Justified as a woman

Friday, July 25, 2008
She needs a watch to keep the times
cuz' of the tears she cried
caused her dry eyes
how many times,
should she reply
to your doggish ways
and stupid lies
see, she was born to be a Black Queen
the Black Princess
You saw was true
the Black King
she thought was you
was just a joke,a fluke-untrue!
when she came to you for support
when she needed a helping hand
You didn't help her out of her hole
to busy chillin' with-
Joe and Sam
when her aunt made her
monthly arrival
like a revival
her dependency grew
in church they call for the Lord
but she called for you-no word
as she lays in agitation
suffering from mental constipation
cause she couldn't get ya'
outta her mind,
she just couldn't get rid of
Ya kind!
she told me you put the
in German Shepherd
You're such a dog
and dirty like hogs
and she knew
that you were cheating
trying your best to be
discreet and...
she knew that you were skeeting
that's why her love
You saw fleeing
so deceiving,
she has cried her last tear
she could over you
tore the last picture of you
You're now
and it's true
she told me
"One day he will miss me
have dreams
he'll wanna kiss me
and I know,
that he will wish me
into his arms
without the proof of his charm''
out of arm reach
out of memory
her memories
will never let her get played
like spades
never outsmarted
her brain
she's on focus
to maintain...
so she wishes you
the best of whatever,
and she hopes u wishes
the same too,
she said she betta call Tyrone
tell him that she and you
are through!


  • Tracy

    Well, well, well. You continue to surprise and impress me. Please don't stop.