Rick Ross's reply to Fiddy [50' cent] Diss track "Try Me". LMAO

Friday, January 30, 2009 1 comments
Less than 24 hours after being called out 50 Cent's new diss "Try me," Rick Ross has begun his own attack against his adversary's credibility. Ironically, Rick Ross appeared on Eminem's Shade45 XM/Sirius satellite station during an appearance on Angela Yee's "Lip Service" show. The rapper spoke on the reason for launching the first salvo, "Mafia Music," and an alleged confrontation at last year's BET awards. "It's nothing that can be personal," Ross explained. "I seen him at the BET awards. I had different intentions for him, and when I bumped into him he made an expression on his face that disappointed me as a real n*gga. I gave him a pass. [But] it ("Mafia Music") was just to let n*gga's know." Regarding 50's rebuttal, Ross accused the Queens native of shaming his region's legacy of classic diss records. "I was positive that couldn't be the response," quipped an incredulous Ross. "You from New York City, the Mecca of Hip-Hop, and that's your response?! We're all gonna act like we didn't hear that garbage for 48 hours. Go back to the lab and come up with something else."


Katie Couric Interviews lil Wayne

MANNNNNNN. And I thought I was funny.... Just this 1 minute clip had me in TEARS! lmaooo

Ryan Leslie- The Album [Fierce]

Wednesday, January 28, 2009 1 comments
01- Diamond Girl [03:45]
02- Addiction Feat. Cassie and Fabolous [04:00]
03- You're Fly [04:28]
04- Quicksand [03:44]
05- Valentine [03:44]
06- Just Right [04:44]
07- How it Was Supposed to Be [03:23]
08- I-R-I-N-A [04:10]
09- Out of The Blue [03:41]
10- Shouldn't Have to Wait [04:13]
11- Wanna Be Good [04:01]
12- Gibberish [04:21]

SUPPORT the Artist! Download, but BUY the album February 10th!
You do NOT understand how long I've waited to hear the unfinished product of this.. My God. One of the most talented cats out. So Ryan, I know you read this since I hit you up off Twitter. But THANKS man. You have made me believe in music again. SERIOUSLY.

Shit that urks my nerves. [Slight Facebook Tangent]

Dumb shit. Caught myself fighting back going on a tangent. Fuck it. Look for yourself.

And y'all wonder why I'm like I am now? It takes all my will not to jump through my computer screen and dropkick these joints.

Ladies, you just cant do what men do. Deal with it.

Ladies, let’s face it! There are just somethings you can’t do, that men can, Like piss standing up and walk away without wiping it off. You can not be consider domestic, walking around talking in slang and ebonics, cursing, rolling black and milds, smoking them in public. With your black ass lips. If you have issue doing mainly duties, dont try to claim that you are an "independent woman", and dont need a man.

Beyonce is selling you pipe dreams. And you have been swindled.

  • If you cringe at the mentioning of changing motor oil.
  • If you call a guy to move furniture.
  • If you bought a lawn mower, and had to read the instruction manual.
  • If you call the hispanics to paint your house, clean your gutters, and other household duties.
  • If you consider getting a maid and you live in a studio apartment, or a condo.

You are domesticated.

I concur with the thoughts of "man/women" roles in relationships. I dont necessarily know what it means to be married because I've never been there...yet. However.. KNow your roles, and play your positions in the relationship you are in. Let a man be the man in the situation, and stop trying to turn him into a "house bitch".

-Tis' All.

Greg's Infamous Lauren London Lust.


This is my blackberry screen. Women I know ask "is that your girlfriend?"

Why yes it is. And shes gorgeous. Peep My Steelo.

If you know me.. You know one thing. The only woman I love in the world is Lauren London. I've had people say some WILD shit to me...

Fuck your mother.
Fuck your life.
You aint shit.
You are worthless.

But... one thing that will hurt me the most... You talking about this woman. Like yeah. Dont cross your boundaries. Talking about my woman will get you Yung Berg'd. Chain snatched, and falling off scooters.

Thats all for now.

"Sometimes It Rains"

Tuesday, January 27, 2009 1 comments
Although your'e the one to chose,
You're still a victim to substance abuse;
Didn't listen cuz there's nothing to lose,
So you use untill you're nearly confused.

Mind is burnt, almost completely erased,
Find the hurt, that follows the imazed;
Only to find out what's there to face,
A dead-end road at the end of the race.

From cathador's, I.V.'s, to being in a coma,
From stabbin yur wifie's, to throwin up;
Should of listened to those who told ya,
Put down the drugs, before they fold ya.

Try to stop, knowing you really can't,
Leaves you to weak minded to stand;
Against where you're going and where you went,
Hoping yur not laying on the corner, leaving a scent.

That's uncontrollable to the nature's every sense,
Decomposed from the body , straight to the brains,
Is only a mutual dose inside the user's veins;
Coping for those who have to see the stains,
Not able to wash away, even when it rains

Randomness that I found to be funny. "Obama Obama Obama"


Moist Satin Sheets Pt. 2: "Like it Is [Its Raining]"

Have you ever had sex in the rain? I bet you havent had it like this. Let me tell you a story about what sex with ME would be like in the rain.

We wait until its around 10, 11pm. Im horny.. your horny.. So i tell you "Baby, lets take a ride".. But this ride is different.. I want you to put this on. And i hand you the red and black laced blindfold. Your used to my wild excapades.. But this is different. Weve done it plenty of times before in the car.. But you say "Baby.. its raining". When we first started talking.. I remember you saying that was always one of your fantasies to do it in a secluded area in the rain...So tonights the night. With a twist.

I drive you around in a circle...And park underneath a tree. I whisper in your ear something sweet and innocent while i put the care i park. You think its time for you to take the blindfold off.. No No. Keep it on.

Raindrops hitting the windshield.. You can hear each drop now that the windshield washers are off. I tell you sit right here, and climb out of the drivers side, come over to your side.. and get you out on your side. I tell you turn around... and put your hand on your back. You oblige.. And i put the handcuffs on you. Tonight.. Your my inmate..

I walk you over to a grassy area... one hand on your wrist.. and another holding the umbrella, making sure you dont get wet... For now. And i sit you down on a bench.. i unloosen your handcuffs. And i tell you its okay to take off your blindfold.. you take off your blindfold...And you are AMAZED. Ive never done something so special for you.

In front of you.. Is a air mattress filled with water underneath the canopy that we stand under. You look at me like "boy.. you better stop".... Trust your not ready. Im beginning. I want no interruptions tonight. So i take the batteries out of both of our phones and left them in the car. I take the sidekicks and throw them. Only sidekick you need is the one between my legs. I'll be your Tmail tonight baby. Im trying to make love to you until people are driving to work the next morning. Dont worry.. You wont make work tomorrow.. I already called your boss and told them there was an emergency.. Your were having problems with your legs... And trust..you will..

So i see your semi glissening body from the raindrops that did touch you... And ask you one question.. "Can i make you wet sweetheart".. Of course your going to say yes.. Would you turn down this dick? Honestly. I've held out giving it to you for a week already. its about time to see how much of a contortionist you can be. So its time to undress. I want your sex. You like what i like.. I like what you like.. So lets put our "heads" together. So i take you from under the canopy..And BACK into the rain.. With no umbrella.

Your hair soaking wet. It wont matter, because imma mess it up even more. I grab your hand and we run over to the playground a couple feet from the canopy. I see a swing over by the corner.. So you know whats on MY mind already.... Dont you? So i take the swing.. and i flip it up a little bit so its chest level. I tell you.. Get on it. So you get on the swing.. and we turn it into the "DO ME CHAIR" of the night. You lay flat in the air. The only support you have if the thin peice of leather from the swing seat. Your back and thighs exposed for my shaft to conquer. So as you lay back... raindrop pounce onto your naked chest, my exposed back as i insert myself into your love canal. Im being gentle.. Letting your natural lubrication from your juice mixed with mother natures rain create a love mist around my dick. Im manifested by your body's artwork. Never have i seen a body so perfect. And the rain does it no justice. I GOT to have it. No love song can describe the things im trying to do with it.

Your little body is an instrument that i want to play. Im going to blow into you slowly like a trumpet. making musical hum noises to intice your thighs until your legs quiver. Then im going to put my mouth on it and get real exclusive with it. Play melodies on your clit like a flute while my fingers make coordination unison with you pussy piano. Theres NO lip gloss for the second set of lips you have.. but i want to kiss them. Suck on each corner, crack and crevice. Put the WHOLE pussy in my mouth as i pick you up from the swing and eat it in midair.

Wrapping your legs indian style around my head i taste your essence, over and over.. Licking in every direction possible. You ever had your pussy formed into shapes? I lick squares, circles, pentagons, diamonds, octogons, and TRIANGLES on that thing girl. Im a fool with this tongue. You telling me you've never been licked like this before.. You gotta stop messing with lames baby..Only games i play come with controllers...So you know im serious about my sex craft. Gently, i let you down on the ground as i stop the licking for a quick instance. Bodies SOAKIN, dripping in rain, i bend you over the swing and tell you....

"Go to work.. I last as long as your trying to go. This your dick. Enjoy it."

Fuck that... Thats all you needed to hear didnt you? Ha. so you instantly start going to work on the dick. I grab the rope of the swing to gain leverage from the back as you use the swing to gradually swing back and forth on the dick.. Moaning with every inch that goes inside of you.

"Take control.. I want you to fuck me.. NO mercy" You say...

I grab the ropes of the swing.. and go to town on that pussy from the back. With no hands you feel the dick in places the previous lovers in your lives couldn't find in mapquest sponsored directions to your g spot. But I have all night. And im potent. If i dont find it now.. I have all night to. Trust that. So i dig in it deep... and finally let go of the ropes. You hold on to them instead as i palm your ass cheeks and drill you thoroughly. You take my left hand and put my index finger in your mouth while i fuck you from the back. Tasting your juices, from when i rubbed your pussy from the back, i use the right hand to grab your neck as i roughhouse the pussy for you.

"You enjoy it? Whos pussy is it? You like the way that dick feel in that warm pussy?"

"Ooooh yes" you proclaim. Its hard not to, all the cum you have dripping off of the edge of the seat of the swing.

So we decide to take it over to the waterbed, because your legs get tired from the countless positions that I put you in. From you riding on top of me, from the back, amungst other things.

So i take you over to the bed.. You lay me down... Body looking like it was scultped to perfection. I look you in your eyes and tell you "Make love like its the last time"....

And you proceed.

"Circa 2009 Love Song"...

They told me this should be a love song..
stranded crystalized strains and glass plains
in the boxcar crashing you like a train
left you dreaming as you felt ya lungs expand
times not on demand yet everyone callin you..
actin like you they favorite dopeman
tellin you in a week they rich
as you see through the sales pitch
still roll the optimo left all them boys throwed
just cuz you could rims still spinnin hands still clutchin wood
left you in tears to watch me pull away
as everyone like "damn shouldnta let him leave today"
lost ya product didnt manage ya funds right
but yet ya still call me again tonight
left ya girl hangin to grab a glock start bangin
just to come at me askin "you still slangin'?"
will be tommorrow and the next too
but you constantly ask "can i come through?"
dont even gotta knock now
steady comin down my block now
leavin whoever you with and everything ya got hot now
ya friends sicka' lendin all they got now
feelin bad for ya lips lookin ashy
but like shaggy it wasnt me
i aint keep your habit but yet i did
helped with too many 20's to leave ya wife n kid'
and now im rich and you beggin' for a ride
remember back then i was the one 2 leggin long side
learn from the game not the players
but yet the last thing said for you was prayers..
No Wins All Losses learn from ya mistakes
first they ya friends soon they money fill your dinner plates..
still be the man that carried ya memory out those graveyard gates...

The Decline in Pursuit...


Yeah. Chivalry is dead. At least via the Internet. Ill elaborate. On the 19th..I was getting to know a female via facebook a little bit more. What's new right? So the conversation goes decent enough to progress to me asking for information of contact outside of facebook. I'm blunt..but I know when to go and walk into opportunity.

Me: Well I guess we'd have to figure out something. Then again, I have no contact info for you at all anyway..
Her: of course u do...facebook!!

The fuck?

Granted...its 8:23am when I check the message, and there's even less of a chance of me caring about shit like that. But my conscience says "is this what they so? Just go back and forth via internet for months attempting to know anything about a person?"

If that's the case I see why so many people fail at the chase and date game. I used to think it was me. Now I'm determined its them. And if you just so happen to think you are one of the many I speak on....you are.

When I explained to Kita the situation...she summed it up in less than three sentences:

Kita: "o tru... She's the bullshitter from hell that's afraid of being face to face with u scared of the outcome???

Precisely. Now its crazy...in the club...women are uptight about being approached. I don't even remember when its been cool to meet a girl outside randomly and book her. They are scared of that. Remember when you could go to a mall or party. See a girl...walk on her...tell her you dig her persona, and she was convinced you were about business? Exchanged numbers and converse? Not anymore. These circa 2000 broads will give you a myspace page.

I'm determined to raise my dating bracket to 26-28 after February. Because they should be peaking on the age where they know exactly what will and won't be tolerated.

I type my life in a blog..however I do not live precariously through a keyboard. Meeting people is my thing. So miss me with that "let's go back and forth in messages". I've got a short patience, and my attention span is horrid. Its nothing for me to move right along. I'd go on and on.. but I figure the pictures been painted by now.

[I'm done. Short blog.]

Dont give your job a reason to fire you today...

Monday, January 26, 2009 1 comments
LOT of jobs being lost. Today.. 50,000 Jobs were Lost. If you have to... focus harder. You hear?

"When keeping it real goes WRONG..Via Facebook"

Alright. Facebook had a SLIGHT altercation today. I shouldve stayed my ass on hiatus like I originally planned. But let me mosey right along with the scenario without cards being dealt.

I get a friend request from a female that I met off myspace. I'm like okay cool, so I add her [after asking who she was, I clearly forgot]. Come to find out, she's friends with my "sister". I dont know if it was a plot to be nosey, or just mutual friends, but whatever. None of my business. Come to find out, theres two females in my circle that are talking to the same dude. They dont know it, but instead of confronting the dude, they are TRYING [key word trying], to be civil and talk the situation out.

[Dude nowhere to be found at this moment.]

Moving right along.. Heres where the high school petty games and bullshit come into effect. [Main reason why relationships should NOT be broadcast on social networks.] Granted, dc is SMALL. I'm 98% positive I've talked to two females that knew of each other... multiple times, cool. However.. the dating them, and playing claim to them both, never done. So they are under the impression they are "involved" with dude. Dude tells one hes serious with one because he cant get with the other one and the other one isnt about being serious. Otay.. Something I can concur thoughts on. Works for me.

However, instead of being grown women like they STARTED out to be... the bitchfoonery begins. Now I love BOTH these women to death. But I refuse to chose one over the other....

So the facebook statuses begin changing.

Back and forth.. "bitches", and "uglys". And then photos start getting posted of "look alikes" of the other girl with dude. I chuckled a few times actually at the flava flav one. Brought joy to my miserable monday.

But then... Pass interference... Defense. [And im HIGHLY dissapointed in the person too]

The friend swooshes in started putting in HER opinion on the situation. [And a quote from a friend of mine...]

"lol i let the homies handle my lightweight! because the drama that bores me excites the hell out of her "

Regardless of the fact that it had ZERO to do with her, she felt moreso obligated to defend her friend. Which is cool.. BUT.. And I'd probably do the same.. YET... When your friend gives up and says "fuck" the situation, you should take heed and do the same fucking thing. Dont go and SICE the situation, co-signing, trying to add fuel to the fire. I HATE that shit. I despise that shit. Reminds me of them bullshit fights in high school. UGH:

Cast: Shit Talking girl, BF Issues Chick

Shit talker Girl: Man, if I was you, I'd HIT that bitch. Fuck her. You know? I say we rock her ass.

BF Issues Chick: I know right? Man, fuck that bitch, she aint got nothing on me. Imma cut that bitch.

Shit talker girl: Yeah, and that bitch ass nigga too.

BF Issues Chick: Oh fuck him girl, I wanna get that broad. I aint concerned bout him

[PAUSE.]---At this point, your Shit talker is supposed to shut up and just calm her down. But does that happen? NEVERRRRR.

Shit talker girl: Oh nah girl, he need to get it too, he going and fucking other joints. You better than that bitch.. etc etc etc... blah blah blah.. "YeAh, You hit her first, and I'mma follow up!!!"

Ladies.. at this point... your girlfriend is using you for.. ENTERTAINMENT. Shes no longer concerned if you get locked up for stabbing someone. You are just entertainment. NOT a trill friend.

Moral of the story is... Your friend needs to chill and lay low, sit back, and just let you... the one WITH the issues handle them. This is the problem with majority of women. Instead of handling a situation, they will let their FRIENDS dictate how it should go. Put their comments and input in...and not know the whole situation. You, being their friend, should slap HER for bringing more tension.

If MORE people thought like this... the scenario wouldnt be.

  • YOU fighting the girl
  • Neglecting the dude who will move to the next bitch
  • Your friend possiby trying to fuck him next. [you know women like shit they cant have. Whats better than your friends man?.. dont say you wont..then play you wont]
  • You getting locked up.

When keeping it REAL.... goes... wrong.


I'm just trying to make myself better, yet you're giving me your worse.

Another day at work. Sitting here listening to "Cant get tired of me" by Bow Wow & Omarion. Joint got me feeling some kind of way. No matter how much the album flopped, I can say this one track made me respect the both of them a whole lot more. But yeah.. thats just a random though. I'm trying to collect my conscience. Bear with me.

"Your task is to be true, not popular." (Luke 6:26)


That quote right there is the main reason why I started distancing myself from a lot of the frivulous stuff I've been around. Prime example: Social Networking. I lost a sense of reality in some cases. Like I get to work at 9am DAILY. By 10am, I would've already been heavy on facebook. So as a remedy, I backed up off it. Shit was time wasted. I developed an "internet persona". Consumed by a keyboard. Never thought I'd be the one to say no shit like that, but who doesnt? If you say you haven't, your a fucking liar, and I think your mother should have swallowed you. [Im joking. I ked.]

So I sat down, trying to slowly but surely avoid people. And want to hear something funny? When your not "visible" to some people, they make it their business to try to figure out why you arent active in their live. Granted one woman. Cool as shit. We fucked, it was good. Some reason the distance got further, and the words became shorter. Its cool, I understand. We'll call her "CBS" [Constantly bullshitting]. Everytime I hit her in the past, 3, 4 weeks, the conversation seemed one sided. So lately I've been getting the shift. Cool. Understood. I can function off that.

However. I get messages that made me be like "umm... okay, what you need NOW".

Her: I know your prob sleep, but just wanted u to know u were on my mind. Wanted to say "hello"
Me: Hello.
Her: I'll hit you tomorrow if your not busy, and we'll chat.

  • Shit like this scares me. Makes me think either she's pregnant, or she's in need of affection.

  • When I wanted the affection, I was thrown shade. 808's and heartbreaks. So now since then, I'm like "next".

I'm scared of two things. Committment & a woman who HAS to be smarter than the man that she pursues. Like I'm happy your smart, great. You can read a paragraph, and form complete sentences without cursing at the end of all of them. I love it. HOWEVER.. the one thing that is a pet peeve to me, is one of those renessance circa 1986 Queen Latifah, "Ladies First", revolution of the "No cash, no ass" types. So when a female approaches me

  • With intentions of trying to belittle me over her going to Howard, or some HBCU.

  • Immediately feels like she is obligated to say how "sex wont be coming easy"

  • What shes "used" to getting...

I shake that bitch. Your privledged to breathe the oxygen I inhale. I'm a great man, so miss me with that dumb shit. [sorry i'm about to go on a tangent.]

Dont think your smarter than the rest of the world, let say dumb shit like "I'm used to conversating with lame men. They cant conversate about anything but fucking."

Converse is NOT just a sneaker you ignorant twat. Lets flip to the C section of the dictionary. Converse > Conversate > Conversating.

Just cause your a psychology major doesnt necessarily mean you can read people.

By the way..

I hate when women that are psych majors feel as though since they've taken two course requirement classes about "Psychology", had a few arguments in a classroom, you are immediately the "final diction" on life. Sure, numbers dont lie, but if your reference is a book that tells percentages from 1997...

You've been swindled.

[i.e. "Well, I know 86% of men cheat because they feel as though they cant be tied down. We talked about it in class today"]

If I told you 85% of the women in the United States have had an STD before, I'd get thrown shade. [something to think about fellas. Strap it.]

Moral of this note is this. Nothing.


"My Life Is A Prism" [Poem]

Sunday, January 25, 2009 2 comments
Me is i am, Just a Solid Figure with no organs or glands.
With Truth lies under all the sides, with reflection peering threw Parallelograms.
Im a transparent figure, with no clashing no fights, no emotions, no rights.
Tho you dont grasp that, light passes threw my Spectrum with hot barrows of beaming lights.
im a desert plattio, with no water or grief, with death defying my moves and candles near.
im a cut-glass object, hanging by chains and cords like pendants of a Chandelier.
im a Crystal, burnt in 3 similar ashes, with held Flesh in my eyes a Parallel Axis.
Me, Addverb has ben Cut and Cut again, now when i blush im blue.
A medium in life, People Glance at my Passion but misspresent whats seen threw.
My mind is a blank space, soon to be free and brake all the locks.
Im a knowledge hungry person, who needs to learn how to think out side the box.
Yes, Addverb is me, Im the Sum or Range that has minds being perceived.
Addverbilouz my name, im no longer a Prism cluster of me.
im a discovery, a carnal of education, now im forever relieved

The "Spray on Condom" Epidemic [True story

Edison had his lightbulb, Ford had his Model T, and Jan Vinzenz Krause has his spray-on condom. Inspired by the mechanics of a drive-through car wash, the German sexual-health educator designed a custom-fitting male contraceptive using liquid latex and some materials from a hardware store. "I felt a little like MacGyver," he says of building the contraption.

U.S. condom sales have been increasing steadily over the years, according to Packaged Facts, a division of Market Research Group, and they are expected to top $444 million annually by 2010. But usage among teens appears to have leveled off, with 61.5% of sexually active high schoolers surveyed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 2007 reporting that they had used a condom during their most recent intercourse, down from 62.8% in 2005 and 63% in 2003. Access to condoms is one issue; inclination to use them is another. Which helps explain why companies are constantly looking for ways to improve the standard product — vibrating, warming, climax-delaying, even glow-in-the-dark condoms are all available on drugstore shelves.

Offering a wide variety of condom options is not only a smart business move, it's good for public health. When used properly, condoms don't just act as contraceptives; they also prevent the spread of most sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. That means sexual-health educators, public health officials and condom brand CEOs alike are interested in finding ways to make condoms more appealing, especially to young people.

As a teenager, Krause, now 30, had trouble finding the right size condom, which set him on a quest to aid other similarly befuddled young men. In 2001 he developed an online condom adviser, which provides printable measuring tapes and instructions to help men determine which condom, out of all the brands available in Germany, will fit the best. According to Krause, more than 300,000 people have used the free service.

The site's popularity put Krause in touch with students and sex-ed teachers across Germany, who expressed a common frustration. "They told me, 'Mr. Krause, I don't understand why the industry doesn't develop a condom which fits you perfectly,' " he says.

Hence his idea for a spray-on condom. The prototype, which began testing last year, consists of a hard plastic tube with nozzles that spray liquid latex from all directions, much like the water jets in the tunnel of a car wash. According to Krause, there are numerous advantages to his spray-on condom. "The condom fits 100% perfectly, so the safety is much higher than a standard condom's, and it feels more natural."

But there are some stumbling blocks. The men who tested the spray-on condom had a few hesitations, Krause says. Some were "a little bit afraid to use the tube" and would only try it on their fingers. Others worried that the mechanism, which hisses as it sprays, might ruin the mood.

But the most serious problem with the design — which is what has kept the product off the market thus far — is that the latex takes too long to dry. Liquid latex currently takes two to three minutes to vulcanize, making it impractical. "For people to buy it," Krause says, "it needs to be ready in five to 10 seconds."

That has kept the spray-on condom on hold indefinitely until a faster-drying latex comes along. Meanwhile, Krause is tackling the size problem by preparing to launch a line of condoms in six sizes, instead of the usual one or two. They should be available in Europe starting in September and in the U.S. possibly as early as 2010.

"Having condoms in different sizes we think is a good and smart idea," says David Johnson, group product manager of Trojan Brand Condoms. Trojan's parent company, Church and Dwight, makes nearly 8 out of 10 condoms sold in the U.S. But different-size condoms introduce their own problems: namely, men aren't very eager to buy a small size. Trojan's Magnum line, whose condoms are 15% bigger than regular ones, accounts for 13% of the U.S. market. But when the company introduced a smaller condom several years ago, it had to discontinue it.

Krause says men are reluctant to go to a drugstore cashier with a box of small-size condoms — for obvious reasons. His solution: he plans to sell his new line of different-size condoms online. "Men on the Web," he says, "they are very honest."


Off the Strength of my blackberry...

[Bear with me. I have a touch screen. Carpetunnel in the cold is a bitch...]

"Never met her before, but I think I like her like a metaphor, hard to get " - Lupe Fiasco

Deep ass line, right? I'd like to think so. I honestly have been busy as hell getting my life situated. I've put too much time concerned about pussy and females, that I've neglected myself. So last night I went out to the club [whats new right?]. So the whole night I'm scoping the scene, partying with Nell, Tiff, and Mica. One of the female bouncers was jive like cute, but I digress. Onto what I'm trying to say. No jibber jabber. I need my own place. Shit is sickening, coming home to... yeah. I mean, yeah.. I'm 21, in school and work, so I should save up as much as possible, right? So... Basically my goal is to open a CD account, and save up at LEAST 5,050 [approxamately five months, maybe four of rent]. Obviously I have to start thinking about furniture, and groceries and everything. And I have to get me a new car. The only luxury of dc is the metro. I've become so frugal in my traveling, that I only go where the Metro takes me. Has to stop, pronto.

Besides that.. Overall... My weekend was short and decent. How it should be. I'm sitting here watching Martin Season four. Shortage of words because I dont have much to say right now.. eating my mcdonalds. Itis is a bitch. I'm supposed to go on an "outting" tonight with Robyn. She's always fun. Details later.

Facebook.. Umm.. yeah. Not missing it... at all. Actually been real hush on there. no statuses, no updates, no nada.
Haven't heard from
Ms. Anonymity either. Dunno if there was tension between her and me on Friday, since we barely danced, and didnt do our usual touching rubbing, blah blah.

CAST AWAY... GREAT fucking movie. WOULDNT want to be stuck on an island. Ever.

I'm done for now.

Moist Satin Sheets: Over there, in the air, she dont care

Saturday, January 24, 2009 1 comments

"Want to know why she came? Because of me. The argument you had, she told me about it. I listened. I remember her vividly saying how much she hated you. So I comforted her. I was her comfort. One thing led to another and I had her on my comforter".

Started off rough. I fucked her like I hated her. Because she hates you. But she loves it. I dont even remember where her panties landed. Or if they even came off. Her bra was still on. We fucked.. Over there. Yeah. That couch..? All over it. Watch where you sit. Those teeth marks on the middle of it came from her when I grinded inside her from the back. It wasnt the dog. Didnt help that the loveseat was there too. We did it over there. She loved it, I fucked it. She sucked me, I sucked her. Funny thing about it.. I actually glanced over and seen the photo of you two. Guess those were the good times. But we're having one now.

Her hairs swaying in my face, juices dripping down my shafts as she commands the attention. Grabbing my face to turn and face her. She sinks her teeth into my neck, biting, and nibbling and sucking. I lean to the side so she can get more. She may have put hickies everywhere that night. I need a full body mirror to check. Back to the scenario, here we go. Shes still aiming for my neck, the necklace you bought her rubbing across my shoulder. I pop it and throw it across the room. Then I commit to sucking her breasts, licking her nipples, kissing under the bottom of them, and gradually licking down to her navel. Your girls so fiesty. Why have you caged this beast so long?

Doing everything I want her to do, I told her to take it all. We've done this before, so she knows what position it is. Only problem was location. Told her lets try something new, so I go and lift her up and move the keyboard off the table. Her legs on my shoulders, the deeper I go, the louder she moans. I'm licking down her thighs until I can feel my tongue licking her toes. So why not suck on them? I did. She likes that. She loves it. Yet I'm still pushing inside her. For you, she says "deeper". For me, she's trying to gasp on air. She knows I dont need all that talking. Baby I'm focused. Damn... You might want to replace that mouse. She just ripped it out as she cums for the fourth time. My little elevator baby. She came up, now she wants to go down.

Hopping off the table, she gets down in position to start giving me pleasure. And I'll take whats offered. I've done it before. So she attempts to take it all in. At this point.. My eyes are rolling in the back of my head. I grab the hair off the side of her face, and cuff it into a fist at the top. Now she tries to take it all in. "baby, this not going to work, hold on" she goes. She gets up, digs into the cabinet, and grabs that bottle of goodhead she stashed away. Your never home anyway. She takes two drops and places them at the back of her mouth. Squirts a dab on my dick, and then she gives it a kiss. Ahh...its warm enough to slide right in.

After a good 45 minutes of pleasuring each other orally. I decide to stand her up, and fuck her good, vertically. We fuck on the wall over there..in the air. Shes up and down like escalators. Or was that elevators? I cant keep track. She makes the sexiest dip in her back. So much so I find myself taking photos on my phone while I hit it from the back. Want to see? Look.

She loves the penetration. When I hit it from that position, she tells me to pull her hair. She dont really care, long as pain is pleasure, she requires more and more. Now we're in your bed. Fucking. Rough as its supposed to be. We've ran though countless bedsheets. She calls me Mr. Weekend Lover. Fuck her great high, drunk or sober. I never dissapoint her. But you do. But she dont care about you.

Your through...

Adventures with Karine.. [Throwback from 07...]

Old photos from like 2007 from the book signing out in Largo. I was jive like in a rush to get there so I aint even put a decent shirt on or nothing. Said fuck it. lol. I remember telling her the ring she had on HAD to be from Wayne. Lol. Fucking hilarious. She cool folks though.

[Still would possibly penetrate her.. often. Shes gorgeous and had a muse for using big elaborate words. I think the books are just her alter ego, "Sasha Fierce-er"


The Ratio for Women to men is 26 to 1...Debate?


Pardon me while I adjust myself...

So... I made the status.. And it was funny to see so many defensive women. Reason why I say this.. is mainly because a woman can practically have any man that they chose, right? So.. Why when the ratio is thrown out that there are more of you than there is men, a womans only defense mechanism seems to be "that counts for ugly women, blah blah blah blah blah". Cool, I understand most and some are in there feelings regarding this. And you should be. The threat that your man could have 25 women, 17 possibly being that much better than you...it something HARD to deal with. Very hard. I guess you all need to step up your game. Meanwhile... one girl in particular made a "funny". Saying "Gay homosexual men" are a part of that 26.

* pause. Now... Whats worse than having 17 women better than you in the competition for a man? A man betting you. A lot of you women should feel bad. If a man..steals your *cough.. man... Your life is hard. And thats sad. I'm sorry. As much as I love vagina.. aint no way in THE hell. I'm scared to sit on public toilets minus the ones in my office [Them motherfuckers are clean. Sue me. i use the paper toilet condom things.]

Needless to say, ladies.. you need to come to terms with this.

There will be someone better than you. A lot of them. No matter how great you are. How many degrees you have, how wonderful your sex drive is... there is always better. And for some men... quite frankly.. that motto is correct... "Theres nothing like new pussy".

Think of it like a new pair of shoes, ladies. You go, try them on, you turn to your girlfriend and say "Well, if they only had these in brown".

Men say "Well damn.. if only I had me a hispanic chick"

So.. me.. being the balance of all my male friends.. I asked three of my guy friends. E, Nell, and Jaren. The question was... "How do you like the odds, 26 to 1."

E- Fuck yes.
Nell- awaiting reply
Jaren- Do you have to ask twice?

*Frank Luca Voice "My nigga"

Funny thing said:

Her: 13 of them are ugly mountain monkeys, 7 of them are lesbians, 3 of them are virgins and 3 of them just settle for less or whats there!!!!its your choice...lol"
Me: Whew... a LOT of women in their feelings. lol.

Whats wrong with a virgin?
Ugly women- Men still fuck them. Just look at some of y'all friends. Exactly. Siobahn... Come on now shawty..

So Mary... out of those choices... what are you? Because you arent gay, you arent a virgin, and I'm sure you dont settle

Dont worry... I'll wait."
Her: i am a gay virgin so i take up 2 of those slots, thank you...lol never been to the mountains if thats what ur gettin @..LMAO u dumb as shit tho'
Me: Eww, your a gay virgin? I think you need to have your twat stapled, and recylced. Ewwwwwwwwwwwww. lmao. You never been to the mountains? Fakingggggggggggggg

I've come to terms with this. Even though the odds are 26 to 1... Not all men will end up with a good woman. Its just the way it works. Mainly because... some men are greedy. I cant tell you how many myspace/facebook girls that I PERSONALLY know that have been knocked up just for looking good. Takes me back to my old buddy, old pal Darnell. Basically he met a girl... offline [new wave movement. People dont meet in public no more.. its not cool.]. Sure, she was cute [I knew her personally.] But end of the day.. she was all about attention, and networking. [woman after my own heart..]...They talked for a good couple weeks.. He gave her some Cobra Head [penis], and knocked her up.

I get a baby shower invitation. I call him.

Me: Dude.. You cant be serious. You got [her] pregnant?
Darnell: Yeah.. thats mine, stamped. Aint nobody taking that. I got me a keeper.
Me: So instead of wifing her... you stuck with her for 18 years. 24 if the kid go to college. Different strokes for different folks.

Moral of the story is: Condoms have variety. Like the 26 to 1 ratio. Strap up, lay her down. Pull out. Its not rocket science.

Also... As many times as I've thought about having a threesome with two women.. I'm too greedy. And I cant be held accountable for beign greedy with my penis. I've watched plenty of orgy and threesome pornos.. and one thing that I cant get into..the seeing another females face in another female pussy while I'm behind her.

Fuck am I talking about. That shit sounds wonderful. lol. Christ. Whewwwwwwww.

BUT.... The only issue I seriously have.. is say if you get a girl to do that shit with another girl. And she likes it... She might hit you with that "I want two dudes this time, you wanna join?".

2 women + 1 man= 3some.

2 men + 1 female= gangbang

And I have too much pride to sit there high fiving another man while he's fucking her while I'm waiting my turn. But two woman.. happy happy joy joy...

This has been a public service announcement by..


I'm sorry.... whoever photoshopped this.... is funny as shit... Seriously.

I'm perfecting my Diddy Dance while I write this..."Yeah..C'mon." [Originally Posted 1/16/09]

Its colder than polar bear pussy outside.

Short. Concise. Got things to do. Not like people reading the whole thing anyway.

Notorious... Would I recommend it? Posibly. For the 10.00 you pay for that.. Just make sure you dont go to the concession stand. Not worth the nachos. But the sex scenes are the GREATEST. The little brown joint that got kicked out of 3LW...MY MOSES. [lil Kim's character]... Body was on 3000 in the movie. Like her nipples... oh lord her nipples. Look like freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. [whoooooosahhh].

But..... [Points down]

Oh my god.. I broke another zipper.

Fucking LOVE her right now. Seriously. Bout to get her tattooed on my heart. Lips= moufkiss

Bew Bew.. I'm going to start tagging you in the notes too baybay... Oww. [Yes.. I befriended her on Facebook... Do what y'all did when y'all found out Lauren London was my friend. Fake like she wasn't real.. then add her on the low. ]

- The whole Cease seeing Pac come into the studio? C'mon now...
Wholetime though... The entire time "Kims" character was in the flick...she was fucking. Like:

Biggie: I'm feeling you, lets go out to eat"
Kim: True, I'm down.
[Cut scene]

Fucking... Inaudible.

Kim: [The funniest shit I've EVER heard in my life said here... While penetration]
Biggie: Whad?
My input:

-Angela Bassett was the biggest name.. with the worse role. She kept going in and out of the island accent. Couldve done better.
- Biggies character was offbeat with ALL the songs. Sure.. you'd be like he aint biggie.. But come on.
- Lil Kim was smutted out. Like every scene.. if she wasnt fucking... she was getting carried. It REALLY wasnt like that in real life.
- I NEVER knew the whole Howard University situation until this movie....
- They jive like covered up the tupac getting shot story since they didnt know the whole situation.
- Faith saying she DIDNT fuck Pac? Come on now. Do I look like boo boo the fool to you. This Tupac we talking bout. I'm sure he hit that joint will listening to Naughty By Nature. I would've. Three times. Blindfolded. Under an old tree in the back of an alley beside a trash can, jeans to my ankles.
- Lil Cease drunk or high the whole movie. Hilarious.
- I DIDNT get to see Faith naked. Everybody seen Kim naked...
- Biggies FIRST baby mother.. Umm.. On a scale of 1 to 10.. If I had three long Islands, and a plastic bag.. She might give me oral..with the lights dim..So... She gets a 4.7/10. Honorable mention. Her breasts though. Christ.

Commercial Break.

Okay. Some slight shit I have to get off my chest. First off.. Its facebook. Its my notes, my blogs. Right? Great. So let me tell you this [directed at some women]. I'm single. Not obligated to neer one of y'all. Right? Great. When I say shit in these notes.. Dont take it to heart. Its the truth. If you want a dude to lie to you, aint me. Dont know WHAT it is about this site that have some females licking their own ass. Example:

Had a conversation with a female..Conversation cool... Then she says some of the dumbest statements ever.

"I dont want to end up in one of your blogs, lol."

Trust me... If I won a billion dollars today or tomorrow.. people would want their cut off that shit just for being mentioned in my memoirs. Feel blessed if I whisper your name in a dark closet at night. Obviously if your worthy of being spoken about, take pride in it. If you think I'm going to talk bad about you, switch your game up. Stop being a dumb bitch. Thats exactly why niggas fuck and duck. I'm just one of the ones that will tell you that if it werent for your pussy, you'd get no men. I wont say no names, but if you know who you are. Fuck that. I will say some names..

Sike. Fuck outta here. So you can get mad? Think again. But....if you got scared....its YOU. Tender hearted? Ouch.

Anyway...That out the way... A conversation I found to be rather funny on Facebook chat last night. Indulge.

ur status is too much but i agree
Fuck that. Like that is horrendous.
Aint NO way.. in THE hell.. ANYBODY should be wearing that shit.
Never..ever ever..ever ever... ever ever..never ever.
but I could see some chic doing that thinking its fashionable or whatever
leave it to the music vid
Swear... I'll run into her before you do. And when I do... MY LORD.
Like when "scarfs" became cool to wear...niggas come in the club... rocking body blanket scarfs.
bc of kanye
That or them cheap, thin ass fashion scarfs. SON.... Its 32 degrees outside... Get a REAL scarf. Hold that shit in the air and breathe on it. If you see your breath on the other end... Wind can come the same way... You will catch hypothermia.

[Okay... this is the end. Aint no more.]

I lied. For the girl who asked me. "Regarding your sex references and sex stories... you got it like that?"

Yes darling.. I try. Not bragging on my dick, but if I dont have confidence in my sex.. then I'd "fucking" suck. So yes.. I got it..

Love this.. New phone wallpaper. THanks

Lil Wayne's Rock LP, Rebirth, Due April 7..Interesting...

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Coutesy of MTV...

Can he do another milli the first week? We'll know in a couple of months!

Lil Wayne announced the official release date and title for his next album: Rebirth is due April 7 — and his publicist has confirmed to MTV News that it will be a rock album. Of course, Wayne has been rocking with a guitar for some months now.

The first single is called "Prom Queen" and will debut on the Internet right after a live stream of his concert in San Diego on January 27. The show will be available for stream on MySpace.com.

Wayne — who will perform at the Grammy Awards on February 8, MTV News exclusively revealed — hinted at a change in direction for his next LP in October during the BET Hip-Hop Awards.

"I don't know if we're gonna release Tha Carter IV now," he told MTV News on his tour bus. "I think we're gonna release Tha Carter III — a new Carter III with none of the same songs, though. None of them. Not one! We don't wanna call the [next album] we got coming out Tha Carter IV. That was the dilemma we were in. We want Carter IV to be what everybody wants it to be.

"This is something brand new, so we don't want it to be some experimental thing, 'cause some people are not gonna like this. I don't want them to not like Tha Carter IV. But I do have an album coming soon, very soon, and it's gonna be called ... Tha Carter III: The Rebirth. The birth of a new beginning."

Those plans have been changed a bit. Wayne's rep told MTV News that the April 7 release has absolutely nothing to do with Tha Carter III or any of his previous hip-hop efforts. Rebirth will be a full-on rock and roll album.

The Best Relationship Advice for any man.

Let go of any rational logic when arguing with a woman. It's a lose lose situation for the man.

I had a conversation with my friend last night (at the time im still writing), and its going on 48 minutes. I have timed the total minutes I've had a reply for everything shes said... and I've only talked for 5 minutes. And she said something that I can agree on, that

Also, woman don't know what they want, so it's best for the man to just not give a fuck. Keep your emotions on neutral ground. Please dont give a shit about the big shit. Focus on the small shit. Notice that she brushed her teeth this morning. Remember the first date what she wore. But stop trying to remember dumb shit like her ex boyfriends names, and her childhood memories. None of that shit matters. Real talk. One thing you need to remember is this. Women deal with emotions men deal with reality. If you have a penis.. you are wrong. Point blank period. So when your arguing with them...you are right no matter how much you know you are right it doesnt matter when arguing with them. So agree. Just say "yes baby", and shut that shit up. Stop arguing with them.

Now dont get me wrong. Communication is definitely key.

However, females are fucking confused and see things mostly one way: their way. It can only go on for so long until us guys tune them out and let them just win the battle.(cause we damn sure win the war).

This is it. Aint no punch lines.

Females.. your entitled to hate this post. its the truth. It hurts. Greg still loves you.

Better yet, like Diddy... "Take dat." !! Owww

Good Morning.

First and foremost... Be prepared to read a lot. And Disclaimer.. I say some shit about Diddy in this note. I'm a fan, but my opinion is unbiased. Deal with it. Random tags. Deal with it.

You might as well say I'm having a case of writers block [weird right?] But I'm finally seeing the bigger picture of things. Went on an "outing" last night. Hate the term "date" nowadays. I told her something that I've never told a female. On the ride back home, I jive like laughed at myself, because it made PERFECT sense, yet I never could put the words into context until AFTER the fact. Crazy, right? Basically I told her as so: "Dont consider this a date. Might as well call this an outting. Theres nothing we can learn from each other sitting in a movie theatre. I'm getting to know you, so give me a couple more outtings before coming out and going on a date."

Reason I told her in this manner is because its amazing how many women pride themselves on being taken to a movie. Its NOT a date. Maybe my concensus of a date is different from the rest of the population. But conversation and direct eye contact is in order for that. Theatres clearly tell you turn off all phones, and shut the fuck up right before the movie starts. Kills the "datign' mood. However theres been many of "things" that have/could happen in a theatre. So much so.. I'm kind of scared to touch the armrests in the theatres. Too many times have I seen [cough] a females head gradually move from her seat to the one beside hers. Reminds me of that sex story by Zane in the Sex Chronicles. Im STILL curious about how head with Nacho cheese would fill. When I read that.. I pretty much got harder than trying to change your first name to "Muhammad" on facebook. [Trust me.. someone I know tried it.. and they wont let you change your name to hussein, Muhammad, and other "third world defense" contries. Check it.]

Needless to say, I'm going to go see "Notorious" at the movie premiere tomorrow. Then I'm just realizing to myself... Like.. who the fuck is telling his story for him? In all fairness.. I'm sure Mrs. Wallace isn't. What mother would'nt portray her son in a good light? And Faith... Lord. I wont even speak on that chick. Loved her cds... but after she did that 180 when he died.. she pretty much lost my respect. Remember when she was denying that her and Tupac fucked [even though we all knew she prolly was topping off Diddy too]..Then 9 years later, she has a book out explaining shit, and dogging Biggie out. Kind of fucked up, right? Butt hats neither here or there. I want to discuss ONE thing. WHY IS BAD BOY RECORDS THE GRAVEYARD? Like honestly.. When you sign a contract to that label... this is the fine print...

"Oh by the way... You can have a few hot singles.. but the first sign of you about to blow up... Sean Combs will shelf you."

You might as well take my words to the bank, because I'm a LOYAL Bad Boy fan. But I wont sit here and neglect that this man SHITS on his artist. Majority of his money comes from the 35% he gets from Ciroc sales.. and the Sean John brand. Bad Boy makes that man NO money. So.. what he does...

He hits the road.. gets people together put them in a house, makes a band out of them. Teach them to sing and dance, maybe get a few rumors circulating he's fucking one of the female artist. Then to keep his name buzzing in your ear before you tune it out.. He breaks them up.

Did "Dream" come out with a second album? Yeah... I didnt think so either.

How many singles did "Hustlenomics" have? Precisely.

What about B5? Remember the first time you heard "All I Do"? Even I was like "Turn that shit up... joint rocking". Harmonizing "I cant wait to get to school each dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy". [End song]. Now where they at? On Disney Channel singing Jingles.

Okay.. Fuck being nice... Where the fuck CRAIG MACK at? FLAVA IN YA EAR BITCH! Cheri Dennis? Mario Wynans? Better yet.. Carl Thomas? LORD Carl Thomas.

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: I want to shout Carl Thomas out for being the cd I had great multiple orgasmic sex to.Multiple times Funny thing bout the cd.. is you can have sex to "Summer Rain" in the middle of December at a Ski Lodge in a blizzard, and STILL be a great song. Like my God. Y'all do NOT understand the severity of that cd.

Okay.. I went on a tangent.. But yeah.. Da Band? Who told that nigga Dylan he could rap though? Seriously.. If there was a list for the top 5 worthless rappers in Hip Hop ever.. He'd be in first place, right before the Rapping Chiwawa, the Geico Gecko, Spliff Star, and a deaf mute. However.. Sarah... My Christ. Like the first time I seen her in a dress on the show...I broke the zipper on my jeans. Neglect the fact that she whinned like a third grader, and took forever to hit notes.. But when the cd came out.. YES! Classic. I remember paying $5.00 in high school to dude in my Computer Science class for it [THis before Ipods..when niggas walked round with backpacks of burnt cds for profit]...

But anyway.. Diddy has raped a lot of his artist. But thats my nigga though. Only cause he did some "Big Man" shit most dudes wouldnt do.

[Had to take this part out. ]

Gave a million dollars to Katrina. Even though thats spending money for him. Look what Bush has done. Case closed.

The term "Bitchassness". Self explanatory.

Cassie. Even tohugh she sings like a 3rd grader names Tommy, and refuses to stick to modeling.. DIddy rocket launched her.

Aubrey. Swear.. If America went on a "No penalty, no law, " effect for 48 hours.. I would fly to whereever she was.. penetrate her blindfolded and probably plant a seed. Dont know WHAT they did to her... But the Aubrey from the Auditions wasn't hitting on NOTHING. But now.. My GOD.. I put this on a stack of Lipton Brisk Iced Tea.. I would make love to her. Moufkiss and all.

So bout this Notorious movie.. I will have some more to say AFTER the premiere... This is just the first little "outcome".


"A woman's life is love, A Man's love is life". [Touche'.]

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So, I'll quote something a wise man told me that should be the motto for 2009. Because I'm quite uninterested in the "unraveling of relationships via facebook" [Blog of this Friday]

"Relationships are OPTIONAL...so you really can't even kirk on anyone but yourself if you CHOOSE to deal with the issues"

Now, I'm sure your like "Oh fuck... Hes about to go on somebody." Pretty much..dont feel like it today. I have other things that I want to discuss outside of the relationship aspect. Quite frankly I have one relationship post a week.. So give me leeway to speak on something else. Bout to kick knowledge.

Feminist. I have no problem with them.. And I cracked a slight joke about it in the blog about the bottom of the pussy. But I'm sorry.. quotes like these are humor to my day.

"Man that is living to ejaculate.....he's in a predator mode......"

Like who gave birth to these women?

"Some women..ain't no good because the peenus done ejaculated all in her brain"

So umm.. Figured I'd make a unbiased sex topic.. for us males this time. Females have gotten majority of the attention regarding their vaginas. I usually cater to them for the comments and shit.. But umm.. Fuck that. I have a couple QUESTIONS today, versus going on a tangent. Females can put input in on the matter.. But yeah.

  • I've seen it on another one before too and a bunch of porns... And I'm wondering why.... So These chics were using their dildos on themselves but they put a condom on it... Whats the deal with this shit? are they so dirty that they cant keep their toys clean? Its like if us guys were to put on a rubber every time we are gonna beat my meat you know.... Input please?

  • Its 2009. Who is STILL denying oral sex? I've put it like this, nasty as it sounds. If your forehead hasnt gone below a belly button, you will not keep a man. Dudes, if you aren't going out of your way for a female, she wont enjoy the actual penetration. Whoever created that "fourplay" shit is rather much a genious. Take advantage of it. Reserve your energy.

  • All women need to sign up for birth control. That, or stop fucking. The fertility rate is strange. And majority of the good looking women get swindled into having children with [throwing category]: Convicts, shiftless, jobless, worthless, in the closet, cheating, uneducated..men. Its sickening. Now, dont confuse it, I love children, but I'm 21. Sure its cool if it was a mistake.. blah blah..you take care of your child.. BUT.. Just like I'm sure you wouldnt want a man with baby mother..I dont need a female that still has to deal with her childs father. Because like I was telling Stephanie yesterday at Lunch [HEY Stephanie!], dudes dont give up their baby mothers. No excuses. Conversation went as so.

Stephanie: Dudes will go and visit their baby mother, stay over, and use the excuse "Oh..so I cant see my child?"
Me: If thats the case, take your child to the park. Fuck you staying overnight for? Y'all couldnt stand each other 6 months into the pregnancy.
Stephanie: Exactly. Dudes think they are slick.
Me: Something we can agree on.

So this is me slightly hating.. But I'm jive like hating the fact that all the women who had a life, and could be doing a lot more productive shit with their lives..are stuck playing the mommy role so young. Sure.. Moms had ME young. Cool. Main reason I strap tighter. I refuse to have a child unless theres a mysterious hold in the condom after penetrating Lauren London. [Sly eyes].

Moral of that story is: Females, go to Planned Parenthood and get it together. Dudes are grimy. And obviously missing screws. If your cute, your baby mama type. I've heard niggas saying "I'm making sure NO other nigga get her. She mine forever". If this is the way the ball bounces, I'm sticking to golf. Because

Box of condoms > 18 years.

Dont know if I've really spoken on this. I've tried to be as nice as possible this year so people will stop hassling me for being an asshole. But one thing that really disturbs me, and grinds my gears.. V neck t-shirts. I'm slightly hating because my shoulders arent that low to wear them, meanwhile.. Some shit just isnt for particular men to wear. [i.e. G-Unit wifebeaters].

Y'all might have "missed" it.. But.. Heavy D's Reggae cd jive like is the nicest cd I've skipped out on. Granted.. I have home videos as a toddler of me dancing to Heavy D & The Boyz.. But this cd here.. Christ. I suggest you take a listen.


I'm pretty much done. Not trying to be funny today.

In Regards to this whole "Celibacy" thing...Then the Hiatus..

Wednesday, January 21, 2009 1 comments
Hmm. Let me just say after a day of limited activity on here.. I've been on the outside looking in.. and some people on here.. are pretty much fucking boring. Dont shoot the messenger.. but yeah.. A lot of relationship woes, and Obama quotes. Let me say this... JUST because you were in the same venue as Jeezy, TI, and Jay... DOESNT mean you met them. You are NOT a celebritaunte. I had to fight back my own conscience from really going and saying some shit I shouldnt have said.

"Aww, I was out with my Baby TI in VIP last night".

Sweety.. that VIP was packed. If hes on the left side of the room, and your all the way on the right.. you did not party with him. Lets stand corrected. And to make it WORSE... NONE of the girls writing the shit... had ANY photos.. You sicken me. Ugh

Low self esteem makes women do some of the dirtiest things for attention. Label me a skeptic, but its pretty much stationary that we as a people do for the acceptance of another. I think Kanye put it best:

"We'll buy a lot of clothes, though we dont really need them. Things we buy to cover up whats inside".

I digress.

So after reading Nicoles take on "celibacy", I figured I'd put my input. Swore up and down I'd leave this alone for a minute, but why not state my case. A woman who practices celibacy is fine. Understandable. BUT.. theres a fine line. There are some women who have fucked, and used sex as a reason and excuse for getting, grabbing, or keeping a man. This ladies, is where you go completely wrong. I've seen it too many times. A girl goes, gets in a "fuckship" [a relaitonship based on one way emotions, and a whole lot of sex; I.E. a "fuck buddy"] with a man, after a while the sex brigns forth feelings. She cant take the fact that something she once accepted is dragging her down. So she tries to lock the cage down, and throw the "penalty celibacy" flag up.

Now, I'm sure a lot of you women have your reasons for going celibate, whoo whoo, whatever..But.. from a mans perspective, because I'm nothing else, its a plot. Wikipedia describes celibacy as so:

Celibacy refers to being unmarried or abstaining from sexual intercourse (i.e., chastity). A vow of celibacy is a promise not to enter into marriage or engage in sexual intercourse. The term involuntary celibacy has recently appeared to describe a chronic, unwilling state of celibacy.

Going with this definition alone.. this means one thing. Withholding of sexual apparatus until you settle with your life partner. Its 2009, no woman can do this. Hate me for it, but I'll elaborate. I've come to the conclusion, 97% of women have fallen in love at least twice in their lifetime. They say true love happens once. So, wheres the math, right? Right. Therefore a woman saying shes waiting on the "right one", is pretty much a bullshit reasoning for her past. You should'nt have to barricade your sexual life with a person in order to feel as though they are right for you.

The "Guy" coming out in me. And I'll try to make it as blunt as possible. Yes, your feelings will be hurt. Marjority of you will hate me after...But..

Once you tell a man that you are celibate, and you dont plan on having sex until marriage. Its a trap. No man is seriously..taking you seriously with that statement. Because 12 times out of 10, if your heimen is broke, you've fucked. And if not, you plan on doing so. So when you tell a man he has to wed you in order for him to take the "ultimate intimacy" step with you.. you are "putting a lease on your pussy". You might as well not even mention it in all honestly. Just tell him you are not ready.

Lease on the Pussy: Refer to- Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Christmas, Birthdays, Vacations.

Example: A woman meets a man. He treats her right, does good by her, she withholds sex. Why? Because hes so PERFECT... she knows theres a problem.

Yet... Twist the scenario. Woman meets man. Mans a dog. He cheats, fucks other females. Never calls, no affection. She donates the pussy like its government cheese. And you know how much niggers love cheese.

And pretty much to sum it up.... You are going to have men marrying you for all the wrong reasons.. And nothing says divorce more than a female with wack pussy. Some of you women have it. And know it. Thats why your playing Trapper Keeper.


Nicole said this:

"Not only will the man I marry be ok with this but he will be doing the same and expect that from me. When I marry that union will be blessed by God. You see God will give the approval of the man I marry. God has actually already picked him out. The man God has chosen is perfect for me. So I am sure that my sex life will be off the chain and blessed by my Lord! As far as the horny part…I usually ignore it….or in a sarcastic tone tell them I go streaking."


Blessings of God, and all of that wu-tang talk is cool...But, practice what you preach. A few heartbreaks makes your chest stronger. If your timid about it, and your practicing for all of the WRONG reasons, then nobody will take you seriously. I personally have a friend who.. since having a baby has become very spiritual, and is now on the celibacy route. Me.. being who I am.. in the back of my mind.. I say to myself "okay.. she just dont want to have no more babies right now. So she throws that cxcuse to men". I could be wrong.. but whats a better defense mechanism, condoms? Ha. Thought so.

Moral of the story is.. If your virginity has been lost, you cant vouch for it back [I've tried]. Its not coming back. So me saying I'm going celibate, slim and none. I tried the 60 day method. It felt good, but by day 61, I had so many unpure thoughts, the person I slept with didnt sleep that evening. So ladies, yes.. a guy will be quick to change the topic to something else, or never call you back after you speak on the celibacy thing. I mean, can you blame him? Sure.. you are being outright and forward with him when he asks you... but.. be real. At OUR young age now.. how long have you gone without sex.. seriously. I know some will say "a year", some will say a couple months.. But celibacy has no time table sweetheart. And if your looking for the right one, and never find him... there are a lot of days on the calendar to Never. Think about that.

I'm done.

Edit: My opinion may or may not be the same as yours... If you disagree... comment.

No jokes.

"Just for You" By Ashley G.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009 0 comments
Ashley wrote me a poem yesterday. Actually touched me [no Michael Jackson]. I've had poems written to me before, but never one of this nature. THANKS Ashley!

Shapes turn into letters, and then they turn into words
And every time I read them I get high as a bird.
With each sentence my eyes scroll across
I drift away and somehow get lost.
There is nothing more arousing than a stimulating conversation.
I sit at my keyboard and long for your daily persuasion.
Good writing to me is like mind sex so we’ll count your notes as a quickie,
I love to read them all no matter the topic I am not picky.
I swear some days when my day is slow and I want to retire;
I read your latest post and even though it’s probably not meant to it does inspire.
Something about reading your blunt honesty
Gives me some type of release it makes me feel free.
I swear I never really gave myself a good look until I starting reading certain subjects
I realized I was one of those bitter chicks full of regrets
At first I read strictly for the purpose of laughing and being entertained.
I realized I too have a gift for writing that cannot be contained.
Since your words became my mirror and reflected my faults.
I decide to start expressing my words and not locking them up in a vault.
So to you my poetic justice thanks for being my face book friend.
And p.s. I can feel it you and Lauren will be together in the end…lol
Signing out…Ashley

"Never Let A Man Hit the Bottom of your Vagina"

Sunday, January 11, 2009 1 comments
This blog should be interesting. Now granted I wrote a status regarding "Whats the WORSE lie you've ever told the opposite sex?". let... the bulk of the replies came from so..

- The number of sex partners had & if the sex was good.
- "I'm on my period"
- "I'm a lesbian"

Obviously the ones that are typical. Understood. But one in particular was the one I was DYING for all of them to say.. And they did.

- "Size doesn't matter"

And I know PLENTY of women now. And all of them preach a sermon of how much they want a crave a big penis. And its crazy, because I've heard of women taking some extreme measures when it comes to finding a mans dick size. Like one girl I know gave me word that when shes freaking a dude at the club.. she goes and checks that first hand. So in reply to her I asked.. "So if your so consumed on his dick size, is the sex bad because your focus is on the actual thought of the size, or the fact that hes not putting forth enough effort to please you?"

Wait a minute.. Pause.. that was a fucking great quote right there. I think y'all need to print that on a t-shirt and sell it. I'll re-iterate.

"So if your so consumed on his dick size, is the sex bad because your focus is on the actual thought of the size, or the fact that hes not putting forth enough effort to please you?"

So as a female.. of course she hits me [Mr. Ass man] with this statement. "So why are men consumed on a female with a phat ass"

I couldn't answer with an elaborate response to try to confuse her, so I said the first original thing that came to mind. "A woman with a phat butt looks better from the back when you spread her ass like rumors". She laughed. I giggled, and we got off the topic.

I digress..Tiana [grown ass woman Tiana] said this:

"Size doesn't matter. I have had a dude with a smaller dick make me cum more times than a nigga with a big one. It's like guys with the big one think they ain't gotta put in work and the size handles it...hell nah! I need creativity. A guy with a smaller one will take that extra effort to prove that his shit is bomb or at least the ones I've encountered lol!"

Now it's funny when i hear a female say this, because I know plenty of male friends of mine that overcompensate for their dick game with women by words. I've had one of my guy friends that fucked a girl that I know seriously come to me explaining it like "yeah man, she came on my dick, she did this, she did that". So mind you... I could care less. Last thing I want to hear is about you..fucking one of my friends. I can handle it.. but like ugh. All I kept thinking was "Gonads and Strife". So her and I get to talking about what happened the night before. And conversation goes as so.

Mrs. Pretty Pussy: Greg, I hope you aren't offended about what went down last night.
Me: Not by a long shot. Y'all fucked right?
Mrs. Pretty Pussy: Yeah. I'm ashamed.
Me: Just shake it off. Think like I do. You got a nut, slept, woke up and developed amnesia.
Mrs. Pretty Pussy: Trust me. I wish I got a nut. I didn't even moan.
Me: Beg pardon?
Mrs. Pretty Pussy: Yeah. He came after 9 strokes. Got up and tried to go again and went limp. Told me to suck him off. Hes not my man
Me: Umm..yeah. May I please be excused to the quiet corner to laugh?
Mrs. Pretty Pussy: Why?
Me: Because he said he hit you from the back and you screamed out "ooh"
Mrs. Pretty Pussy: No no. I said "whoa". Because the condom popped, made him change it.
Me: Niggahs. hahahahahahaha. I'm going to bed.

And yes.. I have some VERY sexually driven posts and blogs, but yeah. I don't look down on my dick in shame either. I will probably be the only man on Earth to admit in a room of females that my dick don't reach my kneecap. I just wasn't built like that. My 5'8' frame can only do so much. So.. I've come to the conclusion even I... Mr. Greg. have to come to a female with a "Contractual Dick Agreement" and it goes like so.

"With all penetration proceeding to take place, I would just like to let you know.. somethings are beyond my control. I did not pass the NFL Combine, and I failed to make it to the WWF, so tossing you across the room, choking you until your lose oxygen, and anal sex are undeniable out of the question. This contract simply states that you understand exactly the terms and conditions put forth for you. If you choose to except however, everything else that takes account will be done. Falacio only happens with status. In the words of Anita Baker, I am "Giving you the best that I got." [Jigsaw voice] "Your choice. Live or die. "

Ahh. Feels so much better to say that. Now. On my behalf. The things I've lied about to females. Sad.. but there's particular things I can tell certain women. But there was one woman in particular I found myself HAVING to lie to. Now.. the scenario [rude as it sounds] is quite frankly.. I didnt want to be seen in public with her. Not for the fear of her being ugly... But because I know a LOT of "badder" women, and the fact that she had some of the best head I've ever had in my life, but she wasn't necessarily a "model". Sue me. So. The Conversation went as so:

Golden Lips: You want to go to the movies or something tonight?
Me: What do you want to see? [in my "why do I have to" tone]
Golden Lips: "A family that Preys together". I can check show times.
Me: I don't eem fuck with Tyler Perry, why cant we see something like Mama Mia or something?
Golden Lips: Mama who? I never heard of it.
Me: Be different.
Golden Lips: You just want to have me all alone, don't you?
Me: Precisely.

Now.. I can admit. to this.

  • She had impeccable oral sex. Movie theatre..no crowd... dark venue. Perfection.
  • WHY would I take anybody but my "MAIN" joint to a Tyler Perry movie. I wouldn't take you to a Will Smith movie, would I? No.

Rude, but I'm trying to be "in tune with my star fucking player".

Other examples of "Lies by me".

-"No, I didnt nut." [Whole time.. I did. I just developed a strategy of when I nut... flip her happy as over, start going down, bam..penis back on stiff-arm mode. Switch condoms. Slide in missionary. Never fails.
- "Yeah, I love the way you give head" <-- Could be true for some of them. But one girl couldnt do it to save her life. I called myself trying to help her our by tossing little hints to her. But you would think she would've got the picture after we watched a porno RIGHT before... and she didnt take notes. Come on. - "I wasnt looking at that girl". If you have to conclude that I was, then I was. Deal with it.
- "If I wanted to cheat, I wouldve left" This isnt necessarily a lie either.. But I had to put this in there. I hate when women have this thing for thinking that every female you flirt or converse with is potential for fucking. In some cases, yes. But if thats the case..you need to recharge your "badder bitch batteries", and get on your game. Women HATE to see a man they cant have. So if you have me.. they will want me. Dig? Dug.
- "Ill go all night". CLEARLY a lie. She shouldve known that. I have asthma honey. And Tia wont give me back my Asthma pump. Therefore I refuse to have my obituary saying I died trying to bust a nut. Sorry Charlie.
- "Your the last person I slept with" Self explanatory.

Example of some great sex that I DID have in 2008. Wont put everything out there. But I will say... She pretty much fucked me sober. Like we left the lounge.. I was under the influence. The sex had perfect timing, and hit the spot at the perfect time. It was one of those sexual experiences where you cover your eyes with your entire arm, just smiling and shit. So...Mrs. Wonderthighs.. I'd like to commend you on being one of my best sexual experiences of 2008. Surprise me with a text message offering penetration in a public place. That would make my Monday greater. [Biggie voice] BABY BAY BAY!

Whew. So.. Back to the topic at hang. Hopefully y'all have nothing else to do with your time today because the comments for this not should dictate how this blog comes out. What excuses have you heard or used against the opposite sex?

What is your take on the "size" matter for men?

"I hate going in the bathroom to no toilet tissue on the roll"

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First... Lets talk about the extent a man has to go through to buy a box of condoms. Because the shit is TRAGIC. I dont know exactly how you women buy your condoms, but mine are grade A. I dont go to clinics and steal the dish. [I knew a girl who did that. Funny stuff. I have before too, until I realized they were.. umm.. tight.] .

Digress. So.. I'm walking through CVS, looking the condoms. Dude asked me if I need help finding something. Conversation went as so.

Clerk: Hey sir, you looking for something in particular?
Me: Protection
Clerk: Ha. Like sunblock? Or the other type?
Me: Yeah, that type.
Clerk: Two aisles over. Smart move. Gotta be careful these days.
Me: Trust me. I fuck too much not to know.

So, I get over to the aisle, and what do I see? A condom vending machine. Now.. Baron can vouch for me. Darren too. I was a cheap ass back in high school, and I used to just go and open the box, roughhouse the rubbers, and walk out. But technology has gotten advance, and now they have a contraption where you have to go and push in and pull to get a three pack. This is where my conscience reels me in. Which is does often.

conscience: "Greg.. you are going to do it more than three times."

In unison, i listen. Now mind you I was being cheap since I dont get paid until next week, and funds are limited for the moment. {wont stop me buying drinks.. but hey}.

I look down, grab an economy pack of twisted pleasures. Great stuff. Ultra ribbed is too, but after an adventure with twisted pleasures in a dim lit basement, I pretty much have changed for 2009 the way I protect my head. Go to the counter... nobody is in line, so I move up. Surprisingly, instead of getting an ugly old woman, I get the sexy brown skin female with the powder blue polo and the eye shadow. She grabs the box, looks at me, and says:

CVS chick: Someones getting lucky soon...
Greg: Nah. I have no kids, and I plan on keeping it that way.
CVS chick: Dont be ashamed I have to buy them too. The economy pack has 30 in it though.
Greg: Touche'. I do a lot of fucking. What can I say.
CVS chick: I know your girlfriend is patiently waiting on you.
Greg: Well when do you get off?

Needless to say, that made the bulk of my day.

[Written last night]

Digress. I'm sitting here listening to John Legends "once again". I'm in no particular mood or fashion...just pretty much scatterbrained. I finally got to cleaning out my voicemail. Verizon notified me it was getting full. I had 47. With visual voice mail it holds more. So I just deleted them all really.

- people don't leave many messages of substance.
- majority of people play text tag instead of dialing out.

Had a conversation with a random guy last night on the metro. This is more so a regular occurence , and not foreign for me to do. So we get on the topic of...independence. Basically it was about how so many people pretend they are happy with themselves, knowing deep down they need societies norms. Moreso..intimacy.

I'm scared of that word as I told him. I have this complex where I want something..ill hunt it..chase it, and receive recipbrical outcomes. Soon as I get it, I'm bored. Mission accomplished. Reason why is pretty much...

- I've given portions of my heart out so much that I can't form a pulse.
- aint enough decent love songs anymore. And I'm a grown ass man. Chris brown songs can't really express my "moods" when it comes to those terms.
- I'm still paying the final debt bill to Karma. Thought it was dead and done in 2008, but I was fooled. Fair? Not. Neither is the lotto. But motherfuckers continue to play.

Pet peeve of mine that I just realized was a pet peeve. I hate ANY other underwear on a female outside of boyshorts. its the truth. No fiction. Like thongs were cute and made us stare in high school.. But some women need to invest in "ass holsters" [boyshorts]. Because they do exactly what they should. They help elevate that thing. If you have a phat ass.. keep it in boyshorts. If you have no ass, you need to start fucking in the ass, doing crunches, and jogging. Stiffen it, then lift it.

Also. [sexual pet peeve brought to my attention]. And I'll quote it.

"i hate when bitches seen one or two pornos and think spitting on my dick is somethin i like"
yeah.. I can agree. Leave some shit to the porn stars please. The last time I had oral pleasures she was nice using the right amount. Yet and still... its kinda a sticky situation when you still have your pants on, when you take them and your boxers off.. and your nutsack region got all that shit down there [gross I know.. but I've said worse]

Uhh.. happy birthday Ky!

2 for 1 tonight. Part two of M.S.S Saga. Coming monday.