Friday, August 1, 2008
Man sometimes I really do question...why the fuck do I try with half these women. Maybe my selection is really that poor. Or hell...maybe I keep going for the same types. But then again, its summer. Women are catty, and have a determination to be different. So Saudia calls me out the blue at like 1am, talking about 'is there something you need to tell me before we go further'.... The fuck? How would I know? Is there something you know that I don't? Seriously.

So I'm sitting here stumped. Thinking 'have I fucked someone?' Or 'do she know one of these countless females I talk to on facebook?'. I don't know, and frankly don't give a fuck. She can up and leave if she please. Sick of not having a label for women, and they try to go and make it more. She's the same one that was making it hard for me to get with her at the beginning, now she wants me to be with her and all this. The madness needs to stop. I'm kinda glad I'm no longer fucking. Not to mention that complicates everything, but I just don't want to be inside somebody right now. Sick of some people, no bullshit. Even ex 05 sometimes. Regardless, she may be the only female worthy of understanding me. But fuck... She's been around since I was 18, and isn't going anywhere. Guess I should've tried to make that work.

But I have a habit of saying that when its convienent. Because I know for a fact...the next flock of pussy that comes around...I'm so caught up in getting it, I totally forget the people their originally. Which could be part of the reason why I can't keep a female. That or have a woman keep my interest. Because lord have I tired. Younger, older, white yellow, brown and black. Short fat thick, you name it...they've been rapped to.