Chivalry's not dead. Its in Hawaii with Tupac.

Friday, December 19, 2008
So.. I'm on the forums early this morning at work... and I see this.. Miss July. Possibly the cutest female that I've seen so far on a calendar... Ever. Minus if Lauren was placed on there. Wholetime though.. All of the women from the 2009 calendar are cute. Its nice to see the white women accepted on there. Guess SOMEONE doesnt see a problem with diversity [like in my previous note yesterday]. Three white women, an asian chick, and the rest were black. Found it to be a rather sexy thing. But if you know Miss July.. tell her... Fireworks dont only come on the fourth of July. Yenno?

Tattoos kind of cute too. I'm trying my hardest not to gas her TOO much.. But umm.. Sheit. Hope she aint got a boyfriend. If she does... sorry dude, but your girlfriend has made small forward on the roster.

PG- Lauren London

SG- [Open Slot]

SF- Miss July

PF- Rihanna

C- Joe Budden's Girlfriend Tahiti. [Oww]

Speaking of Joe Buddens girlfriend [again].. I've spoken on her before.. But... Lord.... Never had more of an urge to full fledged go and reroduce until looking at this. I know i'm going to sound like a dog for it.. Honestly dont even give a fuck though. Aint like I really know her name. Plus she's taken. I'm just lusting. She cant have "whatever she like".. But she can have the greatest backshot session of her life though. No mouf kissing though. uh uh. Could'nt "pump pump pump me up" lmao.

<--Sheit. On another topic...I have a particular individual always trying to stand out and be different via my Facebook statuses and notes. Now at first.. the shit was rather cute. Got a laugh out of it because seemed like she was just as bored as I was. Then.. she started reaching. She knows exactly what I'm going to say.. so yeah. Basically the topic about the interractial relationships. Granted I say what the fuck I want ANYWAY..But when she made her comment.. went totally left field. I wouldve been the bigger person to let it slide and ignore it. But I needed to nip that bud immediately. Reason? She input information she knew not a damn about. So we're going along in the topic, people are speaking on how they feel about black vs. white, as well as other races... And this female in particular comes out of the woodwork with.. "But if you don't, no offense but maybe you need to step your dick up (not literally).Imean shit, where do you meet these chicks??". Immediately at 5am waking up to take a piss.. I see this on my blackberry. Had the "fuck is this broad talking about face". I looked at my bed and contemplated going back to bed.. but my conscience said "Greg... set it straight." So I indulged. You cant argue with yourself. So.. I made a comment in the note.. SHe may get offended by it.. But oh well. Thats why I'll clarify now. Dear female.
  • Not only do you know virtually nothing about my dick.. but you didnt stay on topic. So Greg's dick, shouldnt even come off the tip of your tongue. Unless I'm finished using it. No disrespect.. but its the way it is.
  • Your statement.. "It just feels like every note I've read is some kind of attempt at a wakeup call, and that's all good, but show the ladies some love too...". I show women more love than hate. I pick and choose the ones that are deserving. It must be hard to cope with the fact that a man calls you out on your shit, isnt it? We get complaints about us not speaking, and when one does, its an issue? Hard pill to swallow? I'm assuming it is for you.. Oh well. You'll live.
  • Not to throw you under the bus, but when you and I did speak..You know what we discussed about your ex. You pretty much summed up your hate for the male race thanks to him. And got rather peturbed at the fact I flat out told you I didnt give a fuck, and put part of the blame on you. "Its not the way it has to go... its just what I prefer". Remember that.

With that said... I've come to the conclusion you and I will not agree.. with a lot of things. And I can cope with that. Meanwhile.. the last thing I do is fire shots at the fairer sex. Of all men in America, I give more of my heart to the masses than I have. Others can vouch. Sometimes I do whisper to myself "fuck this bitch, I hate that bitch". Its nature. Last time I checked a bitch is a dog, and thats man's best friend. [not referring to females as dogs.. just heard it in a song and thought it would be cool to say. Savvy?]. Needless to say.. When you see my comments and notes.. feel free to state how you feel.. long as you can relate to the subject. My dick though.. no. Lauren London puns? No. I know shes not the only woman I can respect. Theres plenty women I respect. Question is what are you willing to do to get that. You want a man with respect, I want a woman with common sense and respects herself. If it walks like a duck.. talks like a duck..

Enough about you though. More about me. I like me. I'm a great me. Are you a great you? 2008 is coming to a close, what you have to show for it. Not moneywise, but personality wise. Have you become smarter? Have you learned from your mistakes, or continuing to make them? Has your relationship with your family gotten better? Reading my "notes", have you gotten a taste of a man's mindframe on particular things? Whats some things you are willing to do BETTER in 2009?

Let me know.

Didnt want to put this on here.. but okay. So. I think I started to care for one. Like along side of it feeling mutual. I'm used to driving on one way streets, so its different to see a driver coming in my direction. Almost scary in a sense to b completely honest with you. Thought about her when we left last night and when I woke up at 5am. Why I woke up at 5pm is beyond me...but the shit happened. Something a tad bit different bout this one...let's see how sunday goes. Hopefully shes not as selfish as she leads on..

  • Absolut Raspberri & Pineapple blend= No diggity, no doubt. Shit is ideal. Two cups last week and I felt cloudy. Funtastic. Netta.. you have plans? If Morgan doesnt contact me regarding celebrating her graduating today.. I'll have to drink. Need a co-pilot to get roof gone. Down?
  • Speaking of Morgans graduation.. CONGRATULATIONS. Its funny.. She's possibly the first "family" member I claim that I've cared about their graduation. Angie is up next as well, but Morgan, I'm so proud of you [Big little brother syndrome]. Now we have to work on drinking.. officially. Hopefully i'm drafted to go out tonight.. Keep me posted.
  • Victoria Allure is possibly the baddest porno bitches I've ever seen. I almost broke down in tears when dude nutted in her face. Ruined all valid points for her being bunned by me. I actually considered her because she has a phat ass and a Master's degree. And could fuck me out of my shoelaces. And who said chivalry is dead, right?
  • Pinky... the worse porn bitch.. lately. Prior to her.. That Mrs. Cleo broad. Pinky done got huge... For no reason. I didnt know they made clothes that wide for someone who stands 4'9". Seriously. And all the moaning and groans.. Have to cease. I tried to watch a girl on girl flick with her... Sexy. But watched a joint with her and a dude... UGH.


Okay.. Last night watched a porno. Dont know none of the nigga names.. nor will I google them. So.. I'm watching this joint called Burrado Butts with Victoria Allure, Ice La Fox, and a couple other hispanic/black chicks. Victoria's scene comes on. I love this broad. Ass like wham. Face is 96% perfection. Light skinned. Official.

Scenario: They get to fucking.. somewhat decent. Cameraman was decent, didnt have them weird ass "under the nuts" angles and shit either.

So Midway through having her ride him... dude comes out his mouth like..

"Get your ass up. Bout to stick it in your ass. Bout to poke that shitter".


What... THE.. Fuck... Like I had to call it quits after that ...