Wont You Wine For Me

Tuesday, June 16, 2009
The problem with champagne is that we celebrate it, but we wont drink it.

Now, I used to be an alcoholic. I'm lying, but my kidnies could've told you different. So I stopped. So I quit alcohol. I'll have a cup every now and again, but thats about it. Lately I've been on a champagne binge.

We've all been taught that champagne is for celebrations. It is. But a good French champagne is a complex beverage, and when you see dudes in nightclubs using it like it shows self pity for their own pride, its actually quite disgusting. Hence why I don't drink Rose'. The company notices the sales, and start massely producing garbage. Like to this day, Grey Goose [vodka], doesnt taste the same it did 6,7 years ago when I first tasted it. Same with Ciroc. But back to champagne.

I know some women that go and drink wine by their bedsides. And 9 times out of 10 it puts them in the "mood". No, this isn't a reason for dudes to keep two bottles on chill by theres, but it is sort of a good thing to have a couple bottles. So, I decided to step out and buy myself a couple bottles just to go ahead. I even asked a co-worker how he felt about them since he has a wine cellar, and he put me onto some bottles that are so great, that you HAVE to buy by bulk. You can't get them at stores.
------- Just wanted to share that about my wine.



    Wine is definitely the beverage for the grown folks...