You know me, I just be Dancing and shit. Part I of IV.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Welp, Saturday I'm locking things down.

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This will be a long one, but I may break it down into parts according to how much there is.

Moving right along, I havent written a DECENT blog in a while. Let me go ahead and tell you where I've been with mine.

I been ducking and dodging having sex. Don't even know why. You ever just had a mindset where you're like "I have better shit to do then chase." Prime example. I get a text from a girl that I was laying down with a couple months ago. Basically she ended the fucking because she ain't want nothing else besides fun every now and again. Now, thats not a problem...within reason.

  • I'm a scheduled man. Giving me pussy on one day, then have me wait weeks for it again, ain't my twist. I will go and fuck someone else. I don't cheat, but then again I aint got a woman. So I have no ties to you.

  • She hit me up at 10 something with scheduled plans for the end of the night. Now I know she's iffy anyway, so pretty much I paid it no mind. I was out with my boys drinking, so if I aint get none, I would've been sleep soon as I hit a pillow anyway.

So long story short, she hits me up at a quarter to one with the "pussy denial text'. Yes, even I get them.

"Don't come through tonight, I'm tired"

Nothing wrong with that. Seeing as though her and I see each other rarely, I was like "next". And I commist to texting "moist bedsheets". She's drinking to be drunk. That's cool, but drunk pussy and drunk dick aint ALWAYS great. I had three Grey Goose straight, and 5 Vodka and Pineapples. On an empty stomach. And the last time I fucked in those conditions, I fucked through Finding Nemo, a "Girls Gone Wild" infomercial, and an hour segment of Fresh Prince. With no nut to smile about.

Needless to say I wasnt fucking with it.

So i get a text from her Sunday saying "I want to have sex with you, but the shit you say has me scared."

At this point I'm in my thoughts like "apparently the other nigger she fucking with fucking up, so she's texting me". This happens from time to time. I play second hand dick well. I reply "You denied that".

I really don't need to say the rest because well you can get the jist of the rest. But she said what every female has said to me at least once. "You be talking to too many girls. I hate that shit".

Maybe its just me.. but:

  1. You will never have the one up on me. If we start a game of 1-on-1, you will not have a three point handicap to begin with. I used to think it was just the women I fucked with, then I concluded, not ALL, but SOME women just like to feel like they are the only women in your life...Even if they are publically fucking with other niggas.

  2. ^ Yeah fucking right. I was born on a Sunday, it just wasnt necessarily yesterday.

  3. Pussy is wonderful. Head is great also. But the measures you have to take in order to get it...Not at all. Fuck that shit.

Moving right along:

  • I gotta get away from some of my circle. Most people are all about convienence. That's all I'ma say about that.

  • Tostitos Salsa Con Queso Medium Cheese is fucking wonderful. I don't know exactly WHY yet, but if you've ever had an orgasm like I did when I started eating these things, you'd understand.

  • The BET awards was some unadulterated shit. Like not only were the performances wck as shit, but yeah. If you aint seen it yet I'm sure you were on Twitter or Facebook reading about it. You get a consensus about it. No need to go on a tangent about it.

BUT... T.I.'s girl though... Tiny.. Slim ain't nothing to smile at. Attall. He need to Xscape.


  • "second hand dick" funny shit.
    I like them.. I'm interested in writers but i'm more into the writing. good shit you got.