Thought provoking? Possibly.

Sunday, August 10, 2008
Random name that has absolutely nothing to do with the topic. I had a boring saturday, with a better Sunday. Aint heard from your girl Joyce all weekend. Yeah....Anyway.

Went to the Stone Soul Picnic Saturday.. Decent. But it was a straight hoodrat fest there. Baby strollers and stunting galore. As far as friday, we all decided to go ahead and go to Hawk. Invited the girl Ana. She came through with her friends for a little while...but I guess it wasn't their type of atmosphere, so they left. I was cool because I had Jaren, Jose, and a couple girls already there. Plus there was people there. She aint end up calling she decided to TEXT me Saturday at like 730 at night. At that point I had went and just avoided the shit out her. She'll call back eventually.

The single life. Actually IS fun though. No holds barred. No handcuffs. gets lonely, but who's better company than your conscience? I've saved so much money just not doing anything with women. Like lord... They come and go by the week. Lol. Don't have a clue why. I need to 'mass sms' all the ones in my address book and see what they up to. Next goal is to categorize all of them. Wonder what they'll be:


'Out of State'



--Kinda tired. I'll have more later