GEAR GRINDERS JULY 4th RECAP. "Lil Wayne 4 Babies down, 4 Baby Mamas Out"

Monday, July 6, 2009

1. First off, Tiny. T.I's baby mama. Now I've been a T.I. fan for years, but son, seriously, there is ultimately nothing gorgeous about her. Like slim has been unattractive since 94'. You'd think she would be hitting up mom and pop stores, stealing the petty change out of the "Take a Penny, Leave a Penny" to go and save up for a makeover. Fuck that too. Tip has money, ain't no excuse. Then her mouth aint not at all. Shorty look like someone took a serrated knife and carved her teeth. No bullshit. Her and Roger from "Doug" look strickingly similar.

2. Fat broads. I love y'all, but some shit can't even fly. I love big women, small women, little titty women, big titty women, but.... BUT...The attempts to NOT take care of your body is just outright disgusting. Aint no reason you out elbows got a gut. Arms collect lint like shit. That shit aint sexy girl... fuck is your malfunction. Correct that.

3. 3AM texts/calls from the WRONG person. You know how you wish that cute somebody would hit you up, then it come out to be that annoying motherfucker who ain't about shit? I got one of them this weekend. She cool as shit, but that shit aint cute, you calling me all drunk talking about "I'm coming through". Bitch no you aint. I don't share my bed. Either hotel, motel, or backseat. You ain't privledged. I like my sheets thank you very much.

4. People who sit beside you in an empty theatre. Shit fucking BLOWS my life. Granted, we go to see Ice Age last night. Cool whatever. Its a Sunday, at night, don't nobody go see a Dreamworks picture at night besides me. So there I sit, empty row. I sit in the middle, put my 3D glasses on,a nd BAM, people decide "Nah, we gon sit with THEM". What in the fuckity fucksville. How about you go head and use the other 18 rows in this theatre and sit your $5.00 ass down before I make change?

5. Co-Workers who ask a task of you in the AM without saying Good Morning. Look here bitch. I had a shitty weekend that turned good gradually. Don't fuck up my high by NOT saying Good Morning. You introverted son of a winch. Fuck is wrong with your noodle.

6. "Standing at the podium, trying to watch my sodium" <---Jeezy, what the fuck were you thinking when you said that? I swear them down south rappers say the darnest things. But that one right there takes the cake. 7. Lauren London. Everyone should know exactly why her and I are beefing right now. I've come to terms she wants her a Bad Boy. But you'd think she'd stick to rocking Sean John. She gets the official "Whomp Bitch Whomp" of the week. Dumb joint. 8. Lil Wayne. See Above. I still think he got Lauren high off Peanut oil and baby powder, then got her pregnant. SO WE ARE NOW ACCEPTING DONATIONS TO CREATE LIL' WAYNE A STEEL PLATED PERMANENT REVERSIBLE AND RE WASHABLE CONDOM.

9. The baby competition between T.I. and Wayne. These niggas DONT pull out. At all. But I can't hate on Lil' Wayne. Had it have been ME.. I'd fuck around and just keep pumpin quietly so i wont give the nut away


"Actress Lauren London, who is pregnant with rapper Lil Wayne's baby, was not thrilled when she found out she was expecting. Although they have said they will raise the child together, London is still unhappy with the way things have turned out.

London's rep said, on her behalf, "At first we weren't happy about the pregnancy but now we are fine. Wayne and I will happily raise this baby together."

Sounds like everything is OK, right? Maybe not. According to sources, Lauren is still not feeling this pregnancy but Weezy pressured her into having the baby. She apparently wanted to abort the pregnancy early on but Wayne wouldn't let her. He said he'd go public with the news and tell everyone she had had an abortion.

Lauren, fearing how it would affect her reputation and career, decided to go ahead with the pregnancy and keep the baby.

London's cousin said, "Lauren is letting everyone close know this is not what she planned. She's mainly worried what effects this will have on her career. She doesn't want to be stigmatized as just Lil Wayne's baby mama."

I'm gone on that note.


  • brran1

    Well damn. He pressured her into havin the kid? smh. I'm convinced he's tryna start his own version of the Jackson or Wayans family.

  • Javonni Brustow Media Mogul

    LMAO! That is so mean what you said about Tiny. lol. I think she needs to lose some weight and put on better clothes lol. You'd be surprised what a makeover will do for people. But for real she looks like a fat ghetto Mariah Carey