The Interlude; But Not Bria's.

Monday, September 20, 2010
It's funny. We're always looking for Mr & Mrs. Right be it they might be "right for the moment", or "right then", but you never know what it could be. I've been fortunate to have a lot of good women in my life. Friends, exes, enemies, yes even them. I've been blessed. Even my poor decisions had a good result (most of the time, I tried to be optimistic). But one thing I looked at from Ms. Upscale was...the shit finds you. I used to be pressed to be in a situation, mainly because I felt I had something to prove. Always had couples surrounding me, and being on these social networks, it kind of gives you insight of what to expect from others when it's your turn to be happy.

I've been an asshole to the point where I've thought shit had to go my way in order to strategically work better. Dee has called me out numerous times saying "you can't be alone, but you can't be single", so I've kept a woman, just because. But recently things have just been..different. I wont speak much but I know I have someone who cares and is down for me, that's a pretty damn high claim. Now.. queue from "Until I Get Married". just because I'm content now, doesn't dictate that changing in the future. Things and situations happen. And I don't get to decide, but rather make it work.

Relationships work. They don't have decisions. Arguments happen, and you can't do nothing but make shit work. You gotta feel me on this one. You know those cliche ass Taye Diggs movies, or shit, any Black Cinema, where typically either Sanaa Lathan, Vivica A. Fox, or Gabrielle Union plays the lead black woman where theres love, hurt, turmoil, the turning point, and then ultimately the climax that ends good? I'm trying to have one of those moments. One of those "Love Joneses" moments. One of those ""play for your heart" type moments. Sound corny as hell right? That's the truth though.

You never know the things you have until you don't have them in your possession, and sometimes you have to give up plenty in order to get them. I love seeing my friends and associates happy, but its bout time I can say the same things. Shit wont be all. Need work. As I sit here...drinking my Lipton Brisk, trying to check for grammatical errors in efforts to make myself "look like I type perfect" (I don't), you got to understand one thing...this my life, I'm no gossip blogger. This is my life. And you should be in it. For good.

Enjoy what's to come, Expect less of what's behind you.

Are you ready?