"Black men have just managed to accept less."

Thursday, December 18, 2008
Okay. I've pretty much come to the conclusion that I chase too much "whispering eye" to save my life. Too much out here at a surplus rate. Like I have a short attention span, and if you dont keep it, pretty much.. you lose, you lose. And it doesnt make it much better that majority of the females I go for and am attracted to have the same mindframe, so when they are complimented too many times, they tend to grow distant. Which as a result.. has caused me not to compliment the fairer sex. Not my fault. You can have someone else pleasure your mental with overhyped innuendoes. If your cute enough just to sleep with, so be it. I'll state it as that. I've been guilty too many times of giving a female too much for her plate.Sad right? I'd like to think so as well. So.. ANother page out of nef's book..

Iceberg Slim's book "Pimp"
"A good pimp is always alone. You gotta always be a puzzle, a mystery to them.
That's how you hold a whore."

Sounds really logical when it comes to terms of putting some in their places.

Random... but I had a conversationw ith an ex today. Its strange when you realize you've officially stopped caring for them. You stop jumping through hoops to make conversation. It was very minimal. I had a christmas party at work, and saw a chocolate fountain. Reminded me of her because I know how much she adores them. So I go to take a photo of it on my phone and send to her. Needless to say the conversation lasted 5 emails back and forward. Basically a semi-catch up, her telling me all of the great wonderful things shes done since I've been gone, and me doing the same. Ever found it funny that whenever placed in this situation, you never tell them the BAD shit thats been going on? Not once did I mention about me seeing her out and not speaking, or about me having strep throat. Guess it didnt cross my mind. But then again, none of their business anyways, I have a reputation to uphold. Mary said it best. "Doing just fine".

Anyway.. I wrote a status the other day regarding how white women are catching up to black women bodywise. Granted, the methods may be going under the knife, or possibly falsified body attire. But wholetime.. I'm prety much sick of the slick shit that black women say when they see interracial couples. Its completely fine when a black man breaks your heart to the point you go and get you a white or asian man, but when a black man goes and steps across the barrier, its instantly an issue. I've seen black men hold their heads down for years when they walk their white woman around a crowd of black women. I had to break it down to a female like this before. Your light skinned right? You think one of your ancestors aint have a one nighter with a white person before? Aint no way you came out yellow. Pretty much summed up the rest of her argument about it. Until she started to bitch and moan about practically nothing.. which ended up with the oh so typical comparisons to exes, and what black men do. Only for her to speak on doing the same thing.

"You black men dont apprechiate a sister. At all. We do everything you want, but you go out and get yourself a cracker. What does she have that we dont?"

  • Colorblindness

She doesnt let the texture of her skin dictate who she dates. Yet your knocking her for being able to match the men that you date. I'd respect a white man for dating and taking care of a sister. Not only can he keep up, but hes' proud of a challenge. He will show up to the family reunion linked up with her, meet her whole family, listen to all of the questions like "are you a republican", or "why do whites smell like dogs", and smile. When its all said and done.. he hopes in his car, and drives her home to his nice condo and probably fucks her brains out. So you tell me why a black man cant have the same options? I mean shit.. Joan from girlfriend was getting dicked down for like two seasons from the slick haired white dude.. right?

Pretty much to sum up.. Miss me with the topic of dicussion about "black men have just managed to accept less." I kind of got offended when my friend replied to my status with that. [Joliesha].

-Less bitching, less hate, less drama.

Shit... Give me THAT option anyday. I dont give a damn if the woman is green with six eyes and four breasts. I'll take that over a female that feels she dictates not only her relationships, but her friends and others as well. Because its oh so common that black women have a way of speaking on their friends situations without reflecting the mirror to highlight their own. So moral of that story is.. Sisters.. if you want to speak facts... Have more than three reliable sources. [me, myself & I.] You dig?