I Guess Its Gon Be What Its Gon Be;

Monday, August 23, 2010
See....Im the type that hates to argue. But you...its like you bring that out. Sometimes, I have that urge to just strangle the shit out of you. I’m going to blame it on you being spoiled. You spoiled lil’ LA girl. Shit is sickening. I hate you sometimes, but I be wanting to fuck you so bad. To the point I don’t want any other man to have you. This is a tangled web we weave, and I’ve brought my needle and thread. What the fuck is it about you that sometimes I just want to go and fuck another bitch but I cant? I dont even know. Guess its like Kanye says, It’s bittersweet. Sometimes I swear you be fucking other niggas, cause lets be honest, you’re beautiful. If I were another nigga chasing you, I’d find every way possible to be inside of you.

This is directed at you, nobody else just you. Other bitches don’t matter, it rhymes, too. I deleted all those other bitches because see...the only person worth talking to is, you. Shit I mean I’m talking...TO YOU. This is me speaking here. I can’t even call it. I’ve been a whore for so long, that actually talking to someone makes me thingk they might actually be doing some wrong shit. Because shit...I’ve done it. Twice, three, maybe four times. Theres been times I’ve gotten ass at a quarter to five. Shit last year alone I vouched for six, seven, eight nine, maybe ten dimes. But see nah...you’re mine.

This isn’t a blog, this is just an open letter. If you read it shit, that might be better. You might want to curse me out, that’s the way you do. I guess you like to fuck, but you love to argue. That’s why I fuck with you. You never make shit simple. Which got me texting you. Sexting you. Trying to figure out new, creative ways to have sex with you. Because I’m sexual and you’re intellectual. Makes me want to lay next to you. And never wake up. Because see for me it’s more than the butt, cause I can go anywhere for a fuck. But I’m careful now about where I nut.

So maybe you might be thee. Fucked up part is, I don’t even know what thee might be. I been single for so long, I’ve started ignoring faces just to get the pussy. Shit, I figure it’s all the same since they all want a man with money. Fucked up part is....they don’t get a dime from me. Answer me why all of this shit I’m saying rhymes, it’s funny. Because you and I go together like two thighs cause honey, I’m trying to add, subtract, and even divide my money....Time, space, and my bed, cause like two eyes, I see, you and I, only being beside...

See I can’t even find a word to but next to beside so I’m going to ignore it and go to the next line...Alright? See before I got to sleep I call you at night. No LL Cool J, no staring at my walls at night. I might call you, you don’t answer, but see that’s e, alright? Cause you’re so fine, it’s like beauty sleep you might need, and you define that right? Cause you’re beautiful. As I’m writing this, I’m typing, but I only see you. But its like.. Every time I speak...its like all we do is...