Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Remember Them Days? That's what it used to be. But that there I promise aint me.

Lately thinks have been different to say the least. Like life is having its way. Hopefully things go in my favor. I've tried my hand at prayer and getting more spiritual, and I've been consistent about it, so hopefully it goes right. You know how we folks are. A little something goes bad in our lives and we turn to God to fix them. But I never said I was perfect. I can only try right? So that I do.

Moving forwards, I've been doing more reading of peoples blogs than actually making my own. And its always interesting to hear what other people have on their minds, because I tend to have plenty on my own. I even went out and spent $40.00 to get Documents to Go on my Blackberry so I'd have all of the blogs ideas and thigns I want to write about in one location and be able to edit it and everything from one source. Then just post it on here. I wish Blackberries just got a damn Blogger app. That'd be the life. Especially since Wordpress has one.

I've also been considering a new layout. Hopefully Jeanetta has some time on her hands to do it for me because I do not know how to do it. Speaking of Jeanetta, she made me realize two things in her latest blog over on

#1: I don't like wasting my time, and I dont enjoy meandering in pointless, drawn out situations.


#2: I don't like to keep friends with old sex partners. I need change like Obama, and keeping you around under the label of friendship is a hinrance of my overall goals.

Prime example being Interim. Loved her to death. Time spent was great. Sex was something to marvel, and her personality just grabbed me. We tried the 90 day thing, but couldnt make it 45. So as a result I've implemented the same rule Netta has. Three Months.

Basically in three months of fucking, talking, hanging out, talking, people should know exactly where they want to be with a person. If not "be" [because you know people don't commit anymore. That word can make roaches scatter], it gives you a consensus of where you two should be, either together or apart. It's not that much of rocket science if you think about it.

"The three month rule is mutually beneficial. I believe strongly in cutting off things before we get to the point of no return. The point of no return is that fine line. One side is us, happy with good type relations betwixt us. On the other side is me pissed and arson"

Can you honestly go against that word? I cant. Committment, or the thought of it is weird for people. And even at 22, I know what it means. Comitting to someone don't mean forever unless you make it. But being 22 doesnt mean "hey, I'm still young, I have plenty of time". [I personally hate that quote]. At 22, I've had more women in and out of my life than a Victoria Secret on Semi-Annual Saturday. Any man that enjoys doing this forever is a fool. Ginuwine was a bachelor, but now he has a plethora of rugrats. So anybody acting like being a player forever is good is a fucking fool.

But basically after the three months, when you buckle down and you tell your partner "look, it's been a while, shit needs to progress". Dont misconstrue partner with somebody you sporactically see and spend time with on occasion. I have had a few of them. Girls who as long as you dont "publically" act like they arent the only girl...they are cool with that. I've had a girl tell me "I talk to too many". So what I did was told her less, and gave her less evidence. Even though nothing changed, things changed for her. But it was COOL for her to pubically make a proclamation for singlehood, and the occasional "I need a man". Thats just the way of the world. But on my side of the street you'll get ticketed for Jaywalking.

Women do get mad when men go after and and everything at arms reach, but can't be mad because they never "wanted to put a ring on it" as Beyonce would say [I've always wanted to say that. That deserves a video]

Moving North, As Netta says, --> "Bitch... you done bamboozled yourself. You were headed distinctly down a path that you liked and were comfortable with and the next thing you know, he pulls an okeydoke. Now you wandering down a shitty dirt road, shoeless and squinting cuz you think you see a light at the end of this shit. Don't be simple. Them ain't lights hoe. Thems is fireflies and ain’t nothin ahead of you but more bullshit.

Bamboozlement = Bullshit and Bullshit eventually = the possibility of arson... "

The 3 month rule saves lives

Thats it...Ninety.