Okay Karma, I am done with you officially.....

Monday, December 22, 2008
Okay. So I'm reading my brothers status note off Facebook or whatever the case may be. Topic was as so. If you in a relationship and your man or woman aint giving you NONE, is okay to stray away?

Now... Didnt really care for female opinions because I know for a fact women have it in their natures to go weeks without intercourse with the opposite sex. But this is a tad bit different Granted, I dont know what flaws would happen in a relationship that would result in neglect of sexual interaction with your partner. Infidelity? Probably would happen as a result. Keep your partner happy. As a man, I could pretty much be honest and say.... Yeah.. I've cheated. And honestly, the chemistry between me and the girl was not the same as me and my partner at the time. My partner wasnt neglecting me sex. meanwhile, I had that period in the relationship every man has. Where we try to see if we compete still in the singles market. Obviously I did if she gave up the ass. Sound wrong, but its how I felt. Fuck it. I didnt have regrets about it until I looked beneath me and realize the person under me wasnt the same woman.

She incouraged me to keep going... couldnt do it. Now.. this is just in a relationship. I've been single a while since that happen. She forgave me for that shit, blah blah blah... But months down the line... Shit would come up in arguments about absolutely nothing. One time we had an argument about who would order the Dominos...and it ended up being about the negatives I've done in the relationship. Granted...
  • I never mentioned how she went and had a dude she met off myspace drop her off at school.
  • Never mentioned her staying over random dude house. [now her boyfriend. Cool. My lost. I'm fine. No tears.]
  • Amungst other things. I'm bigger than that.
What I'm trying to say is... some shit just has no point in even happening. And the things we men do kind of become product of the breakup process. I couldnt argue her down about the shit because quite frankly... I fucked another female. And actually went on a couple dates while I was with her. My fault, sue me. Things were shaky enough already, figured I'd make an outlet by making an option out of someone else. And had plenty of reasons and excuses for it.

  • Im at moms house
  • Left phone at the house rushing out.
  • My boy needed to hang out and spend time. <---used three times. Remember..vividly
I'm not perfect by far... But the shit I've done allowed me to reflect since March to realize the dumb shit. So... I'll apologize to the past exes that mattered.

Ex 2004- Sorry for dating you and taking your virginity. You probably were safer giving it to me versus someone else. Thought we had something. We didnt. Oh well.

Ex 2003- I cant even say sorry to you... I'm older... so I'll say I forgive you....yes...forgive you. Why you ask.
  • Lying to your mother telling her that I got you pregnant when you were too scared to tell her you just lost your virginity. You were young.....didnt know the difference. Cool.
  • Putting the condom in a hidden part in my backpack. Couldnt smell it because I never nutted. Luckily that was the only evidence that proved you didnt have me hemmed up for 18 years.
  • 8 months. But I did learn how to use the metro as a result of you. High five.
Summer 2008- Umm I apologize. Shouldve knew you had a thing for your baby father still. He approached me asking, so I told him. We fucked, so what. I hate when baby fathers nut and run, and still think they run a females life. I couldve been nicer in telling him that I gave you your first orgasm, yet y'all had a child and couldnt make you cum. Tell him I apologize. Oh well Fuck it.

Sumer 2008 #2- I wanted you. You wanted sex. That reverse of roles isnt cool. I felt used. So Ive since distanced myself from you. Every now and again I picture fucking you again. It was great. Shouldve taped it that way I could remember key elements. Still love the company you keep. [She knows that scenario.]

Umm.. okay... Dont know who else is worthy of an apology... But fuck it. That sums it for now. I can only go up from here. Hopefully Karma slows down on her punches to my gut.

I'm done.