I can tell that she wants me.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008
Not really good with introductions. If you know how I am, I blog. Often. Write what I feel because some ears aren't concerned on listening. Hard to dispute what you put in writing, correct? Right. Jumping right into it...

  • Officially have a low tolerance for women who cant keep calendar. I've said it before, but I've officially started minimizing there stay in my circle. Startign to throw off my equilebrium a tad bit. Starting to think I chose the wrong women. Then again.. fuck.. Im probably just the wrong dude.

  • Thought about my ex today. Hope her new man is treating her right. I wasnt the right dude for her no damn way. So me breaking up with her may have possibly saved her years of 808's and heartbreaks. [no Kanye].

Most of this shit I'll type on my phone and possibly send in after the fact. Grammaticals will be made, not my fault. A man's allowed to make mistakes. Anyway.. I have a distinct sex drive.. and it's been semi a while since I've gotten action. Needs to happen. I wonder if women feel bad about just being fuck partners. Seems like all the ones I know have them anyway.. but when a man has one, he instantly is treating women wrong. Would you rather a man string you along and preach a sermon about him trying to fuck the horseshit out of you.

While I'm on topic.. lets talk bout Bojangles. I'll call her and other females nicknames to avoid the hassle of drama later. Its my blog and I should say what I want.. but fuck it, I'll be different and try using the Zane method of not disclosing governments. But basically I've known Bojangles a nice long little while. Never really did anythign besides hung out once. Met via internet... so you know that situation [then again..who dont meet people using the keyboard nowadays]. So.. She vouches for trying to spend time now that shes out of school for the winter break. Cool. So yesterday I'm supposed to hang with her. Excuse. Had to go do something. Cool.. understand. I'm used to dealing with busy people so I said cool. So today she hits me up like "well when can we hang?". I tell her the days I'm available.. they all get shot down. So I'm about to reply to her facebook message.. and see her wall conversation she has with a dude. Basically he asks what she doing today.. didnt see her reply, but basically they set something up that quick. I wonder if those plans will get shot out of the air as fast as mine did. :ducktales.

But besides that.. "Hazel".. Another chick. My undercover lover. lol. Probably the sexiest set of eyes I've ever seen. On a brown skinned chick at that. Now.. I'm usually going for the light skinned ones, but I'm making changes. More on her later. Dont want to say too much on her and shes not around for a while....But yeah.. She's.. making effort.

Currently have my ipod on shuffle [like always].. and I've come to the conclusion there were a LOT of songs that were GARBAGE that have come out... But theres one song that I HATED when it was hot.. that now I'm actually jamming to now. Isnt it crazy that I'm over here GROOVING to The Dream cd though? Like.. Me.. of all people... The Dream? Nivea baby father though? lol. Had a dream that the broke up too. lol.

  1. Fuck ever happened to Niveas career anyway. Her last cd cranked like shit... And that slowed up remix to "Okay" was.. fire.

  2. R. Kelly siced the fuck out of that Laundromat song too. Never thought I'd admit to liking an R. Kelly song outside of "If I Could turn back the hands of time".

Also... Like one album I need to listen to more.. Cam'ron's "Come Home With Me". Like this cd is probably one of the most slept on. I cant personally remember it word for word.. But thinking bout it.. the tracks I've listened to are GREAT. Welcome to New York City With Jay? Crankage.

I dont even know what I was thinking about when I downloaded that Ace Hood cd though. Why are people so caught up in proving how hood they are though. Like come on....How can Ace Hood say "i keep it gutta, never cuddle when we in the sheets".. Yet Trey Songz on the hook talking bout "if you ride.. or die... we gon make it out..." I'm kind of confused. I respect a mans hussle.. But this that Plies shit here.. No bullshit. Supposed to be thugged out, but got a cd full of rnb grooves. Guess if the bitches use the songs as ringtones, it'll move units. I wonder how many albums he's sold....

Anyway.. This track is how I'm going to end this blog for the moment. Hopefully this is sufficient for the first blog. Bare with me. They will get better.

Ginuwine- Stingy



  • xxjudyyboOty

    ah. another form of entertainment other than ur facebook notes.

  • okay okay i like it.. i guess i can get used to this.. lol.. i often wonder what happened to nivea myself..lol

  • good one! im still lovin ur blogs!