I heard you were looking for me. (To be continued too)

Thursday, September 4, 2008
Well, last night... Interesting to say the least. Proves that I need my own location. I'll be looking for that soon. Basically Ally came over we chilled hung for the first time. Fun times. First I thought she wasn't going to come, but she surprised me, being outside of my door around like 1230 this morning. Of course, no trench coat, but she showed up nonetheless. Can't even fake, I was excited. So I told her pick a dvd out the collection, so she picks "Jingle All The Way". Smart woman, she's a Swarzenagger watcher...I need one of them in my life.

So she asks for the massage we were supposed to give, so I gave her one. Then you knew it was my turn. Felt damn good to get one, since I'm not usually the one to get that treatment. Then... Well, you know it was late as shit, so 'someone' (not her, but the birch canue I stay with) was moaning and whining about how late it was getting, so like mid-sex, had to get up (shit was feeling great too.. Damnit). I think she liked it flat on the stomach though. Just by the face expressions. I guess my facebook status is true to the 'T'.

So, I wonder how she liked it, because I loved it. Hope she blogs about it