RIP To the King of Pop! Michael Jackson Discography

Friday, June 26, 2009

Ben [1972]:

Got To Be There [1972]:

Music & Me [1973]:

Forever Michael [1995]:

Off the Wall [Part One]:
Off The Wall [Part Two]:

Thriller [1982]:

Bad Part One [1987]:

Bad Part Two [1987]:

Dangerous [Part One]:

Dangerous [Part Two]:

Michael Jackson "History" Part One:

Michael Jackson "History" Part Two:

Michael Jackson "History" Part Three:

Blood On The Dance Floor Part One:

Blood On The Dance Floor Part Two:

Michael Jackson Thriller 25th Anniversary Edition Part One:

Michael Jackson Thriller 25th Anniversary Edition Part Two:

Also, as a bonus, here are other songs he's done live, unreleased and whatnot. Enjoy.
CD 1

01 Ben (Live)
02 Shake Your Body (With The Jacksons- Live)
03 I'll Be There (With The Jacksons- Live)
04 Medley (With The Jacksons- Live)
05 I'll Be There (Alternative Closing)
06 You Can't Win (Disco Mix)
07 Upside Down (Live - Diana Ross & Michael Jackson)
08 Killing Me Softly (With The Jacksons)
09 On The Wall (Live)
10 Surprise Song (With The Jacksons)
11 Call On Me (Original Mix)
12 Cinderella Stay Awhile (Bonus Track from limited edition Forever Michael)
13 Girl Don't Take Your Love From Me (Bonus Track from limited edition Rockin' Robin)
14 I Like You The Way You Are - Don't Change Your Love On Me (Bonus Track from limited edition Rockin' Robin)
15 The Tracks Of My Tears (with Jackson 5 - Rehearsal Demo)
16 When We Grow Up (with Roberta Flack)
17 Can't Get Ready For Losing You (Jackson 5)

CD 2

01 Carousel (Full Version)
02 Hot Street (Unreleased - Thriller Sessions)
03 The Girl Is Mine (Demo)
04 The Lady In My Life (Full Version)
05 Trouble (Unreleased - Thriller Sessions)
06 Nite Line (Unreleased - Thriller Sessions)
07 Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' (Demo)
08 Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' (Extended)
09 Beat It- Solo (Eddie Van Halen)
10 There Must Be More To Life Than This (Demo with Freddie Mercury on Piano)
11 There Must Be More To Life Than This (Complete Version with Freddie Mercury)
12 State Of Shock (with Freddie Mecury)
13 Baby Be Mine (Demo)
14 Billie Jean (Demo 2)
15 Billie Jean (Extended)
16 Billie Jean (Rare 1982- 12 Inch Instrumental)
17 Billie Jean (Acapella)

CD 3

01 Got The Hots (Song From Thriller Sessions)
02 Eaten Alive (M.Jackson & Diana Ross) 12 inch mix
03 Love Never Felt So Good (Demo)
04 Bad (Pepsi Commercial)
05 Come Together (MoonWalker Version)
06 Groove Of Midnight (Demo)
07 Je Ne Veux Pas La Fin De Nous (M.Jackson & Siedah Garret)
08 Another Part Of Me (Extended Dance Mix)
09 Smooth Criminal (Acapella)
10 Smooth Criminal (Moonwalker Version)
11 Cheater (Radio Edit)
12 Dirty Diana (Live Bad Tour)
13 I Just Can't Stop Loving You (With Intro)
14 Off The Wall (Live Bad Tour)
15 The Way You Make Me Feel (Live At The Grammy's 1988)
16 Man In The Mirror (Live At The Grammy's 1988)

CD 4

01 Rock With You (Live Bad Tour)
02 If You Don't Love Me (Unreleased Dangerous Sessions)
03 Serious Effect (Unreleased Dangerous Sessions)
04 Mind Is The Magic
05 Bumper Snippet (kid) (Instr. Dangerous Sessions)
06 What About Us (Earth Song demo)
07 Why You Wanna Trip On Me (Acapella)
08 Will You Be There (Demo)
09 I'll Be There (Pepsi Commercial)
10 Who Is It - Acapella 1992
11 Who Is It (Acapella on Oprah)
12 Man In The Mirror (Live Dangerous Tour)
13 Dirty Diana (feat. Slash - Live)
14 Elisabeth I Love You (Live 1996)
15 You Were There (Live At Sammy Davis Jr.'s 65th Anniversary)
16 For All Time (Demo)

CD 5

01 Beat It (Live feat. Slash)
02 Dangerous (Acapella At Mexican Court)
03 Words From Michael From History
04 Ghosts (Demo 1)
05 Ghosts (Demo 2)
06 Scream-They Don't Care About Us-In the Closet (Live Munich '97)
07 Billie Jean (Live '98)
08 Escape (Unreleased)
09 Break Of Dawn (Demo)
10 Shout (B-Side)
11 Prayer For Peace (Instrumental)
12 You Rock My World (Remix) feat. Jay Z
13 We've Had Enough (extented version)
14 We Be Ballin (Master Mix) - Ice Cube, Shaquille O'Neal & Michael Jackson
15 Fall Again (Michael Jackson & Glenn Lewis)
16 Crush (Michael Jackson & Lenny Kravitz)
17 What More Can I Give
18 Todo Para Ti (What More Can I Give - Spanish version)

CD 6

E.T. STORYBOOK (Narrated by Michael Jackson)

01. Someone In The Dark (Opening Version)
02. Landing
03. Alone
04. Discovery
05. School
06. Home
07. Intrusion
08. E.T. Phone Home
09. Chase
10. Saying Goodbye
11. Someone In The Dark (Closing Version)

CD 7


01 Wanna be Startin Something
02 Human Nature
03 Heartbreak Hotel
04 Off The Wall
05 I Want you Back
06 Rock with You
07 Lovely One
08 Workin Day and Night
09 Beat It
10 Billie Jean
11 Shake your Body
12 Thriller
13 I Just Can't Stop Loving You
14 Bad

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