You Put The Dick In Her: I Put The Dick On Her. And Her.

Friday, September 24, 2010
...So I've had dreams about it. Dreams in plural, like five of them. All in the span of weeks rather. Like they never have an ending point, and the attire always changed. The sheets always change, yes the sheets. I've been having this dream about intercourse with twins. It gets explicit, so much so, I was going to try to make it into a Moist Satin Sheets themed blog, but couldn't. It has me stumped, because...I know twins. A couple of sets. The men that you hear wanting twins probably still do want variety like a threesome with two different women. Its just an intriguing notion to have sex with two other women with the same features. All of them are beautiful and I'm friends with both of the twins. But this dream was..different. Like it started out just a sex thing and escalated to something far..far different so I'll get into it.

It started with a whole lot of texts, and calls. Pretty much between the both of them, just harmless friends flirting. Always had the notion in the back of my head they knew I was flirting with the other. But we know how I am, so the dream goes on as such. One night I just decide to go over there. And hang. We're all cool, so why not bring alcohol. So I do. We chilling, drinking, playing Uno..and things get shifty. Like I'm looking at them with every intention of taking them both down, but you know how it goes. "what if one isn't down?" because you know you have to pick and shit. Twins don't really enjoy the idea of...seeing the other twin fucking. At least that's what I'm lead to believe. The whole seeing double thing is just sexy. Now typically if one twin is cute, the other is fine, and vice verse. But I'm dragging..

So one of the twins apparently is tired and decides to lay down. Lets call this twins Erica and Patrice. I just think the names fit. So Patrice decides she's tire, the drinks flows heavy, the shot challenges commenced and she got restless. Off to bed she goes. So I'm left there..With Erica on a couch. At this point she's already not trying to drink anymore for reasons that are obvious. She's in the mood thanks to the mood juice though. I play my cool. Watching TV, doing little dumb things that might grab her attention. Hitting her with the pillow, looking at her, and when she realizes it look away, kiddie shit. Can't be too forward and say "You Wanna fuck"Esq.

Needless to say I try my hand anyway, she pushes off. I don't try again because I don't want BOTH twins sleep so I simply play it cool. Somehow someway, after another episode of Martin, she feels like "damn, he's not going to try to fuck me again", and I play the "I don't want to really fuck her, I'll beat my dick when I get home" role. Knowing good and damned well..I'm trying to knock all the wind out of her chest like an asthmatic with the inhaler on the opposite side of the room.

Lost in translation, we end up in her room because she wants to be comfortable. Comfortable with me, in her bed, watching TV. I always liked when a woman doesn't have a TV in her room and invites you in there, however a TV in the room means one thing: 10am sportscenter. And Greg likes that. So..we're in the room, and we're talking. She rolls over with her back to me. Now typically I'm not the cuddler, but after a few drinks, and a woman who meets regulatory standards..I'm all for it. And you know how women their best "he better not try to fuck me" wear, with their asses arched symmetrically on my lower chest, and lower. Just to see if I'll try my hand. Which...if I weren't sober..I'd probably do. One thing leads to another..

I'm on top of her. Her t-shirt is knotted at her elbows as she's lifting it over her head. I'm working on the buttons on her jeans. Now I don't know if this is typically what women do when they know they are around men, but they wear the most complicated jeans ever. It had like three buttons, a zipper, and a belt. Felt like I was playing pictionary with mimes. But I made it work. And lets just say..her underwear screamed "fuck me rough so my sister can hear it". I swear to you..I did.

Imagine having a thin, beautiful woman riding you reverse cowgirl with her hair flowing down her back, she turns back to you asking if you're enjoying it. Then she tells YOU to keep it down because her sister is in the room. That shit right there just made me hard while typing. So we're going for it, she's grabbing her breasts as she rides on top of me, pussy foaming at the lips as I'm hoping she's not looking back while mouthing to myself "I swear I want to just cum inside of her". Verbatim. You fellas know how it goes.

Just when its feeling good I hear footsteps and the door opens to reveal her sister. She stands there as Erica grabs her breasts. Stunned to walk in on her sister doing this..she seems to be pleased about it. Like she wanted a piece. So I mention to her of my fantasies, and not trying to make the situation weird, meanwhile assuring Erica that she's adequate enough to be my current sex spouse, but I had never done it. Sure it's every mans fantasy, but I want it to go down a little differently. I don't want them to kiss. I don't even want them to touch. I want her to watch me do Erica. Then I want to do do Patrice. And if the sex Gods want, maybe they will join in. In positions they never thought off. One riding me while one rides my face, the thought of it alone has Erica trying to convince her sibling it's enough to try once, we only live once. So lets do it and never talk about it.

...Then Patrice closes the door...