, anyplace
Silk - freak me
Tyrese - signs of love makin
Tyrese- One
Tyrese- On Top of Me*********
Jodeci - freak n you
Chris brown - take you down
The dream - falsetto
The dream - purple kisses
112 - anywhere
Jon b - pretty girl
Joe - all the things your man wont do
Joe - no one else comes close
Ginuwine - pony
Ludacris - woozy
Ludacris - Splash Waterfalls
Twista - get it wet
Lauren hill - sweetest thing
Usher - twork it out
Jamie Foxx- Do What It Do
Nivea Feat. R.Kelly- Touchin
Omarion- O
T-Pain -Studio Love
TLC- Red Light Special
Pretty Willie- Lay Your Body Down
Michelle'- Something In My Heart
Janet Jackson- Warmth
Justin Timberlake- Until the End of Time
Mint Condition- Pretty Brown Eyes
Lloyd- Feels So Right
Lloyd- Cadillac Love
Floetry- Getting Late
Mariah- Joy Ride
R.Kelly- The Greatest Sex
Sons of Funk- Pushin' Inside of You
Craig Davis- Personal
Craig David- Take Em Off
Trey Songz - role play
Trey Songz - we should be
The Dream- Fancy
Ne-yo- Mirror
Chris Brown- Sex

J. Holiday- Bed
Trey Songz- On Top
Chris Brown- Take My Time
Teedra Moses- Backstroke
Trey- Jupiter Love
Isley Brothers- Between The Sheets
India Arie- Ready for Love
Sade- No Ordinary Love
Jamie Foxx- Slow
Jill Scott- Crown Royal
R.Kelly- Honey Love
Joe- Somebodys Gotta Be On Top
Drake- Brand New
ove Scene - Joe
Feelin' On Yo Booty- R Kelly
15 Mintues - Mario
We Should Be- Trey Songz

Butta Love- Next
Take You Down- Chris Brown
Number One (Sex)- R Kelly ft Keri Hilson
Leave It All Up To You- Pretty Ricky
Turn Me On- Cocorosie
Sex Me- R Kelly
Trading Places - Usher
Sex With You- Marques Houston
So Anxious- Ginuwine
Wey You- Chante Moore
Sexy Love- Ne-Yo
Bump N Grind- R Kelly
The Sweetest Love- Robin Thicke
Sexy Can I- Ray J
Honey- Erykah Badu

Love Scene - Janet Jackson

Make It Last Forever- Keith Sweat
These Are The Times- Dry Hill
Let's Get Lifted Again- John Legend
Slow Jams- Usher
Takes Time To Love - Trey Songz
Wait For You Forever - Mishon
Love Music - Chris Brown
My Boo - Usher
Stuttering - Mario

Before and After - Corey Williams
Touch My Hand - David Archuleta
Yours To Hold - Skillet
For You To Notice - Dashboard Confessionals
Calling You - Blue October
Till (Your Legs Start Shakin')- Sleepy Brown
Between The Sheets- The Isley Brothers
These Are The Times- Dru Hill
Love You Gently- Usher
Slow- Jamie Foxx
Freakin' Me- Jamie Foxx
In My Veins- Jesse McCartney
Makin' Good Love- Avant
15 mintues- Mario
Butta Love- Next
Take You Down- Chris Brown
We Should Be- Trey Songz
None of Your Friends Business- Ginuwine
Say Yes- Lil Corey
Slow Jamz- Usher
Birthday Sex- Jeremih
Love You Gently- Usher
Slow- Jamie Foxx
In My Veins- Jesse McCartney
Makin' Good Love- Avant
None of Your Friends Business- Ginuwine
Say Yes- Lil Corey
Let's Get Married- Jagged Edge
Feel the Same Way I Do- Destiny's Child
Put A Little Umph In It- Jagged Edge
Freakin' Me- Jamie Foxx
You- Lloyd
Angel- Amanda Perez
Tear It Up- Young Jeezy
Stay- Pretty Ricky
Anytime, Any Place - Janet Jackson
Leave It All Up To You- Pretty Ricky
Nasty Song- Lil Ru
Jodeci - Freakin' You
Trina & Plies- I Gotta Problem
50 Candles- Boyz II Men
Lingerie- Pleasure P
Let It Flow- Toni Braxton
Red Light Special- TLC
I Belong To You- Rome
Honey Love- R Kelly
Lay Down- Shiro
You- Athena Cage
First You Said- Assorted Flavors
Love Won't Let Me Wait - Major Harris
Make it Last Forever- Nobody
Put Your Loving Through the Test- Keith Sweat
What's Your Fantasy - Ludacris
They Don't Know- Jon B
He Can't Love You- Jagged Edge
Tell Me- Bobby Valentino
Chrisette Michele - If I Have My Way

Until I Get...There: My Ode To Jozen

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Now mind you, I'm not good with attempting to try to SOUND like a perfectionist, nor am I an asskisser, but I like to give credit where it's due. In the past year or so, I've followed one person, one blog daily. It's driven me to write more, yet give slight insight on my life. At 23, I haven't done much of what he's done, but I just wanted to shine light on Jozen. "Until I Get Married" has pretty much been my Bible for the better part of 2010 and the end of 2009. When I was going through trials and tribulations with women, I knew...he had been there, done that. Almost to the point he perfected my flaws.

Its good to know when you have someone older that you can look to for insight. So some of his blogs I've gone and tried to put my own insight into because of a similar situation. It's not a "Tucker Max" situation where the blogs had been ripped off and sold as someone elses. His stories are his, mine are simply mine. I could brush up on a spell check or two sometimes, but this is as real as it gets for me.

So Jozen, this is to you man, I appreciate you for being My "Michael Jordan", the guy I strive to be, but probably won't ever get there. Hopefully one day I meet you, and just thought you should know that.

- Greg

The Cunnilingus Chronicles: Showerlude

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:She wants me deep. She wakes up wet, dripping of a dreaming fantasy of us fornicating on those Satin Sheets. Pussy juices co-mingling with my facial hair, passionate screams as her knees buckle from my penetration.”

Verbal seduction, the thoughts of you digging your nails in my back has me writing this. I’ve thought once or twice about wrapping a fistful of hair around my wrist, grabbing you back as you quiver on my dick. I’m trying to stroke your self esteem if you know what I mean. I’m trying to release every endorphin in your body. I know you sleep naked. Its wet right now, and I want my dick in it. Fantasizing about digging your nails in my back, fresh French manicure scrapping the chocolate skin that covers my spine. I have a hard on thinking about the things I want to do to you. I could preach it for hours, but I rather make this quick. Over and over, and over again.

I want to: Do the things I used to do, the physical, the impossible, the unthinkable. I want to fuck you so good, the eye shadow you wore to the club that night runs down your face from the perspiration of you sweating your hair out...Knowing you got it done recently. I want to arch your over grab your shoulders and fuck you like I hate you. Like a quickie isn’t good enough, I need to get it, hit it, quit it, and repeat it. You better cum on this dick. So much your sheets need to be changed now...not the next day. Then we’lll head to the shower were I’ll wash you up then fuck you again for a half an hour. Suds rolling off you, onto me, dick inside of you, you cumming on me. Dove soap scents and Warm Vanilla Sugar candles on the sink you bought from Bath & Body Works, grabbing the shower curtains because the soap dish too wet for your thigh’s leverage.

Force me to remember all those places that get forgotten in the kisses. Your inner thighs, the back of your kneecaps, between your index and thumb. All of the above. I want to kiss places that hair don’t grow. I want to kiss places that if you could reach them with your eyes, you’d see why I’m in love with them. Your lower back, the back of your neck, I want to suck them, lick them, taste them, I want to roll you up in a blanket and fuck you until you air dry. These are the thousands of thoughts that might go on in my mind.

I just wonder if you know that I’m still thinking of things to do, wondering if you’re ready to attempt them, because I have a bucket list bullet-ed with quite a few, that can only be done by you. This list isn’t for the Satin Sheets, this is for the counter, the shower, the wall, the floor, the edge of the bed. These are the Chronicles of Cunnilingus and I’m attempting to give you some head.

He don't need 'em, so he treats 'em like he treats 'em

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...Better them than me, she don’t agree with em’.

Now I’ve been really trying to be consistent, or somewhat consistent with this blog again. Three blogs in a week is a good thing. Could speak on plenty but I dont. I try to just keep shit simple and personal, but sometimes the thoguht that someone might view it may be a good thing. So lets converse. Well...I will. You ever felt like you’ve fucked up so much when it comes to life, that its like you have a “Karma” halo. Now mind you...the ex of three years, family still reference her every once in a while. Why, is beyond me. I’ll love her even after I die, but some things just don’t work out. That being said I go into every situation with “the next girl” like so: Head first.

I’ve faulted plenty of times trying that laid back shit only to either get bored...or simply get played. Yes, I’ve been played before. Shit happens. Spanish fly who would fuck me but bunned the regular in the face dude. The interim. Shit, even...the name unspoken. But lets move forward before I get off subject. I might have a guilty conscience, but I’ve been guilty of being right before. Now theres this. Like I know somethings up. They wont speak on it, I wont ever know, but I know theres a third party. I can’t knock it, females do that. Keep a backup in case something goes wrong. Now...me being the old me...I’d probably be like “fuck it, I’ll go and get my own side piece”. But really..how many times have I done that and blogged about it? Sometimes...you just want what you want, even if what they want might take more.

Do I become the old Greg? Probably not. I have a heart again, and if I result to the old me...it wont end good. It never does, 1730 phone contacts later. I used to get around. So...Maybe..

next blog.

I Guess Its Gon Be What Its Gon Be;

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See....Im the type that hates to argue. But you...its like you bring that out. Sometimes, I have that urge to just strangle the shit out of you. I’m going to blame it on you being spoiled. You spoiled lil’ LA girl. Shit is sickening. I hate you sometimes, but I be wanting to fuck you so bad. To the point I don’t want any other man to have you. This is a tangled web we weave, and I’ve brought my needle and thread. What the fuck is it about you that sometimes I just want to go and fuck another bitch but I cant? I dont even know. Guess its like Kanye says, It’s bittersweet. Sometimes I swear you be fucking other niggas, cause lets be honest, you’re beautiful. If I were another nigga chasing you, I’d find every way possible to be inside of you.

This is directed at you, nobody else just you. Other bitches don’t matter, it rhymes, too. I deleted all those other bitches because see...the only person worth talking to is, you. Shit I mean I’m talking...TO YOU. This is me speaking here. I can’t even call it. I’ve been a whore for so long, that actually talking to someone makes me thingk they might actually be doing some wrong shit. Because shit...I’ve done it. Twice, three, maybe four times. Theres been times I’ve gotten ass at a quarter to five. Shit last year alone I vouched for six, seven, eight nine, maybe ten dimes. But see nah...you’re mine.

This isn’t a blog, this is just an open letter. If you read it shit, that might be better. You might want to curse me out, that’s the way you do. I guess you like to fuck, but you love to argue. That’s why I fuck with you. You never make shit simple. Which got me texting you. Sexting you. Trying to figure out new, creative ways to have sex with you. Because I’m sexual and you’re intellectual. Makes me want to lay next to you. And never wake up. Because see for me it’s more than the butt, cause I can go anywhere for a fuck. But I’m careful now about where I nut.

So maybe you might be thee. Fucked up part is, I don’t even know what thee might be. I been single for so long, I’ve started ignoring faces just to get the pussy. Shit, I figure it’s all the same since they all want a man with money. Fucked up part is....they don’t get a dime from me. Answer me why all of this shit I’m saying rhymes, it’s funny. Because you and I go together like two thighs cause honey, I’m trying to add, subtract, and even divide my money....Time, space, and my bed, cause like two eyes, I see, you and I, only being beside...

See I can’t even find a word to but next to beside so I’m going to ignore it and go to the next line...Alright? See before I got to sleep I call you at night. No LL Cool J, no staring at my walls at night. I might call you, you don’t answer, but see that’s e, alright? Cause you’re so fine, it’s like beauty sleep you might need, and you define that right? Cause you’re beautiful. As I’m writing this, I’m typing, but I only see you. But its like.. Every time I speak...its like all we do is...


So What'cha Saying?

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I probably could type half of this blog you’re about to read better, but lately has been one of those “I could give a fuck, but I don’t give a fuck” type of ordeals. I still have my google reader set up to read particular blogs, no doubt I do, but in the meantime I’ve been living. And that’s taken up the bulk of my time. I’ve actually gotten quite cozy female wise, and been entertaining that more than you think. Sure...there will be people who text and call considering the fact, but I probably “could give a fuck, but I don’t give a fuck”. So what have I been up to. Plenty.

I woke up one day, same as usual. One pants leg before the other, brushed teeth, mouthwash, washed face, clippers to the beard...the ever typical of myself. Then..I did something I dont normally do. I looked in the mirror. Shit..I was surprised. I think the last time I looked in the mirror this long was the night I spent the night at “Bays” house. Now don’t confuse “Baywith “Bay” that Florida term, it’s nothing of the such. Basically..she was a female I had entertained for a couple years via the social...then once she got out of her long-term relationship decided to use me as a fuck thing. Sure...you’d think thats no problem. But I’m like this with mine.

“Why give you something for free someone’s willing to pay for?”

Moving the fuck on. That ended abruptly. I see her out every now and again, but I’ll look, she’ll look, and I’ll walk right past her. I dont see the novelty in being with someone for years, then mysterious become single and want to “explore options”. You aint missed much sweetheart. She’ll probably read this a/or here about this thinking I’m bashing. I’m not. Promise. I’m past it. Go Cardinals.

In recent months I’ve reflected. Thought a lot. Just like Netta (semi-literate.blogspot.com), I’m a control freak. Yeah, some shit I might ask you to do I might not do myself. It’s a trial and error thing. If you try it and its an error, hey...maybe I don’t need to do it. This comes down to everything from watching television, to penetration, to shit..even trying articles of clothing. I’m just that way. Notice how many “I’s” you’ve seen in this blog. Before I was an “us” and “we” type of alpha male. Too many love longs in my day. Glad we’ve come to terms.

Things I hate that bitches do. Dont get me wrong. the term “bitch” is used in a fashionable sense because according to some women..its not “right” to call them that. Which leads me to the firs thing I hate. Women who instigate and carry on an argument over something so feeble. Granted sure...the make up sex helps. But:

I hate to fucking argue. As a man my only form of defense is to get loud. I’m 23, and have made more women cry than I thought I’d reach by 25. I’m not ATTEMPTING to set a record. Sometimes..I’m LETTING you be right. Just so we can move past it. Shut the fuck up now.
Women who feel the need to bash a male and or female because you weren’t chosen. This goes for males too: Be clear, you weren’t the one. Someone loves you, it just wont be from that particular person. Grab your duffle, your muzzle, and pack it up, shut it down. I’ve been a casualty of this dumb shit once this year.

“Not Really Going To” Sexsters”. Dont go texting me bribing me with pussy. Just give me a time and place. I’ve noticed this shit is like a worldwide epidemic, so its NOT just people local to myself. Those “What you doing tonight texts”..Only to tell me you have plans and or you’re staying in the house. I’ve developed a policy. Answer ALL text messages in 8-16 minute intervals. Make em wait.

I havent quite figured life out yet..But I know this..sooner or later I’ll be 60, 70 years old. And I’ll probably look back in this blog like “damn I did this and that wrong”. That’s a part of my life. And I continue to fuck up. It’s an adventure. Long as I dont die, or have some life altering situation where I have to hide in a box, I’m bound to make a mistake. I’m intitled to it. You’ll hear about it. It’s like drinking a pack of Four Lokos on a Saturday night. It’s so necessary.I hate to fucking argue. As a man my only form of defense is to get loud. I’m 23, and have made more women cry than I thought I’d reach by 25. I’m not ATTEMPTING to set a record. Sometimes..I’m LETTING you be right. Just so we can move past it. Shut the fuck up now.
Women who feel the need to bash a male and or female because you weren’t chosen. This goes for males too: Be clear, you weren’t the one. Someone loves you, it just wont be from that particular person. Grab your duffle, your muzzle, and pack it up, shut it down. I’ve been a casualty of this dumb shit once this year.

“Not Really Going To” Sexsters”. Dont go texting me bribing me with pussy. Just give me a time and place. I’ve noticed this shit is like a worldwide epidemic, so its NOT just people local to myself. Those “What you doing tonight texts”..Only to tell me you have plans and or you’re staying in the house. I’ve developed a policy. Answer ALL text messages in 8-16 minute intervals. Make em wait.I havent quite figured life out yet..But I know this..sooner or later I’ll be 60, 70 years old. And I’ll probably look back in this blog like “damn I did this and that wrong”. That’s a part of my life. And I continue to fuck up. It’s an adventure. Long as I dont die, or have some life altering situation where I have to hide in a box, I’m bound to make a mistake. I’m intitled to it. You’ll hear about it. It’s like drinking a pack of Four Lokos on a Saturday night. It’s so necessary.

...Using the Internet To Find S/O's.

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....I've had flings, fucks, friendships, and relationships all from the internet. Shit is what it is. I'm not out running the streets, not a hustler, and not a heavy clubber. I dont pride ymself off beign a club groupie, in there every thursday, knowing the bouncers and whatnot. However I do. How? The internet. The same people I'll end up meeting at a club...have Facebook, twitter, etc. What would be the difference in me saying:

1.) I met my wife at the club. She added me on Facebook, we talked for a while, started dating.
2.) I met my wife on Facebook. we knew each other for a while, followed each other, spontaneously met at a club, and started dating.

Its all the same. In the age and era we live in. The internet is not only a source of security, but of information. If you think the only thing the internet personas can offer you are "conversation", then you are one step closer. Whats going to happen when you have a conversation with a guy whos so savvy with his words, that woos you? "Oh I met you online, I dont do that" is what you're going to say? C'mon.. Be realistic.

The internet is a pre-requiste to the real world. If you can't make it on here, you have no business living in the real world. Period.

Glad I'm Grown.

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A lot of women have come in and out my life. Not many I cared for, some that were strictly sexual, and then, theres "those bitches". Now granted, I aint talked or blogged about many in the past two months, just because, I was evaluating... these bitches. I only call them "these bitches" because theres so many of them, its quite easy to take the pricetag of a woman off of them, and label them this. Lately theres been a few. Mainly because they see me happy. Which is cool. I've come to terms that you "get what you pay for".

Now since August, I've blogged less mainly because I been content with my own shit. I've fucked less, talked shit less, and as a result, less drama has ensued. I told myself by December 1st, all drama would cease. It's June 15th, and only one issue remained. Bitches. I say this laughing because I used to be a bad guy. I think Summer of 2009 was my worst year ever living. I fucked just for the sake of fucking. Flirted with the idea of never getting caught. And most times, I didn't. But that shit gets old. Time to settle down have my own.

All my boys have their girlfriends. And all my female friends have they dudes. They lined them up perfectly, right before Black Friday. Unique. I'm proud of them. Cool.

My inspiration to blog again came from many places I guess. People have been like "Greg, why you been slacking". Well quite frankly my life aitn for the pen and pad anymore. Trying to settle down, get shit correct. Trying to have one woman I sleep with on the regular. Maybe create a kid or something as much as I be speaking of how I'm tired of being a bachelor and shit.

But then things dawn on me:

  1. I know a lot of women who lie. I've had a woman lie to me about dreaming of fucking another man. Then lied about hanging with a dude she used to fuck. Like come on. I can lie a WHOLE lot better and more consistently than you sweetheart. Would you LIKE to play this game of Tit-for-tat? Or just be real about yours? Exactly.
  2. I know a lot of friends should be associates. Simply, many of yall aint shit. And real recgonize real. You're looking real unfamiliar right now.
  3. My Phone's silent feature is great: Fuck your message. Ill get to it when life bores me and I pull my phone out my pocket.

But forreal though. Let me stop slandering women. I know y'all read my blogs like "damn hes always going through it". I do be. Regardless of the age. 30 year old. 26 year old. 19 year old. 24 year old. Women are the same. Men are too but I dont swing that way. So focus on the sex with the vaginal region.

Sometimes that "Its not the way it has to go, its just what I prefer" hits close to home. Some things simply go better my way. You dont have to agree. I lead a simple life but people seems to be prone to drama and controversy. Must be nice. Not my twist.

....Thank Me Right Now, Please. Dont Wait.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010 0 comments

Welcome back.

Whew.. Where has time gone? Well since the last you've heard of me I've been through plenty. Like really, I been through shit most would find impossible. Not like flying off a building and landing standing up, but forreal. So I've been attempting to pump out 30 in 30. Feel like I can do it. I owe y'all. Where can I start? The women who've been in and out of my life? Nah....thats too easy. Lets focus on me. I've found out a LOT about myself in the past 8-9 months. I reflected, I asked others, shit...I even READ BOOKS. Yes. Me. Read books. I'm already smart as shit, but Kindles! KINDLES!

A friend of mine (yes, they are still a friend) told me I was selfish. Insecure. Rude. Self-Obsorbed. Amongst other things.

They aint wrong. I'm an asshole. Personally I prefer ME, over you. If they had to off you or me...It'd be you. I am a firm believer of the "Dont Snitch" movement. Regardleof the tattle tales on First 48 I watch ever so much. However. My self pleasure is much more than what you can give me. Kanye said it best. "I dont need your pussy bitch I'm on my own dick".

And I am. I promise. I learned plenty. Women like men that they cant have. Bitches like to control situations they really cant. Married individuals lie. Single individuals lie. The truth hurts. And exes are just that. Exes.

In retrospect of Drakes' album coming out...I felt it was only proper for me to start it off on his release date. Now mind you....my blog has been the same since Room For Improvement was hot. It just so happened my theories of his album coming out AFTER another Birdman & TQ album was wrong. Congrats. But this my blog. I downloaded your shit.

Tomorrow I'll go in. 29 to go.

Moist Satin Sheets: Make You So Wet, I'll hydroplane.

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...So I come to, and we're in her bed. Naked, shes' on top of me, I'm underneath her. She's still going for it. Pussy pulsating on my dick as I'm still hard, anticipating her sliding up and down to a rhythm that must be just in her head. Pussy so wet, feels like I'm hydroplaning inside of her, uncontrollably as she cries and moans with each stroke.

She lowers her head as she puts it on my chest, biting my shoulder, licking down my neck as I go deeper. I roll over and put her on her stomach. Planting myself on top of her, I roll a handful of hair into my fist, as her neck jerks back, she lets out a moan. I grab her throat with the other hand, gently, before I put my index finger in her mouth. She nibbles on it, then starts to suck it slowly as if she was planting her tongue on the base of my penis as she pleasured me. I let her, as I start to go into deep circles as the second hand on the clock behind me on her dresser clicks repeatedly.

Her body so gorgeous, I'm wondering how it look from the inside. I caught the vibes from her pussy muscles making conversation with my shaft as I dug deeper, hitting down bottom as she started whispering in my ear. Giving it to her like I owe her something, I know she shallow so I take it deeper. I plan on cumming as long as she want it, so I pick her up by the waist as her hands reaching for the sheets to grab. Dick completely inside, I let her fall backwards as my back hits the mattress and she glides her pussy down on me once again, this time in reverse cowgirl position.

You see, I have a slight obsession with letting a woman enjoy herself as I enjoy her so this time I picked the proper place to do things. On the edge of the bed mirror facing her directly as she watches herself enjoying me. The sun peaking through the blinds I peep out the corner of my eyes but I let her continue to get to it as I palm her ass with the left hand and bite my lower lip from the feeling I'm getting. She's getting aggressive with it, as she pounces off it grabs my hand and tells me she wants to take me somewhere I never been. So I let her.

She walk to the balcony where she tells me to grab the railing. So I do. She starts to caress my back, and down my spine, lower to my ass as she takes me in her mouth for a couple minutes. Caressing my love below with her throat, as she wrestles my pants off me leg by leg. Of course you know me, looking around for a spectator, don't see many, but the sun is coming up, and we're only on the second floor from what it looks like. So she turns herself around and put one leg on the railing, the other still standing, meanwhile telling me to have my way with her.

I face dive into her as I lick south to east, then insert my tongue slightly to see what she tastes like again. Familiar..and I like it. So I continue. Pussy juice falling from my face I let her grind her gym-trained body on the tip of my tongue, while it dampens my facial hair. Once I felt I had enough of a facial cleansing...I insert myself from the back to her liking. Only difference is now i picked up her second leg to the point the only thing that is supporting her is the railing she's holding. So we're fucking. I'm digging deeper as she howls and screams as I dig deeper. The early morning traffic is coming, the coolness of the pool below our suite combined with the breeze is giving off a sensation that we both can only describe with the motions of out bodies.

As I begin to lick down her back, we realize there are people watching, cars driving past slowing down, but it doesn't matter. The more people watch, the more she wants to do, so she thrust herself back onto my dick, at this point throbbing beyond belief. She lets out a cry that she's cumming and her legs shake uncontrollably. In efforts to cum in unison I start to stroke down at an angle in efforts to hit that G-spot more as she bounces back.

And just as we both decide to cum, the railing begins to give way, we both fall forward towards the pool ahead of us. We both open our eyes in confusion as we are back in the suite, but the only thing that is wet...

Are those Satin Sheets.

Its Not the way it has to go..It's just not how it was.- TwoThousandTen

Wednesday, January 20, 2010 0 comments
They say, "Damn Greg, were you been man? I know you been hiding..", I simply reply.. I been living. What else can I do? 2009 was one of my worse years. Fucked up that 7 is my favorite number, and 9 is so close. Dont judge me, I know it didnt mean nothing. And well..sicne I'm sittign here typing, I might as well add. The female I was dating and me= scraped. Out of respect for her I wish her well, regardless of the fact she wished bad Karma on me, and to never be happy. [That's the type females I attract I guess. The ex of 2008 said the same shit. Sue me.]

But I digress, she and me were on two paths walking in two different directions. Tried to make some shit work, but it wasnt. No details. But we no longer speak. Numbers been deleted. Profiles been private. Shit just changed. For the better. I had that period where I didnt want it to be over. Where I did the partial stalking shit like "I wonder what she's doing".. or thinking the worse..."What nigga is she fucking". Then I realized...I could build a bridge and walk over it with sneakers of fire. So I did. Next time we speak will be via ferry, I can tell you that. Forward motion, right? Right.

Its 2010...Single, pissing off females. I pissed off a chick I was getting to know during and post the breakup as a friend or whatever, mainly because of her inhibitions. Dont know how I attract females who look good, but their mindframes...strange. But homegirl was ugh. Then another woman..not girl cause she's a few years older [as most of them have been lately 25+], but um... long story short we've known each other for the better part of two years. She had broken up with the ex of ten+ years and we decided to kick it, just friend like. Obviously later rather than sooner, sex and everything transpired. Emotions got kicked in the air, and we jumped for them. Only problem is when we both came down, the portion I grabbed wasnt the same as hers. I understand now as I write this though. She has to get over the relationship. But I rather he do it without me being a spectator, and maybe in due time I'll try again or something. I can't fade it now though. My patience wearing thiner than see through leggins in the new year.

Amungst other shit. I been low key as possible. Gave up the Twitter lifestyle as a result. Is funny how life dries up like a prune in the sun when you arent accessible by the minute. Can't fake like I aint loving it. I had 900+ contacts in my phone. A few that when I looked at them I was like "umm..who's she"; Including:

1. "Really...Who are you"
2. Alexis
3. Howard Girl
4. Red Wine from Silver Spring

>>> I can't even afford to make a mistake and call them thinking I know them. I'm sure numbers been changed, phones mysteriously lost..off that "I lost my phone and got a new one" shit. So..I developed amnesia like Jason Bourne since I can't read minds like Sookie. [Ha...my new True Blood infatuation. Fangbang-esque.] <<<

Last year taught me plenty. Life aint about who you know. Shit, even the people I thought I knew aint know themselves. Sure, I have them moments I wish everything I wrote was getting retweeted, or commented on facebook..but The life I live aint the life I lead. Which is good. Hopefully my blogs take into account of that.

To know me is to..... theres a new me. -Drake

Can't really believe I went and quoted ol' boy, even though my blog is named after his cd which I hope aint slumming like his recent june09-Present material.

I made a mission on New Years Eve: Reach out to everyone one last time by 1-09-10 in hopes to reel them in. But of course, plenty got cement feet, so I'm letting em drown. Glad I saved who I could, but I can't let too many on my boat and expect to make it onto shore. Just maintenance of my mind I guess...

Theres a couple females around. When they matter, I'm sure I wont talk about them. In efforts to be somewhat more personal, and to avoid having a mishap of a girl I'm fucking with knowing a girl I'm talking to [while I'm still single I presume].. I just keep it to myself. I'm liking that idea. Lets see how many times I hear "I dont want to end up in one of your blogs" this year. I'm sure I'll be back around. Less of course, but when I do.. it'll be lengthy reads. Who's drinking? I'm buying. Lets toast to a New Year. I'm different. Clap for him.