It Aint Nothing But A #; Dont Call Me On It.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010
Now everyone who knows me understands that I typically have a "fetish" of sorts with older women. I have my reasons, and I'll elaborate on them so people understand. Most men will think having a cougar means they've accomplished something. I like older women not for the fact they know more than a woman my age. Or even the fact they have their quote-on-quote "shit" together. I simply like older women because there are some, typically the ones I like, that through caution out of the window and instead of being a peer mediator to a man who's younger than them, they simply let live. They don't see birth dates and numerals. They see compatibility. Of course you'd ask "so why not date someone your age". My mother told me act my age, not my shoe size.

I had a conversation with a woman that I think is very secure in herself, however uses her age at every whim. It is actually frustrating always having to defend the fact that you don't get the option of the day you come out of the womb to someone who's your elder in a sense. But we try. At least I do. So the conversation went as such. Lets call her "Special K".

Special K: Some Women are not into mentoring a gotta come already packaged to be open and used as is.
Me: However: Things fall apart.
Special K: Not Saying we all don't have growing to do, it just depends on how much growing.
Me: That's what you deal with when you talk to younger men. You ain't got to mentor us. Contrary to what you believe: It's now all about y'all.

[At this point in the conversation I was expecting it to go one or two ways: her to dictate a young man worth or explain to me about out previous conversation about dating an older woman; and it not working. She chose Option B. Wise Card to pull]

Special K: Unfortunately...things did fall apart b/c you guys man not have been equally yolked.
Me: Thanks [Female name]
Special K: Why you thanking me?
Me: Because you're stating the obvious.
Special K: Ohh shut up Greg.
Me: Like sometimes we just might know the same things. Your age ain't really shit. I'm just saying. Age typically only matters to the older party. Especially since majority puts enough emphasis on it.
Special K: I met a dude that was way younger than me and I felt the most like myself around him...than any other dude.
Me: Good. So why are you over here speaking on age like it dictates anything.

[Now I feel as if nobody won this argument. Valid points were made on both parts. However I hate to see a woman, or man, in that matter try to substitute age with logic and then go and tangle them together.]

This is what I said to myself because I hate to have debates with women. A woman chooses what she wants wisely. You all aren't like us men who act on impulse and figure it's "okay" to just "float" through life. However, everything regarding ages and everything we've discussed just seems so..planned. Like me for me, not the fact that you were born first and know more. I've lost count how many times I've trumped a woman mentally, and her defense mechanism just so happened to be "you're just young". Thanks. Don't let the big words, and my lack of poor diction and vernacular. I'm a smart dude. I feel inclined to talk to a woman of the same stature. Be it younger or older. And she better not have an issue with my age.

Granted at 23 I should be focused on my career, not the lack thereof a woman. And I promise..I have my salary straight. So to speak. However I've had so much history in my young years, dealing with women of different races, ages, colors, locations...that sometimes I'm acting my age. I have much to learn that I simply couldn't learn from a woman that's doing the same, or living the same lifestyle as me. What do I bring to the table to a woman that's older: Dependability. The leading factor in why she's single. Some older women I've met simply have lacked a man, of any age that's dependable. I have my vices, but I would like to think I never just "not do" for people. Including my significant other. Lets be honest, I FedEx a care package to an Ex because she was sick. Sure we broke up a couple weeks after that. [Wont go there], But I digress.

Bottom line is: I like to be happy. And if you can't be happy completely because as a woman you feel like "a younger man has a lot of life to live and will be hard to tame, think about it like this: Cubs stay in the den, growing to become maned enough to venture on their own. Yes, they need guidance, and care, and even attention. Meanwhile, its typically the cougars that are on the prowl, out scouring for prey.

It's just life. Live it. At 23..or 32.