Sleeping With The Enemy. She Was A Friend to Me..

Monday, November 30, 2009
I know I know. I aint blogged in a while. Been living. Heres something for you to read, indulge in it.

You should let me lay you down in the bathtub that I just ran for you.
Warm water with massage salt and vanilla sugar aroma to make your body
smell good. Then I can wash your body starting with your feet. Me
kissing your feet, sucking on each toe. Then after that, I kiss between
your thighs, blow air slowly into your the back of your kneecaps.

Then I want to bite you gently on the asscheeks while I lick around your
lower back and kissing it as well. Rubbing your pussy from the front,
your cremin on my fingers, I can feel the thickness of your juices on my
fingers. I pick you up out of the bathtub like a newborn baby. Wrap you
in a warm towel, and carry you in my arms to the bedroom.

Still wet and dripping from the bathtub, I rip the bedsheets off the bed
and lay you down on them. Kissing your body up and down while you lay on
the satin shets covered with white and pink roses that I layed out. With
some Slow music playing on the playlist in the background...I lay you
flat on your stomach.

Pull out the warm sensation body oils and begin to rub down your
neck....then I progress to your upper back. I climb on top of you from
the back...and start kissing on your neck. You feel my dick pulsating
through my "I love you" boxers that I wore specially for this evening.
My dick gradually sliding up and around your ass, your fiending for me
to just take you. So I pull them down, and slide it in your pussy while
you lie on your stomach.

Then I slide it halfway in. You instantly creme for it. Slowly moaning,
I ask you if you enjoy the pre show that I am giving you. You say
yes...but this is the beginning of a very long night.

I push deeper inside of you. My dick greets your belly button is. That's
how far I'm inside of you. Sucking on your ears and kissing behind them
as I work my dick in 180 degree circles, full and right or your pusy walls.

You like that? Trust me...there's more.


  • ButtaFli

    So glad to have u back...ur view on life is always a treat! This piece was decadent...really enjoyed it!

  • Realy enjoyed this.. your blogs are simply put.. *Panty Droppers*

  • check out a blog I just started... It's more poetry +