How you going to talk about my lover Lauren London though? Part 1

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Honesty Box: "How you like that ugly ass bitch Lauren London? Bitch look like a baby giraffe. You can do way better. She got no body, her weave's fake as shit. You need to step your girly game up Greg."

Bitch.. First off you look like the outcome of Gucci Mane reproducing with a German Shepard. (Yeahhhhh). You going to quit talking about my lover. I know your my friend on this jaint too.. So heres the attention you been craving. Baby giraffe? My lord.. Is you serrrrious? Stevie Wonder told her shes the baddest bitch walking, and that nigga cant see the future. So how you going on her though? Dont gimme that "it was just a joke" shit either. I'm serious bout mine. You can talk about my Cardinals all day in the paint.. (5-3)... But You crossed the line talking bout my main squeeze. I know you have to wake up in the morning.. look in the mirror and hate yourself. Your equilibrium is all fucked up. Your body is miserable. I feel for anyone that would stick a dick inside you. You do realize that I found out who you were too right?

Moooooooooooooo... ugh young. *flashbacks.. cold shivers* You got this shit as your main profile photo too? Broad.. Lauren London DOO...DOOS on you. How the fuck your thong look like a pussy ace bandage though?