"So, tell me something about yourself."

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"So, tell me something about you".

Men and woman can agree they hate those words. Trying to get a new person means:

  • You have to reitterate the same statements over and over.

  • Fish for ideas that make you sound unique.

  • Try to be unbiased.

So I stayed up until 2AM trying to describe myself. I turned my phone off, ignored test messages, Twitter and Facebook. As a result, I'm going to continue to avoid them for a minute. No particular reason. Moving right along... the diplomatic description of me.

Im five foot eight, one hundred fifty pounds. I didn't pick my gene pool. An Aquarius, twenty two years old. My large black eyes are set against luminescent whites. Ebony face clean and body hair similarly maintained. I know my way around a dance floor but more comfortable on the outskirts or at the bar. For a wallet I prefer a cardholder; four cards and a folded-up twenty for emergencies. I don't cash carry.

Lately at the bar ill order a Grey Goose and tonic. Occasionally a Midori sour. I watch CNN and SPORTSCENTER every morning. Read USA Today three times a week, and the local paper every Sunday. At work I picked the most expensive health plan. I rather pay a little more for the best.

When I go out, it tends to be where I can milk my hookups. I've always been frugal, so ill continue to shop for deals and coupons. Sue me. Almost every weekend ill go and eat brunch, usually at Ulah Bistro. I eat out almost every night. Lately I've started appreciating wines in the middle of the palate...Chardonnay and pilot noirs.

Cardinals fan. I have no respect for the Bengals. Or the Eagles. I sprained my ankles three years ago bad playing ball. I like being well liked and am eager to please. Having a lot of friends and associates, wherever I seem to go, I run into one or more of them. Loyalty is the story of my life. Wouldn't die for the associates, but I digress.

My dream house has five bedrooms and four full baths. Brick Victorian. We can discuss square footage later.

I scoff at people who buy exact outfit off the mannequins. I'm always looking for ways to maximize my wardrobe, ways to recombine or recycle. On occasion some newer fashion ideas, with marriages of styles that I wouldn't normally consider. At work I wear Prada d'Homme. Outside of that either bottle Bianca picked out. Thanks you.

Marriage is down the line. I am however, a little tired of talking to multiple women at one time. I love women, and like to think its residual. (saying this matter-of-factly). I'm not God, I'm nowhere near perfection. I've done some dumb shit and I've hurt many that I've cared about, but for the most part I'm a good person, and I think people can sense it. I know how to make a woman feel safe, appreciated, and sexy. A woman who feels this way will do anything with you sexually because she is comfortable. Sometimes the women I've dated find themselves comfortable doing things they haven't done before or enjoying things that they hated doing with the previous dude.

Mom told me its never too late to do the right thing, so I am attempting to redeem myself. I'm determined to make the best out of every situation. When I go out with my folks, I'm going to have a good time. My philosophy has always been "money can buy you fashion, but it
can't buy you style.". As a result I ignore the ignorance in nightclubs.

I just like looking for myself. It helps when women notice too.

Still thing all I can talk about is sex?.. Bet you $ you aint even read all of this. It's cool though. It's off my chest now.


  • Lysha B.

    Nice to "meet" you..


  • MsTeTe

    Yep. I read it all, Thank you! You sound like a very nice guy. I wish you well in all that you do!

  • EbonyRenee

    I read the whole thing.
    (oh, and your mother is correct!)

  • Muze


    and i read the whole thing. :-)


    i've started liking wine myself. and bistros are where it's at.

    nice blog. i shall return. i already follow you on twitter, and you're hilarious. lol

  • DopeAlicious

    very nicely done. i hate that question myself and never quite know how to answer it. and though i've been here a few times, it is nice to officially 'meet' you!

  • Hilary

    lol open and honest... o and i read it all