Gone Til November?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009 3 comments

So, I’ve been making the attempt for a while now to write a blog. But honestly, I couldn’t mainly because of the lack of interest, and the lack of stories. I still have none, at least none that I would want to share. There was a girl… actually there were a few. And they all dwindled by the week. Seems like lucks only in my favor when I need to get one off. Which is cool. You’d say, “well damn Greg, you’re only 22, why not live life and have fun?” I’ve been doing that, but I feel I could do a better job. Majority of the natured shit I’ve done is to ease a females drawls off quicker. There was the bougie chick, the broke one, and the “I-just-got-out-of-a-relationship of X-amount of years” one. The last one holding the longest.

Basically my issue with her is we had a lot going, hell, we probably still do. She’slocal, we hang, spend time, blah blah, but yet, are not a couple. I can get with that. She’s no longer engaged to the ex-fiance, which is a plus, however, it seems like a two steps back after one forward thing is always the case in this scenario. We both admit feelings, then she retracts to the previous cat. I can’t fade it. So what I’ve learned to do is keep her at bay until I feel its right and necessary to see her. Probably the same way with her. #KanyeShrug [Yes, I used a Twitter hash, forgive me, It’s consumed my life]

Another note, I havent been partying recently, which has saved me a lot of money. However I’ve demoted myself to bars, which is practically the same thing, minus the half naked women, there are half naked bartenders. Oh, and the oh so typical drunk dude who sits by himself scoping on the couples, or man/woman on an outting. I refuse to be one of those, so, I’ve come up with the method of being drunk by 9PM. Basically its completely legit for me to go and get shit-faced drunk by myself during happy hour. But at 9:05, I should be leaving the vicinity. It’s a method. Trust me, I’ve studied.

I’m kind of stuck when it comes to words..first time in my life, but I just wanted y’all to know I’m still alive, I have things to say, but I just choose not to say them because I’m not in the position to, and I’m sure everyone will have an opinion. My sex life is fine for now as well. Could be a whole lot more raunchy. And it shall. When?.. Let’s aim for December.

Toodaloo motherfuckers.