The phone Died

Tuesday, July 22, 2008
Man I froze up, somebody shoulda woke me up
Nigga like me was so infactuated by the butt
I was eager to look, but contemplated saying what's up
Didn't wanna come off as a slut....But
I decided to let it ride, but my shyness aside
and speak so I had to swallow my pride
"Hello what's your name, your beautiful"
"And maybe if I can, I wanna go and get at you"
"Because not only did you catch my eye, but I wonder why
I'm in front of you instead of being right by your side
As your here's a plan I hope you take this number
Call me tonight so we can make plans for the summer
And instead she wrote hers and said "boy I wonder...
If you'll call me for me, or my features and thighs of thunder
So I concided and said "sweets I'm a man, but I'm a human being
I done seen enough trash to know You need the finer things
So you giving your number to me, is a treasure to me
So I walk her to the car gave her a hug, and hopped in my ride
Soon as I got to the car, I realized before I could save te number..
The fucking phone done died.