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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Update 9/17: This joint was originally dont back in July, but I never posted it. So for my lack of words off other situations and shit, this is what I'm giving you. Some thoughts have changed, but I didn't change the blog. Fuck it.

If you can see this, then that probably means your on the "guestlist" to read the blog. Basically I went private for a host of reasons. None of them really hold any weight, but I've come to terms with the fact that I'm getting older, and in order to protect the hearts of many, I have to tone down things I say in order to maintain my character.

My blog was never MADE to go and get attention, but more so to get out my thoughts. I tested it out a year ago, and sure, you get a few laughs, shits and giggles here and there, but the topics and discussions that did have substance were overlooked...often. Hence, we are private. I figured I'd go out of my way and ATTEMPT to blog at least once a week. But in May and June, well.. I've slacked. Just watching peoples moves and interactions with me. Trust me, I have a LOT to say but wont. Maybe I will.

  • The interim girlfriend and I broke up. She put it to me like this. "I care too much about myself to consider someone elses feelings. I dont want kids, marriage, or no drama." Basically she likes to party and bullshit. I can't knock her. At 25, what can you do? I on the other hand, can't see me waiting until 30 to "slow up". But to each his own cool.

  • Had a stalker. Left a four minute voicemail on my phone. I would post the audio but it has her address, name and all that in it. But there are some people who have heard it. Wasnt very pleasant. Basically she left for school in August in Georgia. NEVER called, text, courier, nada. Then came back in May acting like I was supposed to be stuck on her. Nah.

Fathers day. Basically, dude aint been right the past 22 years. He's always been on some on again, off again bullshit. Like prime example. His other family, dude goes, visits, chills, all that. Think dude came past here ONCE on Fathers Day? Nope. As a result dude got NO conversation from me. Now, maybe when I'm older, and he's old and grey, I'll write a blog like "oh Dad, I wish you'd forgive me"... But quite frankly, dude never cared anyway. Sure, he shells out a couple dollars. But he still holds the fact he payed $250.00 for summer school over my head. And that was the 11th grade.

I digress. I hate talking about family issues. He'll need me before I do.

Facebook/Twitter: I jie like been hesitant to really go and converse with people like I normally do. I've slacked on updates and statuses, and I've attempted to distance myself from a few folks. Mainly... they aint shit. I have women friends on both that have been drilled in the head that flirting must go all the way. it doesnt. So I had to put a buzz in one girls ear.

"Dear you, please be informed that even though you're cute, and your profile photo is sexy, you have no personality outside of this Facebook world. Sure, I've flirted with you, and yes, even went at you for sex. But trust me, 9 times out of 10, you were one of three females I did that to this week. Regards, Management."

Food for thought. Take a bite. Happy 4th. I'll be back.



    To your third paragraph. I feel you on that. I created a blog for the same reason. Well, it was meant to see how far I could go as far as expressing myself. I don't have the readers like you do, but I really don't want to have that many readers right now. I feels good just to right about something. Takes the thrill away when I realize someone is judging what I am saying.