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Monday, September 14, 2009

So, I finally went on my first date. Let me explain. I'm twenty two. Most of the women I entertain my life with are worthless. Which makes the evening even more fitting that my first vibe being with a blogger. Let's give backdrop.

First I wasn't expecting her to answer. I was going through my phone.. Basically going through my phone...texting seeing what females were doing for the night. I had a date set with this one broad..but she aint worth the spitting in a drizzle. Fuck her. So I texted a few and decided I would go on about seeing other folks. Nola was that. We will call her that cause yeah...that's her. We hadn't really spoken in a while but seemed to not miss a beat. I appreciate her.

We set up plans to meet and hang out around six. To see a Tyler Perry movie. And I don't fuck with dude so this was a stretch. So it ended up a bonus because the movie was decent. Taraji P. Henson is my bread and butter. I want to meet her and make our privates touch.

Digress. We get to Gallery Place and the conversation of exes come up. Granted I don't do the ex. I don't talk about the ex. She's where she's at and I be where I'm at. So I told Nola both sides of the situation. Whatever. My thing is I don't get brownie points for telling facts. I didn't get to go into details about that time I fucked Karriane in 2006. But ill blog about that later.

We get into the spot. We eat. We talked and came to the agreement that we don't do people with kids. I love her for the statement. Its wild because ill gladly fuck someone who has kids. Committing is something I can't. Reason I say this is mainly because I have a problem with committing to the woman but not the child. I feel like when I can be all and do all for the child...I'm just "mommys man". And even though I don't speak family shit...that's how my stepfather was prior to him marrying her. And I don't think I can wait until I wed before I can get someones child fully involved in my life. This aint for yall to understand...just how I feel.

Moving off that, Kanye's real bitchmade for Sunday night, but it's not my place to talk ashit about dude. The media will slander his name, and I will watch. He'll be downplayed like they did Ol Dirty in 97'. Lets not forget that interview on MTV.

Random Thoughts:

  • Can't wait for Florida. Ain't take a vacation all year, so I have every intention of doing so.

  • I want some sex. Just like off the strength, like one night I'll regret and forget before I go ahead and take that venture into the dating world again.

  • Will New York happen twice? Helix..?

  • "That six thats, me. That chick, thats me. That boat, I had it on the Medeterrian sea, my nigga please."

  • How come I meet three, four beautiful, intellectuals all at the same time? Shit is wild. Makes selection fucked up.

  • Saturday joint [that aint happen] Why would you hit me up acting like I forgot. It's true, white women be forgetting shit. I don't though. Bitches and sisters I swear.

  • Friend who got kicked out of Park on her birthday: Yeah, you lame. You aint call to say thanks or nothing for us picking your drunk ass up. Should've left your ass stranded. Lose yourself. No bullshit.

I would've went on about my date, but yeah, you get the whole aspect of where it went. She's cool foks. We'll hang again. Due time. I'll holla.