It Aint Tricking if you got it? Really now?

Thursday, August 14, 2008
Who the fuck came up with THAT concept? Im sitting here just contemplating why everything a rapper says instantly becomes cool. Just a few years ago, Wayne was talking about Money Over Bitches, now homeboy is literally talking about "if you got it, throw it at her". Pardon my demeanor, but I'll be damned if i trick off some money to some random just to get a rise out of a broad. You hear me? Now. i know your probably like.. "Who is greg talking to THIS week". lol. Well Havent heard from Joyce but once, so I figure shes busy. but I have been getting contact from others. I tried to get back in touch with Saudia, but of course, shes so caught up on helping her mom out, and living her life, she cant take the time to make a call. So I dont call either. Yes, I know its wrong, but fuck that. She might as well call me when she's ready. no rush on that.

But one girl I am going head first at, is Alexi. Something about this girl is right. Like I look at this one photo alone, and want her. Met her through Facebook (I know..). But cool folks. Little skinny thing though. Used to always tell myself I wouldnt even put myself through that. lol. Im already skinny, so bones on bones..

This weekend, if nobody else *cough* decides to make some plans, Im going to go ahead and go out with Nicole to hawk. Not like I have much else to do. Jaren caught up on his folks to hang out, and I get paid, so I need a drink and some music. But everybody knows I dont club, so I have to find an alternative. lol. Shes a cutie too, but shes just my buddy. lol. Thats if she actually decides to go ahead and fucking call or text back.

But besides that, I went out to the Nationals Vs. Mets game on Tuesday, they lost, 3-2. But then turned right back around and lost by even worse, 12-0. How the fuck you down 10-0 in the 3rd inning? That shit has GOT to be damn near impossible? I love the Nationals, I really do, but these niggers man, aint no way they can lose that bad. But then again, i guess they need an allstar. Seems like thats the remedy for everything else when it comes to Washington Dc teams, isnt it?

Wonder when Jon B's new cd comes out too.
I'll have more to say later on. Ill update from the berry.