And if you dont know, Now you know...Nigga.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

No bullshit though, thats how I've been lately. This year alone I've heard "How about we be friends" entirely too many times. Its kind of hard to go and be fucking someone and maintain a stable friendship. So I've basically just been reluctant to fuck. Have you also noticed that once you havent had sex for an extended period of time, all these HIV/AIDS/STD commercials pop out of the woodworks? i'm protected and conscious, so I'm content. Plus I test. But I digress.

To make a short story shorter, girl I used to get it in with frequent is getting married. Now its funny because she's content that she's in love with me, ecetera, ecetera, however, its going in one ear, directly out the other. I havent blogged much in the past three, four months because I've been trying to condense the shit I say into one blog a week, but I have entirely too many thoughts up here, so I'm about to spill them all. Back to the marriage situation. Basically 4, maybe 5 months ago, she meets dude. He says he's going to the milltary, they get engaged. When people tell me this story, I hear it so much I think three things.

  • Its lonely over there fighting an endless war. You want to feel like you have something else waiting marinating while you are over there.

  • Your fiance' will get that check monthly. To pay for school, cars, save up, whatever.

  • People really think that shit works out.

Now the one girl I talked to near the end of last year married her friend so she could get the check. So while I'm dating her and sleeping beside her, pretty much slim was married. So I asked her what she did with the check, she simply said that she payed off her books and car note. Must be nice. I'm about to search the US Army section of Facebook and get me a woman to wife up so I can get that summoned to me. But ol' girl who I'm talking about is scheduled to get married next year. I don't condone it, but I'm happy for her. I'll say this once so I can get it out of my brain. It was sex, and a little emotion there. She was around when I was with my ex but we never fucked. Her and I broke up.. and umm yeah, the sex commist. I had some great orgasmic moments as a result. I even contemplated continuing the sex while dude was overseas, seeing as he would never know, but I hate Karma, and I'm on this strive to be a better man, so I opted not to.

But umm yeah. So thats my situation with that. I've spoken/heard from Interim a lot lately. Don't know if thats necessarily a good, or a bad thing. Guess it is what it couldn't be before. But seems like one party wont let up. *slanted eye*.

Making a short story shorter, I'll try to blog more, but I be drawing blanks and shit. This what I have for now. I cant say all that I want to say because as @getyourhoneyon says on Twitter "You're so funny, it's hard to take you serious"

Touche'. Watch me work. Shit bout to get real, real soon.


  • lmao those video clips are a mess...that SPRITE joint...wreckless, only some foreign, european country would let that shit go down...funny nonetheless.

    -as far as the fuck friends thing's an ideal situation, but usually ends negatively, either one/both parties get bored, or one or both catches feelings and cant handle it for what it is...and the sex ends up fucking up any chance of even friendship...but MAYBE that's just me =\