....Thank Me Right Now, Please. Dont Wait.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Welcome back.

Whew.. Where has time gone? Well since the last you've heard of me I've been through plenty. Like really, I been through shit most would find impossible. Not like flying off a building and landing standing up, but forreal. So I've been attempting to pump out 30 in 30. Feel like I can do it. I owe y'all. Where can I start? The women who've been in and out of my life? Nah....thats too easy. Lets focus on me. I've found out a LOT about myself in the past 8-9 months. I reflected, I asked others, shit...I even READ BOOKS. Yes. Me. Read books. I'm already smart as shit, but Kindles! KINDLES!

A friend of mine (yes, they are still a friend) told me I was selfish. Insecure. Rude. Self-Obsorbed. Amongst other things.

They aint wrong. I'm an asshole. Personally I prefer ME, over you. If they had to off you or me...It'd be you. I am a firm believer of the "Dont Snitch" movement. Regardleof the tattle tales on First 48 I watch ever so much. However. My self pleasure is much more than what you can give me. Kanye said it best. "I dont need your pussy bitch I'm on my own dick".

And I am. I promise. I learned plenty. Women like men that they cant have. Bitches like to control situations they really cant. Married individuals lie. Single individuals lie. The truth hurts. And exes are just that. Exes.

In retrospect of Drakes' album coming out...I felt it was only proper for me to start it off on his release date. Now mind you....my blog has been the same since Room For Improvement was hot. It just so happened my theories of his album coming out AFTER another Birdman & TQ album was wrong. Congrats. But this my blog. I downloaded your shit.

Tomorrow I'll go in. 29 to go.