Gear Grinders

Friday, February 27, 2009 2 comments
  • You know.. Simple dumb shit....As the world turns. Lets move it.

  • I hate a female that dont know when her cycle is coming. Random but yes. I'll elaborate. If you know your period is coming on, and we are planning on hanging out, cancel those plans for a few days. You need those days to relax. A stank ass attitude around me aint going to work. I dont even care about the bleeding and shit. We're talking about you havign an attitude about EVERYTHING. "Why the fuck is it windy outside!". Bitch, its February. And you got on H&M fleece.
  • Speaking of H&M... Another thing about females. Why do y'all walk over clothes, step on them and shit? Like you SEEN it there. Why the fuck cant you step over it? Do you get pleeasure for fucking up a shirt somebody could wear? I hope your mothers nose bleeds and it dont clot. Bitch.
  • Forgetting the ID Scan card for my job. Aint nothing worse than having ot go through all that "oh, so you forgot your key today?".. Bitch obviously. I forget 3 out of the 5 work days. How about you just do what you get paid for and let me up. You see me daily. What the fuck is a temporary badge going to do for me?
  • Public bathrooms. You ever had to run to the bathroom, and pretty much lose the drive after you see piss on the seat, or pubes? That or the inconsiderate bitch ass nigger/wigger didnt flush the fucking toilet, and left shit logs just stanking and floating. Water brown and shit? Yeah. Motherfuckers like this need to have their assholes stapled together and shit through their earlobes.
  • Listening to Gucci Mane for an ENTIRE work day. I've done it two days out of this work say. And thanks to OJ Da Juiceman, I've learned to walk around saying Aye. And with Gucci, I've used his ad-libs in casual conversation
  • People who dig in their nose, no napkin, paer towel or nothing then attempt to look around to see if anybody is in eyesight, then wipe it on a seat or something. Yeah fool.. I seen you, the fuck you think I'm not going to point and laugh? This is why I have sand sanitizer in my jacket pocket. You old nasty dusty butt ass bitch.
  • Downloading music and it taking forever. This shit pisses me off. Self explanatory: Ares.
  • A female with a phat ass, pretty face, titties right, but her nails and feet are horrible. Like seriously. You sexy as shit until you give an introduction hand shake or you kick off your heels. Aint no reason why you got a french manicure, then your feet look like you dropped the bottle of nail polish on your feet, and said fuck it. Go find your nearest professional. Why the fuck is your nail polish that mediocre. Paint the NAIL, stop at the skin. SERIOUSLY.
  • Hotel bedsheets, and fucking in them. I hate them. I do. Granted, I know I've fucked up a set or nine in my life. However after watching a documentary last night where they went over them with a blacklight. I dont know WHY someone was this nasty, but how the fuck do you nut on the lampshade? Old Shoot Em' Up, bang type nigga.
  • The Movie American History X. When dude stepped on the back of the black dude head, swear I cringed everytime, but I found a reason to rewind everytime.
  • Dildo wielding women. Aka Lesbians. You fuck a plastic dick for a nut. I love y'all dearly, cool whatever. But seriously. You dont want a man with a stiff dick, but you'll gladly fuck a flacid imitation prick. What the fuck is your malfunction sweetheart? Get it together. Sure, you may have that clit kisser "bullet' thing too. But wholetime.. I'm talking about dildos.
  • Speaking of dildos, why do all the fat women throw the sex toy parties? Like I'm noticing a pattern. Are y'all slowly but surely starting a "fuck a dick, lick a dildo" movement? You being pleasantly plump dont give you the option of going and selling dildos, lotions and shit. This is not Avon. Yeah your girlfriends show up to the parties, but how do you feel about yourself knowing.. "Damn.. I got every toy made, but no man". Hard to use that bottle of "Goodhead" on yourself, aint it? Riiiiiight.
  • The Washington Wizards. I say this again because they are fucking horrible.
  • Foot Lockers 2 for 89.00 sale. Remember when you could get GOOD shoes from them? Like the GREY 554's? Oh fuck nah.. not in 2009. They selling all red ones, and brown joints. HA. Wont catch ME slipping.

Underestimating myself, and the things beyond my control


This "Lent", I've told myself I would give up the following:

Facebook statuses
Fast Food

Granted, the Facebook statuses should be easy. No need for letting the world know what I'm up to that oftemn [at least for forty days]. So I figure such... Exactly what can possibly happen in the lext forty days? Not much the way some shit is going. I wont speak on much of it, lets just say a lot of mirrors aint reflecting, and some actions given aren't residual. So I've inherited a "oh really" complex in the past 114 hours. Being optimistic is for bitches, and accountants, I'm neither, moral of that story is, this lent should be say the least.

With alcohol, I figure I wont "stop", but I'll limit myself. Now that I think about it, I need to change that category. Alcohol has been my friend when Dee or Netta haven't picked up their phones. And porn. Porn....THAT is something I can give up for forty days and 39 nights.

Facebook statuses
Fast Food

This seems like a more logical thing for me. I shouldn't be watching the porn anyway. Since renouncing my "sex claim", after doing it for the first time in weeks, lets just say, I've mustered up the passion of trying to do it multiple times. Sure, its happened before, but not this way. No no. It got to the point where midway through the initial nut, I asked if she was ready again. Even I caught myself pausing and seeing my reflection in the pillow like 'guy, take a break'.

All of this takes account of the porn. I see these "superstar pussy pounders" going for it, and even though I'm sure they have comercial breaks, and coffee sit downs midway through the transition from missionary to doggystyle, in the movies themselves, it all looks like one big ass scene, and one scene [a good one] can last from 30 minutes, to an hour. I saw a squirting scene with Jada Fire, that lasted so long, Fresh Prince went off twice, George Lopez was midway through its episode, and my phones battery went from 20% to 87%. Wild, right? Moral of this story is, the more you masterbate, and the more you watch porn, the longer you produce in the bedroom. Its not a fact YET, but I know some dudes can agree.

With the fast food, its just that, no "brokeback mountain"...but I'm pretty much tired of running to the bathroom. I've harmed plenty of tissue paper as a result of mcdonalds and chipotle. Once and a blue moon is fine, but that Mcdonalds shit everyday.. hefty on the wallet, and makes your ass leak something fierce. Sure... you aint want to hear that, I told you. What you going to do about it? Precisely. So for forty days, Mcdonalds, Wendys, Burger King, Chinese, all them spots that dont have a "fax order and pickup".. are off limit. [Stephanie... yes, that BBQ place is too. Shit had me on the toilet soon as I got back to my office.]

I was going to give up pussy, vagina, and persuing women for 40 days, however the current female I'm engaging in, is.. well I dont know. Wont speak on that, moving along. But far as sex and vaginal pleasures, I've gone without it for long enough. It actually makes me pretty sane after having a bedroom battle royale. Like all the weight of the work week is no matter after having sex. If I have a "steady", every two sundays, just like church, I'm expecting penetation. So monday morning, I can walk into work off my George Jefferson swag, smiling ear to ear like one of my tagged photos from LOVE on a Friday.

It took me three years to realize this one thing though. A lot of women arent the issue. I am. Yes, I said it. Now.. Before 2008, I was a taken man, like I had no care in the world. I had no point in clubbing on Fridays, because I was fucking by time the guestlist closed. I didnt have to call anybody and engage in getting to know them because I had all that. Pretty much, I was spoiled since I was 18. Now that I'm 22, I've noticed the "dating game" has changed. In high school you could write a letter, or simply talk to a female for a couple days, weeks, whatever, and bam.. y'all got something started. Not in 2009...

Seems like you have to have a developed strategy in order to even get decent conversation out of people. Shit wasn't like that less than 5 years ago.

"Blame it on the in-in-in-in-innanet."

But thats neither here nor there. I'm having writers block. When I feel like continuing, I will.

Ayy Ayy Ayy Ayy Okay! Make The Trap Say AYE!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009 2 comments
Dunno WHY I love this joint, but I do.

Drake: So Far Gone [Chopped And Screwed]

Friday, February 20, 2009 2 comments

YES, someone Chopped and Screwed it. And the fucked up part bout it.... Its decent. Like it still bumps. Give it a listen:

If you still are looking for the ORIGINAL Version of it, download here

Drake: So Far Gone Mixtape

The Oscar winners for Sunday has been leaked:


Its scary how shit gets leaked this fast.

[Relief]...I gave her the note.

Thursday, February 19, 2009 0 comments
Whew. I'm anxious to see how this works. I'm over here feeling like a school kid passing a love note forreal. Granted thats the only thing I COULD do. We both have dayjobs, so I couldnt go and talk her head off for an hour. Plus I've been working like a slave, goign back and forward to these buildings for all of these ledger documents, meeting up with the government agencies, along with the duties that I have IN the office. I've been pulling 10+ hour shifts, with like 30 minute lunch breaks. So I didn't get to give it to her yesterday. [Besides, I didn't see her].

Who knew butterflies wore boots? Because I feel like I have a thousand of them stepping on my abdomin. Chest feeling tight, and thats not good for an Asthmatic.

So shes doing her routine walk past me. And it starts:

Ms. Savvy: Hey, how are you?
Me: Hey, whats up?
[shes walking to restroom]
Me: Umm
Ms. Savvy: [doubles back] Whats up?
Me: I have something for you when you come out.
Ms. Savvy: Alright, sure thing.

[Out she comes. With a napkin. She washes her hands. *love*. She's a keeper]

This shit is ridiculous. Shouldn't feel like this. And it dont happen often. Sure, I see a female and I'm like "ok, she has an ass, but can she keep a job?". But this right HERE nigga....

Yes. Having a Katt Williams moment.

I digress. Nothing much else is going on with my day. THis is the gist of it. Seeing her, talking to Lauren London earlier this morning [hey hey hey hey!]. Finally something working in MY favor for once. Over here like "please Ms. Savvy dont like women, please please please".

One of my Favorite tracks off the New Drake mixtape..

Granted I've been entirely too busy getting my Facebook back up and running to do a full review, however, I want to let y'all know which one is my favorite track on the cd.

A Night Off - Drake ft Lloyd

Gucci Coming home March 13th- BOW!


OJ Da Juiceman talks about it in a radio interview

Drake- Congratulations [mp3] [Zshare] 2009

Drake- Congratulations

Definition of Stutter-thoughts: I've witnessed it

Wednesday, February 18, 2009 2 comments
This is my just venting here. Plenty of you all read my blogs, most to laugh, most to hear my truths, but let me go ahead and tell you... today I've made it official that I may have see a woman that ranks high. Now before I've seen plenty of beautiful women, but this one trumps even me. Fucked up part about it... today, I'm walking to the bathroom, and she's walking back to her office across the hall, and I get cottonmouth heavy, as if I had chewed QTips for a living.

We'll call nickname her "Savvy" for the sake of me putting her name out there. "Ms. Savvy" if you nasty. Ha! I got a laugh out of that one. You should have too. Reason she has this name is because whenever I'm relieving the receptionist, shes usually going to the restroom or to lunch, but I cant help but be amazed by this woman. Like totally neglecting if she has a man or not.. but she is wonderful. The last time I felt this way was when I saw a 27 year old female like two years ago. Come to find out that female liked...females. And had three kids. I hope this is not a re-introduction of that. LORD let me win ONE please.

So to avoid going on a tangent.. I'm going to say to y'all exactly what I SHOULD be saying to her. I may print this out, say forget it, and let her read it at her desk.

Dear Ms. Savvy,

You are amazing. Maybe I'm reaching, but things like this dont happen often. You rank up there with Lauren London right now. And everyone that knows me can tell you I've only mentioned two women in that category. And one of them just so happens to be Joe Buddens girlfriend, but shes voided now. Another was Faith from the Notorious movie. But she had an EPIC fall from that ladder.

I see you everyday around I Dont know if those are the times you take lunch.. but sexy, gorgeous, beautiful, I want to take you to lunch, get to know you. Ask you redundant questions that have no relevance to anything like "Why do pigeons have wings but walk in my way on the sidewalk." Random things to make you smile. But I digress. You can't continue to tease me with these hellos and everything. Ask me to lunch. Give me your email let's talk some, make 5pm come quicker together than it would alone. Email me:

I wasn't pressed to look for a ring or to ask about stuff like that. But when we shook hands that didn't dawn on me to look. Hopefully your man treats you right, because you men like me wouldn't do you wrong....take that how you want to.

Blog readers...hopefully this won't be the last time you hear about miss savvy. Shit, hopefully I get a reply.


Pleasure P: The Introduction of Marcus Cooper [Coming 5/5/09]

Tuesday, February 17, 2009 0 comments

An album I've been anticipation since he defected from Pretty Ricky. Most of y'all will be like "he made Pretty Ricky", and i wouldnt argue with you at all. Remember how Chauncey from Blackstreet could sing, and was the only one that stood out? Or the twins from Jadgged Edge? The ones whos voice you could hear over everybody elses? Thats how I feel about Pleasure P. At fuck when I hear him on Plies "Get you wet" joint.. I was like ", whatever". Granted when I downloaded it, it said "Pretty Ricky"... however I didnt hear the rest of them screaming, or hear Baby Blu screaming "WHOAAAAAA" at the end of all the tracks, so I knew it wouldnt be long before I heard dude go single. Then... the "Shawty" remix with Trey Songz... CRANKED it. [No Soulja Boy]

I digress. This is one of Greg's "albums to look for in 09"

Gear Grinders, Edition I

Monday, February 16, 2009 2 comments
You know how some people just have things that piss them off? Well I have plenty. Periodically I might compile a list of these things. While some may sound harsh, racist, sexist... fuck it. They are my thoughts.. clearly I'm entitled to those. So fuck you, let me be. As the world turns:

  • Animal Kingdom tights on women: Sure, to you the shit may or may not be cute. This is coming from a man who takes pride in loving women with liquid leggings. However, wearing Simbas daddy's skin on your thighs... Not a good look. Change it.
  • Women with body Odor: Its a lot of them. Plenty actually. Now, it may not be their fault, however... there are WAY more feminine products for women to spray their leaky region than there are for men. We dont have nut deodorant. [Sidenote]: Axe is NOT the cure. It will give you rashes, break out, and or have a man itching for the remander of the day. So if you have a man, tell him, wash ass, dont pray products. Scents & Must dont mix. Lesson of the day.
  • Circuit City: I see exactly why they went out of business. No reason in the fuck why you raise the prices 35% of all your shit, then try to say 40% off. If theres one thing I learned from Mr. Polk... basic math. That shit dont add up.
  • Karma: Swear sometimes it happens, and that bitch wont go away. Luckily I've had enough rounds in the ring with her I've learned to counter the punches.
  • Women in heels who totally neglect the heel and/or ankle: Like when you lotion your leg.. go ALL the way down. Seriously. No reason it looks like you bathe in Original Scent Absorbent Baby Powder....with Chamomile. Get it together.
  • Valentines Day: The only holiday I try to sleep through to get it over with. Usually I'm like "fuck it Greg, let people have their day".... But its completely different when dudes are hitting me up like "Son, you know where I can find a Tiffany's bracelet?" You been with her since you got back from Winter break. If the pussy is good, excite her, switch up to vibrating condoms. No need to go broke for love.
  • People who type using numbers and letters: D!$ $hyt h3re i$ confusing. You realize by the time you did all that, I've sent 10 text messages back and forward, right?
  • Ihop PERIOD: First off, the seats. The most uncomfortable shit ever. Even more while sober. Last night me and a friend went in there, I swear, the cushion had paper and rocks in it. To top the shit off, dont you hate when your getting seated, EVERYBODY and their mother has to stare you down? Fuck faces, mugs, the whole nine. Focus on your french fries bitch. Why you watching my moves?
  • People with Last-Generation cell phones: 2009. Cameras come in Nokias now. Why your phone dont have one? Better yet.. why is your phone prepaid? "You currently have 19 minutes of talk time". Seriously. Fuck all that "I dont like to be that in contact with people". It will get your ass deleted. You got on $400 shoes, with a Tmobile to go phone. C'mon fool.
  • Criminals: With all the fucking CSI-type shows out... how the fuck are people robbing banks, yet leaving their wallets. Let me find out theres also a recession in brain molecules.
Do better.

Kobe, tell me how my ass taste.

Sunday, February 15, 2009 0 comments
I'm sorry, everytime I go ahead and watch this shit, its hilarious. lmao. Watch this shit.

Last week kobe couldnt do with out me

Ahem....So Far Gone. OWW Drake Mixtape!

Friday, February 13, 2009 1 comments

Fetish: Women with Liquid Leggings

Thursday, February 12, 2009 2 comments
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Now, granted, I wasnt going to post this until tomorrow... HOWEVER... I figured I would go ahead and post tonight because of the fact I've seen a PRETTY woman on myspace wearing them. I notified her I was using her photo for my blog about them, because she pulls them off so well... but I digress.

Ladies.. Liquid Leggings are your friend. Look above. She is by far the most beautiful female I've sen wear them. However.. fi you want to catch a man in 2009, and your face isnt necessarily on 1000... Liquid leggings. Theres NO reason you wont have an ass in these. Even females with soggy asscheeks get a lift out of these. And they fit so perfectly.

Heres a PERFECT example of Liquid leggings pulled off to PERFECTION. Now.. if "Ms. Heavenly" would wear them when we go out soon......

Drake's So Far Gone Mixtape: Coming by 12AM 02.12!!!


LADIES AND GENTLEMAN....ITS COMING. TO BE RELEASED TODAY BEFORE 12AM... its Drake's "SO FAR GONE" mixtape. HEAVILY ANTICIPATED... OBVIOUSLY My favorite artist in the game [thanks Drake for allowing me to use your albums title for my blog by the way"]. I endorse this man to the FULLEST.

Drake playing around with the mixtape!!!

Shanice- Inner Child [Throwback Album] 1991

Wednesday, February 11, 2009 0 comments
Alrighty, I was scanning my ipod, and "I love your smile" came on. Wild as shit, right? Well I went on Twitter to see if someone had the cd, and a young lady found it for me. THANKS. Now I must share with the masses

1. Keep Your Inner Child Alive (Interlude) - Shanice, Dakota, Sally Jo
2. I Love Your Smile - Shanice, Baker, Jack
3. Forever in Your Love - Shanice, Baker, Jack
4. I'm Cryin' - Shanice, Dakota, Sally Jo
5. I Hate to Be Lonely - Shanice, Biancaniello, L.
6. Stop Cheatin' on Me - Shanice, Baker, Jack
7. Silent Prayer - Shanice, Cohen, J.
8. Peace in the World - Shanice, Baker, Jarvis La Ru
9. Lovin' You - Shanice, Riperton, Minnie
10. You Ain't All That - Shanice, Biancaniello, L.
11. You Didn't Think I'd Come Back This Hard - Shanice, Baker, Jack
12. You Were the One - Shanice, Anderson, K.
13. I Love Your Smile - Shanice, Baker, Jack

Rihanna: "I Gave You Herpes"


It looks like our celeb couple is going down the drain in front of our eyes.

Reports first surfaced that Chris Brown had been in an altercation with a woman and is now being charged with felony assault.

TMZ has revealed that the woman is Rihanna; Chris Brown’s superstar girlfriend with hits like “Umbrella” and “Disturbia”.

“Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Rihanna’s injuries were severe — two “huge contusions” which swelled up on both sides of her forehead. We’re told she also suffered a bloody lip and nose.”

So no car accident but the situation is a train wreck as rumors are now spreading that the altercation stemmed from Rihanna giving Chris Brown Herpes!!!

What? Wow, I don’t know but it just goes to show that just because they shining doesn’t mean their not burning. I call that the “red carpet”.

SO both artists canceled their Grammy performances, Chris Brown turned himself in to LAPD and was released on $ 50 K bail.

Finally got a new BB Theme. Oww.


Words better left unspoken: The End of My Late Night Headaches

Tuesday, February 10, 2009 0 comments
Trey Songz had the Idea right with the "All the Ifs" track. Swear this man must be me reincarnated. He thinks like me, thoguht for thought. I HAVE to support dude on Saturday. Even if I cant make it, I'm going to bump a couple of his tracks. I digress... This song right here pretty much could sum up the note if you DONT want to read it. The women I find myself dealing with. All of this could be for each individually, or all collectively. By all means, if you feel like I'm talking to you, I am. Call or text me if you have any concern if its you. I'll be glad to tell you exactly what it is.

All The Ifs - Trey Songz

James Earl Jones once said “One of the hardest things in life is having words in your heart that you can’t utter.” Well that’s exactly how I felt when it came to her [CBS]. Many times during our conversations I found myself wanting to say things that just wouldn’t come out. Yes ME, I was at a lost for words around her. Many times I found myself blurting out something stupid like “I wonder why coupes can only fit two people” or “roaches bother the fuck out of me” only to kill myself 30 times on the inside for sounding so stupid. I tried to make her fall in love with me, and I failed miserably. Horribly. Miserably and horribly could be boyfriend and girlfriend the way I felt.

So, now she’s is my own personal tootsie roll nightmare, because everything I see looks like her or a woman who's simular to me. Every lyric of every song pertains to our situation. I sat down sipping a long island ice tea in a debate with myself more heated than anything, trying to convince myself that I did not care this woman. That this feeling that has been locked inside me since our first hoo-rah was nothing more than a poke on facebook from someone whose hasn't communicated in a while, as the words she typed entered my heart like the bullets shot through Biggie's passenger seat..

Speaking of Facebook, I just got a message from a female privately, we'll call her "Ivory" for the names sake, about breaking up on Facebook. One of the initial messages said “I’m mad at you for not caring about how I feel this evening.” Truer words have never been spoken, or typed in this case. The woman who has been so caring these last few months, is no longer the same woman she was last month or last week for that matter. This tends to be the case...often.

I don’t want to paint her as the villain though, because honestly I can’t blame her, not wanting me anymore. Who wants to be with a man with so many women wanting to experience him, or at least fascinating about experiencing him. For all she knows I could just be a hopeless romantic, with a fetish for sex and telling my experiences. Or I could just be a hibitual liar. I sure know I couldn’t handle that if it was the other way around. Now I don’t think I’m all that great, obviously she doesn’t either [seeing as though we cant come up with decent time spent], so I can’t blame her for not wanting anymore. I promised her I would never leave so I’ll always be available whenever she decides to call, email, text of leave a comment on Facebook/Myspace. It’s a promise I made to myself, and I plan on keeping this one.

I have a feeling in my chest which feels exactly like heartbreak, although I know my heart is not broken. Instead of drowning my pain in Blue Magic songs, or Anthony Hamilton’s “Hard to Breathe” or “I’m A Mess” I’m listening to other classics like “I’m Trying Girls Out” by The Persuaders and “Get Money” by the Notorious BIG. Indeed a mood maker.

So consider this my letter to break up with the idea of love, my official declaration that sex with emotions involved is not something I’m going to experience for a long time. Luckily I've carried myself in terms of sexual gratification, minus porn. Marriage just ain’t for me, y’all. Not yet. Luck Fove. It has only hurt me in the past and never has it been good to me.

However I never had received this from sexing a jump off or just getting into one of those it’s just sex relationships. Those seem to work just fine for me. Those don’t hurt as bad at the end. The women you want to settle down with, never want to settle down. The good ones whose conversation is like winning the lottery. You know when you call someone and you hear the smile in their voice, then suddenly your whole day is better? All of your problems are washed away and your words wrestle with her words in one of those wild conversations that leaves you with a new outlook on life? Then when you think about it, you’re back to feeling like crap. It’s the equivalent of getting head, and right when you’re about to bust, someone comes along and rip your arms out of their sockets and pulls your heart from your chest and steps on it. Yeah that’s how I feel, but don’t worry I’ll be okay.

If we deny love that is given to us, if we refuse to give love because we fear pain or loss, then our lives will be empty, our loss greater.

[Please avoid hitting me up with the "aww I hope it gets better comments. I've come to terms with shit as such, and I'll be just fine where I'm at. I'm not looking for anything. Everything I need I have. Reserve your sympathy. I may need it later. Thanks.]

I Cant Be Your Man.

I first want y'all [ladies & dudes] to go ahead and listen to this song. This some real powerful shit.

The Agreement:


This shall be posted, and sent to random partners. The contract should be self explanatory.

Sticking to my Convictions

My boy told me "Greg, stick to your convictions". I think that was a suitable title to this.

My party went better than expected. Fell in love in the span of 5 minutes With Ms. Travel Girl. Shook at the fact shes opting on moving instead of staying where she belongs. At least thats where I feel she should be. Hurts that someone with so much potential is constantly on the run. Something tells me she runs from her problems instead of dealing with them. That shouldnt be. Call me sweet on her, but fuck it. We've spoken for months now, and JUST met Saturday. Shit is crazy that way, I guess. But things also clicked. *pause*

Okay, I had to turn off that sentimental music, it was making me go on a tangent, and getting off track to where I was going. Moving along.

After much debate, I figured I'd go ahead and take a hiatus for a little while. Clear my head and get some shit together in my own personal life. There are more than enough blogs so far for the year that people have to catch up on, which should cover my ass until I decide to come back and have something to say. But right now, theres too much shit on my conscience that I cant get over:

- CBS currently is "heads over heels" for somebody. Dont know if I started actually liking her... or if I just want to fuck again.
- Ms. Travel Girl [probably never spoke on her].. Shes difficult. Asked a question of her yesterday, no reply. So I just said fuck it, charged it to the game. can only play the fool one time.
- "Therapy" [spoke on her before, but had to change her name due to conflict of interest. We still chill hang out, but shit just is... cant even explain it.

Some shit I'll just keep to myself to reserve comments being thrown my way, and people feeling like I've slandered their names [females]. A close mouth dont get fed, but it wont get me in trouble. I'll take that option.

Who knows when I will have something to say. I have damn near 17 blogs just ready to post.. But I'll save them for a rainy day. Hopefully y'all will continue viewing, and reading all the old blogs.


FaZe 2: Blame it on the Alcohol [Go-Go Version]

Now granted.. I aint listened to gogo in a long while. But this song pretty much was good. The sockets in place perfect, they werent extra on the track or nothing. Respect.

Blame It - FAze 2

How I feel: "I Can't Win".

I think Usher is letting us know something with the title of this song…

Usher - I Can’t Win.

Sometimes I get that I can’t win feeling. So I must say this song is a winner in my book. Especially since it gives me that compromising feeling, like the particular one that I'm having today.

So... Chris Brown Fucked Rihanna UP

Monday, February 9, 2009 2 comments

India.Arie - Testimony Vol. 2, Love & Politics

Sunday, February 8, 2009 0 comments

India.Arie - Testimony Vol. 2, Love & Politics

Label.........................: Universal Republic
Genre.........................: R&B
StoreDate.....................: Feb-10-2009
Source........................: CDDA
Grabber.......................: Exact Audio Copy
Encoding Scheme...............: Lame 3.97 V2 VBR Joint-Stereo
Size..........................: 68,3 MB
Total Playing Time............: 53:04

Release Notes:


01. Intro Grains 00:49
02. Therapy (Feat. Gramps Morgan) 03:58
03. Ghetto 03:14
04. Chocolate High (Feat. Musiq Soulchild) 04:45
05. He Heals Me 04:59
06. Interlude Grains 00:56
07. Pearls (Feat. Dobet Gnahore) 04:23
08. River Rise 03:58
09. Yellow (Feat. Terrell Carter) 02:56
10. Better Way 03:31
11. Interlude Grains 01:06
12. Long Goodbye 04:05
13. Psalms 23 (Feat. MC Lyte) 05:16
14. The Cure (Feat. Sezen Aksu) 04:42
15. Outro Grains 00:34
16. A Beautiful Day (Bonus Track) 03:52

Bow Wow Vs Soulja Boy Beef [Update]

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This....September Last year..

THIS....February 2009

Bow Wow's Response

Soulja Boy's reply lmaoooooooooo

BOW's Reply


Ricky Ross Response to 50 [Update 2.6.09]


Pelvis Thrust: Mrs. Money of the Day: Selma Hayak


Like seriously.. SOmething about Selma Hayek is just gorgeous. I will like every part of her. Minus the.. yeah.

I digress. Shes the Pelvis Thrust of the day.

My scrotum just broke my jean zipper looking at her. CHRIST SAVEEEE ME!

"Why Squared"

Took a note my boy Keyon did, and started to ask... "Why" my damn self. This is a section that I'll probably do weekly, every Friday.. with 20-25 Questions that I have to ask.. "why".. Here goes.

  1. Why do women praise big dicks, then complain about it hurting? Nothings perfect.
  2. Why do women complain about dick sizes period. Lay there, shut up.
  3. Why whenever I hear about someone doing a drug outside of X pills and weed, I instantly think of a white person? [Racist as that sounds, I know I'm not the only one.]
  4. Why did the lady at H&M tell me that men put baby powder on their thighs in order to slide in and out of their skinny leg jeans?
  5. Why cant women have the complete package?
  6. Why the fuck Mystikal aint out of Jail yet? Its been like 8 years... okay.. 7, but still.
  7. Speaking of Seven. Why did he stop being a choreographer for Bad Boy? Hmm..
  8. Why does Mountain Dew make me run to the bathroom 15 minutes later? YELLOW 5!!!
  9. Why the fuck my blackberry dont have "threaded SMS" like the iphone?
  10. Why am I a virgin again? I need poosie.
  11. Why do I have a feeling I'm going to grab a whole lot of random women and dance with them Saturday?
  12. Why aint YOUR ass going Saturday? Hmmm...
  13. When you aint talk to me in a while, and you see me active on Facebook.. why the fuck you try to pick up where we left off? I dont fuck with you no more girl. Go Thaddaway---->
  14. Why do I feel like Suge & Diddy know who killed Tupac & Biggie, but wont say nothing?
  15. Why do Ray J & Nick Cannon keep getting the baddest bitches? Yes Im hating. Fuck that. Christina Millian? Kim K? Mariah? Shit aint fair. I protest.
  16. Eve ate the apple, you bleed for a week.. but.. Why?
  17. Why cant I bust a nut from getting head? Hmmm.
  18. Why do I have to wait until payday to get what I want?
  19. Why does Greg like light skinned women over anything else?
  20. I tell me.... WHY!?!

Max B & French Montana: Coke Wave Mixtape



1. DJ Whoo Kid - Coke Wave Intro
2. French Montana & Max B - Stake Sause
3. French Montana & Max B - It Gotta Be
4. Coke Wave - Skit
5. French Montana & Max B - Goon Music (Feat. Dame Grease, Meeno & E-Snaps)
6. French Montana & Max B - God Damm (Feat. Maino)
7. French Montana & Max B - Coke Wave
8. French Montana & Max B - Battlefield
9. French Montana & Max B - Smoking
10. Max B & French Montana - Here It Is
11. French Montana & Max B - Bricks & Walls
12. DJ Whoo Kid - Skit
13. Max B & French Montana - Been Around
14. French Montana & Max B - I Warned U
15. French Montana & Max B - Burry Me A G (Feat. Dame Grease)
16. Max B & French Montana - All I Wanna
17. Max B & French Montana - Waveyy (Feat. Mac Mustard)

Bonus Tracks
18. Max B & French Montana - Security
19. French Montana & Max B - NY (Feat. Dame Grease)
20. Max B & French Montana - Hold On (Feat. Tony Yayo)

Swapper sex for Swagger: Shawty want herself a baller

In all my conversations with women, one of the most confusing things in my mind is how they can reduce all their standards once a brother signs a million dollar contract. I know female who hated sports, but whenever she caught me watching sportscenter she would go crazy at the site of any black man in shorts and a jersey.

It’s call groupism, and its running through the nation. Take Lil Wayne for instance, if he couldn’t rap he would have a desert dick. Dryer than the Sahara. But he rhymes so well and his jewlery is so blingy. Girls flock to him. Once while in a night club at ATL a pair of panties almost hit me while I was standing in VIP with my shades on, sipping on a drink and looking at the people who weren’t in VIP. And no the panties were aimed at a multi-platinum rapper and a few ball players who was there with him.

Needless to say girls still dream of bagging a ball player, a man who will never be home, and rape hotel attendants on away games. Then give you a 40 karat ring to keep you quiet, submissive and docile while he drops a double nickel on my beloved NY Knickerbockers.

I’ve read that the best place to meet a ball player is while they’re still in college preferably @ a Big Ten, ACC, or SEC school. The summer league games are cool too but if you want to be more than a jump off avoid the clubs. I was in awe at the fact that there seems to be a handbook on how to bag a cash cow. The worst part about it is, I don’t even blame the ladies, I blame the dumb ball players who splurge on these females… The same females dudes like myself get with for free. Do you Playa!! [Seriously.]

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So... After going online browsing and whatnot, I find myself finding this site.

They are seriously NOT playing. [Fiddy]

Bobby Valentino- The Rebirth

Man you Cant tell me Bobby V album cover dont look like a 2009 Soul Glo ad, no bullshit. lmaooooo. Wholetime, go head and download. Still dissapointed he left DTP though...


But back to the Album...

01 The Rebirth (Ft. Dottite Peoples) [01:17]
02 Make You The Only One [04:24]
03 Hands On Me [04:19]
04 My Girl [03:51]
05 Butterfly Tattoo [03:59]
06 Just Me & You (Ft. Raphael Saadiq) [03:53]
07 BEEP (Ft. Youg Joc) [04:11]
08 3 Is The New 2 [04:38]
09 Make You Say [04:02]
10 Be My Love [04:11]
11 Dance The Night Away (Interlude) [01:43]
12 On The Edge [04:12]
13 You’re Not Alone [04:28]
14 Stay With Me [04:30]
15 Another Life [06:08]
16 Give Me Your Heart [04:40] pw=


Etta James said she gonna Punish Beyonce


This is not a joke: 71-year-old Etta James actually threatened to beat the crap out of Beyoncé Knowles -- and it's caught all on tape!

The war is all over Etta's song, "At Last " -- Beyoncé sang the tune at Obama's 1st Inauguration Ball on Jan. 20th ... but last week at a concert in Canada, James was still pissed.

While on stage, Etta told the crowd, "Your President, the one with the big ears ... he had that woman singing my song. She gone get her ass whipped."

She continued, "The great Beyoncé ... I can't stand Beyoncé," according to audio from Crown City Media.

Ironically Etta didn't kick up this sorta fuss when Beyoncé portrayed her in "Cadillac Records."

Reps for Beyoncé had no comment.


This infamous "Tell facts about you" Note on Facebook that I hate....

I guess the more I get tagged, the more I write, right? Okay. Great.

24 Facts. I'm going in.

1. I'm determined to have my own place by 2010. No reason I should'nt have one.
2. But like number 1.. I spend too much damn money. I'm going to stop. I promise.
3. I have 87 fitted hats...and counting.
4. I'm on the verge of paying all debts, and by April, I should only have one banking account. Right now I have three different ones. Not good..
5. I used to have cornrolls. Sickening, I know.
6. I've been drinking 7 bottles a day.
7. Before Lauren London.. there was Aaliyah. No in between.
8. I work at a Law Firm. Major? English. Picture that.
9. My drivers license photo looks like a convicted serial rapist.
10. I have no car. Metro. My life sucks. sometimes..Hard knock Life.
11. I listen to "Blackberry Mollasses" everyday at least twice.
12. Wrote a 12 page paper on how AIDS was given by monkies, so obviously a human fucked one in order to catch it.
14. I will never be president, but I'm determined to run SOMETHING.
15. Kids I want: 3. You have to have the "odd child" to balance it out.
16. I watch Ferris Bueler everytime it comes on.
17. Jo'el and I take some nice photos together. Yay.
18. Dee told me once "Greg, you care too much about these bitches". Stuck with me.
19. Not a big Bill Cosby fan... but I live by his motto. "I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody." - Bill Cosby
20. I've always been scared of not waking up the next day. Something strange bout it.
21. I'm going through my evolution period.
22. Admitted porn watcher.
23. Rather be rich than famous. I'm about the checks. [asian lady] "C'mon gimme monay"
24. Deer Park > Aquafina > Fiji

Introducing Honeybun


let me introduce you to Honeybun. Might as well before you think shes my girl. She aint. But jive like if opportunity knocked.. yeah. First female I've met who's wit matched mine. That and she's educated. My god. Now sure, a lot of females are in college, and many have degrees.. But "this shit right here nigga'...

I met her when we both were fascinated with the sidekick craze. Granted I had a girl then, so we both patened the "brother/sister" phrase. Actually panned out well mainly because neither one of us wanted nothing. Now when I seen her body and frame.. Must admit, I had ideas of traveling to her location and possibly penetrating the fuck out her. But nah. Something made her different than a one nighter.

I remember it like it was last night...a year and a half ago.. when I had a conversation with her about.. you guessed it "people". Those people being people on the site we used to be on. And how people live a facade that they arent. She said something to me that stuck.

"What can they tell you? You ain't real? Say what you mean and mean what you say"

Reason why I say this in the blog is because this shit..My blogs are meant for you not to understand. You may hate it, you may love it. Thats the art of argument. So when I see people feeling my words, I love it. When you dislike it, I take it into consideration, and continue on with my motivation...myself.

But thats neither here nor there. I really wanted an excuse to post her photo. Shes fucking gorgeous.

-And she proves that not ALL the women I interact with are light skinned with long hair. [even though she just recently chopped hers off].

Back to business... See y'all in the next blog. Oww.

Music Info: Jadakiss "The last kiss" Cover & Tracklisting


I am a fan of Jada, and I have been for years.
I think he has one of the best flows out.
Despite the fact he may be "local" I still support the music he makes.

Tracklisting for his new album "The Last Kiss" inside

1. Pain & Torture
2. Can’t Stop Me
3. Something Else featuring Young Jeezy
4. Things I’ve Been Through
5. One More Step featuring Styles P
6. Rocking With The Best featuring Pharrell
7. Time’s Hard featuring Barrington Levy
8. I Tried featuring Avery Storm
9. Cartel Gathering featuring Ghostface & Raekwon
10. Smoking Gun featuring Jazmine Sullivan
11. Seaching featuring Sheek Louch
12. Come And Get Me featuring S.I. & Sheek Louch
13. By My Side featuring Ne-Yo
14. Money And Jewelry
15. What If
16. Letter To B.I.G. featuring Faith Evans
BONUS: Death Wish featuring Lil’ Wayne

I can't wait for that track featuring Jazmine Sullivan, their voices together must be great, raspy and husky.

Everyone else is expected.

Lisa Raye is getting a divorce! FINALLY! Oww

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Full 11 Min Lil Wayne/Katie Couric Interview