Its Not the way it has to go..It's just not how it was.- TwoThousandTen

Wednesday, January 20, 2010
They say, "Damn Greg, were you been man? I know you been hiding..", I simply reply.. I been living. What else can I do? 2009 was one of my worse years. Fucked up that 7 is my favorite number, and 9 is so close. Dont judge me, I know it didnt mean nothing. And well..sicne I'm sittign here typing, I might as well add. The female I was dating and me= scraped. Out of respect for her I wish her well, regardless of the fact she wished bad Karma on me, and to never be happy. [That's the type females I attract I guess. The ex of 2008 said the same shit. Sue me.]

But I digress, she and me were on two paths walking in two different directions. Tried to make some shit work, but it wasnt. No details. But we no longer speak. Numbers been deleted. Profiles been private. Shit just changed. For the better. I had that period where I didnt want it to be over. Where I did the partial stalking shit like "I wonder what she's doing".. or thinking the worse..."What nigga is she fucking". Then I realized...I could build a bridge and walk over it with sneakers of fire. So I did. Next time we speak will be via ferry, I can tell you that. Forward motion, right? Right.

Its 2010...Single, pissing off females. I pissed off a chick I was getting to know during and post the breakup as a friend or whatever, mainly because of her inhibitions. Dont know how I attract females who look good, but their mindframes...strange. But homegirl was ugh. Then another woman..not girl cause she's a few years older [as most of them have been lately 25+], but um... long story short we've known each other for the better part of two years. She had broken up with the ex of ten+ years and we decided to kick it, just friend like. Obviously later rather than sooner, sex and everything transpired. Emotions got kicked in the air, and we jumped for them. Only problem is when we both came down, the portion I grabbed wasnt the same as hers. I understand now as I write this though. She has to get over the relationship. But I rather he do it without me being a spectator, and maybe in due time I'll try again or something. I can't fade it now though. My patience wearing thiner than see through leggins in the new year.

Amungst other shit. I been low key as possible. Gave up the Twitter lifestyle as a result. Is funny how life dries up like a prune in the sun when you arent accessible by the minute. Can't fake like I aint loving it. I had 900+ contacts in my phone. A few that when I looked at them I was like "umm..who's she"; Including:

1. "Really...Who are you"
2. Alexis
3. Howard Girl
4. Red Wine from Silver Spring

>>> I can't even afford to make a mistake and call them thinking I know them. I'm sure numbers been changed, phones mysteriously that "I lost my phone and got a new one" shit. So..I developed amnesia like Jason Bourne since I can't read minds like Sookie. [ new True Blood infatuation. Fangbang-esque.] <<<

Last year taught me plenty. Life aint about who you know. Shit, even the people I thought I knew aint know themselves. Sure, I have them moments I wish everything I wrote was getting retweeted, or commented on facebook..but The life I live aint the life I lead. Which is good. Hopefully my blogs take into account of that.

To know me is to..... theres a new me. -Drake

Can't really believe I went and quoted ol' boy, even though my blog is named after his cd which I hope aint slumming like his recent june09-Present material.

I made a mission on New Years Eve: Reach out to everyone one last time by 1-09-10 in hopes to reel them in. But of course, plenty got cement feet, so I'm letting em drown. Glad I saved who I could, but I can't let too many on my boat and expect to make it onto shore. Just maintenance of my mind I guess...

Theres a couple females around. When they matter, I'm sure I wont talk about them. In efforts to be somewhat more personal, and to avoid having a mishap of a girl I'm fucking with knowing a girl I'm talking to [while I'm still single I presume].. I just keep it to myself. I'm liking that idea. Lets see how many times I hear "I dont want to end up in one of your blogs" this year. I'm sure I'll be back around. Less of course, but when I do.. it'll be lengthy reads. Who's drinking? I'm buying. Lets toast to a New Year. I'm different. Clap for him.