Gear Grinders 5/13

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I tried to build on shit I've seen, heard, and whatnot. I've let y'all down blogwise quite frankly aint been shit to talk about. But I do have shit that's pissed me off. Or.. Grind my gears. Here goes.

  1. People who had to google Drake, trying to listen to all his mixtapes this week so when they show up to love Saturday in attempts to sing over dude.

  2. Ethiopian chicks that age quick. I love y'all. I really do, but you are 24 looking 47. Shit aint cute.

  3. Niggas who wear big ass cloudy chains and earrings to the club. Period for that matter. I'm going to need you to stop goign to the back of the XXL magazine to find your fashions. Cut it out boy boy.

  4. My blackberry when it freezes when I answer a call and the joint takes another 15 seconds. Shit aint cool.

  5. Females who have the concept of thinking like a man and that they want to be single forever. If you make that choice for're destined for doom. Ugh. Wood jie blow me.

  6. The Post Office raising the price of stamps to $.0.44 got me fucked up. I WILL be sending out emails from this point on.

  7. Bank of America's "Keep The Change" program. YOU took out money from MY account. Now I'm in negative. I ain't paying thr $35.

  8. Women with black sheep pussy hairs. You need to shave that shit. Aint no reason you take off your panties and your pubic hairs tuggin at the underwear. Dare to Nair.

  9. Females who stash their weed in their purse at the club then walk around the whole night smelling like skunk. You need a better ziploc bag. I aint dancing with you then walk around smelling like I aint showered in three days. I smell pretty fucking swell thank you, bitch.

  10. Fat women looking at the wrong bathing suits. LOOK... Hollister will NOT have your size. You need to just go to the beach wrapped in the towel the entire time. Seriously.

  11. Niggas who befriend you on Facebook as a result of seeing you talking to their chick. Cool, cool. Whatever. But dont message me asking how I know her. Adios, gotta go.

  12. Irish Bars [on occasion]: Some of y'all bartenders jie rude as fuck. I continue to go because I love the enviornment, but don't think cause I'm black I wont walk in there and just drink your Grey Goose. Thanks.

  13. Inconsistent Text Messages: Look.. I texted you at 8:00PM MONDAY. Its Wednesday, explain to me WHY you are hitting me with a reply now.

  14. Some Women on Twitter: With them small ass profile photos you think she has a chance of being cute. Until.. Well shit, you see a full image shot. Shit jie hideous.

  15. Chris Brown: You put panties on your head. Wait.. these Rihanna panties we talkin bout. Nevermind, you get a pass.

  16. Cassie: You need more tittie meat. Seriously trying to understand if you wear BRAS, or just wear infant wifebeaters. Thought you were the 6th member of B5 for a second bew bew.

  17. Co-Workers who ask shit they can do themselves. Look here.. Why you asking me to scan a document? Joint at YOUR desk.

  18. Women skipping birth control to get pregnant: LONG story. Watch "Lakeview Terrace and you'll understand.

  19. People who fart in crowds then move away asking "ugh, you smell that?".. Dog.. If you smelled it then SPOKE on it, you need to check your drawls.

  20. Red Lobster: Only giving out FOUR cheddar biscuits at a time now. Fuck all that. Gimme my six back.


  • DJ Ed Nice

    lmfao... B5 hahaha, co-sign...

  • Tupieta

    LOL this was funny.

    *boycotting Red Lobster*