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Thursday, September 17, 2009 1 comments

Update 9/17: This joint was originally dont back in July, but I never posted it. So for my lack of words off other situations and shit, this is what I'm giving you. Some thoughts have changed, but I didn't change the blog. Fuck it.

If you can see this, then that probably means your on the "guestlist" to read the blog. Basically I went private for a host of reasons. None of them really hold any weight, but I've come to terms with the fact that I'm getting older, and in order to protect the hearts of many, I have to tone down things I say in order to maintain my character.

My blog was never MADE to go and get attention, but more so to get out my thoughts. I tested it out a year ago, and sure, you get a few laughs, shits and giggles here and there, but the topics and discussions that did have substance were overlooked...often. Hence, we are private. I figured I'd go out of my way and ATTEMPT to blog at least once a week. But in May and June, well.. I've slacked. Just watching peoples moves and interactions with me. Trust me, I have a LOT to say but wont. Maybe I will.

  • The interim girlfriend and I broke up. She put it to me like this. "I care too much about myself to consider someone elses feelings. I dont want kids, marriage, or no drama." Basically she likes to party and bullshit. I can't knock her. At 25, what can you do? I on the other hand, can't see me waiting until 30 to "slow up". But to each his own cool.

  • Had a stalker. Left a four minute voicemail on my phone. I would post the audio but it has her address, name and all that in it. But there are some people who have heard it. Wasnt very pleasant. Basically she left for school in August in Georgia. NEVER called, text, courier, nada. Then came back in May acting like I was supposed to be stuck on her. Nah.

Fathers day. Basically, dude aint been right the past 22 years. He's always been on some on again, off again bullshit. Like prime example. His other family, dude goes, visits, chills, all that. Think dude came past here ONCE on Fathers Day? Nope. As a result dude got NO conversation from me. Now, maybe when I'm older, and he's old and grey, I'll write a blog like "oh Dad, I wish you'd forgive me"... But quite frankly, dude never cared anyway. Sure, he shells out a couple dollars. But he still holds the fact he payed $250.00 for summer school over my head. And that was the 11th grade.

I digress. I hate talking about family issues. He'll need me before I do.

Facebook/Twitter: I jie like been hesitant to really go and converse with people like I normally do. I've slacked on updates and statuses, and I've attempted to distance myself from a few folks. Mainly... they aint shit. I have women friends on both that have been drilled in the head that flirting must go all the way. it doesnt. So I had to put a buzz in one girls ear.

"Dear you, please be informed that even though you're cute, and your profile photo is sexy, you have no personality outside of this Facebook world. Sure, I've flirted with you, and yes, even went at you for sex. But trust me, 9 times out of 10, you were one of three females I did that to this week. Regards, Management."

Food for thought. Take a bite. Happy 4th. I'll be back.

Oyster grits and extra steak. Your wonderful

Monday, September 14, 2009 0 comments

So, I finally went on my first date. Let me explain. I'm twenty two. Most of the women I entertain my life with are worthless. Which makes the evening even more fitting that my first vibe being with a blogger. Let's give backdrop.

First I wasn't expecting her to answer. I was going through my phone.. Basically going through my phone...texting seeing what females were doing for the night. I had a date set with this one broad..but she aint worth the spitting in a drizzle. Fuck her. So I texted a few and decided I would go on about seeing other folks. Nola was that. We will call her that cause yeah...that's her. We hadn't really spoken in a while but seemed to not miss a beat. I appreciate her.

We set up plans to meet and hang out around six. To see a Tyler Perry movie. And I don't fuck with dude so this was a stretch. So it ended up a bonus because the movie was decent. Taraji P. Henson is my bread and butter. I want to meet her and make our privates touch.

Digress. We get to Gallery Place and the conversation of exes come up. Granted I don't do the ex. I don't talk about the ex. She's where she's at and I be where I'm at. So I told Nola both sides of the situation. Whatever. My thing is I don't get brownie points for telling facts. I didn't get to go into details about that time I fucked Karriane in 2006. But ill blog about that later.

We get into the spot. We eat. We talked and came to the agreement that we don't do people with kids. I love her for the statement. Its wild because ill gladly fuck someone who has kids. Committing is something I can't. Reason I say this is mainly because I have a problem with committing to the woman but not the child. I feel like when I can be all and do all for the child...I'm just "mommys man". And even though I don't speak family shit...that's how my stepfather was prior to him marrying her. And I don't think I can wait until I wed before I can get someones child fully involved in my life. This aint for yall to understand...just how I feel.

Moving off that, Kanye's real bitchmade for Sunday night, but it's not my place to talk ashit about dude. The media will slander his name, and I will watch. He'll be downplayed like they did Ol Dirty in 97'. Lets not forget that interview on MTV.

Random Thoughts:

  • Can't wait for Florida. Ain't take a vacation all year, so I have every intention of doing so.

  • I want some sex. Just like off the strength, like one night I'll regret and forget before I go ahead and take that venture into the dating world again.

  • Will New York happen twice? Helix..?

  • "That six thats, me. That chick, thats me. That boat, I had it on the Medeterrian sea, my nigga please."

  • How come I meet three, four beautiful, intellectuals all at the same time? Shit is wild. Makes selection fucked up.

  • Saturday joint [that aint happen] Why would you hit me up acting like I forgot. It's true, white women be forgetting shit. I don't though. Bitches and sisters I swear.

  • Friend who got kicked out of Park on her birthday: Yeah, you lame. You aint call to say thanks or nothing for us picking your drunk ass up. Should've left your ass stranded. Lose yourself. No bullshit.

I would've went on about my date, but yeah, you get the whole aspect of where it went. She's cool foks. We'll hang again. Due time. I'll holla.

Jay-Z at Madison Square Garden Sept 11, 2009

Saturday, September 12, 2009 0 comments


DMV is too small. I've talked to two friends before. Shit be happening.

Friday, September 11, 2009 0 comments
I'm going to let Greg write this blog. My alter-ego can't handle this type blog without it going into a tangent. So lets rock.

I've talked to a host fo females in my day. Me living in DC, I'm sure most of them know each other in reference to the third. They may not be best friends, but they've clubbed together, their friends with a friend of a friend, or shit, they may have actually been close. I'm not guilty for knowing. I don't go out of my way and say "you know I'm going to fuck with her, and her friend just to make an option for myself". I'm not that hardbody. As a result, I lost a female friend, and a girl I was going to get serious with, temporarily until we talked the situation out about this.

Apparently I was talking to her and her friend, whom I didnt know were friends. So she felt slighted because I was telling her the same things I was telling ol girl. This is how I function when I meet a person:

  • I dont tell them anything different. I don't instigate family into conversation for the first six weeks. Period. Some shit you need not know of.

  • I don't lie. You will know everything I tell the last girl, because 9 times out of 10, I'm fucking with you because you remind me of the characteristics I like...and...honestly, that last girl had that. It's how shit works.

  • My friend says I have "Pussy Madness". When I talk to women, I talk to them in threes. I have: The frequent, the freak, and the wanderer.

The frequent is the girl I want to be in the position as my girl, but she's just like me. She wants to play the odds in order to find Mr. Right. So I find myself competing with other niggas for her attention. I like the chase, until another man is in first place, and I'm in a position other than that. That's when the freak comes in. The freak is the girl that I talk to when the other broads bore me. We text freak shit to stimulate my interest and occupy my time. It happens. I'm to blame.. This is the Alter ego guy.. Sue me. Then you have the wanderer. She's the one who's the friend, that SHOULD be the lover. I have plenty of them.

Basically I WANT her, should HAVE her, but she's determined to keep me in the friend bracket because of what she sees me doing with the frequent and the freak. She is usually the one who I can go and talk to about everything, and she is cool with it THEN, but when I pour my heart about her being the one... She's quick to:

"I know how you do these females"

I hate that shit. With a passion. If 2009 had a motto, mine would be "I don't know exactly what to make out of you". Mainly due to the fact....women don't know me. They never will. On Twitter last night I put it out there I have an Alter Ego. Greg..and Al. Al is the raunchy dude that women want around after 8pm. The freak joint that keeps them laughing, entertained. All women want that "rush" that they can run to. My issue is I don't show "Greg" enough. Greg is the one they would date if Al wasnt around so much. And no I dont have Advanced delusionary schizophrenia with involuntary narcissistic rage, I'm just a very gente person. Me..and him.

SoI know she's reading this, so I apologize for fucking with you and her.. I was just playing the cards dealt to me. I promise you I'm a good dude and you won't meet two of me in your life. It should've worked, and I could've treated the situation with better tactics, but end of the day, I'm a man, I make excuses without a strategic thought process, but I mean well. That's one thing she can say I've never told her. Tell her that. Plus, you were the better party. You and I both know why.

This is Greg... And I wont finish last.

Nice guy my ass.

Least let me tell you WHY I'm this way..Hol on.

Thursday, September 10, 2009 2 comments

Came to the conclusion a lot of people going to fuck around until 30, so I'ma be one of them. Wont even go indo details, but at least it will keep my blogs rolling in right? Right.

This is probably the slowest year I've had in my blogging career. In a month I wrote one blog. SO I'm going to bang out 20 blogs in the next thirty days. But they all wont be posted. I'm aiming to have a whole lot of shit on my conscience, off of my conscience. So I'm going to do just that. My blackberry is about to get some heavy flex work in the memopad section beecause I have a host of things to say. Lets first start talking about these bitches.

Granted I'm going over a lot of bitches heads these days. I had a female tell me she couldnt fuck with me cause of what I say on Twitter. But we fucked. I just want to fuck again. Mainly because the shit is burning in my conscience. Its funny because she only comes around when no other niggas want to fuck with her, I get that Twitter update or a random text message like "How you been". I been here, been left you alone, fuck you want this month. Ever since she been single she's been needy, so I'm been giving it the benefit of the doubt of her being a nice person, but to be quiet honest, I want to fuck. She want to fuck, and aint nothing else about it.

[Water Break. Long Paragraph]....

I don't want her as a girl, just a couple nights of regrets, and a morning of excuses. You know? It's funny how down bitches are to fuck until their conscience gets to them when they realize "damn.. I really have to go through with this". It phases me none. I've fucked for the fuck of it for so long in my twenty-two years, I can honestly say I've only had "loving" sex once. And that was with my partner of three years. Everything else has been like "oh.. wonderful. A nut". Rude, but its a fact.

Moving south, I've been deleting bitches out my phone. I call them bitches once they are deleted mainly due to the fact if you get deleted out my phone, gotta be off some fuck shit. I don't even have the "Phonebook" as an icon on my phone because I rarely dial out. And I dont go through my contacts. I figure my recent 25 call log are the only people worthy of being called. And from the gist of it.. Thats:

Late Night Hike

That's pretty much what be mattering to me. Everybody else either got a pussy or just want to be entertained for a short period of time. Shit happens. I'm entertaining. I can't help but be used. My problem is I reply. So I've learned to go hard and not even answer some people after some text exchanges.

Her: Hey
Me: What's up. I'm trying to get up with you. [no need for cut cards.. get on the goodfoot]
Her: Lol
Mer: Fuck is you laughin at?
Her: lol, no, Its not, its just your always on joking status
Me: Man stop playing me for a fool.
Her: I can't do it though.

Conversation ceased there. You want to grab a nut when your pussy screams to your brain, but when I want it, I got to jump through hoops like my name Sonic. #GOTCHBITCH you done lose one. So I deleted slim out my phone. Conversations can and will go my way. I'm that rude about it. If I was rude about mine, I'd tell her to lose my number too, but I'll just wait until she text me again, or hit me up on one of these Internet joints and be like "Nah, I X'ed you.". You been demoted to keystrokes. Your communication minimal. Yep. She ain't the only one. There will be more. Most of them have boyfriends, and be texting "just to see whats up". Text that man. I have a day job.

Fuck yall

Checking Phonebook: Bam.. I see contacts I ain't hit up in 90 days. Gotta go, gotta go.

Lets hope I have more to run with until later. I feel better about myself at the expense of others. Shit happens. But I'm no longer to be fucked with.



Wednesday, September 9, 2009 0 comments
Just something for me to look back on. Pay this blog no mind. 

A little about the number 9:

Nine is a composite number, its proper divisors being 1 and 3. It is 3 times 3 and hence the third square number. It is the first composite lucky number.

Nine is the highest single-digit number in the decimal system. It is the second non-unitary square prime of the form (p2) and the first that is odd. All subsequent squares of this form are odd.

9 is an exponential factorial.

In base 10 a number is evenly divisible by nine if and only if its digital root is 9.[3] That is, if you multiply nine by any natural number, and repeatedly add the digits of the answer until it is just one digit, you will end up with nine:
2 × 9 = 18 (1 + 8 = 9)
3 × 9 = 27 (2 + 7 = 9)
9 × 9 = 81 (8 + 1 = 9)
121 × 9 = 1089 (1 + 0 + 8 + 9 = 18; 1 + 8 = 9)
234 × 9 = 2106 (2 + 1 + 0 + 6 = 9)
578329 × 9 = 5204961 (5 + 2 + 0 + 4 + 9 + 6 + 1 = 27 (2 + 7 = 9))
482729235601 × 9 = 4344563120409 (4 + 3 + 4 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 3 + 1 + 2 + 0 + 4 + 0 + 9 = 45 (4 + 5 = 9))

The sum of the digits of 41 is 5, and 41-5 = 36. The digital root of 36 is 3+6 = 9, which demonstrates that it is evenly divisible by nine.
The sum of the digits of 35967930 is 3+5+9+6+7+9+3+0 = 42, and 35967930-42 = 35967888. The digital root of 35967888 is 3+5+9+6+7+8+8+8 = 54, 5+4 = 9.

41-14 = 27. The digital root of 27 is 2+7 = 9.
36957930-35967930 = 990000, which is obviously a multiple of nine.

This works regardless of the number of digits that are transposed. For example, the largest transposition of 35967930 is 99765330 (all digits in descending order) and its smallest transposition is 03356799 (all digits in ascending order); subtracting pairs of these numbers produces:
99765330-35967930 = 63797400; 6+3+7+9+7+4+0+0 = 36, 3+6 = 9.
99765330-03356799 = 96408531; 9+6+4+0+8+5+3+1 = 36.
35967930-03356799 = 32611131; 3+2+6+1+1+1+3+1 = 18, 1+8 = 9.

Casting out nines is a quick way of testing the calculations of sums, differences, products, and quotients of integers, known as long ago as the 12th Century.[4]

The Spiritual Meaning of the #9:
Nine: The spiritual meaning of number Nine bring us to the very height of vibrational frequencies in this number sequence. Nine represents attainment, satisfaction, accomplishment, and our success to achieve an influence in our circumstances. The spiritual meaning of number Nine deals with intellectual power, inventiveness, influence over situations and things. Nine beseeches us to recognize our own internal attributes, and extend these abilities out into the world to make a positive, influential difference.