Walking down the Ave, umbrella in my hands

Thursday, August 28, 2008
Figured I'd go ahead and make a post. Why not. Have a couple things to say, even fewer things I TRULY care for. I just prefer to write about them. I used to always wonder, why the hell should I blog? Just go ahead and say what you want to people. But nah. The glory of it, is that I can say what I want, and not give a fuck with a particular person is going to say about it. Only opinion that matters is mine.

Then again, I have to go ahead and address some things. My friend is quite possibly the most gorgeous female I've met all summer. Joyce was stunning as well, but still, Leslie is, yeah. If I die, and people read this blog, get HER and make her read this. Already fell for her and the leg warmers. Lol. I swear I fall for them quick, oh well. Sucker for love I might be, but I think that's how it should be. If you like a person. I don't chase my tail when I can go for what I want.

But my main problem...I have too many to keep up with. But mainly because nobody wants to just say 'look, let's get on the same page'. Everybody on different chapters

So I have to bookmark em, and save them to read later...