"Mmh, are you about to cum baby"

Tuesday, March 31, 2009 4 comments
"I'll fuck you fast, I'll fuck you slow, I"ll fuck you til you tell all the other bitches you know."- Bohagon

Fellas, this is for y'all. I'm done giving out our information to the women, it's time for you all to listen. Right to the point.

  • Fuck her like you hate her. They like that shit. 9 times out of ten their parents didn't give them ass whippings when they were younger, so they werent disaplined as a youth. This now is your job.

Don't ask them if they are about to cum. That aint none of your concern. Focus on three things.

  1. How to make her squirt. All women are capable, and the longer you strive for the goal, the better. You wont be the first man to make her cum, and an orgasm may be striving too high. Especially if she's not your girl. Giving a woman that's not yours an orgasm is pretty much stamping she ain't going no where. We will get to that later. Make her leak.
  2. Prolonging your nut. Yes, its possible. My method is whenever my chest gets tight, I start chanting Will Smith's "Men In Black" song in my head. Reason why, is because its the only song I know will fuck up ANY situation. Its not cool, and will possibly make you penetration better. Especially when you get to the the part when he's like "Now everybody just freeze". This is KEY!
  3. What she will tell her girlfriends. Don't believe all of that "I dont discuss my sex life". I know women, and I know one thing that is important. They need to feel like they have the greatest dick on Earth. They wont tell their BAD and sexy friends, but they WILL tell that friend that none of her male friends fuck with, or that girl that nobody finds attractive. Because she knows that friend will go back and tell the masses.

These three things will make the sex that much greater to the point the next time you sleep with her, by time you take off her socks [depending on the woman, she may need traction... or just conceal the fact she aint had her feet done in weeks], she will cum. Point blank period.

Things NOT to do:

  1. Don't tell her how good it is. Yes, she is going to ask. She will moan "do you like it". Focus. She will wonder why you aint answer. Its a trap. Because soon after she'll put the poosie death grip on you and break your dick like a kit kat in a fat mans pocket. When she asks, stroke harder. She should'nt be talking no damn way.
  2. Don't ask for a round two right away. I'm working on this. I'm personally tired of women giving me the shocked face because I've came and am ready again before she can clean off. Give her a break. She needs it. Meantime go down on her, they seem to like french kissing down there... [Dont be a Menace voice* MESSAGE!]
  3. Kiss her after the deed. Dont give a damn if y'all been together for years. Go tot he bathroom, brush your teeth. She dont want to taste her own pussy. No matter if she think she taste good. She'll probably serve you right if you go brush your teeth, and come back to get it in again.

Tis All


When you know better, You do better". Tabernacle.

Monday, March 30, 2009 3 comments

Figured I'd make a quick note about this. I wrote a Facebook status this moment, just to see who would retaliate and flip it. Some things are the way they are, and won't change.

"the downfall in all women lies in her inability to distinguish what's good for her, and what looks good to her"

And how some females replied to it.

Soon as I posted this question to women, the defense mechanisms came up. Instead of giving a straight answer....They tried to flip it, [as usual]

Female 1: "so whats a mans downfall? got enough room on here? lls"
Female 2: So, what do u consider the downfall in ALL men?
Female 3: Yeah thats a broad statement...there is some truth to it, if youd change the word all to some...
Me: That will be tomorrows status. Focus on you all for the day. No need to try to flip it on us. Acknowledge y'all fuck ups today, tomorrow we will get on us. Agreed? Fantastic. All women know if they are or aren't. The word "some" isn't a safety net to make the majority or minority feel any better. Y'all are born the same way, and squat to piss the same. All or nothing in 2009. "All Niggas aint shit, all women tend to share the same characteristics".

What's understood ain't got to be said. It's simple. Tis' all.

Female 2: Not agreed, but ur status...ur world! lls

Me: Thats the art of debate. Not supposed to agree. But this is a male telling a female what it is and what it aint. On the outside looking in. Think of how when a woman puts a man in the same boat "All niggas aint shit". We have to defend ourselfs individually to stand out accordingly. Why should you being a woman be any different?

When you figure out an answer, fly me in.

Lets stand on the same side for a minute before I cross the street...

  • No, all women do not think this way, therefore should'nt be categorized. Yes. We got that.

  • Men should not have to defend themselves when put into a category. Check.

  • People will gang up with their fair sex in an effort to not be wrong.

When I used the word "All". It is not in generalization. Nor is it to put everyone on the same slave ship. One thing that I do know is that people pick and choose.

A wolf in a pack is just that. A sheep in a heard is just that. Some may stray, some follow the crowd. What you and others didn't get out the status before feeling as if you were categorized, is the simple word "All". If I said "All the women in here are sexy", everybody would be cool with that. But as soon as I say "all women get on my nerves", its a completely different story. Be clear, men do it too. U-n-i-t-y stands for unity.

With that being said, ladies, women, girls, infants, daughters, aunts, neices, godmothers, mommies, grandmothers, baby mothers, whores, strippers, sluts, and women with the slit in the middle.... know this.

  • All men may not be shit. I know I ain't shit. I've come to terms with it. I'm the type of man you love in the beginning, then you realize the way you met me is the way I'll stay, and some feel as if they can change that. You wont.

  • All women & men generalize. I light my women light skinned with nice feet, phat ass and employed. My friend V likes her men with light eyes, fresh to death, and has money.

  • The people who felt I wasn't going to get on men, wrong. They will have their day tomorrow.

In closing, a FEMALE said this.

knowing the difference it what distinguishes girls from women and boys from men. there is nothing to discuss, when you know better, you do better. it comes a point in everyone's life when they should outgrow something that were doing/thinkin/saying/believing in 5, 10 years ago. . .

Marinate on that though.

"Aint none of your friends business, bout this Facebook Matrimony

Friday, March 27, 2009 3 comments

K'Ci from Jodeci voice: "Ooooh Yeah!"

I'm trying to master hypocracy, so vibe with me. It's Friday.

Be clear, Facebook a good site & all [Drake voice "best believe I understand it's okay, its okay"], but some people dont understand what the site is for, it's purpose, and all that. I should Break this down how I'll explain it.

  • Work/Family/

  • Relationships

Okay. Thats how I'm going to do it so y'all can understand where I'm going with mine. I wont be too long. First off. If you have a Facebook, so do either your parents, or your employers. You don't HAVE to befriend them. If they feel the need to see what your life's like, they have Outlook, shoot an email and ask bout my day. I know they have a life outside of the 5pm workworld.. But that aint none of my concern. Far as I'm concerned, you can be limited profile or in the pending request. Far as family, they are cool to add, just let your mother and father know the REAL you. I have a female friend on here who's parents are on here, which is cool, meanwhile she's a perfect angel now that they are. Swindles.

Far as relationships, people need to understand these social networks are made to work for you. So if you and your significant other are in a situation where y'all are COMMITTED, and KNOW it, should'nt be any guilt trips or feeling bad when somebody writes on your wall or something.

  • When you see somebody in a relationship status, don't use it as ammo for trying to flirt with them to see if they will bite. Get real.

Reason I say this: A lot of people see that you are "in a relationship with" a person, and will find ever rhyme and reason to be in your business.

"Waiting for you to break, make your first mistake"- Jay-z

If your relationship is that strong, you can just laugh this off. However, the other 97.6% of y'all...this simple factor is KEY to failed relationships. Because not only do you get caught with your feet up, you feed into it. Of course that mans plotting, he dont give a fuck bout your man. Man Law: Let her Choose. Either you win or you lose.

Women run by a different code: When he's single, he aint hot. But if another female wants him, there must be a reason, let me figure out why.

Ain't much brainwork about it. I've seen a lot of women serve up ass to a committed man just off the strength of seeing another bitch happy with him.

Best ending result....Limit the shit you say on here. Tired of seeing y'all in love Tuesday, but you depressed Friday morning. Had a female say "Oh I saw you were in a relationship with Tamira on here, and she was commenting on your statuses, I didn't want to impose"

Knowing good and damn well we aint spoke since the Inaugeration. Now that you see you aren't a priority, apparently you want that old thing back.

In the words of my boy T-Pain "Awww, I'm good".

Kanye West: Live from VH1 Storytellers

Wednesday, March 25, 2009 0 comments

01. See You In My Nightmares
02. Robocop
03. Flashing Lights
04. Amazing
05. Touch The Sky
06. Say You Will
07. Good Life
08. Heartless
09. Stronger
10. Love Lockdown


Female: "Oh, I like strip clubs, I think you should give them all you can"

Tuesday, March 24, 2009 1 comments
Let me first tell you what I think of Strippers. I know a few. So I will put it like this.

You could be my best friend, I'd love you to death. We could hang out, catch a movie, ride bikes, all the friendly shit all my white friends do. HOWEVER, at 10:30, when Poosie Poppas and you put on that garder belt. Bitch you are a stripper. I dictate what you do. You are not an exotic dancer. You have no clients. I dont care if you are in a recession and needed a job. I need money my damn self, but I dont go around smacking my dick at bachorette parties.

So MISS me with the "Strippers should be respected". Fuck that. When you get that Doctorine, 12 times out of 11, Exotic Dancing will NOT be in your training, history, or object field on your resume.


One thing I will NEVER do again in my lifetime. Take a "feminist" to the strip club.

Scenario goes as such. Close female to me decides to bring her friend with us. Granted, its a monday night, we all are coming from seeing the Wizards lose, so we are invited by my buddy buddy's friends. He just so happened to be a bouncer. We got in free, but had to pay for a drink. I drunk at the game, and paid out the ass, so I had NO intentions of pulling out my wallet again. At all. So I go ahead and buy the drink anyway for my and buddy buddy. Yeah, I was wrong for not buying the drink for the other females, but it was monday, and honestly, I figured they could handle the drink minimum of one drink. I did get them at the game, so I thought nothing of it. She did. SO i apologize, didn't mean anything by it. I just rather not spend all my money by hump day.

Moving right along. We get to the table we are all going to sit at, and the bullshit begins. One after one, the strippers come out, beach towel in hand, and commist to dancing. Cool. Whats wrong with a little pussy hanging out at the beginning of the week, right?

A lot. For one, one of the strippers didn't deserve a tip. I found myself diggin in my slacks for pocket lent that was clumped up enough to throw at her. Because she didn't deserve the president in my pocket.

Sidenote: The strip club didn't even have an ATM. So I ask them "wheres the ATM", the bartender is like "Oh, its up the street". The fuck? I'm here to see the poosie. Why the fuck I'm going to take an intermission before the pussy does? Get it together.

Sidenote #2: The bartender was ass. You can tell it was somebody's aunt that's niece danced, and she monitored. No bullshit. Let me explain to you how she managed to make a Malibu and pineapple. In order:

- She took a shot glass, poured the malibu in it.
- She took an IHOP orange juice glass, poured ice and pineapple in it.
- Handed me both glasses.

So, I have to go ahead and make my own drinks? Beytch, I could go ahead and do this shit myself.

I digress. SO we get back to the table, and the annoying girl, we will call her "Gabby", for lack of better words. She waits until me and her friend leaves to say slick shit.

Gabby:"Oh, why you aint tipping these girls? You dont think they worth it?"
Me: No. I work just as much as they do. Plus they go to Howard.
Gabby: How you know?
Me: I know 3/4ths of the strippers in here. Matter fact, my man's side dish is right there on the table.
Gabby: Why you clocking her?
Me: I know her. Why YOU aint tippin?

[Inaudible]. Basically saying her broke ass goes quiet. Our friends return. So I'm talking shit about her to my friend, and she is talking shit about me to our friend who we both know. Not an issue with me. I was annoyed with her when she got in the car talking about how she was going to get on stage. Bullshit. So "B" goes to get herself some ones, and comes back to the table. so her and "V" are at the table tossing them at the only stripper that looked decent. Mainly because she had her titties done, and had a phat ass. But in all honestly, her and Plies must have the same dentist.

So, I'm annoyed at the little smirks Gabby is giving me. It got to the point I went and laughed at her when she said "these girls are in here working hard, give them some money. I'm irritated at everybody in here just SITTING here"

DISCLAIMER: The entire time, she didn't pay for NONE of her drinks, didn't toss ONE dollar, but had the MOST shit to say. But she "likes strip clubs".

I would put the rest, but I'm pretty much annoyed at the fact she came. Then hes a lightweight. She drunk a shot glass cup of Hennessey, and had a beer. But she was drunk. I'm sitting in the car on the ride back like "I wonder if she gets superpowers and can see through walls after two patron shots and some grey goose"


Not Knowing Your Gender Role

Thursday, March 19, 2009 0 comments

Alright, fuck it. After reading a discussion on a forum, I figured I'd go ahead and speak on it. I agree with one perspective [males] whole heartidely. I'm not entitled to listen to the womans perspective, but I did. I caught some truth, but a hell of a lot of coverups. Ladies, I'll state this. Funny shit, but it all stems from this.

Nothing sexier than a self sufficient woman.....except a NAKED self sufficient woman

Granted, its all the truth. Females, ladies, bitches, whores, hoes, girls, whatever you label yourselves, sometimes, a man wants that difference. Pull my chair out, hold a door, fit the bill. Not saying do MY duties, but make ignitiative for yourself. Show you are putting forth more effort than showing up. Don't ask for something you aren't willing to offer in return

  • Do for me, I do for you

  • Treat Others the way you want to be treated

  • Go indie [as he'd say]... and I'll get me....you get you and we can get each other in the bedroom.

Like ANY other man, I EMBRACE my role as a man and actually ENJOY doing for my woman.

When YA'LL try to assume more responsibility I give you free reign to do so....but don't think that you can switch horses mid stream. If you gon do it....DO IT. Raise your hand if you are guilty.

Figure like this....if your worth ain't on your forehead then how am I to know what you are about? Like at the same time you're learning me I'll be learning YOU so we go dutch until after we know each other. [Source]

Go ahead and scream about what you have. I got my own too. Don't feed into that Ne-yo bullshit. Like...I can pay for my own shit. They pay me very well here I'm stating why can't YOU. And things still remain.....EQUAL.

...whats funny is seeing women scream independence on the shyt that benefits them directly, but when it comes to the things the represents the independence that don't (or even god forbid actually benefits a dude), they use chivalry as the excuse to get out of it......can't have it both ways...

This is where a female will go out of her way and say:

i don't sell my ass but you better know you ain't getting it free.

So now it becomes a money factor. Its not necessarily prostitution, but you've just put a price tag on your pussy. Put up or shut up sweetheart. Like.....you SCREAMING it. I'm screaming SHOW it....

Yes, you can go and fuck another female. Yes, you can go and get yourself a toy. Great, fine and grand, however

Now if you can sling dick to yourself AND cum on your own forehead be my guest......

I just dont see you living long off the plastic. To each his own.

But in retaliation for the woman reading this feeling defensive like "Why can't I do for myself without having to do for you." Newsflash: We feel this way everytime we have to go out with y'all. Sad enough. Money adds up. Its not the issue, its the principle. Dating cost money, and some women don't know their place in the matter. Sheit, YOU could be the female I'm talking bout. It could be your mother, your sister, whatever.

I've gone on too many dates in my lifetime..

Wholetime I'm a whore.....so I can spot a hoe a mile away.

  • Im considering selling dick.
Sure I'll give it out for free on occasion but a chick that paying gets priority and preferential treatment. That's the same shit ya'll(well not you in particular but ya'll = broads) on....why not cop to it

Fact is I can pay for myself WHENEVER we go out.....but you can't?

  • Your good for nothing

  • You should be ashamed of yourself coming out of the house without money of your own.

  • You get in clubs free, drinks free, you cant get a matinee? Ugh.

Moral of the story is, you CANT pick your spots. Like if you gon be dependent....be ALL the way dependent. Just take some cooking lessons. And I'll make sure the bills are paid on time.If you going indie....do it to DEATH. Don't ask me for shit you can do yourself. Stick to your guns, Beyonce.

I've gotten to the point with MY shit, its like

  • fuck going out...we can chill and talk. After about 3 or 4 convos I'll decide if I wanna take you out in public or not. You can be pretty, and I'm sure you want to be seen. Move past that. Can you handle eye contact and conversation.

  • Why can't you pay for yours....I'll pay for mine....and we can fuck each other? That's sharing responsibility. Rude but the truth shall set you..

Wholetime I don't think a lot of you females realize what catering to a man will get you.

Scenario: Youngin I was serious with came out for an outting with me. Paid for the drinks, opened the door for my intentionally, and had a good time. Call her "Ms. Courteous"

End of the night.......Beat it like she stole something, and she woke up to a head between her legs.

Think bout it ladies. Serious business in 2009. Reckonize.

Gear Grinders Deluxe

Wednesday, March 18, 2009 1 comments
  • Facebook Jaints:
    Yes you get attention from niggas on Facebook. They want your pussy. Shit, I do. You aint heard from me in months and I just reappear out of nowhere? Aint for your conversattion.
  • Scarey Blog Readers
    "I dont want to be in one of your little blogs" Fine, I'll just go ahead and talk shit about you secretly, if that makes you sleep better at night.
  • Rose Showers at the club: You feel better bout yourself knowing you still have two hours left in the club tonight, but you walking round smelling like warm piss and Axe body spray? Ol' stanky leg motherfucker.
  • Moufkissing One Nighters: Listen here. We aint supposed to be lockin lips. You aint my girl, I aint your man. Focus on everything BELOW the shoulders thank you very much.
  • Overly aggressive text messages: Recieved 11:32Pm on Friday "How is LOVE? You out there with them females I always see you with? Your ass always partying" Listen here Soldier Slim... Stop following my life.
  • Ledos Pizza Prices continuously raising: A small pizza was $5.40 last year, shit is $8.00 now. Shit, I aint recession proof.
  • Obama electing the Pittsburgh Steelers Owner as the Ambassador for Ireland. I love Obama like the next person, but he's already starting to do some real off the wall shit. Though I'll regret saying this later.. You never seen Bush electing the Patriots owner as Secretary of State, did you? Obama, get your shit right, dont let me down.
  • Curren$y's Rap Career: Yes, you left Wayne, but you been ont he decline ever since.
  • Females on Twitter/Facebook with the Provacative profile photos wholetime when you see their ENTIRE body, its like "Oh, thats what that thang smell like?"
  • Freak on Friday, Saint on Sunday: Ha! Bitch you was touching your ankles at LOVE on Friday, stumblign over your own feet, kissing random niggas, getting booked, but you manage to go to church and get all spiritual, going to Ihop in your sundays best, asking for forgiveness. Yeah, okay.
  • Why suck it if you dont swallow? Fuck all that "I dont swallow for a man I'm not with. You got a random dick in your mouth. You caught 93% of the precum. You fear the actual nut? Scarey.
  • Blackberry Memory: Text messages randomly deleting and shit.
  • Fat Women who browse the petite section at Hechts: Bew Bew.. be clear. Aint nothing in here fitting you. Not lace, not socks, not hats, not nothing. Your section is THADDAWAY. Either you was big and got small..or you was small and got big. Either way...either way.
  • People who live in the past: You've had that same photo as your default since 2007. You've gained 36 pounds, had a baby and your titties aint sitting right like that no more.
  • "Rossy Mommies": Bitches like Rick Ross baby mama, who go around telling other men confidential information about an ex. You had his kid, you stupid. Now you got a porno tape of you fucking.
  • Adams Morgan Sidewalks: Swear up and down they need to figure out a way to make them larger. Seems like people do NOT get the concept of get out the way. Dudes that couldn't get into Heaven & Hell or Tom Tom's stand out in front of there all night. NO "this aint me", I'm just parlayin with her for the night. STOP grabbing for bitches. Hawks.
  • Makeup Kits: I actually think some of you women should upgrade. Stop going to Claires to get your makeup. You look 16. Your eyeliner is shit, and your blush is blah. Grown ass woman goign to a nightclub but prepared for Ringling Brothers, Barney and Baileys. Its a CIRCUS!

When do desires become necessities

Tuesday, March 17, 2009 0 comments

Friend of mine stepped to me with a simple questiont hat I couldn't answer. First time this has ever happened.

  • When do desires become necessities

I've been told I overanalyze things. I feel like not everything is mapped out for you, and if you refuse to ask questions, you get limited answers, hence you still come full circle in not knowing. So with that said, what IS a desire? I know the reference definition for it, but I sat here at my desk for a good hour trying to figure out exactly what a desire could be. Its different from a "craving", or a "want". I feel like a desire is something that you put minimal effort into because you lack the ability to know about it all. Take women for instance, I have a desire for them, yes. Be it

  • Sex

  • Companionship

  • Friendship

  • Conversational abilities

  • whatever

However, desires dont necessarily mean you "get" what you desire. This is when necessities come into play. A necessity to me is not a requirement, but moreso things that should come in the package. If you buy a book, the shit should come with an ending. If not, a hint towards the sequel. Its.. "Necessary". So it jive like stuns me when I see people who have desires, but no necessities. I'm glad "Mora" asked me this. Granted, the dude who asked her told her she overanalyzed when she said this too him because he just wanted to fuck.. But I flipped it and made it my own note.

Girl said to me with a straight face that I wasn't patient. Conversation went like so, we'll call her dimples. See me and dimples fucked before. Actually liked her, still do might I add, however, she got distant, and felt as if I was doing the same. So she hits me with her logic, which to me, at 22, makes NO sense.

Dimples: but there have been plenty of girls that want to get serious with you but you werent feeling them like that or willing to take it serious because i wasnt there for you. i think the majority of people in their early 20s dont want to be serious with anyone anyways so its going to be hard to meet someone. things dont just happen overnight not even in months time i dont know i wasnt feeling that you was talking to several girls so you could do like an elimination process..i guess? to find someone that was serious

Me: Wasn't that. They had a complex like you. They think every woman I know is competition. I guess everybody feels like they can wait until 25 to commit.

Dimples: not every woman..but why wouldnt they be competition the woman that you are dealing with the same way as myself and its not about waiting until 25....its about finding someone that one person you cant get off your mind and makes you wanna be with them all the time and makes you smile for no reason just because you know there is somebody wanting you just as much as you want them.....and that could be when your 30 or 21 or 36. whats the rush?

Skip the epilogue, let me elaborate. Neither me, nor anybody who reads these blogs is getting ANY younger. By far. So I find it pretty fucking retarded that a female says "what the rush". Now "Hoops" [knows who she it] put it to me in a previous note that "womens value decreases as they get older" now, I'm not saying this is necessarily true, but its funny that women who are 21 are reluctant to settle down. Men too. Guess thats why the AIDS rate in DC is higher than in Africa. Seems like everybody wants to mingle, get as much fucking as they can out the way, then get married.

Fact: We men dont want your pussy if your pussy lips droop when your naked. At 29, I'm not trying to here "oh, that was my past". Bitch...you have a disease you cant get rid of, thats your future, and you fucked it up trying to be permiscuous...

Sorry.. had to reel myself in, pot calling the kettle black moment....

But wholetime, its different with me. Like last week I had sex. Great sex. Sex that when you shut your eyes to go to sleep, your still thinking about it sex. Problem.. female cant commit. She even went out of her way to have an orgasm, and said "we cant rush things". Umm.. I think we've pretty much past that point. Half stepping?

So, back to these necessities, it IS necessary to ATTEMPT to find a parrner. All you people acting like the single life is fun.. It is. I guess. But honestly, I'm tired of giving good dick to every female I decide to fuck. I go into every sex session with a strategy...

  • Last Longer than 20

  • Nut and get it back up

  • Count how many times she cums

  • At what point do I ask "where do I deploy?"

Yeah, fucked up, but thats the way things go with me, yes. Just sad to see some people desire good dick, but feel its not NECESSARY to as Beyonce says 'put a ring on it', or commit, whatever. I cant do it. Some of you women are blessed to have been fucked a great number of times, and you've honestly taken the fact that you have a pussy for granted. I'll say this. Don't do that. You can act all high and mighty because you know you can fuck any man you want to. But at the end of the day knowing he fucked you, busted a nut, and could care less....fucks with your emotions. Dont take your pussy for granted ladies... Dont take that pussy of yours for granted.

Its necessary.

I dont discriminate...no not at all.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009 0 comments

Facebook deleted me. Not once, but three times. So I'm taking it slow, this round. Lets see how long I'll last.

Other news..

Reality just set in, I'm bipolar. I figured this out after a conversation with Morgo last night after I got back in from my date [outting, I apologize], with "her". She does'nt have a particular name right now, so she'll just be labeled she. "She" can change next week, because they seem to change quite often anyway. Not my fault. Digress. Morgo tells me about dude she's been talking to, and how he's pretty much acting like a skirt because he seems to be competign with his ex by dangling her [Morgo] around in her face like a trophy. At first thought, I'm like "Ok, dont females LIKE making the ex jealous?". But this isn't the first time this month I've heard this being the case. Its just the jones'.

Spring is finally here, which pretty much means

  • A lot of people are going to try to portray shit that they arent. This is prime season for taken men to re-do their rosters to find better bitches for the summer. He put up with you all winter, hibernatign, but the club notifications on Facebook are going to start up in April, so you know he's bound to get out.

  • Females will claim to want to be single and "enjoying" the single life. This is a double negative. Nobody is "comfortable" with being single. Especially seeing their taken friends have options. Its a psychological game with women. They like to be single Friday and Saturday nights, until they realize they are going home alone from the club, while all their girlfriends are making calls.

  • *Points Up* Yeah yeah.. you'll think "Okay, well she can make a booty call. But what self respecting woman YOU know is content with just being the pussy for the evening? Feel free to give her my number, I'll give her my friends numbers, and she'll be a statistic. Sorry, but yeah..

  • The Preview of the Summer. A LOT of people were NOT prepared for last weeks weather change. That 60 degree burst of heat got to them, they're walking around with flip flops and North Faces. Turn around 7 days laters, every single one of them is sniffling with colds. Not to mention women's name games were horrible, and the decline in outfits at the club have been minimal. Seems like females are like "You cant go wrong with leopard, black, or red dresses." Be different.

Around this time last year, I hated the club, you could'nt get me to go. And I found out the reason why. I had reliable pussy. Its simple people math. You go out, get dressed, hit the club, gawk and stare at women all night, and your chances of pulling a source are slim and none. ME on the other hand, every Friday and Saturday, I was promised sex. Good sex if I must say so. Why did I ruin that by breaking it off? Because all good things come to an end. And I took pussy for granted. Sucks now getting in the house at 4am, looking at paper statements of a $40.00 tab for 4 drinks, tipping a bartender, and leaving out with just a buzz.

Want to hear about something that scares me? Titty fucking. Like I cant put myself in the position to sit on a females stomach and place my dick between her breasts. That has to be the dryest place on the planet other than Beyonce's reproductive organs [as Keri Hilson tells us]. Like who comes up with the concept of titty fucking? Faggy shit.

Speaking of Fags [gays, queers, homosexuals, I dont know whats acceptible to call them, sorry.]..But me and "her" were in the movies watching Watchmen last night, and a group of them are in an empty theatre, running around, acting like 8 year old barbie doll toting boys. So shes int he cut fighting back words, looking at me like I should say something to them. Now, contrary to popular belief, just cause they are gay dont make them any lesser of a man. And I refuse to lose a fight to four fags. I'm sorry, shit just wont never happen. So I let the shit slide for a good 15 more minutes, and I get tired of her doing her sidebar shit too..

  1. Moaning and sighing

  2. hand to her face covering her mouth

  3. Mumbling curse words

So I just said fuck it. I walked up to them and was like "Not trying to bother y'all, but me and her trying to watch the movie.". One of the bent wrists was like "oh, I'm sorry sir, my bad".

  • I hate when people call me sir.

They are quiet. I get back to my seat, and her face changes as if I discovered how to make her orgasm with two strokes. She sits upright, FINALLY. She's smiling, and says "Good job". At this point I dont even care, I'm watching the movie. Plus for the past 45 minutes she's been real tense like, so I didn't bother getting too close to her. I'm what you could consider "rebounding". Her and the dumb nigga stopped talking because he opted to keep pursuit of the ex girl [kind of like Morgo's dude], and she stops talking to him. As a result her and me start talking, and getting to know each other. She's not my girl, I have my options, I'm sure she has hers. I call sparingly, text on occasion. Same with her. Its quite entertaining. Lets see how it goes..

On another note, I have a sex drive that is wild. I wont go into details, but I sat through two full length orgy pornos last night after returning from the movie, and umm.. Yeah.. I did'nt go to sleep until 3:30. I'll let you fill in the blank.

Women: When a man tells you he masterbates, its not because we are trying to get a nut off. Well...in my defense, I get mine in daily, regardless if I'm hitting skins or not. It prolongs my real-life bedroom action. It's like a Wizards game, they have a shootout, and practice before the initial game. Same way with me. I dont want to get on the court and be winded and flacid by the halftime show. You dig?

Marinate off that though.


Spring Cleaning Old School & R&B

Sunday, March 8, 2009 0 comments
While you're doing your Spring cleaning this afternoon, play this playlist. Promises smiles from ear to ear. Memories and throwbacks

Throwback Jams - 90s r and b, some 80s
Friday, March 6, 2009 0 comments

The Dream - Love Vs Money

Label.........................: Def Jam
Genre.........................: R&B
Store Date....................: 03-10-2009
Source........................: CDDA
Grabber.......................: Exact Audio Copy (Secure Mode)
Encoding Scheme...............: Lame 3.97 V2 VBR Joint Stereo
Size..........................: 82.02 MB
Total Playing Time............: 56:34

Release Notes:

Its only fitting i do this cd, cause i'am the American Dream!!!

CODE Tracklisting

1. Money Intro 0:09
2. Rockin That Shit 3:41
3. Walkin On The Moon (Feat. Kanye West) 4:14
4. My Love (Feat. Mariah Carey) 3:24
5. Put It Down 5:01
6. Sweat It Out 4:24
7. Take You Home 2 My Mama 3:39
8. Love Vs Money 4:11
9. Love Vs Money Part 2 4:12
10. Fancy 6:29
11. Right Side Of My Brain 4:26
12. Mr. Yeah 4:53
13. Kellys 12 Play 4:17
14. Let Me See The Booty (Bonus) (Feat. Lil Jon) 3:34

Support The Artists, Buy Their Music....


XXL Pretty Much Sasses Wale

The Leaders Of The Leaders Of The New School
NEW Thursday Mar 5 8:10 AM CST posted by xxl staff

A few months ago, XXL Magazine once again dubbed 10 young artists “The Leaders Of The New School.” Here we are five months later and after a little spotlight, we can now take a step back and look at all of these artists’ accomplishments and see who’s really decent.

Here’s the 5 XXL got right, and why you should be listening to them right now.

Charles Hamilton: This dude is one of the best out there doing it right now period, let alone for a rookie. Hamilton is a complete breath of fresh air for the rap game, as his love for music shines on every single track he records. He’s amazing on the beats and has unbelievable lyrical talent, but do not go into any of his mixtapes/projects waitin’ for that gangster sound, as this guy’s sound and style isn’t really like anyone else’s (I’ve heard comparison’s to his vocals sounding like Slim Shady and some of his beats resembling ‘Ye). The Sega loving blogger started out as a 19-year-old former heroin addict, until his first project “The Pink Lavalamp” unleashed a bidding war which resulted in the color pink-obsessed nerd to get picked up by Interscope. Now the 21-year-old Cleveland-born, Harlem-bred rapper has 12+ albums/projects/mixtapes out there on the web for download - including the Pink Lavalamp album
- and it’s all crack. Check him out.

Songs, no wait, Albums, you should be listening to:
“The Pink Lavalamp,” “Crash Landed,” “And Then They Played Dilla”

Cory Gunz: This dude is sick. His old stuff is decent but now this kid has nearly perfected his craft to become a beast on the mic, and has his own flow that no one can touch. The son of Peter Gunz can rap faster (and sound better) than Twista, with lyrical content years ahead of most MCs. He will make your head spin. Keep your eye on this kid. Check these songs out below, but also youtube this guy, because he got some sick freestyles on there.

Songs you should be listening to:
“Body Bags” feat. Cassidy, “Box Full Of Bullets” feat. Square Off

Asher Roth: This kid is good, and when he’s on the ball, he makes great music. He’s also original and hilarious, and his lyrics remind me of a ‘05-’06 Lil Wayne, even though a lot of people say he sounds like Eminem (is it a white thing?). I’m not sure how he got on a mixtape with Don Cannon & DJ Drama while basically unknown, but the Greenhouse Effect is a solid effort. It’s looking like he’ll be the first of these 5 with a retail album. Watch for Asleep In The Bread Aisle to drop in April.

Songs you should be downloading:
“Silly Boy,” “The Lounge,” “I Love College”

B.o.B: B.o.B is good and has talent, but it’s hard to say if his album stuff is gonna be decent. It could be good, but it could be weird as fuck, or that ringtone rap garbage. He’s got some jams, and some fuckin terrible songs. He even dropped a video for a song that sucks dick. But his ones that are good are fuckin great. You make the call.

Songs you should be downloading:
“Hip Hop Ain’t Dead (The Future),” “Generation Lost”

Mickey Factz: This guy can spit. His freestyles come off like a lyrically gifted poet, and the dude got bars. And while he does rap about real shit, the question remains on his flow, his musical talent, because what I’ve seen so far hasn’t been perfect. But we gotta remember he’s still a rookie and that’s the point of the article. The question is can he work on that shit and drop something to listen to. We’ll see.

Song you should be downloading:

A couple of these guys have come up with some collabs, and they’re pretty dope. In fact, I wanted to mention them separately because they’re so dope. “Change Gon’ Come” with Charles Hamilton, Asher Roth and B.o.B tearin’ it up “Neh Neh Neh” by Charles Hamilton and Cory Gunz. This shit is crazy.
“Swagga Like Us Freestyle” with Mickey Factz & Cory Gunz. No idea where I found this, but it goes hard.

Now who were these other 5 that won’t last?

Wale: He’s okay. But his lyrics are average and the dude lacks flow. His “Mixtape About Nothing” is overrated as shit.

Blu: See Wale, but replace “Mixtape About Nothing” with “Her Favourite Colo(u)r” and “overrated” with “whack”.

Ace Hood: DJ Khaled thinks he can give us anyone on his tracks. This kid sucks dick. The Khaled/Miami/Ringtone fascination is over. Not to say Miami doesn’t have some talent, Brisco should have been on this XXL cover, but Ace Hood just fucking sucks.

Curren$y: This kid does have talent. He can make songs, and his lyrics can be clever. But 95% of what he comes out with is average. I don’t care how many mixtapes he drops, he should have stuck with Lil Wayne, because now he ain’t goin nowhere.

Kid Cudi: This whiny little mother fuck ain’t even on yet, and he actually complained about his placement on the physical XXL cover itself. This kid can eat a dick. His one song is garbage and it’s still his only song anybody knows after 2 years on the scene.

So with that being said, at a 50% ratio, XXL did okay. So the question now is, who should have been in the other 5 artists to blow up?

Brisco: Fuck Ace Hood, this guy makes real goon music. While his message may not be revolutionary, his flow is, and I’ve heard him say some pretty clever gutter shit. His Underworld Rise mixtape is bomb.
Songs - “In The Hood” feat. Lil Wayne “This Is My Life” “I’m Back”

Bishop Lamont: This guy is pretty dope, and a perfect representative of the new west coast. He been around makin mixtapes for a minute, and they’re all pretty dope. I’m fairly certain he’s gonna be the Hittman of Dr. Dre’s “Detox”
Songs - “Kissin’ Tha Curb” feat. Busta Rhymes “Grow Up” “Missle Testing”

Black Milk: Black Milk is original, and his beats are crazy right now. I love an MC that puts their whole song together, and this guy does a fucking amazing job of it. His first album, “Popular Demand” was decent, but his latest effort, “Tronic” is fire. It has something for everyone, but most people could enjoy the whole thing as much as I do.
Songs - “The Matrix” feat. Pharoahe Monch, Sean Price & DJ Premier “Losing Out” feat. Royce Da 5′9″ “Give The Drummer Sum”

Glasses Malone: With Crooked I making it in last year, this guy needs in this year. If you ask me who leads the new west it’s Crooked I, Bishop Lamont and Glasses Malone. I doubted “Certified” (feat. Akon) and joked on it for some time, until I heard him on a couple tracks (”I’m Cold” with Crooked I and Hard Head & Big Baller (remix) with Mack 10 and Birdman). Then he dropped this mixtape, “Fuck Glasses Malone” and it’s absolutely crazy.
Songs - “Grown Man Anthem” “Haterz” feat. Lil Wayne and Birdman “Lonely At The Top”

Killer Mike: An intelligent rapper from the south that isn’t associated with Outkast?? Oh…he was associated with Andre 3K and Boi, but since going independant with Grind Time Rap Gang this guy has dropped some bangers. I Pledge Allegiance To The Grind II is one of the best albums that dropped in 2008, hands down.
Songs - “Pressure” feat. Ice Cube “God In The Building” “2 Sides”

There’s still lots of dudes that I woulda have love to put up there, but they all seemed like they been around the game too long (Gillie Da Kid, Joe Budden and Royce Da 5′9″ all come to mind). Some of you are gonna agree, but I imagine most of you don’t, so what do you think, how wrong am I?-Nibs

Daylights Saving time already; The Domino Effect

Thursday, March 5, 2009 0 comments
You know what can ruin a potentially good day? Recieving a text message from old fuck partners. Sure, you'd be like "Oh, they are trying to fuck again, go ham on em." But nah. I'm talking about pussy that you only got a couple times, mostly with an excuse attached to it.

  • Her and her man she never left when she fucked you that night finally broke up. He still dotn know y'all fucked though...
  • She has no weekend plans and trying to set up a strategy for the weekend.
  • She found out bad news, and since your the life of the party, she figured hit you up.
  • She possibly just went down her call log and hit up every nigga she can vividly remember in the past 6 months that stood out.

So around 8:23, before my alarm clock on the phone goes off, I get a text message "Good Morning babe, get up. I want to get up with you again, its been a while".

Now if I were desperate for pussy I'd go get a nut, but I know the pussy comes with hassles. Mainly whenever she comes around, its usually because she's peeped my activity on the internet, be it Facebook or Myspace, sees other females, and decides to put her bid in. No problem. But you have a man. Fuck you trapping for?

I reply to the text "I'm still sleep, I'll hit you up when I get up or something". She calls.

[Paranoid]: Why you calling me? You pregnant or something?

Her: No, what you mean? It wouldn't be yours.

Me: Oh I know. I'm just trying to find out why you calling me knowing I dont answer the phone before Mcdonalds lunch menu starts. [Hang up phone, doze off again]

She texts me "Your rude, I see why nobody puts up with you forreal forreal"

This could be true. However, play your position. Does your man know you calling your one nighters still? I aint concerned bout you why you out here broadcasting on my station? Go Thaddaway. I say this mainly because I know plenty of females, and they all have told me this at least once since I've known them "I hate bitches".

Starting to believe in the same thing. But this bitch got out of pocket, mainly for ruining a good dream. And theres nothing worse than being awaken from a good dream, then trying to go back to sleep, and a whole new dream starts. Imagine how many times my alarm clock has ruined penetration of Lauren London for me.

Other note, I got up, got fully dressed, shit showered and shaved, in less than 15 minutes, and was at work on time. Strange? Very. Its because of Daylights Saving Time. Going to feel good to know that the sun will JUST be going down at 8pm again. I missed it.

Want to know something interesting though? Jamie Foxx's "Just Like Me" is the EXACT same song as Ushers "Just Like Me". Lyrics, beats and everything. Only reason it wasn't broadcast heavy was mainly because Usher's cd flopped hard.

Ushers Version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qgik-wHatUg

Jamie Foxx's: Just Like Me : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3uJbZ6mnF7k

Just something I'd figure you should know and tell your friends about today. Other than that, I'm bout to go and make some weekend plans. Club soon. Oww.


Keri Hilson Jive like going IN on Beyonce & Ciara

Wednesday, March 4, 2009 0 comments


What Keri Said:

Your vision cloudy if you think that you da best. You can dance, she can sing but need to move it to the le…(Don’t do it to ‘em shawty!). She need to go have some babies, she need to sit down she fake.Them other chicks ain’t even worth talkin bout…

lmao. MAN

Listen to the Song Here

Yeah, Shawty stepping it up. I'm siced now. lmaooo. Owwww

Wayne: Prom Queen Video


For some reason, I like the plot of this joint. Maybe its because I can relate.

Download to view: http://18ac93d7.linkbucks.com/

Just Random Videos I've Seen throughout the day

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Joe Budden's girl Off on the Trampoline

Random ass funny shit

Gucci Mane joint

And they say I don't believe you

Monday, March 2, 2009 0 comments
Now granted...some shit I do is strictly for laughs. But sometimes...I go ahead and try to give you food for thought. This is one of them moments.

One thing I just never understood, people who just can't do like Keyshia and let the shit go. Exes. I had a female friend of mine get played for two years just because a dude decided to keep tabs on his ex. That bitch is the past. Aint nothing she can do in her current position to make herself better. Its his or hers job to hate on everybody you talk to. No matter how much better your doing...every time you talk to an ex...that past is all you can remember.

Difference between my exes...and dudes ex...is...he was still claiming the broad. No no. If you can't shake the leash, cut the cord. Stop eating your plate and indulging in others.

- when you keep an ex around...they are entitled to hate on every broad you talk to.
- they find ways to show they still care...and it traps you.
- your heart starts bleeding.

It just so happens dude is telling my friend shit about the ex...typical shit...all bad. Trust me. If she was that bad while he's explaining her...there's an issue. He's not over her. Stop dwelling. I digress. Basically he hits her up telling the new girlfriend (my friend) that she's the only one for him...blah blah. And the old joint aint shit..blah blah blah.

If you have ti convince yourself that bitch aint shit...she is.

Aint much more bout that aspect. Moving right along.

- I've always wanted to say this so I will. Sex without labels is boring. Fuck buddies was cool at 19, 20. I'm 22, and have fucked enough to come to rhe conclusion if there is no title...I can do it with my eyes closed. You know that's mad when you have to close your eyes during the sex. The last time I had to do so was in November. Its not like the sex was bad..it was just all that eye contact is a part of intimacy.

- moufkissing. I'm a damn good kisser. But kissing is like a portal to the soul. And I don't kiss randoms. I take you seriously..then yeah. But lately...shit aint been sweet. Real tart.
- sliding shade. You can't be too considerate and nice to everybody. I've attempted to be nice and show emotions. But with one person the shit wasn't residual. Granted I'm an asshole...naturally. And I've come to terms there are roles in relationships. However I was dealing with a female that misconstrued and wanted to counter everything I did. This is not Mortal Kombat. There will be NONE of that, back and forth sassing. I can invest my interest elsewhere. Its not that hard.

Coming to the conclusion...I'm Diversifying my single quota. Numbers getting igged. New females will be around. Older females will disappear. Since losing my virginity again, I'm liable to change my ways. And I shall.

And the phone rings...

"is this note talking about me?"....

Gucci: "Bitch I might be. Yeah I might be."

♠Don't let the design of the face speak for the art of the mind♠

Alphabet Bitches. "T is for Tara, too much mascara. Tone down on the blush like you tryna scare us..."


[This just me pretty much venting, feel free to scan through it if you dont get the "laughs" you normally get. I'm not looking for an audience.]

I've been slacking on my blogging. Been letting pussy and personal problems blur my vision. But I swear...I've changed my contacts....

Knew a good girl, but she aint used to good men. Must be something in the water, but I dont drink from the tap. So label me different. I am. Thats all I'll say about that. Can't even say time was wasted because I learned one lesson...

When you treat somebody like they aint shit, they like it because they see a dilemma in someone who shows them different.

I'm actually considering moving. I had an offer to move to Arizona, but I have history there with a female, and it seems the situation with her and I has changed after January. Pretty much she's living her life, I'm living mine. And shes older than me. Nothing I bring to the table but inexperience. Speaking of inexperience, its funny, I was talking to a friend of mine, who just also happened to be older, and she put it to me like "dont even talk to her if you cant marry her." Short words, but shit, its words of wisdom. Especially since shes five years older than myself. [do the math, she may be you. But she knows who she is].

Random, but.. dont you hate when people say shit that is relative to "Its all apart of a bigger picture?". Show me the whole image the first time. People who decide to give up portions of themselfs always are in need of feeling a void. I have a female friend of mine pretty much going through the same shit as myself, consistently dealing with the uncapable opposing gender. And her analysis of it is "Its all apart of a bigger picture". My vision is clear. Now, she may wear contacts, but aint shit I cant deciper in a 8x10 that I cant see the same in wallet size. Basically saying shit is all the same, people just try to go and make it seem different. Me personally, feel like I give people entirely too much credit. lol, I laugh as I type this, because I know a particular person who lives in the same town as me, always vouching for my time, then never capitalizing. Yet, soon as she sees another female talking on my social networking walls or something [Facebook], she's quick to "hey Greg, how you been? We should hook up".

No Remorse.

Other words, I've decided I'm not going to hate on Beyonce anymore. And I also wont talk shit about Lil' Wayne, or any other people that make more income as me. That doesn't save you if you are in my tax bracket. At all.

Beyonce- Granted, I used to "like" her. Mainly because I seen her in the Bills Bills Bills video, and she had braids. Red women with blonde in their braids is just something I've been attracted to. Now, since 98', shes switched her characteristics more than once, half of that being because of Sasha Fierce, Jay-Z, and the Pink Panther movie flopping. But I was watching "Carmen" last night, and realized that I cannot deny talent. She has it. As far as the Blu Cantrell man bashing, Divas hustling in spandex while dancing in warehouses, you can miss me with that. Sorry.

Lil' Wayne- Whew. I sat at work on the snow day yesterday and listened to NOTHING but this dude. Came to this conclusion, he pretty much gets pussy. And possibly a lot of it. I was reading on MediaTakeout about him getting back with Nivea, again. And regardless of y'all saying the word "swag", dudes charisma must have a lingering effect on these chicks. Superhead, Trina, Nivea, and that asian joint he knocked up.. I cant say much about his pussy selection. Almost want to do a "Trading Places" with this dude, where I just go around for the rest of the year living his life.

I was listening to this song on one of the mixtapes, where one of his entourage explained how a groupie walked up on him, and said how much she wanted to touch Wayne's dreads, and how she'd suck his dick if he could get Wayne to let him touch them. Needless to say, she touched his dreads.

Moral of this story is: All women, regardless fat skinny, cute, Creole, retarded or unemployed, can be swindled into doing anything with enough effort. Wayne, I commend you.

Now I'm going to go change my Twitter status to an infamous nasty Lil' Wayne quote.


Jamie Foxx: Blame it on the Alcohol