Women With Fucked up Pedicures.. seriously.

Thursday, August 7, 2008
Okay, I have to speak on this shit. Bout sick and tired of it. Bitches with ugly ass nails. Cut this shit out man. Its summertime. Your working, making money. Get your fucking feet done. Hell is WRONG with you Cretans? Like real talk though. Do you seriously walk out the house with your feet looking like that? At least wear some socks to cover your crusty ass toes. I know I may not have the sexiest fet in the world, but I've mastered foot powder, lotion, and toenail clippers. Some of y'all feet shouldn't look the way they do.

Example.. Stop going out buying $200.00 outfits for the club, then not have your feet done. When is old enough to stop trying to paint your own toenails and doing a horrible job at it?