I know that we just met, I don't wanna leave you yet.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Been contemplating a lot of things. Secretly I've been making moves on my own, mainly to move out to L.A. Always said I would stay local forever, but I'm having this whole "safer than sorry" thing going, and since it seems like that statement: 'Its not where you're going but where you're at" is true. And in DC, I aint feeling it no more.

Could speak on the females for days, but quite frankly, ain't enough time for that. And this not where i'm going about mine.

My sister is getting older. Yesterday I seen her and she's just so grown. Had to have a conversation with my conscience like "I have to treat women better before Karma takes it out in the direction of her". I can't have that. I already am overprotective when it comes to terms of her and guys. I will be driving her to prom. If not, I'll be at the door at 12:13 waiting for her. I don't play that shit.

Moving right along. I'm on twitter today, and came to the terms, theres a lot of beautiful small ass icons out there. Granted, I dont know every female on there individually. But compared to the mass numbers of folks I know on Facebook, Twitter jie like shitting on them. Only thing I CAN vouch for is some girls having a pretty face that makes them look slinder, then when you see them in a FULL body photo, they look real.. ordinary. Thats not a problem.

Came to the conclusion I'm going to go to Atlanta for at least a week. My boy said he wants to make that move, so what I did was started mingling with the females on twitter. They know where the alcohol and the parties are. I reached 1,750 followers too. I would self sice, but I follow at least 1,900+. Mainly because if you dont.. Twitter is boring as shit without it. Think of high school superlatives with statuses...

Anyway I have work to do. Later.