DMV is too small. I've talked to two friends before. Shit be happening.

Friday, September 11, 2009
I'm going to let Greg write this blog. My alter-ego can't handle this type blog without it going into a tangent. So lets rock.

I've talked to a host fo females in my day. Me living in DC, I'm sure most of them know each other in reference to the third. They may not be best friends, but they've clubbed together, their friends with a friend of a friend, or shit, they may have actually been close. I'm not guilty for knowing. I don't go out of my way and say "you know I'm going to fuck with her, and her friend just to make an option for myself". I'm not that hardbody. As a result, I lost a female friend, and a girl I was going to get serious with, temporarily until we talked the situation out about this.

Apparently I was talking to her and her friend, whom I didnt know were friends. So she felt slighted because I was telling her the same things I was telling ol girl. This is how I function when I meet a person:

  • I dont tell them anything different. I don't instigate family into conversation for the first six weeks. Period. Some shit you need not know of.

  • I don't lie. You will know everything I tell the last girl, because 9 times out of 10, I'm fucking with you because you remind me of the characteristics I like...and...honestly, that last girl had that. It's how shit works.

  • My friend says I have "Pussy Madness". When I talk to women, I talk to them in threes. I have: The frequent, the freak, and the wanderer.

The frequent is the girl I want to be in the position as my girl, but she's just like me. She wants to play the odds in order to find Mr. Right. So I find myself competing with other niggas for her attention. I like the chase, until another man is in first place, and I'm in a position other than that. That's when the freak comes in. The freak is the girl that I talk to when the other broads bore me. We text freak shit to stimulate my interest and occupy my time. It happens. I'm to blame.. This is the Alter ego guy.. Sue me. Then you have the wanderer. She's the one who's the friend, that SHOULD be the lover. I have plenty of them.

Basically I WANT her, should HAVE her, but she's determined to keep me in the friend bracket because of what she sees me doing with the frequent and the freak. She is usually the one who I can go and talk to about everything, and she is cool with it THEN, but when I pour my heart about her being the one... She's quick to:

"I know how you do these females"

I hate that shit. With a passion. If 2009 had a motto, mine would be "I don't know exactly what to make out of you". Mainly due to the fact....women don't know me. They never will. On Twitter last night I put it out there I have an Alter Ego. Greg..and Al. Al is the raunchy dude that women want around after 8pm. The freak joint that keeps them laughing, entertained. All women want that "rush" that they can run to. My issue is I don't show "Greg" enough. Greg is the one they would date if Al wasnt around so much. And no I dont have Advanced delusionary schizophrenia with involuntary narcissistic rage, I'm just a very gente person. Me..and him.

SoI know she's reading this, so I apologize for fucking with you and her.. I was just playing the cards dealt to me. I promise you I'm a good dude and you won't meet two of me in your life. It should've worked, and I could've treated the situation with better tactics, but end of the day, I'm a man, I make excuses without a strategic thought process, but I mean well. That's one thing she can say I've never told her. Tell her that. Plus, you were the better party. You and I both know why.

This is Greg... And I wont finish last.

Nice guy my ass.