Moist Satin Sheets: Double Your Pleasure.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

So I refresh the page, and I see her, gorgeous as she wanna be. Such a vibrant thing, let's call her Sasha. At replying me like "I'm on the way". Now I'm a flirt, so I hit her back like "yeah, okay, let you tell it". She "Lol"s, saying "boy if you only knew. She's hit me with DM's often regarding my picture and the things she wants to do with it, but my thing is.. all talk no action, can't trip off the small shit.

Our conversation gets RT'ed, from one of her friends saying "Y'all better not be doing anything without me". We'll call her friend Roni, because her profile picture is a photo of her sticking out her ass. Caught Boby Brown flashbacks, so as a result, we'll give Roni that justice. So Roni and I are talking, and I see that her and Sasha ain't spoke in a minute. I don't want to be guilty of flirting with two friends, but it's Twitter. What can I say, I'm good at what I do. I hit her Sasha with a DM like "If you're about what you be about, be [inserts address in the message]. She never replies, so I continue going along with Roni.

Ten minutes past, twenty message, I get a message from Sasha saying

@AlSharpTongue Slice this pie with that sharp thang.

So me, I'm stunned, never seen such an abrupt approach. I reply back publicly like #fakinglike @Sasha . Then *Knock Knock Knock*....

First I think I'm tripping, so I grab my basketball shorts of the chair, put the TV on mute, and exit the windows out of the computer. As I glide down the steps, I'm yelling "Who is it".I open the door to see Sasha, on the other side of the screen door standing there, naked. She staring at me, I'm staring at her, and she finally says "Well, you not going to let me in?". So I'm like "shit, c'mon. I open the screen door, she walks through the door, and before the screen door closes....She walks in.


Roni is standing there, pretty brown skin, covered in a matching Red teddy. Surprising, the only thing on my witty mind is "did these two girls get naked together and drive all the way here?", but you know how I go with mine.. I'm sure you do. Moving right along...

I close the door behind them, and Roni just jumps at it. She rips off the wife beater I had on, and Sasha works on my pants. She gets them down to my knees, then I kick them of, leg after leg. Finally she grabs at my black boxers, rubbing her hands along the elastic strip reading "Polo Sport", and with a handful of it, rips them off with all of her might. Now I'm the type of man that likes control, but this is still stunning to see two women taking advantage of me. As I lay on the ground, Roni plants herself on my face in reverse cowgirl position, and i indulge in her. Tasting her juices, I go lick South to North, East to West, and then I stick the entire length of my tongue into her vagina. She creams on my tongue as I feel her trickle juices along the outer surfaces of my mouth and on the base of my mouth. She definitely wasn't lying about her tasting like mango.

As I am enjoying her essence, Sasha has managed to devour the circumference of my dick. Using her tongue ring, she works the edge of her tongue along the slit on the head, and blows kisses on its entirety. In my mind, even Trey Songz can't go and picture this through lyrics. I palm her head making sure she continues to apply pressure on the right spots, sucking in the same motions because I am enjoying it. She releases it out of her mouth and kisses down the shaft, rubbing it the entire time as she runs her tongue down the side, until she reaches the twins.

As she places them in her mouth, Roni arches over so her entire pussy is now exposed to my face. She too sucks on my, and pleasures my Black Knight as Sasha fondles and molests my twins. Feeling too good, my left leg twitching, and foot curling in my socks, I take a peek to see exactly what they are doing. Roni is rubbing on Sashas ass, palming it, smacking it, touching it while she continues to pleasure me. Now its my turn.

We both get up, and everybody needs to get my pleasure at the same time. So, I tell Roni to bend over as I put the condom on. Ultra Ribbed of course. I toss the package behind me, grab the tip, and Sasha says..

Oh no boo...We got this.

She takes the condom, places it on her lips, and pushes the end out with her tongue. She goes again for my dick, as she places the condom on. Spreading Roni's cheeks, she grabs my shaft, and inserts me into Roni's awaiting pussy lips. Warm as she wanna be, I tell you. So I tell Sasha to sit on the step and open her legs, so I can taste her. So as I stroke in multiple directions inside of Roni, I'm tasting Sasha, her pussy nicely shaved, thighs thick, and tight like brand new braids. She's rubbing on my physique as I kiss her, and tell them to switch positions, switching condoms, as I change the roles in the movies as if this was a kinky, freaky Tarantino.

As I'm going inside of Sasha, Roni is finally taking off the Teddy. It's obvious she's feeling the strokes she's seeing, because she's biting her lower lip as if she wants it again. Roni moves in front of Sasha as Sasha starts to indulge in Roni's pussy. Girls licking girls is always interesting. And for my first threesome, it's a sight that forces me to keep my composure so I can keep this 1st round going to a certain extent. I flip Sasha over as Roni now sits on her face, on the staircase as I'm digging inside of her friend, pussy gripping the dick head and re-adjusting the condom with every stroke.

Rocking in and out of her, Roni and Sasha cum in unison as I continue to stroke, it forces Sasha to cup Roni's pussy with her mouth as she grabs her thigh to try to take the dick without screaming. Roni feeling the pressure of it all, squirts, as it leaks onto Sasha's chest. All three of us amazed, I slow my strokes down, as I lick the juices made by her friend off of Sasha's belly, entire tongue out. As Roni sucks on Sasha's titties, you can tell they are ready to head to the bedroom...

Were the Satin Sheets haven't been moistened yet....


  • Caramel Cocaine

    I wana be just like you when i grow up lmao, writing style and "freaknastiness"