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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Came to the conclusion a lot of people going to fuck around until 30, so I'ma be one of them. Wont even go indo details, but at least it will keep my blogs rolling in right? Right.

This is probably the slowest year I've had in my blogging career. In a month I wrote one blog. SO I'm going to bang out 20 blogs in the next thirty days. But they all wont be posted. I'm aiming to have a whole lot of shit on my conscience, off of my conscience. So I'm going to do just that. My blackberry is about to get some heavy flex work in the memopad section beecause I have a host of things to say. Lets first start talking about these bitches.

Granted I'm going over a lot of bitches heads these days. I had a female tell me she couldnt fuck with me cause of what I say on Twitter. But we fucked. I just want to fuck again. Mainly because the shit is burning in my conscience. Its funny because she only comes around when no other niggas want to fuck with her, I get that Twitter update or a random text message like "How you been". I been here, been left you alone, fuck you want this month. Ever since she been single she's been needy, so I'm been giving it the benefit of the doubt of her being a nice person, but to be quiet honest, I want to fuck. She want to fuck, and aint nothing else about it.

[Water Break. Long Paragraph]....

I don't want her as a girl, just a couple nights of regrets, and a morning of excuses. You know? It's funny how down bitches are to fuck until their conscience gets to them when they realize "damn.. I really have to go through with this". It phases me none. I've fucked for the fuck of it for so long in my twenty-two years, I can honestly say I've only had "loving" sex once. And that was with my partner of three years. Everything else has been like "oh.. wonderful. A nut". Rude, but its a fact.

Moving south, I've been deleting bitches out my phone. I call them bitches once they are deleted mainly due to the fact if you get deleted out my phone, gotta be off some fuck shit. I don't even have the "Phonebook" as an icon on my phone because I rarely dial out. And I dont go through my contacts. I figure my recent 25 call log are the only people worthy of being called. And from the gist of it.. Thats:

Late Night Hike

That's pretty much what be mattering to me. Everybody else either got a pussy or just want to be entertained for a short period of time. Shit happens. I'm entertaining. I can't help but be used. My problem is I reply. So I've learned to go hard and not even answer some people after some text exchanges.

Her: Hey
Me: What's up. I'm trying to get up with you. [no need for cut cards.. get on the goodfoot]
Her: Lol
Mer: Fuck is you laughin at?
Her: lol, no, Its not, its just your always on joking status
Me: Man stop playing me for a fool.
Her: I can't do it though.

Conversation ceased there. You want to grab a nut when your pussy screams to your brain, but when I want it, I got to jump through hoops like my name Sonic. #GOTCHBITCH you done lose one. So I deleted slim out my phone. Conversations can and will go my way. I'm that rude about it. If I was rude about mine, I'd tell her to lose my number too, but I'll just wait until she text me again, or hit me up on one of these Internet joints and be like "Nah, I X'ed you.". You been demoted to keystrokes. Your communication minimal. Yep. She ain't the only one. There will be more. Most of them have boyfriends, and be texting "just to see whats up". Text that man. I have a day job.

Fuck yall

Checking Phonebook: Bam.. I see contacts I ain't hit up in 90 days. Gotta go, gotta go.

Lets hope I have more to run with until later. I feel better about myself at the expense of others. Shit happens. But I'm no longer to be fucked with.



  • Untouched Jewel

    I guess it sucks for any woman to be the potential future woman in your world.