15 Sex Tricks to try this weekend.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008
It’s the weekend and shouldn’t we all get some at some point during our extended weekend? I have compiled a list of nice sex tricks and relationship tricks from both myself and friends for you to try out. Have fun, and be safe.

  • When you’re having sex, and you’re all hot and bothered, reach down and touch your boyfriend’s balls. Rub them and stroke them softly, and rub and softly press down right behind them, on that flat patch of skin. Trust us, he will LOVE it, and you will officially be the hottest girlfriend ever.

  • Men: Introduce your esophagus to her clitty. Women: Tip-Of-Your-Tongue Kiss his balls. Both: Turn each other INSIDE OUT. ~

  • Do say: Bring your f*ckin @ss over here so I can f*ck the sh*t outta you!

  • Let your partner call all the shots. By being (temporarily) submissive in the bedroom, you can get caught up in the moment. You don’t have to think. You don’t have to do anything; only what you’re told.

  • The man’s penis is like “the tip of the iceberg” or “the canary in the mines,” explore it. ~ CNN

  • Lick your lips and taste your lover ~

  • Whether u eating or licking. Dip your tongue in hot chocolate b4 u start. That’ll keep it Tingling ~ Ebony

  • Literally kiss every inch of their body. It’s fun and when you get to those pleasure areas kiss it with extra special care.

  • Cook with CUM “I am all for trying new fetishes with my man. I will even admit to swallowing or playing with his “nectar” for a lack of better words. I don’t know how I feel about semen based recipes. Let me post what this “cook book” is about before I go any further:” ~ {female reply}

  • Do it outside in the cold.

  • Put your panties in his lap while he’s watching football

  • Give head while the game is on

  • Rent a room this weekend for a nice change of scenery

  • Wear the world’s softest sweater so I can’t stop touching you. Who doesn’t want to cover their body in cashmere? If you’re the one wearing it, you’re in a good position to get groped.

  • Sex Tip For The Weekend. Do it While Listening To “One More Chance”

In all use your imagination and if you have a tip that might be useful fell free to leave it in the comment section.