...Using the Internet To Find S/O's.

Friday, June 18, 2010
....I've had flings, fucks, friendships, and relationships all from the internet. Shit is what it is. I'm not out running the streets, not a hustler, and not a heavy clubber. I dont pride ymself off beign a club groupie, in there every thursday, knowing the bouncers and whatnot. However I do. How? The internet. The same people I'll end up meeting at a club...have Facebook, twitter, etc. What would be the difference in me saying:

1.) I met my wife at the club. She added me on Facebook, we talked for a while, started dating.
2.) I met my wife on Facebook. we knew each other for a while, followed each other, spontaneously met at a club, and started dating.

Its all the same. In the age and era we live in. The internet is not only a source of security, but of information. If you think the only thing the internet personas can offer you are "conversation", then you are one step closer. Whats going to happen when you have a conversation with a guy whos so savvy with his words, that woos you? "Oh I met you online, I dont do that" is what you're going to say? C'mon.. Be realistic.

The internet is a pre-requiste to the real world. If you can't make it on here, you have no business living in the real world. Period.