Carpe diem, Goodbye soon as I greet em'

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I came to the conclusion of quite a few things.

  • I tend to keep entirely too many women around during the summer. This is the summer of saving. Females want to see all the summer blockbusters, Greg is trying to worry about Black Friday in November. I can't be doing on dates seeing the latest Will Smith flick. Just not in my budget.
  • Bougie bitches love us dudes who quite frankly don't give a fuck about them.
Now I've dated and talked to them all. But upscale is fucking hilarious. Granted it started off as a conquest. Cute Spanish girl, nice figure, typical "Lounge" chick you wouldnt find at the club. Then last night... Seen her at the club. Totally lost her value. Contact is now in my phone as "DMV joint". Basically she put on this front talking about "I'm used to the finer things. I date men that have their own businesses, cars, houses"....Wholetime shes at L0VE walking around trying to get every hood nigga in DC's attention. We lock eyes a good two times. I ain't even speak, wasted talent.

Moral of that story is.. Bitches will lie. Niggas lie too, it's just females have a better script. They just can't stick to it.

Fucking. It's always fun, but lately the shit is just been like "okay.". Now granted, the pussy is wonderful, the sex is great. But the casual sex be having NO value at some points.

Sex Scene from the Movie Good Luck Chuck - The most amazing home videos are here

Like the motivation to fuck is there, the nut will happen, but when I get up, I'm ready for round two. Sure, most dudes have quick first rounds, but the first round be too extensive that I came, and midway through me nutting, my dick is still hard and I'm trying to get it ready for the return. I need to be checked out.

I actually miss Interim a little bit. I know her ass does too, just I have too much pride, and she..well I don't know. That shit ended strangely. And funny thing is... Day 90 would've been yesterday.

I decided to leave the blog open for now mainly because I came to terms like if you dont like the shit I say [that could be about you] then yeah, lose yourself. Its funny when I hear "I don't want to be a part of your blog".. Well, dont' do anything bad to be a casualty. And lately theres been a few of them. One that I aint heard from. Upscale. And some of the Twitter ones. whew... the twitter ones. lol. All talk, never any action. With me its like "put up or shut up".. everybody else is all gimmicks to gain followers. If I talk nasty, 9 times out of 10, I'm about it. This is what I've gained from Twitter in the 8+ months I've been on there.

  • You will end up flirting with somebodys friend, or somebodys girl. I've received 9 DM's from dudes asking me if I was joking about the things I was talking about with their girls. I wasnt. I feel like this. If your single, by all means.. talk big shit. But it ain't fun knowing that your girl is out here flirting away in updates to "AlSharpTongue". Because I'm goin to go full fledged with it. Leash her.
  • It's cool to be a celebrity. The pussy and penis you get thrown at you is endless. Before I joined Twitter, I had the UTMOST respect for most of them. Since I reached 2,000 followers, most of the celebrities are just someone I want attention from, and probably sex down. Like Cassie. I don't necessarily LIKE her, but since she's twitter accessible, I'd fuck her. Same with the joints from Danity Kane. NEVER watched an episode of the show, but they fuckable.
  • Names get you far. If my name was "SimplyGreg"... I would'nt get as much attention. AlSharpTongue might quite possibly be up there in the top 25 twitter names. [gassing myself.]
  • I got offered a three some. Fucked up part. One girl lives on the East. One lives on the other side of the map. And I'm not a frequent flyer minus on Ski season. So in order to compromise, I'll host the Trio Venue. Call me lame for accepting sex from Twitter. But I'm sure you've gone on a date or fucked someone off the internet. If you havent, you're a liar and I hope your mother gets dunked on by Patrick Chewing.
Song pretty much is the mood of the moment. No particular reason, but the joint just grooves.

Oh. The clubbing will be minimum. And I've developed a taste for alcohol again. I said I'd stop, but then I found $1.00 drinks. So.. I will be drinking. "Some girls are nice, some girls are whores.". Just watch out for the big girls.

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