Mama We Made it! Jesse & Nader= Two he-bitches

Wednesday, November 5, 2008
If I untagged you. I'm sorry.. I had to make space for Lauren. Sorry.

Republicans... Mccain... KKK Members...Haters, bullshitters..How your face feel?

(Tell him Illigetimate Child #2)

Man....first off....let me tell you how good I look this morning though. You ever woke up from the best dream/sleep of your dressed for work in the morning, and just looked in the mirror like 'oh fuck look gewd! Obviously Obama won last night, so I'm on a mission to go into work looking 52 times better than anybody I see today. Did I wear Republican Red? Nope. I'm decked out in blue like a trendy city crip. Ye dig? Feeling good like I just got some wake up sex, and nutted back to back. (What's up Lauren baby? Oww oww oww oww).

Peep my steelo though. Black slacks, blue shirt topped off with the black vest? My lord. Feeling tighter than virgin pussy on first Sunday out this thang. Obama got me stepping it up out here.

Speaking of Obama. I haven't received so many emails, text, picture messages, calls, and voicemails in my life. Thanks to everybody I talk to on the regular, and the ones I hardly hear from for including me in your Obama campaign. I never seen so many black people come together in the streets of the city to celebrate in my life. They don't even come outside to celebrate a Redskins win. (Like they had something to celebrate on Monday... Ouch..dagger).

Jesse Jackson....

I had to speak on this nigger first. Crying... Yeah man, you should cry. He went at Obamas NECK... But yesterday this man was hysterical. Doing victory dances like A Dallas Cowgirl (the cheerleaders...I aint bashing y'all Cowboy fans). You'd think that he's be happy for Obama the whole time, seeing as though he witnessed Martin be killed, he'd be eager to watch another man of the same stature running things. But you always have that bad seed ass clown that can aim in the wrong direction and ruin a piss party.

Off Nuttsacks nigger.


Then lord. This character. If ignorance is bliss....this guy must blush year round. Never heard any derogatory statements out of anyone until I heard 'Obama will either work to pay Uncle Sam...or turn his back on us all and become an Uncle Tom. DAMN! Tell em why you mad son! Now I'm no politician... But I will say this. I hope this man gets on NO more Ballots. Old Mr. Skinner from the Simpsons looking ass dude. Ugh... If I had a cold, I'd hawk up some flem and spit right between dudes eyeballs. Nasty, but that nigga deserves it.

Ol Dandruff on the dick ass nigga

Oww Oww Oww Owwwww

Fuck that... Let's move on..

...the 5th of November...the gunpowder treason and plot. I know of no reason why the gunpowder treason should ever be forgot. Funny thing is November 5th was a day of revolution in England in real life (Guy Fawkes) and in V for Vendetta (based on the idea of Guy Fawkes).....but now in the US, its a real revolution on November the 5th as well.

So in conclusion.. I may have ancestors that were slaves, but today they are dancing out of their graves, happy for the change. Marin and Malcolm watching our passions. Hariett and Rose enjoying who we chose up. You don't eem have to be black to know that we broke our backs building this land... Now we're taking it back.

The biggest congratulations go out to Obamas DAUGHTERS. Not one.. but TWO black little girls in the White House. What a life they will live.

What a reparation right? Damn skippy. Oww oww oww owwwwwwwww.

Hey Mccain....!



Swear I love this woman. *pelvis thrust*

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