Part Two...After The Intermission (finally)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008
I want to feed you. Better yet.... you feed me. Be my entree. Be my dinner,
and then in the morning be my breakfast. Let me feast on you. I know that's
something you'll like. Let me put whip crème on your navel, cherry on
top and lick from the bottom to the top of your...Yeah. I know you
understand. They say words paint a picture, but you can't have words
without a tongue so let my verbalize in-between your thighs.

Let me please you tonight. Lay you down somewhere cool, middle of the
winter, let’s do it on a park bench while behind a bush. Joggers and
strollers walking past under the street lights, while you mumble words
as I devour your love box. Tasting the left, right, back and inside of
you. That's what I like to do. Blow kisses on your pussy lips gently
take you in my mouth as I lick you where if the sun shined, it be
covered by the wetness between your legs.

They glisten as I kiss them, sucking on your inner thigh, spreading your
legs east and west. So I maneuver my tongue to California, your left leg,
already spread, as I kiss up from the top of your leg to your ankle,
while fondling you with my right hand. Obviously you’re enjoying this by
you totally forgetting the people that have now noticed us doing this
act. You don't give a shit, grabbing on my head, rubbing fingers against
my waves. Only motion in this ocean is the way I curl my tongue back,
and change its width so you can enjoy the whole experience.

Moving back down, I take my hands in a "Va", place them at the center of
your pussy and dive in. Licking it faster, working my tongue in circles,
and not lifting my head. Just going for what I know. You moan a little bit,
trying to hold it in. So I take one hand down, and push your hand off
you rubbing your chest. Let me do it for you. So between me sucking on
your pussy, you cum about three times, before you finally orgasm. Didn't
think you could orgasm from getting licked now did you?